Several ways how to make a lot of posts in VK

How to make a lot of messages on VKontakte?

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There are cases when a person can benefit from cheating messages on VK. Selling a promoted page with high activity is a very profitable business. Whatever the goal, special services for promotion of accounts will help to achieve it.

Ways to wind up messages

Ways to cheat messages are different and depend on many factors, for example:

  • wishes and VKus of the page owner;
  • the operating system on the device;
  • budget.

How to make a lot of messages on VKontakte?

With the help of communities in VK

In order to create a large number of messages in this way, you just need to go to any group like "Clogged LS" or "Clog VK" and leave a request.

There is also another trick. If you are versed in modern games at least at an elementary level, you can join the gaming community with a large number of subscribers and offer a record in which you talk about how you can sell a thing desirable for all gamers for a modest fee. Naturally, a large number of people will start writing to you, and you will be able to accumulate the desired messages.

Using bots

Bots are the most common new feature on social media. There are also those who can promote accounts. One of them is Brobot. To use his help, you just need to write to him, and you can receive any desired number of messages.

Important! This bot has only one drawback - the possibility of losing access to your personal account without a chance of recovery.

On my own

This is probably the most reliable way to create new messages for your account. It consists of just a few steps:

  1. Open your page on the social network and wait for a new message.
  2. Right-click on the unread message count icon.
  3. Click on "View Code". Don't worry if you don't find this item, it's just that the name differs from browser to browser. How to make a lot of messages on VKontakte?
  4. When the code opens, left-click on this line and change the number 1 to the desired one. How to make a lot of messages on VKontakte?
  5. Happened? Great, now you can be considered a skilled hacker.

Cheat on Android

In order to wind up messages on VKontakte on Android, you need to download the "Vk mp3 mod" application. Then you need to log into your profile through it and open any fairly popular group. Open comments to an arbitrary post on the community wall and write any messages to people who left these comments. After they have replied to the message, you need to turn on the "unreader" function in the application and delete your messages. Done! Now it will seem that complete strangers themselves wrote to you on the page. The same shenanigans can be performed on an IOS phone.

You will also be interested in: "Features of cheating messages in VK online".

Possible problems when cheating messages or friends

Having a lot of messages and friends is very nice. However, a person who wants to use any of the promotion methods should know what problems may arise with this. Let's try to figure out some of them:

  1. Your phone may not support the promotion app. Then you can use another method or download another application.
  2. Many services can be used by scammers. There is a risk that your page will be hacked and you will not have access to it. At the first signs of suspicious activity on the page, you need to change the password to a more secure one.
  3. In case of high activity, the administration can block the page. To prevent this from happening, keep track of the number of messages and sometimes delete a part using special applications.

About hidden messages in VK, there is an article on our website.

Follow these guidelines and don't worry about the security of your page, just enjoy the new look of your page.

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Popularity on social media has become a very important aspect of the lives of a large number of today's young users. They want to receive thousands of likes and reposts, type comments under each of their posts, thereby causing the envy of others. But competing with well-known representatives of show business, professional athletes and politicians, for an ordinary person, is incredibly difficult. That is why some resort to various types of markups in order to seem more famous than they really are. Today, it is even possible to cheat VK messages through the phone.

Cheat messages on Vkontakte

Among the regulars of social networks, it is considered very fashionable and prestigious to have a large number of unread messages. This in some way demonstrates their status and emphasizes their popularity. Receiving a lot of messages can also demonstrate your social relevance.

Cheat VK messages in 2020

In the case of promoting accounts for sale, such parameters increase their value. After all, the more messages you receive, the more active the profile is, which means you can earn more on it. Social relevance in general has an extremely positive effect on the commercial value of the page. For such purposes, there is the possibility of cheating messages.

How to wind up messages in VK without a script

There are many ways to cheat without specialized software. Let's consider the most popular ones:

  1. Communities for fake drugs - you can always use the services of one of the thematic communities on the social network. The basic principle of the work of such groups is collective mutual assistance. By entering them, you send a request to receive private messages. Of course, you will have to send them back.
  2. Job exchanges - many sites in the Global Network allow you to place tasks on their pages, similar to sending private messages. You can fulfill similar orders by receiving the exchange's internal currency, which you will later spend on promoting your account. And you can always easily find performers who are ready to literally spam your account for a small fee on freelance exchanges.

Cheat messages VK script

On the Internet, you can find a number of resources that provide scripts, which, according to the developers, must be inserted through the console into the body of the site page. Here's an example of how to cheat messages through the console: According to the creators, this should lead to large volumes of unread messages. However, the administration of the social network regularly fixes all kinds of vulnerabilities that previously allowed manipulating statistics through the console. So the performance of such tools is questionable today.

Cheat VK messages in 2020

It is strongly not recommended to mindlessly use a script to cheat VK messages on your main account. Automated security systems may well be banned for them, considering them malicious. In some cases, pages are not unblocked at all.

Cheat messages through a bot

All kinds of free and paid bots can free you from the many routine tasks required for successful page promotion.

  • The program is able to send bulk invitations to friends, based on the specified parameters. For example, you can send applications to all members of a certain community or specify more flexible user search settings.
  • Send invitations to the group. Targeting allows you to very accurately select the audience that suits you.
  • Massively add likes. This is usually done on a reciprocal basis and you don't have to spend long hours doing these tasks yourself. Cheat VK messages in 2020
  • Mass mailing of invitations. You can easily gather participants for any type of event.
  • Anti-captcha - many modern bots include a function to bypass captcha. Thus, you will save a fairly large amount of money.
  • Cleaning / Filling Accounts - Removing unnecessary content or adding new content automatically will make your life much easier. A number of bots are equipped with integration with file storages, from which they can collect fresh photos and videos for high-quality content.
  • Antiban system - allows you to wind up behavioral factors and imitate the actions of a living person. Any effective bot should be equipped with such tools. Otherwise, you may be banally blocked.


Cheating on the Vkontakte social network can be implemented in various ways. But if you are thinking about how to cheat unread messages in VK, remember, the most important thing is to be careful. After all, no one wants to get an unlimited ban in the process of promoting their page. The most dangerous way is scripts for VK, since any vulnerabilities are quickly found and fixed. The more natural method of cheating you choose, the safer it will be.

How to make a lot of messages in VKToday we will tell you all the methods that will help you make and wind up a lot of messages on the VKontakte social network.

Many users of the social network thought about how to make a lot of messages in VK. After all, this means that your page is popular. You can brag about this to your friends, who would also like a lot of messages. Celebrity in this form is a very controversial issue. But maybe someone really needs it.

How to make a lot of messages in VK

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When Vkontakte was in the old design, making messages unread was not a problem. To do this, it was necessary to mark the message as unread and the cherished numbers appeared on the screen. Now this cannot be done in the new design, but there are still ways to help cheat messages.

Many messages in VK: Services for cheating VK messages

Many have repeatedly wondered how to quickly accumulate messages in VK. Previously, there were a large number of services that wind up likes, comments, subscribers and welcome messages. One such famous site was Ad-Social. For all that, today this service cannot print to you, clogging up the LAN.

If there are still services for boosting likes and subscribers, then none of the services can clog up private messages. Therefore, this method is not suitable, and it's time to move on to the next one.

Many messages in VK: Cheat drugs through VK groups

In the social network itself, there are many groups that provide services for cheating messages. They are created to unite people who are ready to write to each other in order to receive a large number of messages.

To find such groups, it is enough to drive the phrase "Litter drugs" into the search engine. About 400 groups will be displayed, in which you can write to write in the LAN. People will type messages for you, but you should also write to them.

Another easy way to get the unread messages you want is to engage users through online gaming communities. To do this, you need to study some game, learn about accounts, keys or codes. Then the information received can be offered in communities for free or for a small amount. The stream of messages from the player-users is ensured.

Many messages in VK: BOTS

Special programs, or just Bots, can also be used to cheat messages. However, you should be careful with this method, as it is possible that the bot will steal the password and login from the page.

Many posts on VK: The most reliable method

If you need to display a huge number of messages, then this method will definitely work. Actions on how to get a lot of messages in VK:

  1. You need to wait for any message to come to you in VK (or write it yourself from another page);
  2. Right-click on the unread message mark, select the "View code" line.
  3. The code of this line appears, on which you need to double-click the left mouse button, instead of the number one, we indicate the desired number.

It is worth considering that this method only works in Google Chrome. After closing or refreshing the browser, all fooled messages will automatically disappear.

Many posts in VK: Scripts

The rest of the ways to cheat private messages are absolutely unreliable and failed. Many people use special scripts for cheating, after using which, as many as 2K messages may appear. But after such actions, the page is frozen indefinitely.

Now the question "How to make VK a lot of messages?" should not arise, because the article lists all sorts of methods. This is a rather dubious way of gaining popularity, and it is better to do something more rewarding. Alternatively, you can try building your own community. And if it becomes popular, then there will definitely be a large number of messages.

How to wind up VK messages for free 100, 1 thousand - methods and services. Inexpensive promotion of VKontakte messages with a guarantee for a penny.

Free cheat messages in VK without tasks and points

Many may think: "Why do we need to cheat VKontakte messages?" But this is a demanded service for enterprising users. You can see similar messages in VK resource exchange groups, but users do not always pursue the same goals. The service is still new, but soon you can find it on the services below. I propose to get an idea of ​​free exchanges that help increase resources in social networks, and inexpensive paid services.

  • - the prices here for VK promotion are just ridiculous. You do not need to waste time on registration and boring tasks: you have chosen the cheat option you like and have relaxed. The effect will be visible immediately!
  • - this site can be safely attributed to inexpensive VK promotion assistants. Here everyone can find what they need: many services with guarantees, detailed descriptions of resources, online customer support and completely secure payment systems.
  • - has its own base with many tasks. Here you can wind up participants in a group, VK likes, order a cheat of subscribers, reposts for free. All you need to do is register on the site, link accounts from social networks. Then you choose the task you like from the database, complete it and points will be credited to your account.
  • - on this site you also receive funds for certain actions. On them, you can also order the performance of the task to increase the indicators. You can attach accounts from VKontakte, Youtube, Instagram, Ask. Moreover, you can choose artists in different categories.
  • - allows you to complete tasks on the site or download the application to your phone. For each completed task, you receive rubles, which you can spend on the service, or withdraw to an electronic wallet. Therefore, there are many users who live here. However, more tasks are available when your accounts are filled with all the necessary information. Thus, the site administration encourages users to create high-quality profiles.
  • - is one of the projects of the IT-company MAYA GROUP, which is engaged in the creation of online startups. You can cheat any indicators of activity in social networks. Also, by connecting a paid VIP status, you can earn 2 times more points than indicated on the assignment. It is noteworthy that without a VIP account, you can complete no more than 200 tasks per day.

On all the platforms presented, you can find a referral program. This is beneficial for the services, as you attract new customers to their pages. For this you are offered from 5% to 30% of the payment for orders made by users who followed your link. This is beneficial if there are many people among your acquaintances who are interested in free cheating VK messages, buying likes, and services for cheating comments.

Professional cheat messages on VKontakte with technical support 24/7

Professional cheat messages on VKontakte with technical support 24/7

Before you start frantically performing operations on exchange sites, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with another option. Many companies offer services for paid "pull-up" indicators on the resource counter to the desired figures. On the network you can find both experienced agencies and those that are just starting to work in the field of promotion of social networks. Therefore, I am sharing my list of the best SMM promotion services that will help you not only stay afloat, but also promote your business on social networks.

  • - on the main page of this site you can familiarize yourself with the price list of services. Please note that many tariffs come with a bonus. And also this service occupies a leading position in the search ranking. The cost of services here is one of the lowest in the entire Internet. Consultants at any time of the day or night are ready to answer your questions and help you figure out how to cheat if you are a beginner.
  • - here they treat commercial cheating with humor, and the friendly "Doctor" on the main page promises to "put on its feet" an account in any social network. Here you can also talk to a company representative, if the need arises. Here, publicly available information about the company, guarantees and security is provided. Despite the cheerful disposition of the management, here each order is carefully checked by hand to exclude possible inconsistencies. At the same time, here you can get a high-quality service at low prices. Any order is carried out exactly as in a pharmacy.
  • is a very convenient service where you can easily find how much VK promotion costs. Moreover, in the section "CMM Tips" you can find practical instructions that will come in handy for self-wrapping. Do not worry about the data of your bank cards and electronic wallets - all transactions are protected by payment systems.
  • - an agency where you can find any service, from cheating VKontakte messages to the “All inclusive” tariff. Of course, if you choose premium promotion, you get an integrated approach and effective promotion from the pros. But such service packages cannot be cheap.
  • - offers highly effective promotion tools in social networks. Here you can purchase a tariff plan with impressive resources: 5000 units, 10000 units, 25000 units. It would be wise to distribute the ordered units among several objects in the network. You can clarify all the nuances with a consultant. You can also select suitable performers by criteria.
  • - on this site you can create your personal account if you plan to add several orders and track them. They promise that you will feel the result of cooperation immediately. Since all orders placed here will help increase the activity on your page and will allow you to stay in the Top.

You can place an order confidentially on all of the above services. No need to leave your registration data from social networks. This will protect your personal data from unauthorized access. To place an order, you will only need to specify an e-mail; for greater secrecy, you can create a new mailbox. Mail is needed to communicate with company managers and track the growth of resources. Therefore, if you want to quietly cheat VK messages, likes, comments (here you can buy VK comments) then it is better to contact such agencies. They will help for money to strengthen any indicator on the social network.

Cheat messages on VKontakte 100, 1K wisely and conscientiously

Cheat messages on VKontakte 100, 1K wisely and conscientiously

We have figured out how to wind up unread messages in VK, and now let's determine who can benefit from it. It would seem that such an indicator as the number of dialogues does not affect anything, but in groups for the exchange of mutual actions, you can find a lot of requests to throw any text into the l / s. Let's try to understand why this is done:

  • if we discard any commercial motive, then we can say that they are doing it for the sake of creating the illusion of significance. Then, it's already easier to send your friend a screen with a hundred or two unread messages, and earn credibility in his eyes. And maybe in the eyes of the whole school;
  • further all reasons are based on monetary interest. Since this request is still very new, many users willingly comply with it. This attracts huge traffic to the VK page. Therefore, the statistics of page visits is growing. Sometimes, users are interested in the content that you publish, and they add more views and likes. Such a proportional increase in all indicators makes your page an attractive platform for placing advertising posts;
  • the next option is also based on the desire to make money online. Profiles are created on which life is in full swing. If necessary, the required indicators are strengthened using paid services. Then, the already promoted account is sold for good money;
  • perhaps the user who leaves such a request wants to create his own user base. Then, it will be easier to promote your product by spreading information about it, responding to messages;
  • some cunning businessmen who are promoting in social networks use this to promote their own profile. For example, you are offering a new product to consumers, and publish a post with a screen of hundreds of unread messages. And below, sign that you will not be able to answer everyone at once, but answer those who like or write a comment first.

These factors can cause users to want to wind up VKontakte messages. But I dare not say that only these motives exist. If you know of any other case where a large number of unread l / s can be useful, then share in the comments.

High-quality cheat in VK messages without charges and a ban

High-quality cheat in VK messages without charges and a ban

Write-offs and blocking of VKontakte usually occur if the administration suspects you of violating the rules for using the network. For example, the page can be frozen if you exceed the number of allowed actions or post prohibited content. Therefore, you should be careful and take into account all the restrictions when promoting. It is especially important to prepare your profile or community for such a little trick as cheating. I will list the profile characteristics that you need to check before winding up a lot of messages in VK:

  1. Time of page creation ... If your profile is still young (and green), I do not advise you to contact promotion services for help. Filters keep track of new users and will notice any deviation from the norm.
  2. Fullness ... The more saturated a profile is with personal information, the more truthful the algorithms consider it. Therefore, indicate as many facts as possible, add as friends (here you can wind up VK friends) students of the same schools and universities that you indicated.
  3. Publications ... Regular posts that grab the attention of users are encouraged. It is best to prepare a few notes even before creating a group, which will be your lifeline in unforeseen situations. Guess the best time to post when your subscribers are the most active on the network.
  4. Promotion service ... It is necessary to choose the best partner in your opinion. To do this, take the time to study the reviews of real customers and chat with them. Also, study all the legal subtleties regulated by the public offer. And the security of money transfers is guaranteed by the cooperation of the SMM agency with major payment systems.
  5. Approbation ... Order the minimum amount of resources on the selected site to ensure the reliability of the service. If there is an opportunity to communicate with an employee of the company via chat, then be sure to consult what tariff you can choose "for trial". If you cannot decide and choose one of several services, then never place an order at the same time. Wait until the promotion is complete in one company, then you can contact another to compare the results.

How to cheat unread messages in VK 1000 on the sly

How to cheat unread messages in VK 1000 on the sly

When you want to cheat VK messages for free and quickly or combine with any other methods, I recommend paying attention to the following options:

  • Post information that you want to collect a lot of personal messages in your status. Your faithful friends and relatives should respond, and if you ask well, they can repost on VKontakte.
  • Find a community online that brings together like-minded people looking to increase your metrics. Post records there, you can dial a decent amount of l / s.
  • Add hashtags to your posts, in which indicate your dreams of cheating. Many users are looking for associates with such tags.
  • Use other social networks. Not always, those people with whom you are firmly connected by electronic threads in the same social network are also among your VK subscribers.

So you can draw attention to the need to cheat on VKontakte messages and increase their number. But getting l / s yourself is quite difficult and not at all fast. Therefore, if you are interested in a rapid increase in resources, then SMM promotion services can always help you with this.

If free promotion is of higher priority for you, then it is worth using the exchange opportunities.

Whatever goals you pursue when boosting indicators, remember that the numbers on the counter are an indicator of user love. Therefore, use all possible means to increase your reach and attract your target audience.

Many users of the VKontakte social network are aware of the various ways to boost likes, reposts, and subscriptions. The increase in the number of such actions contributes to the promotion of the account. But sometimes you need to wind up the number of received messages. Not everyone knows how to do this. In the article, we will consider how the promotion of messages in VK is carried out. This is necessary for users who want to increase their importance or sell a profile.

Illustration on the topic Cheat messages in VK: three simple ways to increase activity

Ways to cheat messages

There are several effective ways to increase the number of incoming messages to "VK". Let's take a look at three of the most effective ones. We will also give brief information about other methods.

Method 1: Comments in groups

The method described in this section is the simplest. You do not need to leave the VK social network page. It is necessary to use specialized groups. Here, the principle of operation is similar to interchange. You need to do the following:

  • In the search bar "VK" write "clogged ls".
  • Now select the appropriate one from the list of groups. You need to have a large number of members in the community.
  • Next, find various posts on the group's wall, where users offer to write a large number of messages to you for certain actions on your part. Contact them and agree.
  • It remains to wait for the result.

You can also place your own ad in the community with your request to write a large number of messages, in return promising the person to perform the actions he needs. For example, like, subscribe and more.

Illustration on the topic Cheat messages in VK: three simple ways to increase activity

Method 2: Tasks for cheating messages

The next method is quite effective. To cheat a large number of incoming messages, you need to use a special service. Here you can order any task related to work in "VK". Services are paid, but in order to receive a lot of letters in your personal account, huge financial investments are not required. To order, you need to do the following:

  • Follow the site link and open it:
  • Sign in with your VK profile.
  • Now you need to switch to the advertiser.
  • Next, top up your own balance (you can also complete certain tasks from the performer's interface and get money into your account).
  • Click on the "Add task" button.
  • A list will drop out, click "Custom".
  • On the new page, you need to select the task type "Send a private message" from 3 rubles. Click on the "Create" button.
  • Now you need to register the details of the order to be issued and the way how the contractor will confirm the execution.
  • Click the Next button and follow the instructions.

After these simple manipulations, you only need to wait a certain amount of time for users to start performing tasks.

Illustration on the topic Cheat messages in VK: three simple ways to increase activity

Method 3: cheat with bots

In order to receive a large number of letters for free and as quickly as possible in time, you need to use a special script. The automatic method does this with the help of VK bots. You need to do the following:

  • Click on the link:
  • Now make a copy of the code that you see on the page.
  • Then go to the VKontakte website.
  • Press the F12 key.
  • Log into the "Console", paste the code below and click on the enter button.

Incoming letters will now appear in your dialogs. Please note that this method may stop working at any time. The VK developers regularly change the structure of the program code.

Other methods

If you decide to sell a page of a popular social network, you need to have an imitation of live communication on it. Create additional profiles and write letters from them. To make accounts appear quickly, use dedicated apps and services. Just do not send SMS to numbers in short format and do not click on suspicious links. You can get caught by scammers. Such services are easy to find on the web using a search engine. Also, if you have a lot of friends, ask them to send you private messages. This way you can simulate activity and achieve your goal.

Often, cheating methods are applied to likes, reposts and subscriptions, but in some cases it may be necessary to increase the number of incoming messages in VK dialogs. This is done to raise a sense of self-worth, imitate activity in the account in order to sell it, etc.

Cheat messages in VK through groups

The simplest method, which does not require leaving the pages of the social network, is to use specialized groups. The methodology for boosting likes and reposts in exchange communities has already been considered, a similar principle works here. In general terms, the instruction looks like this:

  • In the search line on VKontakte, enter the phrase "clogged up".
  • Open a list of all communities and choose the one you like. It is desirable that there are many participants in the group.
  • View the ads on the wall. Many participants ask to like the avatar or post, for which they promise to send a lot of private messages in return. You should fulfill the request, then write to the person and report it.
  • It remains to wait for the result.

An alternative option would be to place your ad in a group asking for a lot of messages. In return, you can promise likes, reposts or subscriptions.

Cheat through the service

An effective way to make a lot of incoming messages is a specialized service. The essence of his work lies in the possibility of ordering any task related to the work of a social network. The services of the resource are paid, however, in order to clog your personal with letters, you will not need a lot of financial resources.

So, to order a lot of private messages, you need:

  • Open the site using the link:
  • Log in using the VKontakte network.
  • Switch to advertiser interface.
  • Top up your account or first complete tasks as a performer.
  • Click the "Add task" button.
  • Select "Custom" from the drop-down list.
  • On the new page, specify the task type "Send private message" (from 3 rubles) or "Free" (from 1 ruble). Click on the "Create" button.
  • Indicate the details of the order and the method by which the contractor can confirm its fulfillment.
  • Click "Next" and follow the instructions.

Now it remains to wait for resource users to start performing the task by sending messages.

Squeak for incoming messages

It will be possible to create a lot of incoming letters for free and quickly online using a script. The method is automated and uses VK bots that send various types of messages. To implement the idea without programs will turn out as follows:

  • Open a social networking site.
  • Press F12 on the keyboard.
  • Go to the "Console" tab, paste the code below and press Enter.

Incoming messages should start to appear in dialogs.

Important! The method can stop working at any time, since the VC developers constantly change the program code, closing certain loopholes in its structure.

Other methods

If the page is being prepared for sale, then you need to simulate live communication. To do this, you can create additional VK accounts and write messages from them. Specialized services will help you quickly acquire numerous accounts in a social network.

Attention! When looking for programs for creating VK accounts, in no case should you send SMS to short numbers or click on suspicious links. There is a high risk of running into scammers and hackers who are engaged in debiting money from the accounts of mobile operators, hacking computers and social media profiles.

If you have a large number of friends, you can ask them to send messages in a personal message. Of course, in this case, the user himself will become the initiator of the dialogue, but it will still be possible to achieve the set task.

After reading the presented recommendations, cheating VKontakte messages will no longer seem like a difficult task. The choice of method depends on the amount of free time and the goals pursued.

IT specialist and advanced user of VK. I registered on the social network in 2007.

Displaying a large indicator of unread SMS emphasizes the popularity of the user and increases his self-esteem. To achieve this, VK messages are often cheated. There are several ways to do this. We will talk about them in our article.

How to wind up messages in VK

There are many options to increase the number of incoming SMS. Below you will learn how to wind up messages in VK for free and quickly. Before the social network updated the design, users could leave a message unread. Now this cannot be done, so it remains to resort to other solutions.

What is the promotion for? Users have different goals:

  • demonstration of social relevance;
  • business development in the network;
  • as a sign of social activity;
  • sale of an account.

Now it is considered fashionable to cheat friends, have many subscribers and unread messages. This is the main reason why many people tend to use wrapping.

Help from friends

If you have many friends or you are the owner of a group, you can ask people to write to wind up Vkontakte messages. Write in a personal letter with a request to clog up private messages. Try to tell me at the same time, otherwise the filter of the social network will suspect that spam is being sent from your account.

If your group has a large number of subscribers, you can ask them to write a message. Create a post asking to write to the group administrator. You can also use a link to your profile. Usually, subscribers respond to such posts, especially if you post quality content.

By the way, if the list of contacts in the community is not large, then you can try to wind up subscribers. But this must be done competently and carefully. Getting into a ban is very easy, but getting out of it is not.


On Vkontakte, there are self-help groups where users exchange requests. They can be different: like, comment on the post, or write. There are also communities that specialize only in cheating messages in VK quickly and for free.

To find such a group, type in the search bar of the social network the query "Litter drugs". You will immediately see a large number of SMS. Go to any group you like. Users' requests will be published on the wall, in exchange for which they promise to clog up private messages.

Complete the request, then write to the person that the task is completed. You just have to wait while he winds up incoming letters. This method is simple and safe, but time consuming. If it doesn't work for you, use the methods below.


A bot is an application for cheating messages in VK and not only. They allow you to increase the indicator to thousands.

By the way, you can create a bot yourself. But in most cases this is not necessary, all possible options already exist on the network.

Brobot is one of the most popular and effective programs. Its main advantages include:

  • support for all well-known and large social networks;
  • message bot can be programmed and taught;
  • using synonyms when sending messages to avoid account blocking;
  • posting publications, liking posts and comments;
  • visiting profiles and viewing content.

For advanced users, it is possible to expand the functionality and use additional settings. With the help of the program, cheating Vkontakte messages is free and fast.

Download programs from reliable and trusted sources, otherwise there is a high probability of losing your account Here you can find out what to do if you blocked a page in VK.


There is another safe way to cheat SMS in VK for free and quickly online - content exchanges. Here you can create tasks to cheat messages. Other people will complete them to earn points or real money.

You yourself determine how the work will take place. If you have enough time, you can complete other people's tasks to get points. Once you've accumulated the right amount, publish yours. It is also possible to replenish the account with real money.

Most popular exchanges:

  • Ad-Social;
  • CashBox.

Job exchanges are a great option for cheating messages in VK online. For example, on the CashBox service, first, complete any task or top up your balance. Upon registration, access to your personal account will open, where you can manage your profile and create tasks. In a special field, you must describe the task, set its type and execution time. After the performer completes it, he must report.


There are special scripts that run on a number of network services. They help to wind up many indicators on the social network. But before you wind up a lot of messages in VK, you should know that this method is unsafe and fraught with account blocking.

If you decide to use the method, then follow the instructions:

  • Follow this link
  • Copy the code that is displayed on the page.
  • Go to the VK page and click on the keyboard on F12.

  • In the developer mode panel, go to the tab "Console".
  • Paste the copied code at the bottom of the page, then click on Enter.

On your page, you will see messages start to appear.

The automated Vkontakte system has learned to recognize scripts for cheating messages in VK. It accepts them as malware and sends them to the user's ban.

With the help of developer tools, you can also temporarily increase the number of unread SMS. It will disappear after reloading the page, but you can have time to demonstrate the indicator.

Using the Google Chrome browser as an example, do the following:

  • Wait for someone to write to you or create a fake and write from it
  • Right click on the section "Messages".
  • A context menu will appear where you need to select the item View Code.

  • In the line code, change the value "1" to any other digit.

After the actions taken, the number that you entered in the code will be displayed on the main page opposite the "Messages" line.

Third party services

There are online programs on the network for cheating messages in VK. For a small fee, you will receive in a short time any result of working with social networks. Most popular services:

  • VkTarget - service with the highest quality activity. This is due to the fact that performers receive real money for assignments. You can be both a customer and a performer.
  • Bosslike Is one of the fastest and cheapest services. It has a simple and intuitive interface. It is possible to cheat SMS in VK online for free if you complete other people's tasks for points. All social networks are displayed in your personal account, while the balance is the same for everyone.
  • QComment - a distinctive feature of the service is that it is possible to use filters of the target audience based on various criteria: gender, age or geolocation. You can choose an artist based on the number of his friends. Thus, the service is convenient when ordering reposts.

Please note that too much activity can attract the attention of the Vkontakte administration.

How to cheat messages on the phone

The mobile version of the social network includes all the standard Vk functionality. But there are still some differences from the web version. Therefore, it is possible to wind up messages in VK on the phone by spending more time.

The app store has applications for cheating in VKontakte. They provide for the exchange of likes, comments, views, as well as writing SMS. To find them, it is enough to write the corresponding query in the search bar. Based on the reviews and ratings, among the programs, the following can be distinguished:

  • "Cheat for Vkontakte";
  • Wnutter;
  • "I want likes and VK subscribers."

How else to wind up messages in VK from the phone? Specialized teams are also available for mobile users. You just need to find the desired community through the social network application and repeat the steps described above. In addition, through the browser, you can go to the sites of the Seris to increase indicators and use their services.

Is it worth cheating messages

If you decide to cheat SMS, then you need to be wary of blocking your account from the administration. Manual methods are very time consuming and not always convenient, so many users prefer programs or services. But suspicious activity on the page can attract the attention of moderators.

In case you have a good reason for doing this, it is better to use tried and true applications. But cheating has its drawbacks:

  1. Negative attitude and complaints from other users.
  2. Your friends can be deleted from you or even blacklisted.
  3. Blocking or losing your account forever.

Before you wind up messages in VK via your phone or computer, think about whether you need it. There are many ways to do this, but each of them can lead to a ban. The best way to increase your popularity on a social network is to be active in social activities and publish quality content.

How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!

There are many people who like to collect messages on this social network. Most of them simply ignore people, thereby accumulating one message. Sometimes people write to bots without answering them either.

How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!
How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!

But I found a much simpler and more efficient way! Few of you have heard of such a wonderful thing as "Vk Developers" or abbreviated "VkDev"

How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!
How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!

For "spam messages" you need 2 accounts, yours or a friend's - no difference.

Next, you need to go to the page itself:

How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!

Next, you need to enter into the search "messages.createChat"

How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!

Next, we work with the "Sample requests" window:

Where it says "users_ids" you need to enter your page id and the id of the second VK page. (You can find out the id here )

How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!

Next, you need to click execute, and we will have a new message

How easy is it to type a lot of messages in VK? We explain and show!

This way you can create up to 21 conversations a day!

If it was useful to you or just interested, then like and subscribe to my channel, I will be pleased :)

A person who has hundreds or even thousands of unread messages is definitely popular. Those who do this with drugs even get tired of such popularity. There is no way for others to type such a number, but this is needed for a screenshot, video recording, blog post. And for them there are several options for solving the problem.

  1. Script for forwarding messages from groups. This is a text notepad file that contains a script for the VK site and a list of group IDs for duplicating messages to you in the LAN. Script for forwarding messages from groups

This script can be downloaded from many sources (the method is popular among users). There is no need to be afraid of viruses, as this is a simple text.

For further operations, it is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser. The procedure is as follows:

  • copy the text script from notepad;
  • open Chrome in the browser console by pressing the F12 key;
  • paste the copied text into the console. Insert script

Within a few minutes, the list of your conversations will be filled with thousands of unread messages. List of unread messages

This is a system bug. It does not work for all users and will be fixed by the administration shortly. But as of November 2017 it works.

  1. Programs for cheating personal messages. As such, software is not developed specifically for this purpose. But there are do-it-yourself programs that automate the above script, such as LandAndYaCreator. It allows you to generate a huge number of new group ids and receive tens, even hundreds of thousands of new messages, freeing you from the need to edit the script code to add groups. However, it is not recommended to set too large values ​​in case of a small amount of RAM. This threatens with severe lags and browser crashes. To work with the script on a mobile phone running the Android operating system, download and go to VK through the HTML Website Inspector program. It is, in fact, a browser with a Java Script Console. There are analogs for the iPhone.

However, the bug may stop working, on the phone, whatever one may say, it is inconvenient to handle codes and elements of programming languages, and hundreds of thousands of messages at once are not always needed. Therefore, we will now analyze the simpler methods. With their help, it will be difficult to achieve such huge numbers of incoming SMS, but their implementation will not require going beyond VK.

How to cheat incoming messages without programs and scripts

Consider a couple of options on how to make a lot of incoming messages for free within the very interface of the Vkontakte website.

  1. Groups for flooding like Litter drugs. Not only do you need SMS in dialogues. Whole groups are created, where users post on the wall requests to write to them whatever they want. One of the largest and most popular Litter drugs. There are more than 40 thousand participants and they will help you with clogging up the list of dialogues in exchange for likes or reply SMS.

Group for cheating messages

New ads appear here at a very high speed, every few seconds and there will be no problems with waiting.

  1. Contacting bots. A little trick based on savvy. Also in VK there are bots. These are scripted accounts that send pre-written phrases in exchange for incoming messages from you, sometimes analyzing them to select an answer. So, they will surely answer your "hello" and will not pester you with questions further, since one more SMS is needed to answer. Plus, you won't feel uncomfortable with a sudden message to a stranger, because this is an inanimate program. And to type messages from them, do the following:
  • type the word bot in the search for people in VK;
  • write "hello" to each bot (for the sake of faithfulness, you can look carefully at their pages, it usually says what kind of bot it is and what topics it talks about);
  • after writing, quickly close the dialogue so as not to have time to read the answer.

To get to the exact address, you can also search the Internet for lists of active bots with links to pages.

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