Stones on the signs of the zodiac and the date of birth

To begin with, find out what is the zodiac sign?

Here are some facts that will give a complete answer:

Stones on the signs of the zodiac and the date of birth

Stones on the signs of the zodiac and the date of birth

In the zodiac circle, only 12 characters are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scales, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Fish.

If we say simplistic, they are equal to the size of the part of the heavenly sphere. And the constellations in the sky have no direct relationship.

When we talk about "your" zodiac sign, we mean the Sun sign. It makes a way for a year - it seems to us that it revolves around the Earth. So, depending on what stage there is a one-year movement of the Sun, such a zodiac sign.

Since the sun makes its cycle exactly over the year (at the same time, seasons change on Earth), it repeats its location in the same days of each year.

Therefore, we can determine the signs of the zodiac by months and the number of year.

Below you will find a table where it is indicated which for what number the sun is in different signs.

It should be noted that, except for the sun, astrologists analyze the position of the Moon and the planets in the sky at the moment of the birth of a person. Each of their data of celestial bodies is in any sign of the zodiac.

Each zodiac sign has a patron planet. It conveys their mark a sign and gives specific energy. Consider the planets in the table.

Please note that changing the signs of the zodiac is not exactly at midnight, but in different years at different times.

Stones on the signs of the zodiac and the date of birth

Stone Talisman:

Choice by date of birth, zodiac sign and name

Let's go with your daughter to buy beautiful earrings on one event. Our look stopped on a very beautiful product with extraordinary stone. We decided to purchase, but the seller said that every stone natural corresponds to one of the 12 zodiac signs, sometimes selected for a certain name or by date of birth.

Only then he protects his owner and becomes a real faith. The houses began to study all possible information, and found a lot of interesting things. This and want to share with all those who want to have a beautiful decoration and protection.

Choose a stone by date of birth

If you want to choose a mineral, focusing by year, month and birthday, that is, several options:

Calculate and pick up the stone can be alone.

Table of stones matching horoscope signs

Let's try to determine on your own how to competently pick up a stone by date of birth. These methods are also 4 main.

Focusing on a month of birth.

Using the day in which a man was born.

Choose a stone, leaning on the full date of birth (number, month, year).

Zodiac sign.

Classifications were compiled for many years as best astrologers and scientists. As a result, the following lists appeared, which can be used as needed. Consider options in detail.

Talisman for birth

January - The stone of this month is a grenade - a symbol of passion and extraordinary strength, joy and will.

February - Amethyst - the stone of rest, the world of protection against enemies, drunkenness.

March - Aquamarine - gives the owners youth, excellent health, hope and faith.

April - Diamond is a strong stone, capable of bringing patience, good health, support for higher strength, wealth.

May "Emerald" will help to see the future, relieve from a bad mood and add confidence.

June - Pearls - will help keep marriage, meet the soul mate, stone purity.

July - Ruby - brings stability to the owner.

August - Chrysopraz - relieves the carrier from the evil otherworldly forces and increases the power of medicines.

September - Sapphire - trust and purity.

October - Opal - introduces a good mood, raises confidence.

November - Tsitrine - responsible for the strength of the mind and body.

December - Blue Topaz - brings wealth, extraordinary luck.

Stones on the signs of the zodiac and the date of birth

Birthday Chair

1, 10, 19, 28 - Ruby.

2, 11, 20, 29 - Tiger eye.

3, 12, 21, 30 - amethyst.

4, 13, 22, 31 - Aquamarine.

5, 14, 23 - diamond, zircon.

6, 15, 24 - green opal.

7, 16, 25 - Moonstone.

8, 17, 26 - lapis.

9, 18, 27 - grenades, ruby.

Selection of mineral at full date of birth

In antiquity, science numerology was engaged in the study of the personality of man and communicating a life path with his date of his birth. By computing and calculations really managed to find out that the date of birth greatly affects the traits of character and fate.

It is especially interesting to calculate the general number yourself and find out which stone is worth choosing. It will help a person to evolve, will protect against different troubles, troubles and diseases.

Here is an example of such an easy calculation.

Take full date: 12. 05. 2000.

We fold all the numbers 1 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0.

In total, it turns out 10. But the list is only from 1 to 9, respectively 1 + 0 = 1. Digit of this date 1. Now you can see the list, and choose a stone.


1 - Sapphire is suitable (brings decisiveness and energy), obsidian (brings good luck in his personal life).

2 - citrines, as well as sapphire contribute to the cleansing of the mental level, bring clarity and ease of life, help to make faithful solutions.

3 - Coral and Obsidian will help restore health and mental balance.

4 - Emerald - a strong stone protecting the owner from negative energy impact.

5 - turquoise contributes to greater softness, fasciance in character, helps to find a common language and smooth out any conflict.

6 - carnelian will bring to a new level in achieving plans in the profession, will help to achieve high results and boldly walk up the career ladder.

7 - Brilliant - stone of wealth, luxury and good luck in all endeavors.

8 - Ruby - the stone of communication, the successful outcome of any negotiations, helps to find like-minded people and friends.

9 - Mountain crystal frees from bad thoughts, will support their life clean and calm in the desire.

If it turned out "zero", which is extremely rare, then the stone is rare - a red diamond or a morgic. Stones help unusual owners to work successfully with magical forces, as well as find their calling in life, and at the same time will give success in family relationships.

Choosing a mineral - a talisman on the sign of the zodiac

This classification is very convenient, as it allows without any calculations to immediately acquire for personal use or as a gift the necessary charm. It is convenient to pick up the decoration, if you do not know what number a person (for example, a colleague) was born, but remember his sign.


A sign belonging to the fiery element, so it is recommended to wear burgundy or purple minerals, rich in color scheme: agate, coral, ruby. However, the diamond can also be advised.


Emerald, Agat and Sapphire will be real assistants to representatives of this sign belonging to the elements of the Earth. Rhinestone and lapisy will make clarity and logic in the issues solved, will help plan and make the right choice.


Choose minerals with different shades of green. These include emerald - strong, "royal" stone, which is better to wear in a mature age, his energy engineer is very saturated. A tiger eye has strong protective properties, helps when dealing with spells and a slogony.


The best option will be the moonstone, suitable on the soft, slightly secretive and mysterious energy of the aqueous cancer. Decorations with Aquamarine or Blue Agate will no doubt will also decorate the owner of these jewels.


Amber will be a wonderful guard for these people. It is especially suitable for people creative. It is also recommended to wear diamonds with chic and efficiency. Rubins and grenades will suit people who are committed to leadership positions, they will add leadership qualities and forces.


Your element earth. Therefore, choose minerals with quiet colors, better than green or brown. Chernelic, nephritis, rhodotrozit will be harmoniously combined with your energy, will increase prudige.


Your talisman is a chic emerald, pink tourmaline and jade. They will help make a choice and stay in a good mood.


Hematite will add strength and excerpts. Aquamarine will strengthen the energy element of the water to which you are counting. Also boldly wear jewelry with a ruby ​​and a tiger eye.


Amber, Yasma, Avenanturin, Turquoise and Topaz will be pacified by activity, quick-temperedness and impulsivity. These stones will allow learning wisdom in making important decisions.


Earth elements makes you a calm and reasonable man. Protection will provide a tiger eye that wears always with you.


Your mysterious soul and light character will suit Sapphire, Blue Agat or Aquamarine. Amethyst and turquoise will help to clean the energy and bring the dimension and peace.


Stones are suitable transparent or pale "water" shades. The real talismans will be a lunar stone, a mountain crystal.


If you have a desire to have a strong charm in everyday life, then choose the appropriate will help classifications for several parameters: date of birth, month, zodiac sign, and even name. It remains only to choose you like.

Stone must be felt and always carry with me, then it will have power. Your talisman will protect and protect in a difficult moment, protects from unkind people and dangerous situations.

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The successes of science did not lose the number of fans of astrology. The correspondence of stones on the zodiac sign is still relevant, and the stones on signs are analyzed carefully and picky.

Stones on zodiac signs

Meaning of talismans

Properties of stones selected by the signs of the zodiac correctly reflected on the destiny of the owner. Do healthier, help to achieve success in personal life, make a career, realize a dream.

Stones on the signs of the zodiac need to choose, considering the floor, age, health condition, personal temperament.

Minerals opposition in the zodiacal circle of the sign are contraindicated with any sign. For Aries, for example, these are scales.

Stone Distribution by Zodiac Signs

Stones distributed by the signs of the zodiac have a different degree of compatibility. There are universal, male, female talismans, as well as minerals, contraindicated representatives of this sign.


Talisman on the sign of the zodiac - a diamond. The precious stone enhances perseverance, opens a second breath with force majeure, suppresses flashes of rage. Saves born in late March from depression or insomnia.

Stones Aries


Severe stones suitable for this sign, several: ruby ​​awakens readiness for great cases, sapphire adds wisdom, amethyst takes place nerves.

Aries useful decorations with stones of strong energy: diamonds, rubies, citrines, zircones of the solar gamma.

Agat should wear young people, risk fans take a labrador, aggressive or rigid - lilac amethyst. Turquoise recharges energy, the grenade creates harmony. The zircon of the solar gamma will establish communication, will give innovative ideas, tell me how to implement them.

Stones Aries

Women and men

The horoscope for precious stones advises mature lady diamond. Girls are designed zircons or grenades. Amethyst will retain love, add confidence, cleanse the aura. Yellow zircons or diamonds will be cured of depression. Stone mascot careerist - red jasper.

Stones suitable for the zodiac sign men - obsidian (awaken intuition), the symbol of luck rauhatopaz. Organizers and bosses are suitable rubies, grenades. Amethyst subsicomirit violent will help to overcome alcoholism.


Brazed development Blue or blue stones , and the horoscope advises to use them only to neutralize fiery qualities. Rodonites, rhinestone, adventurines, topases, tourmalines, greas and green or black copies are not particularly needed.

Read more about the stones of suitable rashes here.


The main stone of the Taurus - Emerald. Makes insightful, rich, improves memory, activates talents.

Stones Tales


Blue Sapphire will calm down, tells the right decision, saves from slander or evil people. Avenue - the stone of businessmen and bosses of large firms, is able to turn the startup to the megaproekt. Agat - protection, calm, confidence. Daily use makes the intuita or speaker. Yashma - the attribute of people working in the thick of negative emotions. Protection against any illness.

Stones for Tales
Stones for Tales

Women and men

The perfect ladies' option is Kakholong. Especially useful for pregnant women. The light blue turquoise will help me to meet the lover, protects from frivolous actions, teach the lies to recognize. For married, a green variety is suitable.

Men's precious stones of this sign of the zodiac - Amazonit and Black Agat. They help careerists, make any project successful. Talismans of bosses or novice businessmen. Zircon protects from deception, intrigue, quarrel, but the owner will not allow being so. Sardonix is ​​a stone single, seeking to find a family.


The main enemy is amber. Only children under 16 suitable amethyst to learn better. Ensures addiction to tobacco or alcoholism, but when the result is achieved, you need to refuse the stone.

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Stone number one - topaz. It helps to keep feelings in the cord, restores energy, normalizes sleep, increases the spiritual level.

Stones twins


Onyx takes to negotiations or other events, citrines will save from the adventure.

Agat will make twins of women and men carefully, stronger, healthier, will allow implementing projects.

Stone travelers or financiers - turquoise, health mineral - jade. The lunar stone will help focus on one task, without being distracted by the little things (useful for creative natures), to maintain family bonds for a long time. Alexandrite attracts money, darkens when the owner of unhealthy.

Stones suitable twins
Stones suitable twins

Women and men

Lady mascot and amulet from envy - pearls. Yashma is a similar girl. Moonstone - for business lady.

Emerald eliminates the complexes, with force majeure, it takes a composure.

Male stone number one - agate. He smokes his career, mood, achievement; Creative person will allow you to find your style. The incarnation of calm - Alexandrit; Beryl helps bring the case to the final, conquer career peaks.


Heavy, expensive minerals will deprive the character of the nature of the sign, which is influenced by Mercury. Ruby or diamond will deliver trouble, harm health. Aquamarine will make another scattering, destroy the career, will be a hindrance in the work. Do not need white or blue stones.

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Ideal stones on the sign - lungs, transfusions. Colors: white, transparent blue, slightly greenish or pearl.

Stones of cancer


Sign Sapphire, Selenite, Chernelic, Tiger Eye. Selenite eliminates irritability, depression, aggravates intuition. Wear it, given the lunar calendar, - on the growing moon. At the descending "vampire" owner.

Awakens talents, protects against negative, attracts the goodness of pearls; Emerald wakes up melancholic. Sapphire helps to find friends, heals asthma, heart, neuralgia.

Opal is the stone of the careerists, an ally performed by a cherished dream.

The carnelian and tiger eye will attract love cancer, bring bridges with the right people, will be fenced from the change. Emerald helps to keep himself in his hands, removes melancholy.

Stones for cancer

Women and men

Halcedon will relieve the lady from amusement or longing, unmarried will help become family-run. Turquoise or amethyst - allies of ambitious lady. Agat will add confidence, hematite - wisdom. Avenant will save from depression, Aquamarine is the keeper of peace of mind. Heliotrope will eliminate obstacles.

Best Male Talisman - Onyx . This is a stone of leaders, self-sufficient persons; Junoys will make charismatic. Agat develops intelligence, raises self-esteem. This is useful to teenagers.

Emerald will make sociability, will calm down with strong tension, help control itself. Carneol will protect from enemies.


Stones of red gamut are not suitable for the zodiac signs, uniformly dark, black, orange, yellow. Energy powerful (diamond, topaz) is prohibited. An exception is a black pearl if he likes and does not cause discomfort.

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a lion

Amber, who was considered in ancient Egypt, a stone of priests, guarantees good luck for those born in early August. Topaz will generate wealth, "will give" ill-wishers.

The stones of the talismans suitable on the sign of the zodiac lion is solar topaz or amber.

Lion stones


To restrain anger from a diamond, make a kind, generous, awaken the creative veil - amber or tourmaline. The stone of grand projects - Ruby, accompanied to the tops - Heliodor.

Sardonix gives good luck, love, keeps family hearth, saves from the evil eye.

Stones for lion
Stones for lion

Women and men

Love and married stone for this sign of the zodiac - Heliodor, mature ladies will decorate Ruby. The tide of strength creates a grenade, carnelian - an attribute of creative natures.

Men's careerists fits the Sardonix Stone, leaders - Alexandrit. Makes indulgence to neighbor chrysolite. Amulet from failures or fear - Carneol (adolescent is especially useful).


Incompatible zodiac sign Lion and turquoise stone : It harms health, relaxes, provoking on rapid acts, misses in work. Avenant will force complex. Not need Amethyst, obsidian, pearls, all blue minerals.

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Nephritis and Yashma are the main mascots of the Virgin. Nephritis makes indulgent, strengthens health. Born in September Yasma eliminates the surplus of criticism.

Stone of Virgin


The sign corresponds to all the parameters of Malachite, Topaz, Chrysoprase, Chrysolite. Yellow Topaz strengthens memory; Chrysoprase highlighted in study, getting good work; Chrysolit will allow to apply knowledge in practice.

Chernelic - mascot of business people. In addition, it will give dizzying love and quiet family happiness, will make an intuitite, save from the envy, the evil eye. Nephritis or chrysocolla will attract super-luck in work and love.

Stones suitable devans
Stones suitable devans

Women and men

Avanturin protects the lady from diseases, failures, nervous disruptions. The most powerful charm - sapphire in silver. Nephritis will find a soul mate, improves.

Men Jasper will make softer to the second half, will help learn, make useful dating. Lazurites will sett the contacts; Sapphire will raise the mood, useful to inventors.


The enemies of the sign - Ruby and Obsidian. Turquoise suppresses the magic of other stones in jewels, hematite pulls negative qualities. Brilliant stones (Onyx, Selenite, Labrador, Pearl) contradict the natural modesty of virgins.

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The main stones of the scales are diamond, Aquamarine and opal. The value of precious stones is different: the first is universal, the second smoothes the mood swings. Opal protects against extremes or despondency, reveals talents, aims to success.

Stone weights


Lazuritis harmonizes relations with themselves and people, corals are suitable as a guard from the evil eye, damage and envy; Tourmaline encourages personally to solve questions, useful to dreamers or nervous personnel. Sapphire eliminates the negative, Amber is a guarantee of love.

More, with other zodiacal signs, weights correspond to amethyst; Beryl strengthens family bonds, protects outside the house.

Stones suitable weights
Stones suitable weights

Women and men

The variability of a lady's character pacifies tourmaline. Corals frankly protect against envy, you retain youth. Malachite harmonizes all spheres of life. Emerald - stone dreaming to become a mother or young mothers. Turquoise will protect from the evil eye, reconciles with his spouse. Opal will take care of the personal well-being, Beryl is a powerful amulet. Amethyst is useful in October: he "freezes" evil thoughts.

Male Stone Sign - Sapphire. Chrysolit will protect against stress, will bring success in life or career. Opal helps to choose the soul mate, recharges. Concentrate will force Aquamarine, tourmaline will make an optimist, and zircon by a speaker.


The magical properties of the stones of the bright red gamma activate the low-lying feelings, the gagat will awaken in a sociopath man. Onyx will still be closed, hematite will weaken physically.

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Scorpio becomes a weass of grenade, aquamarine or black opal. Pomegranate gives a sign of power over people, Aquamarine quit irritability, opal reduces sense of its importance.

Scorpion stone


Universal stone for this sign of the zodiac - opal. Chernelic will teach off the restraint. Save the coral from bad thoughts; Feline eye helps strong personalities. Sapphire enhances sexuality, helps keep emotions under control and communicate with children. Yellow Topaz will force skeptics to listen to the inner voice, will prevent senile dementia. Hematite neutralizes excess emotions, increases sexuality, make smarter, flexible.

Stones for scorpion
Stones for scorpion

Women and men

Better than other characters will be configured to the sapphire. Pomegranate is a stone of spiritually developed specimens and intellectuals, corals protect from energyports, Amethyst leads in the right direction.

Men's stones corresponding to this zodiac sign - saturated red or black. Glory, respect for households and colleagues will bring grenades; Rubins will strengthen physically or spiritually. Tourmaline is a sedative and recreation agent, topazy - youth attributes, Beryl - the stone of scorpion bosses.


Not suitable and potentially dangerous for the sign of agate, diamonds, amber, emerald, onyx. Pearl turns life into a sleepy kingdom, yellow or brown agate or amber will make brown rods, their energy will come to the end.

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Sagittarius whose birthday falls at the end of November or the beginning of December, more often they say what they do. Their horoscope talisman is turquoise. This is the only sign for which the decade of the zodiac sector is important.

Stones Streltsy


The sign is useful to the tiger eye, topaz, chrysolite, garnet, ruby, sapphire, zircon. They are contradictory, will strengthen the purposefulness and determination.

The fractures of the end of November began during the beginning of December, duality is inherent, so astrologists recommend that they wear two stones suitable on the sign of the zodiac.

Stones suitable former
Stones suitable former

Women and men

The mission of Rubin, Topaz or Sapphire is to arrange a personal life of a self-sufficient mistress, keep the world in the house, protect against enemies.

Ruby, amethyst, turquoise and hyacinth will make a man confident.


Forbidden stones on the sign of the zodiac - yellow topases and sapphires, citrines, carnelian, Alexandrite, black opal, pearls, jade. Turquoise and lags are contraindicated in the ladies of age 30+.

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Capricorn time - December 22 - January 20. Universal Stone Sign - Ruby. He will bring health, fame, money.

Capricorn stones


Perfect protector sign - obsidian. Black Onyx helps to complete projects, protects against trouble, supports health. Tourmaline - stone of health and protection; Ruhathopaz cleans consciousness. Gagat will put together family life and will open the secrets of the kind; Enermandine provides Almanandin. The sign is useful to the grenade, amber, topaz, lapis, malachite.

Stones suitable Capricorn
Stones suitable Capricorn

Women and men

From the attachments, burdensome ties and dependencies, the grenade will liberate; Mountain crystal will soften the character. Cherdelik - Talisman young girls. Agat will put the shield with gossip, the family hearth will save from the quarrel, will attract money, will provide a career.

The Male mind is honing rauchtopaz. He removes fanaticism, doubts jealous and egoists. Business people or those who want to become needed chrysoprase. To be a charismatic leader in Born in early January, onyks helps. Pomegranate is a satellite in personal life, the key to the resolution of family conflicts.


Children of December are harmful turquoise, Beryl, Selenite, Avenanturin, Chrysolit, Pearls. Sapphire will turn into their cynics, heins energy. Citrine will make Capricors gambling, vicious: a purposeful man will become a cunning stubborn liar. Emerald makes experiences.

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The main mascot sign - amethyst. Enhances optimism, helps to believe in itself, promotes concentration to realize creative ideas.

Stones Aquarius


Born on the border of January and February, Avenanturin will make greeding, Quartz will be a strong faith.

Sapphire is a stone of spiritual growth and mental development.

Obsidian Protects Aquarius from Independents, Topaz attracts successful transactions and finances. Tip, defender from the evil eye or disease - agate.

Hyacinth is taken to interrupt the black lane. Pomegranate increases performance, establishes business contacts.

Chrysoprase attracts good luck, the zircon makes smarter, a falcony eye is a defender of workers of dangerous professions.

Stones suitable waterwords
Stones suitable waterwords

Women and men

For the lady, the right connections of amethyst will lay, pearls - a friend of married lady. Aquamarine is useful for a girl to actually evaluate the chosen one. Amber will strengthen faith in himself, comes to charity.

Male love stone sign - black agate; White will soften the harsh Aquarius, gray will help in friendship. Nephritis shows personal shortcomings and ways to overcome them, attracts money. Sapphires - stones of reformers or innovators. Black pearl will strengthen the character, selenite will tell the correct way of self-expression.


The married lady of jewelry with turquoise will make a stubborn fanatic or frivolous special, pushed to the rash deed. Diamonds make a man cold-arrogant.

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Happiness, good luck will bring aquamarine or pearls born in late February or early March. Aquamarine will recharge energetically, will help embody dreams. Pearls will make a long-liver, protects from negative, awakens intuition.

Stones fish

Fish is the only sign to which pearls fit perfectly.


Energetically fit, nerves will strengthen, they will not worry not worrying on trifles Moonstone, Heliodor, Gagat, Aquamarine, Jasper, Chrysolit, Hematite, Coral.

Stones for fish
Stones for fish

Women and men

The ladies are suitable for the self-confidence of Aquamarine, the love magnet Kakholong, a symbol of femininity moonstone (it is of particular importance, if she is donated by his spouse or beloved).

For men, you need an assistant in finding your destiny Amethyst and a pearl money bait.


Put in depression dark or red stones: Yashma, Sardoniks, Obsidian, Olivine. The most dangerous - jade, capable of leaving only work in life. Do not need the sign onks, lazuli, yellow topaz.

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Other types of classifications

Stones on the signs of the zodiac are also selected taking into account the year of birth along the eastern calendar or by date of birth.

Zodiac signs can be grouped by stones. For example, born in the cold seasons Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius equally well corresponds to a purple grenade. Regardless of the system or sign of the zodiac, you need to care for stones. Only then will they retain magic properties.

Natural stones on zodiac signs

If you do not have time or desire to go too into details, then you can familiarize yourself with the general characteristics and brief recommendations on the selection of stone. For you, we have made a simple list.

Aries (21.03 - 19.04) - diamond (with rich cut), mountain crystal, zircon, quartz. This is a strong sign, fiery, it is suitable for the same strong stones. Tourmaline and Yashma will be well affected by health, and for courage, ruby ​​rich red shades are suitable.

Taurus (20.04 - 20.05) - Malachite, Agat, Chalcedony, Turquoise, Amazonit, Kakholong, Avenanturin, Alexandrit. To the people of this sign of the zodiac it is better to choose the stones of saturated shades, the adventurin is better suitable for young toe. Figurines from turquoise will impact harmoniously, being on copper stands.

Gemini (21.05 - 20.06) - Moonstone, citrine, amethyst, tiger eye, agate. The twins in life often throws from side to the side, they can dramatically change their decisions and pereobed on the fly. Agat will help them calm down and get rid of the extra doubt. And the best assistant, always gives the joy for twins will be citrines.

Cancer (21.06 - 22.07) - Agat, Ruby, Onyx, Coral, Charoit, Jade, Pearl, Moonstone, Amethyst. Cracks are very emotional people, impressionable and sometimes naive. Pearl will give harmony, Amethyst will give wisdom, and Emerald will help build a happy life.

Lion (July 23 - 22.08) - rhinestone and obsidian, ruby, tourmaline, amber. These people love attention and gloss. Ruby will help representatives of public professions, tourmaline will reveal the creative potential and will remove the extra fears.

Virgo (23.08 - 22.09) - Avenue, pearls, jade, onyx, tiger eye, chrysolite, jasper. Virgin prone to order, but not always confident in themselves, so reflexion and depression are subject to reflection. Avenue will help to find sincere love and give good mood, onyx will fill the vital energy, and Jasper will help build a successful career.

Scales (09/22 - 22.10) - Aquamarine, lazuli, opal, tourmaline. Representatives of the Sign Sign - True Aesthets. It is difficult for them to find the internal balance between their bright and dark sides. Tourmaline will help to gain the integrity of character, Aquamarine - to achieve goals, and lazuli will give perseverance.

Scorpio (23.10 - 21.11) - Aquamarine, hematite, pomegranate, coral, opal, ruby, sapphire. This is a very mysterious and bright sign. People born during this period it is important to curb their temper and send talents to good deeds, and not to harm. Aquamarine will protect family happiness, the grenade will strengthen the attractiveness, and the sapphire will relieve from bad memories and gives the character of equilibrium and tranquility.

Sagittarius (22.11 - 21.12) - turquoise, grenade, ruby, sapphire, topaz, chrysolite. Sagittarius - dealers of adventure and new sensations. Sapphire will give restraint, Topaz will save from the enemies, and Chrisolite will turn off the composure and spiritual equilibrium.

Capricorn (December 22, - 19.01) - Gagat, Malachite, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Ruby, Almanandin. People born under this sign have calculatedness and common sense, but sometimes they do not have enough inspiration and emotionality. For them, material well-being is important. Malachite will strengthen health and contributes to the execution of desires, and Rubin will bring financial well-being and family happiness, as well as warn about danger.

Aquarius (010.01 - 19.02) - Aquamarine, Amethyst, turquoise, grenade, sapphire, zircon. These people love to contemplate, value their personal freedom and put the spiritual above the material. Aquamarine removes stress, turquoise brings money, and the grenade will reveal the love temperament.

Fish (20.02 - 20.03) - Amethyst, Gagat, Pearl, Lunar Stone, opal. Fish - dreamy, friendly and excessively podiatiles. Amethyst will bring good luck and family happiness, the lunar stone will shut from stress and insomnia, opal will give the hardness of character and will give inspiration.

Natural minerals fascinate us not only by beauty, but also amazing qualities. Since ancient times, there is faith in their wonderful ability to protect a person from misfortunes and diseases, bring good luck and wealth, inspire for creativity.

Stone full of secrets. It can be a powerful faith for his owner, and may also harm. Everything will be fine if in the process of choice Do not forget about several non-hard rules when choosing your talisman stone on the sign of the zodiac.

How to find your talisman

According to astrologers, the magical properties of natural minerals depend on the position of the Sun, the Moon and the planets in the zodiac constellations.

The stone of this or that sign of the zodiac takes the vibration of this sign from the space and, thereby, accumulates in itself powerful energy. That is why in a deep antiquity existed a tradition to select jewelry depending on the date of birth. Stones talismans on zodiac signsIf the talisman stone is picked up on a horoscope, then it exists the following qualities:

  • makes the owner invulnerable for negative energies;
  • Strengthens his immunity, protects against disease;
  • gives force and activity, strengthens the taste for life;
  • develops innate abilities and the best character traits;
  • attracts to the owner wealth and good luck;
  • It creates his personal life with new paints;
  • Wakes up the sensitivity to the danger.

In the Middle Ages, the first lists of the supplies of precious and semi-precious stones of zodiacal constellations were drawn up. It should be noted that the knowledge of the ancestors was appreciated today by the International Association of Jewelers. This organization has developed modern tables based on centuries-old experience.

Table matching stones Talismans Zodiac signs

Acquaintance with the tables of conformity to stones the signs of the zodiac helps to understand which stone will become a friend and the defender, and which is an enemy.

The role of intuition when choosing a Mineral Talisman

The inner voice plays an equally important role than the recommendations of astrologers and jewelers. It also happens. The magnificent gem corresponds to your zodiac sign. The surrounding from him is delighted. But you do not like it. Do not buy! This is not your amulet!

So that the stone became a faith, you must love it.

The price and prestige do not matter here. Sincere affection can be experienced not only for jewels. The talisman for life can be a modest artificial product, even a piece of mineral found on the beach or roadside. The main thing - there should be a contact between you and the stone, and the priority for the sign of the zodiac is not so important. But if you are lost in the sea of ​​information, then the first choice should be done on the table matching the horoscope signs.

How to avoid harm

  • The wrong choice immediately makes itself felt. A person pursues a sense of discomfort and mental anxiety. He feels the decline of strength and inexplicable antipathy even to the most expensive and exquisite decoration. To avoid more serious consequences, it should be resurrected to part with an unsuitable stone.
  • Do not buy jewelry in pawnshops and commissions. Perhaps the decorations were stolen. In this case, they will distort their new owner.
  • Acquire stones with defects in the form of spots, cracks, inclusions. They make negative energy in themselves.
  • The unexpected crack on the natural mineral indicates that he took a blow to himself, protecting the owner from invisible trouble. It is impossible to wear it.
  • If the ring slides from the finger, the beads are scattered, it means that the decorations are chosen incorrectly and they should be refused.
  • Stones can be enjoyed with each other. You should not wear several different minerals at the same time.

Stones talismans on zodiac signsHuman nature varies depending on age and life circumstances. It is possible that at some point you will want to give preference to a new talisman stone, and you will again choose it by the sign of the zodiac. This is a natural course of life. The world of natural minerals can be discovered indefinitely. His study gives a person not only new knowledge and bright aesthetic experiences, but also contributes to spiritual enrichment of the individual.

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Astrology states that for people born under different zodiac constellations, there is a charm who brings good luck. They even say about the compatibility of stones on the signs of the zodiac. They mysteriously affect the mood and events in life, open advantages and temperament. To avoid negative events, attract happiness, you should know about the energy of precious, semi-precious, non-precious stones and minerals.

Stones Aries

The impulsive hairs are suitable stones blocking negative qualities and reinforcing positive:

  1. Natural Ruby - activates energy and optimism.
  2. A diamond (crystal water drop) - packed quickly and anger.
  3. Zircon - keeps the health and vigor of the spirit.
  4. Agat - helps bring the work started to the end.
  5. Labrador - instills confidence, help avoid trouble.
  6. Amethyst - protects against unpleasant topics and unwanted interlocutors.
  7. Red Yasma - is responsible for successful planning of cases, meetings and agreements.


Women's and men's charms are different. Women in this plan more diversity.

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Which stone is suitable for women

A successful accompanying amulet for women serve:

  • Yellow Sapphire (fights aggression and extra emotions);
  • carnelian (bores egoism and reduce impulsiveness);
  • Agat (exacerbates attention, develops intuition);
  • Ruby (makes love happy, hesitates calm, eliminates bad mood);
  • Moonstone (ensures the desire for spiritual growth);
  • Amethyst (help to relax well, relieves fatigue).

Combine listed talismans are recommended with silver.

Stone Male Aries

For men suitable:

  • Ruby (helps in search of the second half);
  • Green grenades (removes accidents);
  • Amethyst pale shades (prevents alcohol addiction and bad habits, establishes communication surrounded by).

Practical and volitional men of Aries like charms on blocks - key ligaments / pins in a wallet.

Stones Aries by date of birth

The corresponding charm is selected at the rate of the number and month:

from March 21 to March 31 v quartz;

v rhinestone;

v agate;

v serpentine;

v hematite;

v amazonit;

v jasper;

v carnelian.

from 1 to 11 April v sardonix;

v heliotrope;

v pearls;

v cat eye;

v amber.

from 12 to 20 April v diamond;

v zircon;

v ruby;

v grenades;

V sapphire.

It is enough to keep one of the list. According to legend it is placed closer to the body.

Stones Taland

The patrons planets were given by the tanks high intelligence, courage in decision making, patience and resourcefulness. But even they need to accumulate energy. Natural stones will help:

  1. Pink quartz - will save from loneliness, makes feelings mutual.
  2. Onyx - brings victory, career growth.
  3. Turquoise - is responsible for a happy marriage.
  4. Emerald - develops intuition, memory, concentrates.
  5. Nephritis - universal for all signs, is responsible for the fulfillment of desires.
  6. Light green malachite - provides support in stressful situations.


Tales are seized with small objects of the interior, made of minerals: caskets, figurines, candlesticks.

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Which stone is suitable for women to women

According to the horoscope, suitable:

  • Almaz - attracts wealth and wealth, gives courage and resistance.
  • Sapphire - gives women's happiness, strengthens the love relationship, protects from men's change.
  • Alexandrite - gives the strength to cope with life difficulties, temper the Spirit.
  • Emerald - cleans the soul and mind from bad thoughts, provides a good mood.
  • Amethyst - supports mental equilibrium, eliminates dependencies.
  • Turquoise - choirs from the evil eye, envy, the infidelity of the partner, the temptations and the negative impact of foreign ones.
  • Malachite - makes thoughts clear. It is worn in the treatment of skin diseases. Attracts owner wealth.

Women can best wear decorations with chambers from this list.

Male Taurus

Garmoniously combined:

  • Agat - will help achieve career success, work productively.
  • Emerald - add romanticism, protects against financial failures, improve relations with partners.
  • Onyx - develops leadership qualities.
  • Aquamarine - improves the mood, treats severe ailments, relieves negative excitements.

Usually men acquire amulets in key chains.

Stones Taurus by date of birth

from April 21 to 30 v quartz;

v carnelian;

v amethyst;

v agate;

v amazonite.

from May 1 to 10 V Onyx;

V turquoise;

v chrysoprase;

V Jadeit;

V Halcedon.

from 11 to 21 May v sapphire;

v Beryl;

v Aquamarine;

v tourmaline;

v emerald;

v topaz.

Stones twins

Twins are conquered by air elements. They are windy, versatile, smart, sociable, friendly. To embody desire, you need to have at least one stone amulet from the list:

  • Emerald - soothes, gives timely sobriety of mind and landing.
  • Beryl - serves as a filter from negative events.
  • Sapphire - enshrines authority, restores justice.
  • Tiger eye - strengthens health, is responsible for the condition of the internal organs.
  • Agat - with brown easily overcome difficulties. Yellow will make the owners softer and humane. White will give the owner of confidence. Blue will help struggle with disadvantages. Black pull out any direction from the family to work.
  • Mountain crystal - attracts joyful events.


Stripping from the preferences and the total value of stones, twins can be collected by an individual collection of decorations with amulets inserts.

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What kind of stone is suitable for twin women?

Women are advised to purchase:

  • Emerald - adds chladnokrovia.
  • Alexandrite is developing personality and strong character traits.
  • Pearls - keeps enemies from energy.
  • Nephritis - provides strong sleep and calm.
  • Mountain Crystal - exacerbates attention, improves memory.
  • Tiger eye - suppresses negative manifestations, aggression and poor mood.


For twin women, you can decorate the clothes with a brooch or pin made from the specified stones.

Twin male stone

Garmoniously combined:

  • Tsitrine - will help to cope with duality, will attract success.
  • Obsidian - walked from aggression and unreasonable actions.
  • Lunar - inspires and establishes relationships.
  • White and yellow agate - eliminates egoism, suggests compromise solutions.

The stronger floor is better to arrange charms closer to the body.

Twin Stones by date of birth

from May 21 to 31 v obsidian;

v amazonit;

v jade;

v rhinestone;

v malachite.

from 1 to 10 June v chalacedon;

v onyx;

v chrysoprase;

V opal;

v pearls;

v jade;

V citrine.

from 11 to 21 June V Alexandrit;

v sapphire;

v topaz;

v tourmaline.

The charm acquired from someone else's decade will never harm. But the help will be tangible from the amulet from the appropriate period.

Stones Rakov

Cancers are mysterious, silent and interesting. To bring together with them, they make a lot of effort, because they do not open everything. Astrologers advised to acquire jewelry that will help become cancer open, sociable and less self-critical. The selection of talisman is carried out at will:

  • Mountain crystal - attracts well-being, eliminates stress.
  • Cherdelik - waves doubts, makes clarity in the relationship.
  • Lunny - pushes to the right choice, it is packed.
  • Hematite - protects, combined with silver accumulates positive energy for the owner.
  • Heliotrope is responsible for strengthening existing contacts.
  • Chalcedon pastel tones - protects against sad thoughts and sadness.
  • Pearls - Fencing from the unpleasant past, envious and dishonest people.

Moon rock

Shells of crayfish - light and transparent. They are aimed at attracting the attention of the necessary people, activity, openness.

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What stone is suitable for women-cancer?


  • Pearls - will help contact and negotiate with others, ensures peace of mind.
  • Emerald - putting on the decoration every day, women crayfish less sad. Emerald fills with energy and positive.
  • Lunar - Returns a variety of relations, fights depression, restores the inner harmony.
  • Opal - closer to the goal.
  • Hematite - gives wisdom and courage.

Decorations of these stones will be to the face of every female cancer.


Need to look at:

  • Onyx - helps not expose to someone else's influence, to avoid pessimism, gives decisiveness and masculinity.
  • Agatu - blocks harmful to all manifestations, indecision. Gives confidence and positive attitude.
  • Emerald - liberates, while holding back emotional gusts, copes with Apatia.

Men's half with pleasure acquires accessories made of these faces.

Cancer stones by date of birth

from June 22 to July 1 v carnelian;

v Aquamarine;

v hepatitis;

v lunar;

v Jasma.

from 2 to 11 July v heliotrope;

v sardonix;

v pearls;

v chrysoprase;

V Halcedon.

from July 12 to July 22 v ruby;

V turquoise;

v Aquamarine;

v Emerald.

Lion stones

Bright representatives of the fiery element need everyone to become them. With the nature of the assessment of the lions successfully harmonize the charms, guiding their strong qualities in the right direction. They attract good luck, set up a positive wave and clarify thoughts:

  • Almaz - attracts attention, emphasizes the best qualities.
  • Alexandrite - warns from making mistakes in affairs and communicating with the right people.
  • Albit - retains calm and harmony.
  • AMETRIN - well suits lions leaders, protects from falsehood.
  • Almanandin is a symbol of compromise solutions and bright positive events.
  • Rhodolite - gives energy with the correct vector. Fencing from useless experiences.
  • Ruby - responsible for promotion in a quarry and success in all matters.
  • Sultanit - Aspiration and promotion to the target.
  • Spinel - manages difficulties, relaxing negative potential.
  • Amber - protects against evil eyes.
  • Sardonix is ​​a satellite of positive events, happiness and joy. Ruby

Perhaps the only sign that has the most beautiful list of the overall meaning.

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What stone is suitable for women lions?

From a large list of lions better choose:

  • Ruby - quickly restores after depression, protects against unpleasant events, heals the ailments, struggles with heart disease.
  • Albit - Deeps and contributes harmony. Develops a philosophical worldview.
  • Almanandin - teach the search for compromises and become more good. Attracts love.
  • Amber - Savings from a bad eye.
  • Sardonix is ​​a proven talisman for a lioness. Source of happiness, success and joy. Adds courage and gives love.

Lion amulets are framed in silver and gold.

Lion Male Stone

Representatives of strong sex are offered:

  • Sultanite - he smoothes aggressiveness, opens the best qualities. Activates perseverance and promotion to the goal.
  • Rhodolite - I give up patience and lay down harmony with the world around. Responsible for the energy lift.
  • Pill - allows you to build a career and restrain negative gusts.
  • Oligoclase - eliminates negative character traits, stimulating positive.
  • Alexandrite - fits men aimed at financial well-being, gives bravery.

Such wanings for men-lions more correctly store in the wallet.

Lion stones by date of birth

from July 23 to August 3 v carnelian;

V Bloody Jasper;

v rhinestone;

v jade;

v lunar stone;

V Alexandrit.

from 4 to 12 August v amber;

v onyx;

v Feline eye.

from 13 to 23 August v tourmaline;

v sapphire;

v ruby;

V Almanandine.

Stones of virgin

Virgin always try to justify the expectations of society and benefit from almost everything. Amulets will help to gain happiness and harmony:

  • Malachite - walked from trouble.
  • Chernelic - protects against damage and evil eye.
  • Pearls - responsible for the level of welfare, attracts money.
  • Yellow Topaz - develops creative abilities, thinking.
  • Nephritis - helps to become softer and humane.
  • Agat - adds romanticism to a relationship, smoothes sharp corners in a pair.
  • Lazurites - softens the character.
  • Amethyst - gives strength, cheerfulness.
  • Mountain crystal - spruses from bad, keeps the clarity of the mind.


Accessories, interior objects, decorations with any insertion from the list of the list unambiguously assign in life.

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What kind of stone is suitable for women to women?

Start on:

  • Amethyst - eliminates aggression, gives peacefulness.
  • Agate - retains heat in the family, reveals women's qualities.
  • Lazarite - helps to get used in the company of unfamiliar people.
  • Emerada is a patron of mother and child. Attracts new and unknown.
  • Sapphire - suitable girls looking for love. Creative in the soul, women helps in search of inspiration and fresh ideas.
  • Agate - Stores from the unclean.

Listed chambers of the Virgin can decorate the interior.

Men's Men Stone

With the character of men successfully combine:

  • Fluorite - brings closer with close surroundings.
  • Avenant - gives out optimism, confidence, leads to success.
  • Ruhathopaz - allows you to achieve conceived. Suitable for self-improvement and self-organization.
  • Jasper - adds openness.
  • Chernelic - keeps from disagreement, quarrels.

Pedantic Men-Devas wisely find the use of amulets in key chains.

Stones of Virgin by date of birth


From August 24 to September 2

v jade;

v rhinestone;

v agate;

v malachite;

v jasper;

v Amethyst.

from 3 to 11 September v sardonix;

v heliotrope;

v chalacedon;

v pearls;

V citrine.

from 12 to 23 September v chrisolite;

v grenades;

v sapphire;

v emerald;

v topaz.

Stones Weighs

Webswell difficult to find balance and calm in life. Hold your emotions under control:

  • Adyar - gives confidence, soothes.
  • Agat - restores strength, health.
  • Andalusite is a source of inspiration and determination.
  • Indigolit - makes people restrained, strong, purposeful.
  • Cordieritis - eliminates insecurity, helps to find a right decision.
  • Labrador - brings good luck in love and career.
  • Morganite is a source of spiritual development and spiritual equilibrium.
  • Pink Quartz - gives the strength to cope with conflicts, soothes.
  • Rodonit - gives confidence and courage.

Pink Quartz

In an effort to equilibrium, the scales protect both light pastel colors and juicy. A calm attitude to events allows you to choose a modest decoration for a long time.

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What kind of stone is suitable for women?

Women will better choose:

  • Sapphire - suppresses negative emotions.
  • Agat - Enhances intuition, consistency.
  • Pomegranate - helps to make the right choice.
  • Morganite - pushes to spiritual development, searching for equilibrium.
  • Andalusite - gives ugly clarity.

Any amulets attach to women-scales of spiritual equilibrium.

Stone Male Scales

For them are suitable:

  • Adyar - improves self-confidence.
  • Indigolit - add restraint and optimism.
  • Cordierite - suggests the right decision in difficult situations.
  • Pink Quartz - stimulates healing of spiritual wounds, soothes.
  • Rodonit - adds enthusiasm, passion and courage in promoting cases.

Sometimes the choice determine the personal preferences of men-scales - the color of the eyes or color.

Stones scales by date of birth

from September 24 to October 2 v malachite;

V lapis;

v Avenant;

v luna.

from 3 to 13 October v rose quartz;

v amethyst;

v topaz;

v diamond;

v zircon.

from 14 to 23 October v grenades;

v emerald;

v Aquamarine;

v Beryl.

Scorpion stones

The strongest representatives of the zodiac circle should choose the amulet correctly. This will reduce their negative qualities and significantly raise the mood:

  • Tourmaline - clarifies the mind, eliminates false illusions.
  • Selenite - gives calm.
  • Tanzanit - gives reasonable.
  • Fire-red opal - eliminates negative feelings and aggression.
  • Feline eye - walked from deceptions, change.
  • Pill - helps to become true managers, introduces notes of good luck.
  • Hematite - eliminates enemies.
  • Bull eye - ensures business success.
  • Aquamarine - does not give to drown in its own emotions.
  • Adular - establishes family relationships.
  • Coral - attracts good luck, strengthens personal positive qualities.


Aura Scorpion is powerful and mysterious. The amulets of the total value should be the character - dark and opaque. But it is they who give the powerful energy to their owner.

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What kind of stone is suitable for women scorpions?

Strong in spirit to women scorpions match:

  • Coral - will save from bad mood.
  • Opal - develops wisdom, gives harmony to relationships.
  • Hematite - stimulates the promotion forward, gives sexuality.
  • Pomegranate - to maintain health.
  • Bull eye - gives a lot of energy.

Beautiful scorpions will be happy to decorate these stones.

Scorpio Men Stone

Bring missing:

  • Pill - makes any things that are successful, helps to become influential.
  • Selenite - soothes.
  • Tanzanite - controls feelings and does not allow conflict.
  • Tourmaline - cleans thoughts.

The permanent wearing of the guard will relieve a man from negative traits.

Scorpion Stones by Birthday

from October 24 to November 2 v malachite;

v hematite;

v Tiger eye;

v rhinestone;

v Amethyst.

from 3 to 13 November V turquoise;

V opal;

V Sardoniks.

from 14 to 22 November v Aquamarine;

V Alexandrit;

v grenades;

v topaz;

v tourmaline.

Scorpion amulets are rible without frames. It is easier for them to choose jewelry or interior object.

Stones Streltsy

Sagittarius are targeted initiators, enthusiasts, fantasies and creative persons. Fall into the goal if they have:

  • Amethyst - helps to achieve mutual understanding when communicating with people, as well as exercise all positive qualities.
  • Lazurject - mascot from enemies. Makes Sagittarius friendly and patient.
  • Apatite - a source of happiness, allows you to get rid of cardiac experiences.
  • Gelolyoli - helps to make the right choice.
  • KIANIT - develops positive personal qualities, protects against negative from the side.
  • Ruby - increases stress resistance, allows you to achieve heights in love and career.
  • Rhodolite - helps in search of himself and finding confidence, makes Sensual Sense, makes a passion and notes of enthusiasm into sex life.
  • Chrysocolla - makes more wise and judicious, helps in decision-making.


The decisive shooter makes a choice at an intuitive level. It is unlikely that he will explain why this amulet always carries with him.

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What kind of stone is suitable for women-agreary?

With the bright character of representatives of this sign combined:

  • Chrysocolla - gives wisdom, helps to cope with illusions.
  • Ruby - Strengthens the positive ash sides.
  • Pill - reveals talents.
  • Variscite - smoothes negative sides.
  • Amethyst - harmonizes relationships with loved ones.

Charger for "Lights" - an assistant in achieving conceived.

Stone Male Sagittarius

Exercise scheduled help:

  • Apatite - pushes to the acceptance of a right decision.
  • Lazurject - mascot from enemies.
  • Rhodolite - helps to achieve everything conceived.
  • Falcony eye - eliminates negative qualities.

Men's charms clean the mind and make fresh ideas.

Strong stones by date of birth

from November 23 to December 2 v jasper;

V lapis;

v Amethyst.

from 3 to 12 December V opal;

V turquoise;

v Aquamarine.

from December 13 to 21 v grenades;

v emerald;

V sapphire.

Capricorn stones

Hardworking, responsible, inclined to the analysis of Capricorns like to plan actions. In proper coordination, they will help:

  • Mountain crystal - streamlines thoughts, protects from unnecessary emotions.
  • Agat - protects from negative emotions and quarrels.
  • Pomegranate - enhances leadership qualities, gives energy.
  • Chernelic - Neutralizes negative emotions.
  • Obsidian - eliminates disturbing thoughts, settles inner harmony.
  • Tiger eye - gives reasonable, guarantees success in affairs.
  • Chrysoprase - responsible for confidence in communication, protects against unfair, evil people.


Capricorns are little refunded in the energy sector of talismans. Therefore, without thinking, you choose any designed to guard for a man or a woman from every decade.

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What stone is suitable for women-Capricorn?

Capricorn women to face:

  • Pomegranate - maintains health, increases self-esteem.
  • Cherdelik - will help you find real love.
  • Agat - improves health, gives beauty, sexuality.

Women who carry an amulet with you, always in a good mood.

Capricorn Men Stone

Characters for men-Capricorn:

  • Obsidian - protects from self-destruction. Helps better cope with difficulties.
  • Tiger eye - filters business and thoughts, reduces bustle and nervousness.
  • Chrysoprase is an excellent satellite in business.

Capricorn no matter what to choose a stone talisman. If he is called to protect, there are no obstacles.

Capricorn stones by date of birth

from December 22 to January 2 v lunar stone;

v malachite;

V Onyx.

From January 3 to 13 V turquoise;

v chrysoprase;

V opal.

from 14 to 20 January v zircon;

v ruby;

v hyacinth.

Stones Aquarius

These are calm optimists, ready to come to the rescue. To enhance the energy fit:

  • Turquoise - beneficial effects on well-being, heals.
  • Aquamarine - raises the mood, puts thoughts and emotions.
  • Amber - Provides spiritual recovery, strengthens the physical condition.
  • Avenue of any color - possesses therapeutic properties.
  • Jasper - improves performance, strengthens relations in the team and family bonds.
  • Obsidian - absorbs negative, providing confidence and calm.
  • Nephritis - hesitates events and desires in the right light.


All listed amulets look good in gold, silver. They reflect the capabilities of the representatives of the sign to find a way out of difficult situations.

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What kind of stone is suitable for women-water?

With the character of women-aquaries, they greatly harmonize:

  • Chrysoprase - protects from evil forces, gives all sorts of benefits.
  • Azurist - will give a mental balance.
  • Amber - Supports the strengths of the Aquarius.

Silver and gold jewelry with these stones will be to the face of every woman-aquarian.

Stone Male Aquarius

Men are suitable:

  • Rubin - closer to the goal.
  • Aquamarine - focuses in search of himself, inspires.
  • Corundum - will develop a sense of responsibility.

Aquarius believe in support of each amulet, which gives them confidence.

Stones Aquarius by date of birth

from January 21 to February 1 v jasper;

v obsidian;

v Avenanturin.

from 2 to 11 February V turquoise;

V lapis;

v Amethyst.

from 12 to 20 February v chrysoprase;

V Alexandrit;

v zircon.

Stones fish

Mysterious fish are cheerful and active. Show yourself in the best light will help:

  • Pearl - gives wisdom.
  • Chalacedon - will provide pleasant meetings with the right people.
  • Pearls - will give comfort and calm.
  • Ortoklaz - Guardian of love, loyalty. Holds emotions and negative thoughts.
  • Selenite - gives confidence, develops leadership qualities.
  • Tsavorite - protects against envy, anger, keeping harmony in relations.


Each of the amulets brings thoughts about the naval depths, which is inherent in this watermark.

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What kind of stone is suitable for women-fish?

Selection of female fish falls on:

  • Selenite - gives self-confidence.
  • Pearlum - will give good luck, will push to self-improvement.
  • Pearls - will save the hasty conclusions.

Romantic fishes are flying in the right direction in loving relationships.

Fish Men Stone

Men are better to look at:

  • Ortoklase - ensures peace of mind and equilibrium.
  • Yasma - gives determination.
  • Chalcedony - stimulates to accept the right decisions.

The choice of decoration as an amulet depends on the desire, color,,, the image of a male fish.

Stones fish by date of birth

From February 21 to March 1 v Tiger eye;

v Avenant;

v luna.

from March 2 to March 11 V opal;

v coral;

V pearls.

from 12 to 20 March v chalacedon;

v Aquamarine;

v orthoclases.

Wearing many different gems at the same time should not. It interrupts the individual magic properties of stones. The natural value of each amulet embodies the powerful energy, which is divided into man in accordance with his personal qualities.

Table of contents

Stones and their influence on man

Natural stone is a "child" of nature, so he feels all the experiences of a person, reads the state of his health, creates a living aura around his owner. Any gem carries the cosmic energy that, when contacting stone with a body, can change the human energy field. Many people notice how it serves and protects their correctly chosen stone. So, let's figure out which stone by the sign of the zodiac will suit you and your loved ones.

Which stone is suitable for a man on the sign of the zodiac

If you select stones on the sign of the zodiac (by date of birth), then you should navigate the minerals that have a beneficial influence on our owner, attract good luck and success, strengthen the immunity and relieve diseases. Do not wear unsuitable gems that can harm you!


Aries - hot-tempered and stubborn, exactly seeing a target that can passionately to love and lead.

  • Diamond is the most suitable stone with interesting properties for the fiery sign of the zodiac, which will lead you to success in all endeavors and will help calm the violent nature of the Aries.
  • Rubin improves the mood, develops wisdom, restrains aggressiveness, returns vitality. The stone is favorable to improve love relationships.
  • Agat of warm shades is developing intuition, diplomatic abilities. Impulsive people for a long time to wear this stone is not recommended.
  • Amethyst helps to find peace of mind, reduces hot temper. This is a stone equilibrium. Aries wisely, it becomes less selfish, exhibits greater concern for loved ones.

Few people know that Charlie Chaplin (Aries) was a famous slavery. After another stormy novel, he was separated from the bold beloved decoration, sometimes with diamonds and rubies.


A person who is firmly standing on Earth, but under the patronage of Venus, so he knows how to love. Stubborn, but gentle, somewhat inert, but knowing how to attract finances.

  • Agate is a stone of blue or black shades, most suitable on the sign of the Zodiac to Taurus. Stone helps the owner to stay in peace and achieve material goals.
  • For calves, the emerald is very useful, which eliminates conservatism, it helps in the embodiment of new ideas, prevents the emergence of unforeseen situations.
  • Kaholong (opal) for calves is important in the emotional sphere. It helps to understand the second half and removes the tension.
  • Chrysoprase is another suitable stone on the sign of the zodiac, which reduces inertia, activates efforts to increase finance.

Empress Catherine The second was a Taurus. She adored precious stones, especially diamonds and emeralds. When losing in gambling, she paid diamonds. She gave an eaglet of Orlov, stuck with diamonds, worth about 1 million rubles, and Count Potemkin a heavy hat with gold and gems.


Double, non-permanent, changeable. Love and hatred can be experienced at the same time, lead and repel.

  • Agat streamlines thoughts, helps in building logical conclusions, protects the owner from a bad eye, strengthens intuition, reveals creative potential.
  • Topaz attracts representatives of the opposite sex, protects against magical influences, smoothes negative emotions.
  • Amethyst helps to bring conceived to the end, develops extrasensory abilities.
  • Sapphire smoothes sharp mood swings, settles relationships.
  • Alexandrite improves relations between people, retains psychological stability.
  • Pomegranate helps to recognize true love, eliminates headaches.

A.S. Pushkin (Gemini) did not part with Persnet with Emerald. He believed that the decoration brings to him luck, wisdom and happiness ... and the legendary monocle of Emperor Nero (twins) was made out of a piece of solid emerald. It was, through it the usurper was observed how the proposed Rome was burning.


Very trembling and wounded nature, has severe intuition, characterized by frequent mood shifts.

  • Emerald - a stone for creative people, reveals talents, protects travelers, businessmen, women, brings material wealth, balastives the wounded psyche of cancer, gives a mental balance, sets up communication.
  • Pearls prolongs life, strengthens marriage, protects against envious.
  • The lunar stone softens the temper of the owner, suggests the outputs from the current situation, helps in career growth.
  • Beryl, tourmaline, chrysoberill (cat's eyes) attract the attention of others, establish communication.
  • Onyx attaches confidence, protects against the unfavorable influence of foreign people.

Emperor Nicholas I (Cancer), who loved Malachit, made a malachite living room in Hermitage, in which columns, vases, lamps and the whole setting are laid out with malachite plates.

a lion

The leader in kind, the king leading. Painful pride, persistence in achieving goals, more often than other signs seeks to luxury and wealth.

  • Almaz helps to establish useful contacts and balance the identity of the lion.
  • Heliodor helps managers, scientists, students, improves thinking, organizational quality.
  • Rubin improves the energy balance, neutralizes the impact of dark forces.
  • Topaz restores psychological equilibrium, helps to recognize insidious ideas.
  • Chrysolite - Psychoanalyst Gem. Protects against adventurism, improves attitudes at work and in the family, heals insomnia, eliminates anxiety.
  • Amber - Gem-Weregheg for Lion, which gives pleasant emotions, eliminates envy, brings good luck and improves the work of the heart.
  • Tsitrine allows you to achieve success with the opposite sex and gives confidence to the lion.

Favorite decorations of fashion legislators Coco Chanel (Lion) was a jewelry, because she said that the decorations of the real woman should be a lot. She did not part with a thread of a simple natural pearl.


Loves systemic and order, modest, denies publicity, it is hard to experience failures. It may take responsibility and issue logically thought-out solutions.

  • Malachite protects from the evil eye, cleans the skin, improves the condition of hair and eyesight.
  • Mountain crystal gives magical abilities, brings good luck, protects against negative.
  • The carnelian brings good luck, protects family happiness and is a guarantor of health.
  • Topaz Golden - a symbol of love and honesty, which also protects the psyche disorders.
  • Opal helps at the concentration of forces, develops intuition.
  • Agat pacifies, improves chatting with children, creates a comfort in the house.

The famous Writer Goethe (Virgo) at the age of 73 presented his young beloved pomegranate set of 500 pomegranate stones.


It seeks to constantly think about everything and weighed, hesitates between several solutions, strives for harmony in life.

  • Emerald, Green and Yellow Beerill are talismans for scales. They eliminate the body from negative energy.
  • Rubin gives decisiveness and energy, topazy of different species - vitality.
  • Tourmaline, zirconium, Aquamarine stabilize the mental state of the person and help the embodiment of plans.

Marina Tsvetaeva (scales) adored the carnelian stone.


Representatives of this sign are distinguished by intelligence and charisma, activity and emotionality, they know how to carry people. In addition, sexuality and impermanence give them their charm.

  • Aquamarine is a scorpion talisman to protect married happiness.
  • Hematite stabilizes the uncontrolled energy of the sign, helps to understand better and perceive people.
  • Pomegranate enhances attractiveness, allows you to predict the future, it is a mineral having magical properties.
  • The opal improves the relationship in marriage, eliminates jealousy, adds tenderness to the relationship.
  • Ruby brings success, eliminates arrogance.

The story of love for huge baroque pearls from Cleopatra (Scorpio) reached the present day.


Curious, active, honest and straight sign. Sociable and open, non-permanent, non-permanent.

  • Diamond is a stone of sincerity, honesty, devoted love, purity. He brings good luck.
  • Ruby is the keeper of the family, freshness of feelings, loyalty.
  • Topaz, grenades and amethyst are also universal talismans for Sagittarius.

Edith Piaf (Sagittarius) went on stage without jewelry, as nothing had to distract the listeners from the song. It is said that her voice himself was a real diamond given by nature.


Purposeful, reaching the goals, resistive tolerate any vital difficulties. It is often conservative, prefers not to show your feelings.

  • Amethyst restores energy, protects from the wrath of managers, helps career growth.
  • The lunar stone awakens creative and mental abilities, develops imagination.
  • Mountain crystal adds forces, mobilizes mental abilities, softens rigorous character, helps in communicating.

Marlene Dietrich (Capricorn) was a lot of decorations. In the 30s of the last century, the famous cuff bracelet from platinum was created for Marlene, covered with rubies and diamonds.


It is in constant search for new sensations. She strives for freedom, looking for a new experience, indifferent to material values. The highest value for the sign is a new information.

  • Blue sapphire - a symbol of wisdom and spiritual purity, helps when analyzing, making decisions.
  • Granat - brings love, provokes to passion.
  • Amethyst - helps to find himself in creativity and in business.
  • Turquoise - the gem of calm, improves health, mutual understanding, retains wealth.
  • Sapphire was the beloved stone of Ivan the Terrible (Aquarius), he decorated his staff, and did not part with numerous sapphire rings.

Eva Brown (Aquarius) loved pink tourmalines.


A controversial sign floating overstream, not inclined to try to change something in his life. Without support and love, the sign fuses the life force, it is very dreamy and sensitive.

  • Aquamarine enhances craving for life, softens the anger, attracts love and finance.
  • Amethyst gives good luck, softens the bitterness of losses, contributes to the manifestation of love.
  • Gagat is a stone, it suits the sign of the zodiac to fish. He protects against gloomy dreams, eliminates fears, dissolves evil.
  • Pearl brings long life and love, protects against ill-wishers.

The famous collection of jewels Elizabeth Taylor (fish) consisted of decorations with precious stones. This woman collects decorations, as well as men who presented her these gifts. Richard Barton gave her a ring with a huge diamond, one of the largest in the world.

How to wear stones on zodiac sign

The simplest way to interact with stone is the use of jewelry. For example, to improve the energy in the sexual area and personal life, it is recommended to carry suspension; For mastering oratory, improving the health of the internal organs of the belt; Coulombs helps stable heart work; Glow chakra speakers or singers stimulate necklaces; And rings and bracelets are universal decorations that have a direct impact on both their owner and on the people around him.

Negative impact of stones and how to avoid it

So, if you wear "not your" mineral or use a stone on the zodiac sign incorrectly, then it can send its energy not for its intended purpose. At the same time, your negative qualities will become more noticeable, and the advantages will decrease. For example, Ruby does not combine with other gems, and its color change indicates a poor health state or an approaching danger.

  • Not presented, but the acquired stone begins to "work" only in 2-3 years, so after the purchase it will have to gain patience.
  • Also before using the purchased decoration, you should remove the information stored on it. To do this, it is necessary to lower it into the water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Any defects say that gem absorbed negative energy, lost its qualities and began self-destruction.

How to care for amulets

  • Soap solution and toothbrush are suitable for cleaning any stones.
  • Hot water and household chemicals will destroy rhinestone and tourmaline, but Topaz and Aquamarine can withstand cleansing with household chemicals.
  • Potato starch can be used to clean pearls.
  • When caring for minerals, sharp objects do not apply.

When choosing a stone by the date of birth, remember - even if the mineral "your" on the sign of the zodiac, he still can not come up. Therefore, be sure to try each decoration. If you are comfortable and comfortable in it, it will only benefit to your owner.

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1

Hello everybody! I create decorations with natural stones and I am often asked to which sign of the zodiac owns one or another stone. I am not always ready to answer, if only under hand the Internet or a cheat sheet, do not remember everything, and not for what)) In this blog, I will try to fit all the information that will be necessary for the individual selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac.

Now you will independently determine which stone will serve you to be guarded and talisman!

Astrologers (ancient and modern) argue that the influence of stones on the health and fate of a person is predetermined by the situation of the planets and constellations of the zodiac. The most favorable for humans are those stones that are associated with a sign under which he was born.

German occultist and alchemist Agrippa Netteshem background (1486-1535), which contemporaries considered a magician, created a system according to which an astrological connection was established between zodiac constellations and stones. This system formed the basis of all modern European tables of matching stones and zodiac signs, each of which has several patron stones. Stones are also considered to be associated with planets (as signs of the zodiac), and are conductors of their properties.

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Photo number 2The following stones correspond to the planets:

The sun - Diamond, Hyacinth, Avenant, Ruby, Heliodor, Amber, All Golden and Red Stones;

Moon - opal, lunar stone, aquamarine, beryl, pearls, coral, selenite, rhinestone, all white, bluish and colorless stones; Mercury - Topaz, Emerald, Agat, Chrysolit, Turquoise, Amethyst, Purple-Lilac Stones; Venus - Sapphire, pearls, malachite, leisure, emerald, amazonite and all green stones; Jupiter - turquoise, sapphire, lapis, blue topaz and all blue stones; Mars - Ruby, Blood, Jasper, Diamond, Pomegranate Pill and Almadin, Carney, All Red and Red Brown Stones; Saturn - Onyx, agate, morion, black with white saard and all black or very dark stones; Neptune - Aquamarine, Lunar Stone, Rhinestone, Heads, Green Blue Shades; Uranus - Fire opal, labrador and stones with iris effects; Pluto - Row Topaz, Jasper. In 1912, the Congress of the National Association of Jewelers could have unified a list of month-old stones in accordance with the sign of the zodiac.

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., PHOTO number 4

Birthday - C 20 (21) Martha to 19 (20.21) April.

The symbol is the head of the ram. This is a symbol of offensive power, desire for manifestation, to life, initiatives and courage. The referring planets - Mars and the Sun.Deep of life - I am, because I am like this! Element - Explosive Fire. The reader is an unstable choleric. , carmine, orange, blue, lilac and all shiny (unsuccessful - purple). Surveys - hawthorn, anemone, fragrant peas, cornflower. Metal - iron, steel. Magic talisman - Golden Fleece Favorable figures - 4, 7, 9, 11.Siewsager for years - multiple 9 and 15. The best year of birth - Aries-Rabbit, Aries-Sheep, Aries-Kaban. The annual energy raising peak is the end of July - the beginning of August, the end of November - Beginning of December, spring.period Energy drop is the end of June - the beginning of July, the end of September is the beginning of October, for the month before the birthday of birthday. Incoming dignity - activity, honesty, courage. Relief disadvantages - rudeness, aggressiveness, negligence. Ideals - courage, terpene Ye.Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Signs Oimazon - Diamond (Brilliant), Amazonit, Amethyst, Beryl, Turquoise, Pomegranate, Pearls, Coral, Quartz, Flint, Hematitis, Labrador, Lazurit, Nephritis, Othix, Obsidian, Rodinit, Rubin, Sardonix , selenit, carnelian, serpentine, falconry, chrysoprase, chrysolite, crystal, amber, green and red jasper. Stones - Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst, Lunar Aquamarine, Emerald.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: March 21 - Sardonix22 March - Ruby March23 - Charoit24 Martha - Chrysopraz25 March - Chicken-Hematitis March 26 - Onyx March27 - Falconary Eye March 28 - Ruby March 2013 - Brilliant March 30 - Aquamarine March 31 - Opal1 April - Helliotrop2 April - Nephritis3 April - Lyapis-Azure4 April - Sardonix5 April - Brilliant April 16 - Granat7 April - Sardonix on April 8 - Avenant April9 - Yashma April 10 - Amethyst April1 - Aleksandrite15 - Malachite April 16 - Lall Spines April14 - Amethyst April 18 - Jadeite April 18 - Onyx April 18 - Coral18 - Tourmaline April 19 - Lazurit

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Photo number 6

Birthday - from 19 (20, 21) to 20 (21, 22) May. The symbol is the head and horns of the bull. This is a symbol of strength and will, perseverance, development. The ruling planets are Venus and the Moon. Life's motto - I want to possess! Element - fertile soil - Earth. Temperament is an extroverted melancholic. Colors - lemon, yellow, bright blue, orange. Flowers - Lily of Lily, Lilac. Metal - copper. Magic Talisman - Owl, Golden Taurus. Happy week of week - Monday, Friday. Unsuccessful day - Tuesday. Favorable digits - 2, 4, 16. Recent years of life - all the years, multiple eight (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, etc.). The best years of birth on the Eastern calendar - Taurus-Dragon, Taurus-Rat, Taurus-Monkey. The annual rift of energy - the end of August - the beginning of September, the end of December is the beginning of January, spring.Teriod of Energy decline - the end of July - the beginning of August, the end of October - the beginning of November, for the month before his birthday. The main advantages are creativity, naturalness, softness. The main disadvantages are stubbornness, landiness, laziness. Action - fertilization. Ideals - beauty, harmony. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Taurus Taurus - Agat, Aganturin, Amazonite, Beryl, Turquoise, Bullish Eye, Gagat, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Kakholong, White Coral, Flint, Lazurit, Malachite, Nephritis, Onyx, Rodinit, Ruby, Sapphire, Selenite, carnelian, tiger eye, topaz, chrysoprase, zircon, blue spat, jasper. Basic stones - turquoise, sapphire, agate, opal, emerald, green marble, jade.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: April 20 - Lall Spinel April 21 - Chrysoberill April 22 - Almanandin April 23 - Onyx April 24 - Pomegranate April 25 - Pomegranate April 26 - Alexandrite April 27 - Feline Eye April 28 - Charoit April 29 - Hiacint April 30 - Agat May 1 - Nephritis May 2 - Tsitrin May 3 - Falconary Eye 4 May - Aquamarine May 5 - Malachite May 6 - Lunar Stone May 7 - Pearls May 8 - Jadeitis May 9 - Amazonite May 10 - Emerald May 11 - Chermanic May 12 - Zircon May 13 - Lazarrit May 14 - Agat May 15 - Onyx May 16 - Olivine Chrysolite May 17 - Opal 18 May - Tourmaline May 19 - Agat May 20 - Carneol

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope. Photo number 8

Birthday - from 20 (21, 22) May to 21 June. The symbol is two pieces of wood interconnected. This is a symbol of interaction of spirit and matter, the connection of the rhythm and shape, the moon of growing and the moon of decreasing, passive and active principle. The ruling planets - Mercury and Proserpine. The motto of life - I'm looking for, laying my way in life! Element - Air - light wind. Temperament is an extroverted sanguine. Sign Colors - Green, Purple, Gray, Light Yellow, Orange. Flowers - daisies, poppies, buttercups, jasmine, daffodil. Metal sign - gold, silver. Magic Talisman - Snake, Mask. Happy day of the week - Wednesday, Sunday. An unsuccessful day is Thursday. Favorable numbers - 3 5 12 18. Recent years of life - 3 13 26 33 39 52 65 66. The best birthdays for the sign on the Eastern calendar - Gemini - Snake, Gemini - Bull, Gemini - Cock. Energy raising annual peak is the end of September - the beginning of October, the end of January - the beginning of February, Spring. The period of energy decline is the end of August - the beginning of September, the end of December is the beginning of January, for the month before his birthday. Main advantages - contact, speed, intelligence. The main disadvantages are superficiality, fussiness, intriguity. Gemini should be developed - calm, self-discipline, focus. Gemini should be avoided - nervous exhaustion, spraying forces. Action is curiosity, passion. Ideals - excitement, joy. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Gemini Gemini - Agat, Aleksandrite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Hyacinth, Pearls, Emerald, Flint, Coral, Nephritis, Rodonit, Sardonix, Sapphire, Selenite, Cartellic, Tiger Eye, Topaz, Uvarovit, Fluorite, Chrysoprase, Chrysolit, Crystal, Tsitrine, Jasper. Stones - Chrysoprase, Beryl, Granat, Agat, Yashma.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: May 21 - Emerald May 22 - Coral 23 May - Chrysopraz May 24 - Zmeevik May 25 - Zmeevik May 26 - Lazurist May 27 - Amethyst May 28 - Turquoise May 29 - Beryl May 30 - Mountain Crystal on May 31 - Tsitrine June 1 - Falcony eye June 2 - Obsidian June 3 - Carneol June 4 - Malachite June 5 - Lunar Stone June 6 - Gagat June 7 - Tiger Eye June 8 - Beryl June 9 - Amber June 10 - Chrysoberill June 11 - Sardonix 12 June - Avenant June 13 - Rodonit June 14 - Olivine Chrysolit June 15 - Heliotrop June 16 - Sardoniks June 17 - Agat June 18 - Agat June 19 - Beryl June 20 - Hyacinth

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Photo number 10

Birthday - from June 21 to 22 (23) July.

Sign symbol - Crab claws, aspiring. This is a symbol of the merger of male and female genital cells, motherhood, aspiration for growth, development. The ruling planets - Moon and Jupiter. The motto of life - I wish to feel! Element - fluid water - streams. Temperament - lyrical phlegmatic. Colors - white, light blue, blue, silver. Cancers adore fabrics in polka dots. Flowers - honeysuckle, water lilies, all white flowers, jasmine. Metal - silver. Magic Talisman - Silver Heart - gives craving for perfection. Happy week of week - Monday, Thursday. Unsuccessful day - Tuesday, Saturday. Favorable digits - 2, 4, 5, 8. Recent years of life - 11, 23, 35, 47, 59, 71. The best birthdays for the sign on the Eastern calendar - Cancer - Horse, Cancer - Tiger, Cancer - Dog. Energy raising annual peak is the end of October - the beginning of November, the end of February - the beginning of June, summer. The period of energy decline is the end of September - the beginning of October, the end of December is the beginning of January, for the month before birth. The main advantages are sensitivity, rich imagination. The main disadvantages are indecision, inertness, pretense. Cancers should develop self-confidence and emotional balance. Cancers should be avoided - changes in mood, aggressiveness and overeating. Action - expansion, survival. Ideals - compassion, mercy. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Cancer Cancer - Agat, Avenant, Adular, Aquamarine, Amazonit, Amethyst, Berman, Beryl, Turquoise, Gagat, Heliotrop, Hematitis, Pearls, Emerald, Coral, Feline Eye, Moon Stones, Morion, Nephritis, Obsidian , Onyx, Opal, Rodonit, Rubin, Posteryite, Cherdelik, Falconary Eye, Topaz, Chrysoprase, Chrysolit, Eklas. Stones - Lunar Stone, Emerald, Ruby.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: June 21 - Sapphire June 22 - Aquamarine June 23 - Emerald June 24 - Falconary Eye June 25 - Pearl June 26 - Lunar Stone June 27 - Emerald June 28 - Nephritis June 29 - Chernelic June 30 - Tourmaline 1 July - Charoit July 2 - Amazonit on July 3 - Beryl July 4 - Hyacinth July 5 - Coral July 6 - Almanandin July 7 - Topaz July 8 - Heliotrop July 9 - Heliotrop July 10 - Olivine Chrysolite July 11 - OPAL July 12 - Agat 13 July - Nephritis July 14 - Topaz July 15 - Hematite Bloody July 16 - Yantar July 17 - Agat July 18 - Lunar Stone July 19 - Lunar Stone July 20 - Jadeit July July 21 - Gagat

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Photo number 12

Birthday - 22 (23) July to 22 (23) August. Lion symbol - phallus, spermatozoa. This is a symbolism of sunlight, life-giving energy, strength and good luck, hot tempering and rudeness. The ruling planet Lion is the Sun and Pluto The motto of life - I radiate energy. Element of lion - solar energy. Temperament - choleric. Lion colors - purple, gold, orange, scarlet, black (white color - unsuccessful). Flowers - Peonies, roses, chrysanthemums, gladiolus. Metal zodiac sign - gold. Magic mascot - any gold jewelry, round things: rings, necklace, watches happy day week - Sunday. Unsuccessful day - Saturday. Favorable digits - 1, 5, 9, 11. Recent years of life - meaning 11 Summer cycle: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc. The best years of birth for the sign of the zodiac on the Eastern calendar - Lev - Goat, Lev - Cat, Leo - Pig Annual Rise Rise - The end of November - the beginning of December, the end of March - the beginning of April, summer. The period of energy decline is the end of October - the beginning of November, the end of January - the beginning of February, for the month before his birthday. The main advantages are generosity, energy. The main disadvantages are individualism, selflessness. Lerma should be developed - tact and prudence. Lerma should be avoided - self-addiction, hasty and excitement. Action - creativity. Ideals - honor and glory. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Lev-Avenanturin, Beryl, Bull'y, Heliodor, Heliotrop, Hyacinth, Pomegranate, Demantidoid, Emerald, Golden Quartz, Rubber, Nephritis, Otiks, Opal, Rodonit, Ruby, Sardonix, Cherdonix, Topaz, Chrysoprase , chrysolite, crystal, zircon, citrine, amber, jasper. Stones - amber, diamond, chrysolit.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: July 22 - Emerald July 23 - Jasper July 24 - Sapphire July 25 - Sapphire July 26 - Obsidian July 27 - Jasper July 28 - Rhodonite July 29 - Smerevik July 30 - Brilliant July 31 - Brilliant August 1 - Tourmaline August 2 - Almanandin August 3 - Aquamarine on August 4 - Jadeitis on August 5 - Pomegranate on August 6 - Cat Eye August 7 - Lazari August 8 - Aquamarine on August 9 - Malachite August 10 - Beryl August 11 - Alexandrite on August 12 - Chernelic on August 13 - Sardonix August 14 - Rubin on August 15 - Lall Spinel on August 16 - Tsitrine on August 17 - Gagat on August 18 - Onyx on August 19 - Avenant August 20 - Rubin August 21 - Diamond 22 August - Amber

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Photo number 14

Birthday - from 22 (23) August 22 (23) September. Symstal - the fields of Hymen, henoch of Kohliyev. It symbolizes the impairment of conception, human virtue, criticality, practicality, help. The ruling planets - Proserpine and Mercury. Life's motto - I analyze. Element - Flexible Earth - Clay. Temperament is a positive melancholic. Colors - white, blue, purple. Flowers - asters, mother and stepmother, red poppies. Metal - tin, copper. Magic Talisman - Grasshopper, Artificial Flowers. Happy week of week - Wednesday. An unsuccessful day is Thursday, Friday. Favorable numbers - 3 5 6 12 20 27 Recent years of life - 3 23 33 Best born in Eastern calendar - Virgo - Monkey, Virgo - Dragon, Virgo - Rat. The annual peak of the rise of energy is the end of December - the beginning of January, the end of April is the beginning of May, summer. Energy decline period - the end of November - the beginning of December, the end of February - the beginning of March, a month before the birthday. The main advantages are reasonable, sequence, care. The main disadvantages are criticality, pragmatism, the dryness of the Virgin should be developed - the horizon, the range of interests. Verine should be avoided - not to be exchanged on trifles. Action - assimilation, analytics. Ideals - cleanliness and ministry. Magic Talismans - Stones Sign Zodiac Virgo Deva - Agate, Diamond, Beryl, Turquoise, Pomegranate, Emerald, Flint, Coral, Cat Eye, Labrador, Jade, Onyx, Opal, Rodonit, Sapphire, Selenite, Cherdelik, Tiger Eye, Chrysolite, Chrysoprase , Crystal, Tsitrine, Jasper. Stones - jade, carnelian, yellow sapphire, marble.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: August 22 - Yantar August 23 - Zircon on August 24 - Amazonite on August 25 - Amazonite on August 26 - Nephritis on August 27 - Chernelic on August 28 - Garbank-Hematite August 29 - Diamond 30 August - Carneol August 31 - Rodonit 1 September - Topaz September 2 - Jasper September 3 - Chrysoprase September 4 - Obsidian September 5 - Feline Eye September 6 - Emerald September 7 - Mining Crystal September 8 - Pearls September 9 - Yasma September 10 - Jadeit September 12 - Tourmaline September 13 - Onyx 14 September - Tiger eye September 15 - Yantar September 16 - Jasper September 17 - Amethyst September 18 - Saint September 19 - Heliotrop September 20 - Carneol September 21 - Chrysoprase September 22 - Coral

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture № 16

Birthday - from 22 (23) September to October 23. Symbol of scales - two bowls of scales - indicate the desire for stability, harmony, awareness of the highest harmony. Scales symbolize sunset, philosophical mind warehouse, contemplation. The ruling planets are scales - Chiron and Saturn. Life's motto - I am a binding thread, conductor. Element - flavored air. Temperament is a calm sanguine. Colors of scales - dark blue, green, sea wave and pastel colors. Flowers - calendula, violets. Metal - bronze. Magic Talisman - Book, Letter, Document, Paper Bar, Letter. Happy week of week - Friday, Saturday. Unsuccessful day - Tuesday, Sunday. Favorable numbers - 2 6 7 8 9 15 Recent years of life - 18, 25 and a half, 30 42 51 54 66 Best years of birth on the East Calendar - Scales - Rooster, Scales - Wola and Scales - Snake. Annual Right Rim - End of January - Beginning of February, End of May - beginning of June, autumn period of energy decline - the end of December - beginning of January, the end of March - the beginning of April, a month before the birthday. The main advantages are aestheticism, peacefulness, goodwill. The main disadvantages are formalism, conformism, unreliability. Weighs should develop - self-confidence and ability to look at the facts in the face. Weighs should be avoided - reinforced smoking, strong tea, jealousy. Action - stabilize and balancing. Ideals are love and fraternity. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Scales Weighs - Agat, Diamond, Amethyst, Beryl, Turquoise, Gagat, Demantoid, Emerald, Smoky and Pink Quartz, Kakholong, Coral, Flint, Lazurit, Malachite, Morion, Nephritis, Opal, Olivine, Rodonit, Selenite, carnelian, falconry, tourmaline, respect, phenactite, fluorite, chrysolite, chrysoprase, chrysoberill, crystal, zircon, citrine, jasper. Stones - opal, lapis, coral.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: September 23 - Nephritis on September 24 - Malachite September 25 - Choir - Hematite September 26 - Avenue September 27 - Tsitrin September 28 - Beryl September 29 - Olivine - Chrysolite September 30 - Opal October 1 - Jadeitis October 2 - Cat Eye October 3 - Topaz October 4 - Diamond October 5 - Nephritis October 6 - Hyacinth October 7 - Agat October 8 - Chernelic October 9 - Topaz October 10 - Falconary Eye October 11 - Lall Spinel October 12 - Amazonite October 13 - Chrysoberill 14 October - Almanandin October 15 - Rodonit October 16 - Mining Crystal October 17 - Zircon October 18 - Brilliant October 19 - Amethyst October 20 - Lazurites October 21 - Charoit October 22 - Diamond October 23 - Amethyst

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture № 18

Birthday - from October 23 to November 22. Symbol - Scorpio, Snake. Means protected wisdom. The ruling planets are Pluto and Uranus. Life's motto - I am exciting! Element - boiling water - geyser. Temperament - explosive phlegmatic. Colors - dark red, scarf, raspberry, sometimes bright yellow. Flowers - Carnation, Peony, Chrysanthemum. Metal - iron, steel. Magic Talisman - Any item that Scorpio has already brought happiness and scorpion believes that the subject (book, key chain, icon) charges its energy. Happy day of the week - Tuesday. Unfortunate day - Monday, Friday. Favorable numbers - 8, 10, 21,100, 256. Recent years of life - 7, 15, 30, 45, 47, 60, 87 Best years of birth on the Eastern calendar - Scorpio-Dog, Scorpio - Tiger and Scorpio - Horse. Annual Rise Rise - End of February - Beginning of March, the end of June is the beginning of July, autumn. The period of Energy decline is the end of January - the beginning of February, the end of April is the beginning of May, a month before the birthday. The main advantages are attentiveness, penetration, endurance. The main disadvantages are conflict, tension, self-called. Scorpio should be developed - the ability to forgive. Scorpion should be avoided - shortness, secrecy, jealousy. Action - regenerate. Ideals are farewell, peace, separation. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Scorpion Scorpion - Agat, Adyar, Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Amazonit, Amethyst, Berillitis, Berill, Turquoise, Gagat, Hematite, Pomegranate, Smoky and Dark Opaque Quartz, Coral, Casual Eye, Labrador, Malachite, Morion, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Selenite, Cherdelik, Serpentine, Topaz, Tourmaline, Chrysoprase, Yashma. Stones - Aquamarin, Carbuncoon, Coral, Ruby.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: October 23 - Amethyst October 24 - Pomegranate October 25 - Rubin October 26 - Alexandrite October 27 - Rhodonite October 28 - Opal October 29 - Topaz October 30 - Turquoise October 31 - Topaz November 1 - Bed - Hematite 2 November - Olivine - Chrysolite November 3 - Turquoise November 4 - Olivine - Chrysolit November 5 - Snake November 6 - Carneol November 7 - Tourmaline November 8 - Rubin November 9 - Cat Eye November 10 - Crystal November 11 - Yantar November 12 - Topaz November 13 - Beryl November 14 - Emerald November 15 - Obsidian November 16 - Lunar Stone November 17 - Hyacinth November 18 - OPAL November 19 - Nephritis November 20 - Chrysoberill November 21 - Zircon November 22 - Gagat

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 20

Birthday - from November 22 to December 22. Symbol of Silver - Onion and Arrow. Depicting mainly in the form of a centaur. All this symbolizes the conflict of the mind and flesh. Key words for symbol disclosure: purposefulness, enthusiasm, progressiveness, generosity, motorcycle. The ruling planet Sagittarius. Jupiter and Chiron. Life motto. I strive to learn something new! Element Sagittarius. Lightning. TEMPERAMENT. Reasonable choleric. Colors of Sagittarius. Blue, blue, purple, crimson. Flowers. Carnation, Narcissus, Vasilek, Palma. Metal sign sign Sagittarius. Zinc, tin. Magic Talisman Sagittarius. Horseshoe, salamander. Happy day week for Sagittarius. Thursday. UNLUCKY DAY. Wednesday. Favorable numbers. All numbers divided by 3. Recent years of life. 14 24 28 42 48 56 68 80 Best Birthdays for the sign of the Zodiac Sagittarius on the Eastern Calendar. Pig-Sagittarius, Rabbit-Sagittarius, Goat-Sagittarius. Annual energy raising peak. The end of March - the beginning of April, the end of July is the beginning of August, winter. Energy decline period. The end of February - the beginning of March, the end of May is the beginning of June, a month before the birthday. The main advantages of Sagittarius. Authority. The main disadvantages. Vanity, authoritarianism, unification. Sagittarius should develop tact, self-discipline, perseverance. Sigays should avoid smoke cigarettes, nervous shocks, chicasticity. ACT. Immaturity, aspiration. Ideals. True, moderation and legality. Magic Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sagittarius. Strelers, Amethyst, Beryl, Turquoise, Hyacinth, Pomegranate, Demantidoid, Emerald, Blue Quartz, Flint, Coral, Labrador, Lazurit, Nephritis, Sapphire. Sardoniks, selenit, carnelian, falconry, obsidian, olivine, onyx, tiger eye, topaz, chrysoprase, chrysolite, charite, amber, jasper. Basic stones: topaz, amethyst, chrysolit, turquoise, opal, carbuncoon.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: November 22, Gagat November 23 Diamond on December 3, Zirkon December 13 Amethyst November 24 Beryl December 4 Lal - Spinel December 14 Sapphire November 25 Almanandin December 5 Pomegranate December 15 Hyacinth November 26 Yasma 6 December Heliotrop December 16 Nephritis November 27 Rubin December 7 Tsitrine of December 28 December March 18 Camper - Hematite on November 29 Rubin December 9 Alexandrite December 19 Jasper November 30 Sapphire December 10 Aquamarine December 20 Obsidian on December 1 Turquoise December 11 Tiger Eye December 21 Chrysoprase December 2 Snake December 12 Brilliant December 22 Almanandin

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture № 22

Birthday - from December 22 to January 20. Capricorn symbol - staircase, walking in the sky, chimes, hourglass. The ruling planets are Saturn and Mars. The motto of life - I achieve. Element - solid land - stone. Temperament is an introverted melancholic. Colors - dark green, black, ash-gray, blue, pale yellow. Flowers - white carnation, black poppies, ivy. Metal - lead. Magic Talisman - Pets, especially Cats. Happy day of the week - Tuesday, Saturday. Faithful day - Monday, Thursday. Favorable digits - 3, 5, 7, 8 (all numbers, multiple on 8). 14. The significant years of life - 28, 35, 42, 56. The best years of birth on the Eastern calendar - Capricorn rat, Dragon-Capricorn, Capricorn Monkey. Annual Rise Rise Rise - the end of April - the beginning of May, the end of August, beginning of September, Winter. Energy decline period - the end of March - the beginning of April, the end of June is the beginning of July, a month before the birthday. The main advantages are seriousness, dedication, style. The main disadvantages are closed, careerism, stubbornness. Capricorn should be developed - an optimistic look and greater freedom of expression. Capricorn should be avoided - selfishness and melancholy. Action - expediency, administration. Ideals - faith, devotion, dedication. Magic Talismans - Stones Sign Zodiac Capricorn Capricorn - Agat, Alexandrite, Amethyst, Beryl, Turquoise, Gagat, Pomegranate, Cat Eye, Freshrain, Coral, Malachite, Morion, Nephritis, Ovolidian, Olivine, Opal, Onyx, Ruhatopaz, Ruby, Selenite, Chernelic, falconry, Tiger eye, tourmaline, chrysoprase, zircon, Yashma. Stones - Ruby, Onyx, Pomegranate, Lazurit.

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: December 22 - Almanandin December 23 - Agat on December 24 - Turquoise December 25 - Topaz December 26 - Chernelic December 27 - Zmeevik December 28 - OPAL December 29 - Topaz December 30 - Amazonite December 31 - Chrysoberill January 1 - Falcony Eye January 2 - Rubin January 3 - Onyx January 4 - Rhodonite January 5 - Pearl January 6 - Turquoise January 7 - Yashma January 8 - Rubin January 9 - Alexandrite January 10 - Zircon January 11 - Heliotrop January 12 - Jadeit January January 13 - Onyx January 14 - Rhodonite January 15 - Gagat January 16 - Onyx January 17 - Tiger eye January 18 - Emerald January 19 - Yasma January 20 - Lal

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 24

Birthday - from January 20 to 19 (20) of February. The symbol is two waves that indicate the "live" and "dead" water. It is often depicted in the form of a person who eats water out of the jug, which should denote the servant of mankind, aspiring to quench the thirst for knowledge. The ruling planets - Uranus and Neptune Life's motto - the desire for knowledge, perfection, progress. Element - Spilled Air - Ozone. Temperament is a lyric sanguine. Sign colors - gray, lilac, blue-green, purple (black color - unsuccessful). Flowers - violet, myrt, Narcissus. Metal - tin. Magic talisman - key, icon. Happy week of week - Wednesday, Saturday. Faithful day - Sunday. Favorable digits - 2, 4 (all numbers divided by 4), 8, 9, 11, 13. Recent years of life - multiple 9 and year: 29, 39, 49, as well as 21 and 42. The best years of birth on the Eastern Calendar - Aquarius-Bull, Aquarius-Snake, Aquarius-Cock. Annual Rim Rise - End of May - beginning of June, September Horses - Beginning of October, Winter. The period of energy decline is the end of April - the beginning of May, the end of July is the beginning of August, a month before the birthday. The main advantages are originality, altruism, idealism. The main disadvantages are anarchicity, distraction, sassay. Aquarius should be developed - intuition, care for near. Aquarius should be avoided - excessive fatigue, bad habits, postponing the case from day to day. Action - explore, work for the future. Ideals - loyalty, support, partnership. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Aquarius - Agate, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Beryl, Turquoise, Hyacinth, Pomegranate, Demantidoid, Pearls, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Flint, Coral, Lazurit, Nephritis, Obsidian, Opal, Sapphire, Sardoniks, Cherdenick, Falcine eye, respect, cultivitis, chrysoprase, crystal, citrine, jasper. Stones - grenades, light sapphire, opal, amethyst, lapis.

Stones-Talismans on the date of birth: January 20 - Lal January 21 - Hyacinth January 22 - Tsitrin January 23 - Amazonite January 24 - Lazarrit on January 25 - Agat January 26 - Nephritis January 27 - Rhinestone January 28 - Zircon January 29 - Sapphire January 30 - Amethyst January 31 - Chrysoprase February 1 - Lunar Stone February 2 - Turquoise February 3 - Turquoise February 4 - Beryl February 5 - Sardoniks February 6 - Sapphire February 7 - Agat February 8 - Malachite February 9 - Amber February 10 - Tiger eye February 11 - Heliotrop February 12 - Sardoniks February 13 - Feline Eye February 14 - Chrysoberill February 15 - Avanturine February 16 - Opal February 17 - Sapphire February 18 - Obsidian February 19 - Avenue February 20 - Coral

Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 1


Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture № 26

Birthday - from 19 (20) February 20 (21) Martha. The symbol is two lives or two fish floating in different directions. One fish floats downstream, pleaseing small; Another on spawning against the current, symbolizes the spiritual path of evolution. The ruling planets are Neptune and Venus. Life's motto - I believe, it means I exist. Element - splashing water - waves. Temperament - introverted phlegmatic. Colors - purple, purple, blue, purple, sea wave, steel. Flowers - Narcissus, Crocus, Jasmine, violets, forget-me-not. Metal - zinc. Magic talisman - nodules, monogram, Narcissus. Happy week of week - Monday, Thursday, Friday. Unfortunate day - Wednesday. Favorable digits - 6, 7 (all numbers divided by 7), 11. Recent years of life - 14, 24, 28, 42, 48, 56, 70, 72, 84. Best years of birth on the Eastern calendar - horse-horse, Fish dog, fish-rat, Dragon fish. Annual Rise Rise - End of June - early July, the end of October - the beginning of November, Spring. Energy decline period - the end of May - the beginning of June, the end of August - the beginning of September, a month before the birthday. The main advantages are sympathy, sacrifice, impulsivity. The main disadvantages are fanaticism, irresponsibility, secrecy. Fishes should be developed - the power of will, a realistic approach to life. Fishes should be avoided - alcohol, drugs, indulging in their own weaknesses. Action - Sympathy, Victim. Ideals - faith, hope, love. Magic Talismans - Stones Zodiac Sign Fish Fish-Aduralar, Amazonite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Berill, Berill, Turquoise, Gagat, Demantoid, Pearls, Coral, Kakholong, Lazurit, Morion, Nephritis, Olivine, Opal, Sapphire, Selenite, Cartellic , falconry, tiger eye, chrysolite, chrysoprase, spinel, euklas. Stones - Amethyst, pearls

Stones-Talismans by date of birth: February 19 - Avenue February 20 - Coral February 21 - Sapphire February 22 - Yantar February 23 - Nephritis February 24 - Chrysoberill February 25 - Gagat February 26 - Rodonit February 27 - Emerald February 28 - Tiger eye February 29 - Tiger eye March 1 - Amazonit March 2 - Pearls March 3 - Rhinestone March 4 - Carneol March 5 - Lal - Spinel April 6 - Amethyst March 7 - Sapphire March 8 - Aquamarine March 9 - Nephritis March 10 - Amethyst March 11 - Sardonix March 12 - Pomegranate March 13 - Olivine - Chrysolit March 14 - Beryl March 15 - Lunar Stone March 16 - Coral March 17 - Chrysoprase March 18 - Charoit March 19 - Sardoniks March 20 - Emerald March 21 - Sardonix

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Selection of stones on the sign of the zodiac. Stones and horoscope., Picture number 27

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