How to translate centner in tons

How to translate centners in tons?

In one ton of 10 centners.

So, 1 centner is one tenth of a ton:


Therefore, in order to translate the centners in tons, it is necessary to divide the number of centners by 10.

Formula for the translation of centners in tons:


Transfer of centners in tons to consider specific examples.

Examples .

Express in tons:

1) 5 centners;

2) 14 centners;

3) 20 centners;

4) 54.1 centners;

5) 3 tons of 9 centners;

6) 52 tons of 3 centners.

Decision :

To simplify recording, it is customary to use the following reductions:

1 centner = 1 c;

1 ton = 1 t.

We translate the centners in tons. For this, the number of centners divide by 10.

The answer can be written both in the form of ordinary and and the form of a decimal fraction.

If possible, an ordinary fraction should be reduced.

If you got the wrong fraction, it should be allocated from it a whole part.


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