The year has just begun, and the losses are already great: 11 stars that we lost in 2021

2021 has just begun, and we have already lost a number of amazing, bright and talented individuals. Let's remember who these people are and what they really achieved in their lives. After all, every person comes to this world for something special. And each of the people presented below is a vivid confirmation of this.

Vladimir Korenev (main photo)

The actor died at the age of 81. During his life, Vladimir played in 71 projects. People's Artist of Russia until recently worked in the theater. The scene was his life. The professor and artistic director of the theatrical faculty of the Institute of Humanitarian Education became widely known to the public in the 60s, playing Ichthyander in the film "Amphibian Man". In a marriage with Honored Artist of Russia Alevtina Konstantinova, the actor had a daughter, Irina.

Denis Karasev

The actor and theatrical figure passed away at the age of 57. 67 works in various projects, including in the theater, did not bring frenzied popularity to Karasev. But those select fans who managed to consider and fall in love with the talent of the actor, note that he possessed amazing charisma. Often in films of the early 90s, he played brutal characters, since he really belonged to a rare male type with an unusual appearance. Denis Karasev in the role of a negative character really liked the public. The actor was buried at the Novo-Lyuberetsky cemetery.

Dmitry Gusev

The filming of the series "Ambulance" was the last in the life of the actor. Dmitry Gusev died at the wheel on the eve of the old New Year. He was only 45 years old.

Gusev had not dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood, he wanted to become a pilot or an astronaut. Born in the Tomsk region, in an ordinary working-class family, the boy studied rather poorly. He did not get along with the Russian language and was very embarrassed to read poetry even near the blackboard. Everything changed at the age of 17. Having brought his younger brother to the theater school to audition, Dmitry wanted to try it himself. Then there was participation in performances and roles in films. Despite being very busy, actor Dmitry Gusev did not consider work to be his life's work. He was a good family man and adored his wife Svetlana, who gave him a son and daughter.

Boris Grachevsky

The honored art worker of the Russian Federation was a simple turner by profession, he graduated from a mechanical technical school in the Moscow region. At the end of the 60s, a design technician at the Korolev plant entered the correspondence department of VGIK. At the same time, Grachevsky received his higher education in the specialty "Organization of film production" only 23 years later.

Boris Grachevsky became famous in 1974, after the release of the humorous children's magazine "Yeralash". It was on him that he worked until the end of his life. At the same time, Boris also loved to sound cartoons and create documentaries, among his projects "Social Advertising" stands out. The holder of the Orders of Honor and Friendship passed away on January 14, 2021.

Yuri Lakhin

The artist, who graduated from the Sverdlovsk theater school, and then the institute, worked in several theaters during his life. The last place of work was the theater of Arkady Raikin "Satyricon". Yuri Lakhin was remembered not only for his theatrical images, but also for his bright roles in films. At the Festivals of Russian Comedy and Contemporary Play, the actor won the Best Actor Prize. "Who played great everywhere", as fans of the actor's work say, Yuri Lakhin passed away on January 27, 2021.

Alla Yoshpe

While still studying at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, in the future, the People's Artist of Russia worked as a soloist of the pop and symphony orchestra. The popularity of Alla Yoshpe was brought by the famous duet with Stakhan Rakhimov. They gave concerts for more than one decade, and not only throughout the Soviet Union, but also beyond its borders. Over time, the stage duo grew into a real and strong family. An amazing, unusual, sincere and bright pop singer passed away on January 30, 2021.

Vitaly Alshansky

The Russian theater and film actor died on February 4, 2021 from a heart attack at the age of 52. The leading and artistic director of the "Russian Lotto" graduated from the Shchukin School. The debut role of the artist is a small role in the film "Rostov-papa". Vitaly Alshansky has over a hundred roles in various projects. Basically, the artist was involved in episodic roles. He got the main roles in the melodrama "Amapola" and the film "Playing past the notes." The last work - in the TV series "Balabol".

Alexander Chaliapin

Alexander Chaliapin, a native of Lyubertsy, showed love for creativity since childhood. Admiring the work of Arkady Raikin and Alexander Mironov, the boy dreamed of an acting career. Parodies, jokes and practical jokes - Sasha always knew how to stand out among his peers. Parents did not pay attention to the interests of their son. They wanted him to get a normal profession.

At the insistence of his mother, Alexander Chaliapin entered the Railway Academy, but dropped out of school a few years later. The Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts revealed in the actor the talent of a cavalier. Since 2010, Chaliapin's main activity has been stand-up, where he honed his humorous skills. Then there was work as a presenter at events, radio and finally a movie, which Alexander had dreamed of for a long time. Behind Shalyapin's shoulders - participation in 57 projects, for example, "Boomer. The Second Film", "Capercaillie-2", "Search-2", "Men's Vacations", "Murka", "The Roof of the World", "Beetles" and others.

The actor could still have a long and bright creative path ahead, but, unfortunately, Alexander Chaliapin passed away on January 25, 2021 at the age of 41.

Alexander Vorobiev

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation passed away on January 15, 2021. Alexander Vorobyov did not immediately achieve fame in the theater. For a long time after graduating from GITIS and the army, the future actor worked as a janitor, builder, loader and photographer. Working in the theater of Oleg Tabakov became the starting point for the artist in his career. Then there was cinema and television. The artist died in Moscow after a long struggle with the disease.

Vasily Lanovoy

A connoisseur of poetry and an amazing reader was born in Moscow. Participation in a drama circle turned the life of 13-year-old Vasily. Since that time, the first tours in his life began. After graduating from school, Lanovoy entered the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, postponing his acting career. The role in the film "Certificate of Maturity" prompted the artist to pick up the documents and enter the Shchukin Theater School. The main role in the film "Pavel Korchagin" brought the artist popularity. Then there were many roles, including the role of the noble Ivan Barabbas in the film for all time "Officers". In January 2021, Vasily Lanovoy was taken to the hospital with a positive test for coronavirus. The actor, unfortunately, did not survive the illness.

Larry King

Lawrence Harvey Zeiger (real name Larry King) was one of the most popular American presenters. Suspenders and horn-rimmed glasses were permanent attributes of the image of the legendary showman and journalist. The artist's childhood was not rosy. He was left without the support of his father early. And since the family was left without the main breadwinner, Larry forgot about his dreams of working on television and took up any job.

At the age of 18, he moved to Miami, where he got a job as a cleaner at one of the radio stations. On May 1, 1957, Larry King was offered to replace one presenter who did not appear on the air. His voice soon became the most recognizable voice in the United States. Then there was work on the radio, publications in newspapers and participation in the longest program, which fell into the Guinness Book of Records. Larry King led it for 25 years. During his career, the presenter has interviewed more than 60 thousand times, including with Russian President Vladimir Putin and two US presidents - Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

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On Friday, February 26, the audience was stunned by the news of the death of actor Arthur Smolyaninov. Users of the well-known social network TikTok began to spread the tragic news en masse. It is still unknown what caused these rumors, however, the news alarmed the public a lot.

Fans immediately rushed to the page of Smolyaninov's wife, actress Daria Melnikova. Users literally rained down celebrity comments in the hope of getting a quick response.

"Daria, why do they write in TikTok that Arthur died?", "Your husband died today?" ... My mother called me and said that the actor from the movie "My boyfriend is an angel" had died, and that she was very upset, "- they shared what happened.

Melnikova herself hastened to console the fans.

“Apparently, the information is over. He is alive and well, ”she replied in the comments.

«Артур умер?»: публику шокировала новость о смерти Смольянинова

The Ural playwright Nikolai Kolyada announced the death of actor Yuri Lakhin, known for the TV series "Liquidation" and "Molodezhka". He said that the Honored Artist of the RSFSR died in Moscow.

“He was once a leading actor in the Sverdlovsk drama. I played everything. Who from the older generation does not remember his "Savage"? - Kolyada wrote on Facebook.

He later told the Yekaterinburg portal E1.RU that he learned about the death of Lakhin from the actress Olga Bityutskaya.

“She studied at the theater with me. Yura was a year younger than me, and Olga was a year older. Our [actress] Tamara Zimina is friends with Elena Borisova, she is Yura's wife and also a former artist of our Drama. Elena said that he was ill, seriously ill lately, - said Kolyada. - Yura was once such an idol, such a star. He played all the main roles! Whoever he did not play. It's a pity awful. He, it seems, did not drink, did not smoke, he was engaged in his health. The artist was brilliant, simply brilliant. "

Bitutskaya herself said that a few days before the New Year, Lakhin was admitted to the hospital with complications after suffering from COVID-19. According to her, the actor and his wife Elena were ill with coronavirus in December.

“Then Yura had a CT scan and saw complications after the coronavirus. They took me to the hospital and there, unfortunately, they could not help. He spent a month there and died this morning, - said the friend of the actor. - Lena says that he was well treated and they hoped for recovery. This is a huge loss. Such a human being, such an actor. "

She later clarified that Lakhin suffered COVID-19 at home, and then he was taken to the hospital due to lung problems.

“And so, they could not save him, unfortunately, this morning he was gone. This huge person, a huge actor and a wonderful person, "- said the actress Channel Five .

According to Bitutskaya, Lakhin failed to fully realize his acting potential, but this did not prevent him from winning the love of the audience.

“We have been friends for many years. They studied together at the Sverdlovsk Theater School with both Yura and his wife Elena Borisova. It is very difficult for her. She was left alone. They lived their whole lives as two halves of one whole. She's just in trouble. We have to go through this, such a loss, ”said Bityutskaya.

The director of the detective series "Liquidation" Sergei Ursulyak called the death of the actor a tragedy for everyone who has ever worked with him.

“This is a huge loss for all of us and everyone who knew him, everyone who loved Yura and everyone who worked with him. He was a wonderful artist, I am very sorry that in recent years we have not worked with him, have not met, - said Ursulyak "Star" .

- I was very happy to work with him. Of course, this is a terrible tragedy, I condole with everyone who knew Yura, everyone who loved Yura, all his relatives and friends. This is a great personal loss for me. "

The artist was born on July 23, 1952 in Zaporozhye and soon moved to the Urals with his parents. In 1978, Lakhin graduated from the Sverdlovsk Theater School and worked for 11 years at the Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theater. Having moved to Moscow, the actor came to the opening Theater on Pokrovka and served there from 1989 to 1996. He was one of the main assistants of the artistic director of the theater Sergei Artsibashev. From 1996 to 2021, Lakhin was an artist of the Satyricon. The actor played in the productions of Ken Kesey's And This Fell Out of the Nest, The Savage by Alejandro Cason, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet by William Shakespeare, The Chioggina Skirmish and Signor Todero's Master, Carlo Goldoni, Jacques and His Master "Milan Kundera," The Lion in Winter "by James Goldman," Servants and the Snow "by Iris Murdoch and" Profitable Place "by Alexander Ostrovsky.

A wide audience knows Lakhin thanks to his roles in the TV series Molodezhka, Liquidation, The Thunders, Return My Love and Eternal Call. He also starred in the films "One Life", "Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive ”and“ Antikiller ”.


Yuri Lakhin in the series "Liquidation" (2007)
Yuri Lakhin in the series "Liquidation" (2007)

Yuri Lakhin in the series "Liquidation" (2007)
Yuri Lakhin
Yuri Lakhin

According to journalists, Yuri Lakhin's health problems began in December. Subsequently, the actor's condition began to deteriorate, and the doctors decided to hospitalize. The star of the series was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, and a complication in the form of pneumonia began. For a long time, Yuri Nikolaevich was connected to a ventilator, but it was not possible to save him. the actor passed away this morning.

"Lena (the actor's wife - approx. "StarHita" ) says that he was well treated, the whole family hoped for a recovery. This is a huge loss. Such a human being, such an actor! " - said the actress Olga Bityutskaya.

There are dozens of roles in the actor's professional piggy bank
There are dozens of roles in the actor's professional piggy bank

Recall that the elderly and those with chronic diseases are in a special risk zone. According to playwright Nikolai Kolyada, recently the actor was seriously ill, although he tried to keep himself in good shape. “Yura was once such an idol, such a star. He played all the main roles! Who has not played. It's a pity awful. He did not seem to drink, did not smoke, he was engaged in his health. The artist was brilliant, just brilliant! " - shared Kolyada.

Recall that Yuri Lakhin was a leading actor in the Sverdlovsk Drama Theater, also played in the Moscow Theater on Pokrovka and collaborated with Satyrikon. However, he gained great fame thanks to his film work. In the professional piggy bank, the star has dozens of roles both on the big screen and in popular TV shows. The artist can be seen in "Liquidation", "Wedding Ring", "Molodezhka" and other television projects.

Based on materials from the Mash Telegram channel, ,Channel Five

Photo: Persona Stars, shot from the film "Liquidation"

The year has just begun, and many actors have already left us. Someone is remembered by us for brilliant roles, and someone is little known. Let's remember those who left at the beginning of this year.

  • Denis Anatolyevich Karasev (August 1, 1963 - January 13, 2021)
Actor Denis Karasev, photo from open sources
Actor Denis Karasev, photo from open sources

At the 58th year of life, theater and film actor Denis Karasev died. Most viewers remember him for his roles in films and TV shows like: "Bastards", "Kamenskaya", "Truckers" and others. According to the preliminary version, the cause of death was heart failure. The actor called himself an ambulance when he became ill, but the doctors did not have time to provide assistance.

  • Marion Ramsey (May 10, 1947 - January 7, 2021)
Marion Ramsey, photo from open sources
Marion Ramsey, photo from open sources

American actress better known to us for her role as Laverne Hooks in the comedy "Police Academy". Ramsey died in the 74th year of life, in Los Angeles. Her last film work was in the 2018 film "When I Sing", the cause of death is unknown.

  • Maxim Leonidovich Bramatkin (January 5, 1980 - January 9, 2021)
Maxim Bramatkin, photo from open sources
Maxim Bramatkin, photo from open sources

Russian theater and film actor, played about 50 movie roles. He is best known for his roles in such films and TV series as: "Simple Truths", "Star", "Seven Unclean Couples", "The Sky on Fire" and others. The cause of death was a hypertensive crisis and hypoglycemia, a strong decrease in blood sugar. He was 41 years old.

  • Valery Mikhailovich Khlevinsky (November 14, 1943 - January 7, 2021)
Valery Khlevinsky, photo from open sources
Valery Khlevinsky, photo from open sources

People's Artist of the Russian Federation, theater and film actor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. The actor has more than 20 film roles and 7 theater roles. The audience remembered him for the role of Avdotin in the film "Big Change". He was 77 years old, buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow.

  • Tanya Roberts (October 15, 1955 - January 4, 2021)
Tanya Roberts, photo from open sources
Tanya Roberts, photo from open sources

American actress, better known to the viewer as the Bond girl from the movie "View to Murder" and the role of Julie Rogers from the TV series "Charlie's Angels". She died on January 4, 2021 in a Los Angeles hospital, but information appeared in the media about her leaving a day earlier.

  • Barbara Shelley (February 13, 1932 - January 4, 2021)
Barbara Shelley, photo from open sources
Barbara Shelley, photo from open sources

English actress of film and television, on account of the actress more than 100 roles in films and TV shows. The greatest popularity brought her roles in horror films, "Dracula Prince of Darkness", "Rasputin the Crazy Monk", "Gorgon" and others. In December 2020, the actress fell ill with the COVID-19 virus, but due to her age, she could not bear it. She was 89 years old.

  • Korenev Vladimir Borisovich (June 20, 1940 - January 2, 2021)
Korenev Vladimir, photo from open sources
Korenev Vladimir, photo from open sources

People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, theater and film actor. The audience remembered him for the role of Ichthyander in the film "Amphibian Man". The actor has more than 30 film roles, his last job was in 2015. The actor died from the COVID-19 virus and was buried at the Vvedenskoye Cemetery in Moscow. He was 80 years old.

  • Mark Eden - real name Douglas John Malin (February 14, 1928 - January 1, 2021)
Mark Eden, photo from open sources
Mark Eden, photo from open sources

He is an English actor with over 20 film roles and over 30 on television. He was remembered by the viewer for his role in the TV series "Doctor Who". The actor died of Alzheimer's disease, he was 92 years old.

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