How much and how to fry polytai in a pan with an appetizing crust

Mixtai in our families adore from Soviet times. Fish inexpensive, but insanely tasty, if you make it properly. You can serve with a garnish in the form of boiled rice or buckwheat, but better with potato mashed potatoes. By adding other ingredients to the main product, you can affect its taste. Lovers hurt necessarily try to choose special recipes for cooking, where the fish is enveloped into the fur coat or flour, breadcrumbs. So that the result pleased, but the taste did not disappoint, you need to know how much and how to fry polytai in a pan with an appetizing crust. Following the proven and at the same time simple advice, a budget dish is possible to turn into a restaurant without any costs and effort.

How much to fry Mintai: Features of frying and fish training

Mixtime will not need to prepare. Usually frying this fish are preferred in a pan, and leaves for her cooking no more than 20 minutes. We believe: first it is necessary to warm up 1.5-2 minutes, then 5-9 minutes to fry pieces on each side. You can leave the fish in a frying pan for another couple of minutes after turning off the plate.

Seeing such numbers, many run to the store, when they feel that they are late with the preparation of lunch. But it turns out that it will take much more time until the declared dish appears on the table. Preparatory work no one canceled:

  1. Usually, lawyers are sold in our stores or in markets in frozen form. We'll have to defrost it at home. Do not resort to the microwave or lower the frozen carcasses in hot water. It is better to leave them on the table so that the thawing went at room temperature, or in the refrigerator, on the balcony.
  2. Then the fish should be rolled, remove the scaly and wash. Even if it is sold planned, it is necessary to remove black films inside the abdomen, cut off the fins and tail. Even more time will leave for the cleaning of those who are going to prepare fillets Mixed.
  3. Before frying fish is usually cut into small portion pieces. It does not matter at 2 or 3 cm, the main thing is that the pieces are about the same. It is so easier to achieve uniform roaring fish.

Fry fish without defrosting is not recommended. It may turn out to be water, inside the piece often remains damp.

Even having ready-made fish in the kitchen, it is impossible to say for sure how much you have to fry Mintai to get a crust. It is necessary to navigate for 20 minutes, while the fish is preparing in a frying pan on medium fire. Time may increase for a few minutes or decrease depending on the size of the pieces, the thickness of the bottom of the frying pan, the heating intensity of the burner.

You can determine the readiness of the fish in a proven way: a piece is singered by a fork somewhere in the middle. The finished fiber fish are well separated.

How to fry poltay in flour

What could be easier than frying Mintai for dinner in a frying pan. But the task is not easy to fry, but get an appetizing golden crust. It will take the main additional ingredient - flour. She acts as a breading.

The fish cut into pieces is preparing on a classic recipe:

  1. For breading, flour is connected with a small amount of salt. You can add here the same spices for fish or freshly ground pepper.
  2. Each piece of pollock must be cut into flour on all sides.
  3. Laying prepared semi-finished products into a hot vegetable oil that does not have a pronounced smell.
  4. On each side, Mintay is fried 5-7 minutes before the appearance of goldenness.

If the pieces are large, it is possible at the final stage of cooking to cover with a lid in the pan. But it is impossible to keep fish on the stove closed for a long time, otherwise the appetizing crust will become soft.

Double panning Mixed in flour and egg (alternately) gives an even more dense crispy crust.

How to fry a mixture in a klyar

In Klyar, Mintay fry almost the same as in the flour. It is better to take fillet for this, rejecting the bone. Skin can be left so that the fish does not fall apart when cooking in a frying pan.

First you need to make a delicious car. It can be prepared from different ingredients:

  • Egg. Eggs are mixed with flour, salt and spices. You can add a little chopped dill. If the mass turned out very thick, you will have to add several spoons of milk.
  • Mayonnaise. Eggs are connected to mayonnaise, a sifted flour and spices are added, salt.
  • Beer. The base of the klyar makes up eggs, flour and salt. It adds a bit of good beer. The mass is mixed to homogeneity. Spices can not be used.
  • Cheese. Cheese is rubbed on a shallow grater, connects with eggs. Separately, it is necessary to prepare flour for the collapse. At first, the fish is foaming in the batter, then lines in the flour.

Less common are chickens on mineral water, kefir, sour cream. You can prepare it without flour using ground oatmeal. The appetizing crust in Mintai will be even more crispy, and the fish under it is incredibly juicy.

How to fry poltai without flour

Crispy crust in Mintare like most, and some do not use flour for frying fish. In this case, experienced cooks offer it to replace. There are several options, it is enough to consider the most affordable for a particular family.

The crust on the surface of the fish gives the collapse in the starch, semolina. You can use oatmeal, alternate them.

Frying Mixed in breadcrumbs

Getting a Mintopic crispy crust without flour helps breadcrumbs. You can use the finished product or residues of the dried and rolling white bread, unsweetened buns, cracker. Spices and salt are perfectly connected with breadcrumbs. In the process of frying, they will go into the fish and fill it with their taste.

You can connect the semolina with breadcrumbs, arbitrarily determining the amount of each ingredient.

How to fry poltai with bow

Mixtai, which is fried in a frying onion with a bow. The vegetable gives him a juiciness, the taste shall. But the addition of the bow can reduce the crisp properties of the crust. With proper preparation, it will be possible to achieve good results.

How to cook a mixture with a bow so as not to lose the crust:

  1. Fish is pre-prepared, as in the other recipes: to defrost completely, clean, remove fins. Wash and cut into pieces.
  2. In the hot oil roasted before the transparency of the bow. You can bring it only until half-ready and move aside.
  3. The remaining free place is laid out by Mintai, knocked in flour. Fish roasted on both sides.
  4. As soon as the pieces turned over, it is necessary to distribute the onions between them so that he will impregnate fish with his juice.

Mixtai is served on the table together with the bow. You can simultaneously fry the carrot with the way.

Basic rules of frying fish with a crust

There is a set of basic rules that should be followed by frying Mixed in order not to stay without appetizing crust:

  • It is necessary to use a frying pan having a rather thick bottom, then the fish will not fake;
  • exclusively refined oil is taken, which heats up well before the pieces of fish are laid out;
  • You can water the pieces with hot oil on top so that they immediately be baked from two sides, a crust is formed faster;
  • After removing from the frying pan, the fish must be shifted on paper towels, distributing it into one layer to remove excess oil;
  • Fire when frying fish should be average, so that it does not hazard, but also not "cooked" in its own juice.

Mixtai will always be with a rosy appetizing crust, if you stick to the simple rules of frying fish in a frying pan and know how many minutes to cook it. And everything will turn out, and even the first time.

How to fry poltai

Fish Mintai distinguishes lowness and versatility. Thanks to the neutral taste, the product is perfectly combined with both acidic and salted, as well as an acute component of the dish, the ingredients make the Fish Mintai still rich. Any owner needs to know how to fry polytai by different recipes.


Most often, lawyer is sold in ice cream. According to the standards and standards of quality, ice icing, which holshes the fish, should take no more than four percent of the entire mass of the carcass. If the ice crust is absent, it will lead to dry goods.

Tip: You should pay attention to meat, in normal fish it is white. The presence of yellowish or pink spots testifies to the dwelling of the goods.


How to fry poltai

Defrost fish better in room conditions. For the speed of the process, you can lower the carcass in cold water. Before cooking, fish is clean. A carcass must be located on a cutting board in such a position to hold her tail with his left hand. In the process of cleaning, you will have to hold a carcass in the area of ​​the tail. The knife should slide against scales, so it will be to clean from the scales each side of Mixed.


The fish head is cut off in a centimeter from the place where the gills are located. The fish turns over for the belly at the top, it is longitudinally cut. They are engaged in the excavator of the indoors and the black film so that it does not fit the bitterness.

The cleaned carcass is well rolled in a cold water. With a dry fish, it will be necessary to cut off the tail and arm. Fish can prepare in the form of portion pieces or as fillet.

In a frying pan

How to fry poltai

How much to fry polytai is determined, based on the size of the portion piece. The large-sized parts should be frying in a frying pan 8 or 10 minutes, which is longer than 3 or 4 minutes. Than when the pieces of medium sized are soaked. If large fishes are fried whole, it is necessary about 10 or 12 minutes.

Tip: Fire mode is first exhibited on average value, gradually heat is added, frying pan is covered with a lid to for 5 minutes. Fish could fully spike.


Fry fish fillet is easy, for this you need to prepare: 3 fillet parts, chicken eggs (pair of pieces), acute diluted mustard (3 large spoons), wheat flour, two or three handfuls of crackers, a little soy sauce, salt, and pen.

The filleic parts are seeded in pieces so that each of the size of about 4 centimeters into width. Mustard and testicles are whipped into a creamy mass. Salt, pen and flour are mixed separately. Each piece is dipped in mustard sauce, covered in a cup with flour, then in crackers.

The time to fry the pieces of Fish Mintai, it will take a bit, fish meal is preparing quickly, for each side you will need 2 or 3 minutes. Mixtai will have time to be able to twist.

If fillet from the store was frozen, it is better to hold it in the refrigerator until the next day, just to fry. The slow defrost process is suitable for Mintu. Before burning from the fishery, an extra moisture is removed, for this, the carcaste is wrapped with napkins.

Vegetable oil is poured on a hot frying pan, and laying in dishes of the filleled pieces of Malta, when it becomes hot. Soy sauce will need when the kushan is ready, they need to sprinkle the fish slightly, to serve hot with vegetable mix.


How to fry poltai

For tenderness and juiciness of fish meat, it is necessary to fry the product using breading, which is not only flour, but also some other ingredients.


Frying Mintai, using crackers, you need, if you strive for compatibility of an exquisite dish, which seems to be in the language. This technology is ideal to use for the preparation of the fuel parts of the fish in a frying pan.

Each piece must be salted and tied up, dip in the dishes with flour, then in the bowl with whipped eggs, then dangle in breadcrumbs. Share on the pan, fry every side of 3 minutes, until the mixture does not cover a brownish crust. The dish is perfect for a snack.


To make fish in a frying pan in the flour, it must be salt, sprinkle with a pepper, sprinkle a lemon juice from above, to cut in torching. The product is laid out on a hot oil pan, exhibiting the middle fire, Mixtai is stronger on fire.

On what fire is better to fry fish, you need to know. Excessively strong mode can add cork too quickly, but will not allow meat to drip inside if you reap for at least 2 minutes. Fish in a frying pan, Mintai may turn out too dry.

On the table of Mintay, it is best to put in a gravy. Spices to taste, you can decorate greens.


How to fry poltai

In walnut nuts, fish need to fry, using a special cooking technology for cooking. For this, the dry frying pan is taken, it is roasted with nucleists, when they are cool, they put them with a rolling pin before the formation of crumbs. Mark nuts with a coffee grinder or blender is not worth it, oil will be released in the process.

Tip: Fish in nuts is soft, with spicy aroma. It is better to give an appetizing fish dish in a sweet sauce with sourness.


For Mixed in Klyar, it is necessary to prepare: a carcass weighing 400 g., Half a glass of flour, 1 egg, a piece of the reptile onion, an average carrot, a spoon of sea salt and 4 large spoons of sunflower or olive oil.

The fishing is cleaned and stuck, the egg is whipped in a bowl, salt crystals and spices separately mixed with flour, frying pan with butter is heated. Mixtai needs to be cut, fish pieces to cut in the egg mass, then in flour. Fry the product will need until golden color appear.

The cut-out finely loafs and grated carrots are poured into a separate frying pan, the vegetables are passable, the roaster is laid out to Montaus, watering mayonnaise, all together should fry no more than 5 minutes. On average mode.

With sour cream

How to fry poltai

In order to fry correctly, half a kilo fish need: 150 ml. Smetaneki, Morkovina, onion head, a little salt and peppers, a couple of large spoons with flour, 4 large spoons of sunflower oil.

Putting a pollock carcass correctly, cutting it on not too large pieces, sprinkling salt and pepper on them, and waiting about 15 minutes. Separately, the bulb crumbs and the carrot is largely thrown along. The frying pan is heated, oil is poured onto it and they throw onion, after five minutes. Roasted carrots pierced vegetables for 5 minutes.

From the top of the onion with carrots lay fish slices, after 5 minutes. They pour sour cream, mixtage mixed in sour cream, and fried 15 minutes.

With onion

For the preparation of a carcass weighing 400 g. Ingredients will be needed: a pair of spoon heads, a large spoon with flour, one lemons, 4 large spoons of sunflower or olive oil, a bowl of the salt of a salt of a hill, half a teaspoon of ground pepper.

The net scotable and dry fish is cut, obtaining longitudinal either by transverse portion slices that can be salted, stick and water squeezed lemon juice. In juice, the fish insists 10 minutes. Onions should be cut on rings.

Mixtai with a bow roars on a preheated frying pan, it is glowed with a strong mode, then oil is added. Flour must be mixed with salt. In it, the pieces of Muscat, which are then placed in the pan. One side should be frying about 10 minutes., Turning over and adding onion, prepare for another 5 minutes. The taste of dishes is pretty piquant.

In the oven

How to fry poltai

An exquisite dish can be surprised by households or guests, preparing a mixture in the oven, in this case the fish should be frying on a fight with a predetermined foil, sprinkling the product with a special fish seasoning. If you add cream sauce and put a baking sheet in the closet, after 20 minutes. Delicious dinner will be ready.

You can cook even more juicy dish. Middle fish pieces can be salted and pinned. Top of pieces on the baking sheet applied medium caring carrots in any quantity. Then the oscillates are laid out, the products are lubricated by mayonnaise, you can add some water. From above the grated cheese is sprinkled. The baking sheet is placed in a preheated cabinet.


In Mintai, there are many protein and easily durable fat, in the seafood composition there are saturated fatty acids and phosphorus. Rich fish calcium, iron, iodine, zinc, cobalt and other macroelements and trace elements, vitamins. The beneficial properties of this fish will be helped by those who have anemia, to strengthen bones. Use seafood is necessary for improving brain activity.

A source

It would seem that there is nothing like that. But from this usually at first glance product, you can cook an incredibly tasty dish, which will surprise the whole family. This is a very tasty sea fish. It has practically no bones, useful substances are saved with frying. Neutral taste is well suitable for any dishes, whether it is salt or acute food. Therefore, you can safely experiment, besides, recipes are quite simple. All you need is to properly prepare a carcass, fry in a frying pan and, at will, make a delicious sauce.

If you like fish dishes, then I also recommend the pie - these are open yeast dough pies, as well as delicious pancakes with salmon and juicy mackerel in the oven. And if you have a holiday, you will definitely prepare hot sandwiches with sprats and a new mimo.

The most delicious recipe for fried Mixed in breadcrumbs

Universal method of frying sea fish - in breadcrumbs. It is fast, tasty and reliable. Sounded, passed and knocked in breadcrumbs. On everything, along with hot, 15 minutes will leave. But today I suggest a little complicate the recipe for it is even tastier.


  • Mintay
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Salt, pepper - to taste
  • Flour
  • Eggs


Fillet Pointing cut into pieces, salt, pepper. Eggs to beat the fork.

Owl pieces of fish in flour. To dip immediately in the egg. The third layer is cut into breadcrumbs. Such triple armor will not give Montau to lose juice, it will remain juicy after frying. Flour and egg will give the stickiness and breadcrumbs will not be sprinkled.

Fry on a hot frying pan with a moderate amount of oil on both sides.

Stay on paper towels to remove excess fat. Serve tasty with puree, green peas and greens.


How tasty prepare a mixture in a frying pan

Juicy and tasty polty in a pan will like even those who are indifferent to fish dishes. Fish is very juicy and gentle. Be sure to take note of this easy recipe.

To do this, need:

  • Mixtai - 1 pc.
  • Fish seasoning - ½ tsp.
  • Flour - 100 g
  • Salt - ½ tsp.
  • Corn flour - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Chicken yolk - 1-2 pcs.


Take a frostbed carcass, cut the fins (you can use scissors or a regular knife). Then you need to thoroughly clean the fish inside.

Cut into pieces. Very large parts can be cut even along. Rinse with running water and give it a drain.

Put the chopped mixture in a bowl, sprinkle seasoning for fish. Leave for 10-15 minutes.

Pour flour to the plate and add salt to it (it does not need to salt additionally). Add corn flour, she will give an unusual taste.

In a bowl with fish, add chicken eggs and prevent well that every piece is smeared with a yolk.

Sprinkle fish with 2 tablespoons of a flour mixture so that the eggs are well fuel slices. Mix everything.

Preheat pan with vegetable oil.

Each piece is cut from all sides in a mixture of flour and you can send to roast on a heated frying pan. Fry from two sides to a crust of golden dough.

Optionally, at the end, you can sprinkle with greenery (dill, parsley).

After you need to add a couple of tablespoons of boiling water from two sides of a pan so that the fish a little steam.

For a couple of minutes, cover the lid to the mixture turned out to be softer and gentle.

How to prepare Mixtai in a frying pan

Recipe roasted pollock with bow

A recipe for an ambulance hand will make it possible to prepare a very tasty and juicy fish, in a creamy sauce that will melt in the mouth. It will take a little time on cooking and need quite some products. You can still improve the recipe, making it all the same, just fry onions together with carrots, sliced ​​thin straw and zucchini (also straw), then also put pieces of pollock and stew. It turns out very tasty, plus the garnish is still. Let's start recipe.


  • Mixtai - 1 pc. (900 gr.)
  • Onions - 2 pcs.
  • Salt - to taste (about 1 tsp)
  • Creamy oil - 35 gr.
  • Black pepper - 10 peasors
  • Bay leaf - 2 pcs.

Step-by-step cooking.

The recipe is no different from the preparation of heck.

Fish need to defrost, rinse well under water and cut all fins, clean carefully inside. Remove all films. Rinse and dry.

Cut into several medium in size pieces. Large parts can be cut another 2-3 piece. Salt well from all sides and leave for a few minutes.

Clean the bow and cut into semir.

Preheat the frying pan on butter, with a laurel sheet, black and fragrant pepper (optional).

Pour the whole onion into the pan, it can be somewhat salted.

After a couple of minutes you can upload pieces. From the bottom gently with a blade or fork to get the onions and sprinkle a little fish.

Cover with a lid and leave for 10-12 minutes. After turning the pieces on the other side and close the lid again for 10 minutes.

Very tasty and fragrant fish is ready.

Roasted prescription with bow. By

How to fry fish mixtail in flour

To prepare a delicious mixture, no special culinary skills will be required, sufficiently stock in the necessary ingredients and allocate half an hour for cooking.


  • Mintai - 900 gr. (2 small carcass)
  • Water is 0.5 liters.
  • Salt - ½ tbsp. l.
  • Sugar - ½ tbsp. l.
  • Flour
  • Vegetable oil


Take fish, clean from scales, fins, cut off the tail, and clean the inside, remove the black film.

Cut poltai to medium pieces. In a separate container, pour water, add salt, sugar and well prevent.

All pieces of fish are placed in water. Leave for 20-30 minutes.

Merge water. Each piece of pollock is cut on every side in flour.

Preheat a frying pan with vegetable oil (it should not be enough). When the oil warms well, you can upload pieces of fish.

Fry on medium heat for 5 minutes on each side to form a golden crust.

When turning the fish to the other side, the skillet must be covered with a lid and fry until complete readiness.

On this cooking ends, there is nothing complicated.

How to fake Mintai in the flour

Mintai in a cat in a pan at home

Delicious Mixtai in the batter can be prepared independently in a frying pan. It turns out a very tasty dish to dinner. In many recipes, the clarity is riveted in lumps during frying. I will tell you how to cook it properly, so as not to roll.


  • Mintai - 1 large or 2 small fish
  • Flour - on the eye
  • Chicken Egg - 2 pcs.
  • Mineral water
  • Potato starch - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Salt, pepper to taste
  • Vegetable oil

Phased cooking.

Prepare fish. Remove all unnecessary, namely fins, tail, to remove the black film inside. Cut into small pieces (not too small and not too big). Put in a bowl, pepper and salt.

Now you can move to the cooking of the klya. In a separate container, add two eggs.

Eggs in a bowl beat a fork well, add pepper, salts (about 1/3 hours), it's good to beat everything.

Add flour, approximately a couple of tablespoons.

There are no installed proportions in the ingredients, you need to look at the eye. The mixture should turn out to be medium density.

Add starch and about 1/3 cup mineral water here. As a result, the mixture will be similar to the dough on pancakes (like a thick sour cream), but it should not be frightened, everything should be. If it turned out to be liquid - you need to add flour, if thick water.

Gradually pour mineral water, but that it turned out not too rare a mixture, otherwise the clarity with frying will roll. It should be similar to a thick sour cream. If you get rare, you can add flour. It is necessary to interfere until the lumps will disappear.

Preheat the frying pan, pour vegetable oil more.

While the oil is heated, each piece is well blocked in the grain and lay out onto a frying pan. Fry on fire slightly less than the average 5-7 minutes before the formation of a golden crust. Then turn over the other side.

In order for the fish to be soft and tender, it will not be thrown into a skillet. You need to modify one side well, and only then turn the other.

Dish is ready, it looks very appetizing.

Mintai in a frying pan at home. By

How to put out delicious mixtures with carrots and onions in mayonnaise (sour cream) in a frying pan

The familiar roasted mixture can be made even tastier, prepare a delicious sauce. There is nothing complicated. This is an incredibly gentle and savory fish in sour cream sauce with vegetables to prepare quickly and easily!

Required products:

  • Fish (Mintai or Heck) - 800 grams.
  • Sour cream 20% fatty or mayonnaise - 300 gr.
  • Fish seasoning - 1 tsp.
  • Onions - 1 pc. (medium size)
  • Carrot - 1 pc. (medium size)
  • Olive oil - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Spices to taste


Fish to defrost, rinse under water, rolling, remove fin, tail and inner black film.

Cut into portions. Pieces put in a deep bowl.

Now go to marinency. In a bowl to Mintay, add olive oil. It will help spices better reveal and give taste. Sprinkle the seasoning for fish, ½ h. Spicy pepper, paprika hammer, slightly less ground pepper and salt. All mix well and leave for 25 minutes.

At this time, you can do vegetables. Clear onions and carrots. Onions cut by half rings. Carrot to lose on a large grater.

In the frying pan heat the vegetable oil and fry the onions and carrots to the golden color, interferes periodically. When a golden crust began to appear, you need to add 100 ml of drinking water and a little salt.

Reduce to medium fire and you can send pieces. Each of them needs to add sour cream.

Cover with a lid, reduce on a slow fire and leave to stew 15-20 minutes.

Fish is ready. It looks unrealistic appetizing, can be served with potatoes and vegetables.

How to put out a delicious mixture with carrots and onions in mayonnaise on a frying pan

Mintai fried with filling from sour cream

Delicious mixtures can be prepared in sauce from sour cream. The recipe is simple, so you will definitely get ready to prepare a delicious fried fish in a pan.


  • Mintai - 800 gr.
  • Salt - 1 tsp.
  • Pepper - 1 tsp.
  • Onions - 2 pcs.
  • Carrot - ½ PC. (You can take more if you like carrots)
  • Fat sour cream - 1 tbsp. l. (can be more)
  • Vegetable oil.


Fresh-frozen mixture rinse under water, dried with a paper towel. Cut fins, tail, clean inside. It should be dropped on half. Cut out medium pieces, each of which salute and pepper on both sides. Leave aside for 15 minutes.

At this time, vegetables can be prepared. Onions cut into semirings, carrots also cut into thin rings, and then straw. The greater the onions, the greater the juice. Fry everything in a frying pan with vegetable oil to a golden crust, stirring.

When the onions and carrots are a bit pushed, you need to add sour cream, prevent. Add 100 ml of clean water, salted, leave on fire for a couple of minutes. It turns out good jet from sour cream and onions. It must be carefully pouring into a separate saucepan.

Now goes to frying fish. On the pan again pour vegetable oil and lay out pieces of fish. Fry on medium heat until golden crust on each side of 5 minutes.

Ready fish now need to put in the finished sauce. Put a saucepan on a slow fire, cover with a lid so that everything goes well, from the moment of boiling literally 5-7 minutes.

It looks very much appetizing, to the dish of an incredible fragrance.

Mintai fried with a fiddle from sour cream. By

Mixed fillet in a crunchy beer klyar

What do you think, is there a secret to get an ideal blister? There is not one. First you need to use a baking powder. Secondly, be sure to add corn flour or starch. And the third, the most important focus, purple and the fish itself should be as cold as possible. This will not provide a likely "crunchy".


  • Fillet Malta without bones - 4 pcs.
  • Rice flour or starch - 2 S.L.
  • Salt, pepper, seasonings at will

For a blister:

  • Flour - 1 cup
  • Rice flour or starch (corn or potato) - 2 S.L.
  • Small salt - 1/2 C.L.
  • Bustyer - 1/4 tsp
  • Beer - about 1 tbsp.


First of all, you need to test if there is no bones in fillet. If there is, delete. Rinse and dry by fillet with paper towels.

Fish should be as dry as possible. If you use frozen, make sure it is completely eliminated and carefully remove the excess moisture before applying a light layer of flour on it.

Cut on rectangular lumps. Rice flour to mix with salt, pepper, spices (optional). Slightly cut the lump in this mixture. And put in the refrigerator until you start frying.

It is best to use rice flour for this, but corn or potato starch will also fit.

Move the flour with a baking powder and salt with the help of a whin to enrich it with oxygen. Add starch or rice flour.

Introducing ice beer with parts, constantly stirring the wedge. Bring the dough to the state of liquid sour cream (kefir).

The dough should be very cold. Therefore, until the moment of use, it must be kept in the refrigerator or even the freezer.

Squeeze (right to drown) a piece of fillet into a clarity and fry in a large amount of hot oil.

That is, cook like in deep fryer. You can use a fryer if there is.

But you can fry and in the usual way in a small amount of oil.

See what appetizing! What a crust on them, not slipping and crumbs. The most thing!

You can serve your favorite sauce, such as sour cream or mayonnaise with garlic, paprika, mushrooms and greens.

Mintai in a beer grade. Author

Video on how to fry frozen poltai in a potato chicken

To give the fried Montau of an unusual taste, you can diversify a little recipe. It can be prepared not only in sauce from sour cream, with onions and carrots. It is quite tasty it turns out in a potato grain. In the video, it is shown in detail how to make a dish correctly. If you follow the instructions, everything will definitely work out. The recipe is light and requires a minimum of ingredients.


  • Fish fillet (Mintai) - 500 gr.
  • Potatoes - 8-9 pcs.
  • Salt - 1/2 C.L.
  • Egg - 1 pc.
  • Flour - for the roller
  • Black pepper - to taste
  • Seasoning to fish - 1/3 tsp.

Cooking See in the video of the authoroa.

Today I want to share with you my favorite recipes for making Malta. Probably there are practically no people who do not like fish. From it you can cook many delicious dishes.

Mintai, Fish, is one of the popular and available in nutrition. Love has won, and popularity among the population, thanks to the taste and availability of the product, along with herring, skombing, Hamsa.

Depending on the region, the fish is sold in a fresh or frozen form. In our stores are available only frozen. It is sold without head according to GOST. The average fish size is 350 gr., But can reach 600 grams.

Due to the fact that the fish is not fat, it is quickly prepared, well combined with various sides, has a small cost, and little waste is in great demand among the population. Contains vitamins A, D, and vitamins of group B, as well as, iodine, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, fluorine.

When buying, even if the fish is frozen, it is important that it does not freeze it many times, and it is not deflated, since when cooking it disintegrates, and loses its taste.

Mixtai of good quality should have: light shine, distinguishable under the freezing layer, light skin under the husks, fins on the back, tail and lower abdomen, fish fragrance.

In some cases, the purchased frozen product can be frozen, but for this, well wrap the food film, and put in a separate freezer box.

You can defrost in the refrigerator, or at room temperature, and only in some cases, for the kitlet, or the filling, the fish can be poured with cold water.

An excellent addition to Monta is considered to be such spices as:

  • ground black pepper;
  • a mixture of peppers;
  • Fresh parsley;
  • parsnip;
  • ginger;
  • mint;
  • nutmeg;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Hvel-Sunnels;
  • Seasoning for carrot "in Korean".

You can prepare from Mixed:

  • Fish soup (ear);
  • bay;
  • casserole;
  • pate;
  • stewed fish in tomato or sour cream;
  • Cutlets;
  • fish in the dough;
  • bits;
  • frkin;
  • canned;
  • Hehe;
  • Meators.

Mintai roasted in a frying pan

Mixed salted or boiled fillet can be used in the preparation of sandwiches and salads, and dried up as a snack to beer.

On the side dish you can file:

  • Potatoes and other starchy vegetables in a boiled or any other "hot" form;
  • pasta;
  • salted or fresh vegetables;
  • any greens;
  • porridge (buckwheat, pearl, wheat, peashed, rice);
  • green pea;
  • Vegetable salads;
  • Boiled beans.

Mintai, cooked in foil or grilled, can be used in the diet with proper nutrition.

Mintai fried in a frying onion with a bow: step-by-step recipe

Today I will share my favorite prescription preparation of Mixed, Heck or Notagination. Fish is very gentle, directly melts in the mouth - without exaggeration!

Tasty, juicy, gently, fragrant. It is perfect for children, for people who observe the diet, as the fish is stealing. It is preparing very quickly and simply from the minimum number of ingredients that are always in the refrigerator.

With potato mashed potatoes - just real sodium! You can serve with fresh or marinated vegetables, or as an independent dish!


  • Mixtai - 1 kg.
  • Onions - 2 pcs.
  • Creamy oil - 35 gr.
  • Salt - in Cush
  • Black pepper - 10 peas
  • Bay leaf - 2 pcs.

You can buy Heck, Mintai, or Standard. There is a fish that needs to be cleaned, but sold and already brought, or the one on which there is no scales. You can ask the seller, and he will tell you. If there is scales, it must be cleaned, and rinse fish under cold water.

Fish need to defrost, wash, cut the fins, and cut into portions.

Slices need to be salted, and pepper. You can add only salt. You see, what fresh fish, she did not defams, and did not freeze many times. Such a product will not disintegrate, and do not fall asleep when cooking.

Flagly put on fire, heating. We add butter, pepper peas, and bay leaf. You can add spices for fish, optional.

It is not necessary to replace the butter vegetable, in this recipe it is this kind of oil that makes the dish gentle, with a creamy pleasant taste.

The bulb we clean, and cut the semirings, lay out in spices, and oil. Onions onions about 3 minutes, not fry, but in a creamy oil.

Then the shovel, we remove the bow, put a piece of fish, next to, move the bow, put another piece of fish, and so lay out all the fish.

We cover with a lid, the pastry 10 minutes on slow fire, not fry, and carcass in butter.

Then, turn over the pieces on the other side, and another 10 minutes under the lid.

We shift the finished dish on a plate, watering a gravy, and serve on the table. You can spray fresh greens. An excellent dish to any side dish will suit the vegetables, or porridge. You can eat like an independent dish with a dish of every piece in gravy. Fish gets juicy and gentle.

I recommend cooking, you will not regret, but we still have many interesting recipes, so stay with me, and you will learn everything in detail, and step by step, because each recipe is provided with step-by-step photos, which will facilitate the cooking process.

How to fry poltay in flour

This recipe implies frying the whole carcass of fish on vegetation oil. No need to cut pieces, we will fry in vegetable oil.


  • 1.2 kg. fish (better to take a small mixture),
  • panicing flour
  • 3 spoons of lemon juice,
  • vegetable oil,
  • salt,
  • Black and red ground pepper.

Fish clamp, wash, cut the fins and tail.

Split carcasses at room temperature, or in the refrigerator, you can defrost in the water when you prepare fish cutlets, or use as a filling for pies, or pies.

Fish fold in a bowl, salt, add black and red ground pepper. We pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and 3 spoons of lemon juice.

Flour is sprinkled in a deep container, and to cut Minttai from all sides in flour.

Put on the fire, pour vegetable oil, warming up.

Fry fish for 3-4 minutes on the one hand, then turn over, and fry from the second side. As you can see, fish boils in oil. It is necessary to fry on medium heat if the fire will be strong, then the fish burns from above, we need a uniform roasting.

We lay out the fish on a paper towel to remove excess vegetable oil. Apply to the table. Very tasty with potato mashed potatoes, with acidic or fresh vegetables. Sprinkle with greens and serve! This is delicious!

Video recipe, how delicious frying Mintai in a frying pan

The fish turns out the juicy, gentle, soft, lags behind the bone. The aroma of fish and fresh greenery and manits everyone to the table. We have children love very much, but they are simply tired of cooking, I pick up interesting recipes, and experimenting. This is allowed to diversify the menu, and delicious feed the whole family.

Press the button, view the video, and cook the fish. This dish is suitable not only on weekdays, for the everyday menu, but also on the festive table. Bon Appetit!

Mintai roasted in a pan with onions and carrots

Fish roasted and stewed together with onions, carrots and tomato in a pan. Excellent addition to puree.


  • 1 kg. Mixed
  • 1 Lukovitsa
  • 1 carrot
  • 1-2 Tomato


  • Tablespoon flour stir with cold water 250 ml.) Before homogeneity
  • add salt, pepper, seasonings,
  • sour cream or mayonnaise,
  • You can Ketchup

Wash the fish, cut the pieces of 4-5 cm. Before you cut cut the tail and fins, goggle. Space slices Space, mix.

Put flour in a bowl. Put the frying pan on the fire, pour the oil when the oil will warm up. Slices of fish cut in flour from all sides. Fry fish in vegetable oil from two sides.

While a fish is fried cleaning onions, carrots. Cutting onion by half rings, carrots three on the grater. Tomato cut by pieces. When the pieces were roasted on the one hand, turn them over them, and fry 5 minutes from the second side. Then in the frying pan supper the cut onions, and distribute on the surface of the fish.

Then lay the carrots, and tomatoes, distribute over the surface of the fish.

In the meantime, we will drag the flour with water, add salt, black pepper. Mix so that there are no lumps.

I love to add a bit of sugar into gravy, literally a teaspoon, so the pour is fruited with a sour-sweet taste, contrast appears in the dish.

We pour into the fish, close the lid and shop to readiness. Pour not at one point, but over the entire surface.

We lay out vegetables and pieces of pollock on a plate, add vegetables, and we feed on the table.

Serve better in warm form, tasty with any side dish, and just like that.

Cooking fried polytya in a klyar

The caloric content of the fish depends on the ingredients of the components of the composition, and on the method of preparation.

Clar allows you to make fish juicy, keep the juice and taste of fish. It is prepared in different ways, using mineral water, beer, eggs, flour. You can prepare on the basis of sour cream or mayonnaise. Add spices and greens.

We most often sell fish whole, or fillet. Fillet not only can be given to the grain, but also make cutlets or meatballs. But fish in the batter, it turns out, just a bomb!


  • For 400 gr. Malta fillet
  • Salt to taste
  • Lemon juice 2-2.5 st. l.
  • Pomegranate juice 2 art. l.

Marinate 1.5 hours


  • 2 eggs,
  • 1.3 h. L salts
  • 1.3 h. L sharp red pepper
  • 2 tbsp. l. sour cream
  • 3 tbsp. l flour

File Mixed to defrost, cut into pieces. Add lemon juice, salt and black pepper.

Add garnet juice and leave to pick up 1.5 hours. Be sure to mix everything so that each piece is covered with marinade.

It is possible to use soy sauce instead of salt, in it a lot of sodium, salt and unnecessary, but the taste turns out saturated, and special. Marinades based on this sauce are always tasty.

We prepare a pungent, drive 2 eggs in a bowl, add salt, pepper. You can pour spices for fish.

We add sour cream, mix, and snatch flour. Mix very well so that there are no lumps.

You can instead of sour cream use yogurt without additives, or mayonnaise. If you cook with sour cream, it is preferable to take a rustic one.

Class pour into fish, and mix well so that each piece is covered with a klyar.

Pour vegetable oil in the pan. Heat, and lay out pieces at a distance from each other.

Fry for 5-7 minutes on each side, the fire is needed average, we do not need to burn the dish, but only fry!

Video on how to prepare Mixtai in a batter with rice and mushroom sauce

Have you ever tried such a dish? If not, it's time to cook. The combination of foods in the dish makes it extraordinarily delicious, which you will like and your guests!

Watch the video and prepare a delicious dish. Moreover, everything is described in detail, and shown.

Mixtai in breadcrumbs with a crispy crust - fingers losing!

This dish need to eat in a warm form, as crunchy crushes, when only cooked, and the dish is much more tastier. In this way, you can prepare fish in the oven, or a pan, it turns out so tasty, which really, "fingers lick".

It turns out a juicy fish inside, and on top of a crispy crust.


  • Fillet Pointy - 600 g
  • Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Mayran - 1 tsp.
  • Garlic dry ground - 1/2 h. L.
  • Dry bread crumbs - 1/3 cup (65 ml)
  • Paprika sweet - 1 tsp.
  • Salt, black pepper to taste

Fish fillet should be washed, dry with a paper towel to remove moisture residues. Remove the bones. Most often there are bones, they need to be removed.

Cut fillets with pieces. You define the size of pieces yourself, as you like more. You can large, or a little less. Solim and pepper on both sides.

Mayonnaise is placed in a cup, add dry ground garlic, and mayonaran, you can use fresh garlic, which pre-skip through the press. You can experiment with spices, or add those you like. All mix up to homogeneity.

We prepare the dry mixture, for this, in a bowl, we smell a cruck, and paprika, all mix. You can cook crackers from the baton or buy breadcrumbs.

Each piece of fish to delete the mayonnaise sauce, make it a tassel, on both sides, and cut break in breadcrumbs. If you do not use mayonnaise, replace it with yogurt, or sour cream.

Fry in a frying pan, in vegetable oil from two sides until ready.

We lay out the fish on a paper towel to remove excess vegetable oil. You can serve as an independent dish, or with vegetables, and any garnish.

The fish itself turns out gentle inside, as the clarity allows you to save all the juice, it envelops from all sides, the fragrant crispy crust turns on top, and inside a juicy fish fillet.

Delicious and juicy polytya in tomato sauce in a pan

I offer a very tasty fish in tomato sauce, complemented by vegetables. You just imagine soft stew vegetables are perfectly combined with a gentle fillet. Which, soaking with vegetable juice, it turns out juicy and gentle.


  • Mintai - 700 gr.
  • Carrot - 2 pcs.
  • Onions - 3 pcs.
  • Pepper sweet - 2 pcs.
  • Tomato juice - 350 ml.
  • Sugar - 1 table. Spoon with a slide,
  • Lemon juice - 1 table. the spoon,
  • Salt, pepper Chern. Like. - taste.
  • Vegetable oil for frying,
  • Seasoning for fish - 1 teaspoon with slide,
  • Bay leaf - 3 pcs.,
  • Carnation - 5 pcs.

Fish to clean, worn, wash under running water, cut the tail and fins. Clean vegetables.

We add salt, pepper, spices into the fish, and lemon juice, all mix well so that each piece is covered with marinade. Onions, carrots, and sweet peppers cut a sharp knife.

Pour vegetable oil in the pan, heat, and fry in such a sequence, first lay onions, fry 2-3 minutes, then carrots, also stirring, and sweet pepper, all mixed, and wearing vegetables.

We pour tomato juice, add salt, sugar, and spices. We try to fill the taste, if something is not enough, in your opinion, add.

In a separate pan, forging each piece of fish on both sides.

We shift in the gravy, cover with a lid, and 7-10 minutes cars. Decorate with greens, and serve to the table.

Mixtai has been considered a budget fish for many years, which is available for acquisition at any time of the year. It became popular among Russians, thanks to excellent taste, as a herdded, mackerel, Hamsa. In different regions of the country, Mintai can be sold, both in fresh and frozen form, it is necessary to have a head removed. As a rule, the average fish weighs at least 350 and not more than 600 grams.

Due to the low fat content, the sea inhabitant can be quickly prepared, it is perfectly combined with your favorite side dishes. With the cutting of a pollock waste, it is not a bone fish, so it can be safely offered to children. In white meat, almost all vitamins and minerals are contained, including iodine and magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

Sometimes before hostess, there is a question about why Mixtai is falling apart at their frying pan? In order for such trouble, it does not happen, you need to trace so that the carcasses are not frozen and did not spin several times. Otherwise, fish pieces are necessarily breaking down and lose taste.

Mixtai excellent quality is characterized by a glitter, which is distinguished even under the layer of ice. He has light skin under the scales, and the aroma is gentle and light.

Do not think that Mixtai is too dry and tasteless. This is not the case, since marine gifts are dietary and useful. The most important thing to decide how much preparing polytai is, because an extra minute in the oven or in a pan will make it almost incredible. It will be completely different in the taste of fish, although it was preparing for one recipe, but with different chefs.

Mintai fried in a pan with onions, carrots and mayonnaise

The fish on the above recipe comes out unusually tender, it just melts in the mouth in a few minutes. Delicious, juicy, fragrant mixture is perfect for a child and a person who keeps the diet as it is stealing in its own juice. Cooking a real culinary masterpiece can be quite simple, it will be necessary to make a minimum of products that can always be found in the refrigerator.

Mintai fried in a pan with onions, carrots and mayonnaise

Set of ingredients:

  • 2-3 carcass polls;
  • 5-6 st. l. Wheat flour;
  • Vegetable oil for roasting;
  • 1-2 bulbs;
  • 1-2 large carrots;
  • 3 Laurel sheet;
  • 1 tsp. scented hammer pepper;
  • 1 tsp. Coriander;
  • 150 gr. mayonnaise;
  • 150 gr. sour cream;
  • ½ st. milk or water;
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking scheme:

Mixtai to part and wash, cut every carcass on 3 pieces. Owning every fish slice in flour as closely as possible.

Cut fish

Fry polytai on medium heat on a hot oil before the appearance of a golden crust. Grate the carrot on the grater, lay it on the pan in the oil after fish. After 5 minutes, put on the onions on it, shouting onto it, to grieve until soft under the lid.

Start the pestle in the mortar, all spices, laurel and salt to homogeneous mass. Mix mayonnaise with sour cream, add spices. If necessary (optional stage), pour several spoons of milk for a more liquid state.


Pour pieces of pollock and vegetables prepared sauce. Add some water or milk to get rid of fish from dryness. Cover the frying pan with a lid and swipe until a slow fire is ready.

A similar hot dish is very tasty to serve with a potato mashed potatoes, fresh or pickled cucumber. The positive side of the recipe is that Mixtai prepared in this way is ideal, but only if you understand how much frying the fish is correct.

Mixtai will come out particularly gentle and juicy if it is swiring on slow fire in sour cream sauce. Spring freshness will be filled with a finished dish if you add a bunch of greenery of dill or parsley into it. The fish will be tasty so much that live dinner for the whole family. It is necessary to clarify that you need to know how to prepare an exquisite dish in all the rules.

Mixtai in sour cream sauce in a pan - step-by-step recipe

We will need:

  • 6 kg. Mixed;
  • 300 gr. Luke;
  • 400 gr. sour cream (10%);
  • refined vegetable oil for frying;
  • salt to taste;
  • Favorite spices - to taste.

Phased cooking:

Prepared by Mintai cut into thick pieces. The onions are chopped with thick half rings.

Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan with a thick bottom. Fry on it to the bow of the bow, constantly stirring it with a wooden spatula.


Finished onions lay out on a separate plate. In the oil after the onion half leaves fry pieces of fish on both sides.

fry fish

In the pan with roasted, add sour cream, salt, spices and cars, constantly stirring.

sour cream

Stay in the fill of Mintai, mix gently. Cover with a lid, tomorrow on slow heat is exactly 20 minutes.

lay out roast

The fish turns out so soft that her flesh lags behind the ridge. The aromas of the sea fish and the spicy greenery of the dill make all the households to the table.

Mintai in a pan

Sour cream for sauce can be suitable for any fat, but for those who follow their figure, it should be purchased with a small percentage of (10 or 15) fat content.

Fried Mintai in a pan in breadcrumbs

Fillet Malta in a pan can easily turn into a squeezed version of dinner for the whole family on weekdays or decorate the table on the holiday. A similar recipe is a classic genre for making Mixed in a frying pan. If you have time to turn on the fantasy in a timely manner, you can change the taste of the finished fish and make it eat a real fault.

Delicious mixtures will delight with its low-calorieness, because even a person sitting on a strict diet can afford it.

Fried Mintai in a pan in breadcrumbs


  • 1000 gr. Fillet Malta;
  • 5 scrap. salts;
  • 2 chicken egg;
  • 1 scrap. Ground black pepper;
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil;
  • flour - arbitrary amount;
  • Bread crushers - an arbitrary amount.

Cooking process:

Displays Malta fillets, cut, if need half. Beat the bunny eggs

beat eggs

Pour vegetable oil in the pan and split it. Slices of fish fillet in the flour, then to dip in the egg mixture. Then Minttai, from all sides, cut into breadcrumbs.

Owl into bread

Fry fish on sunflower oil from two sides to golden color. Share in one layer ready-to-plate, salt and salt.

Mintai in breadcrumbs

The process of how to fry sea fish is incredibly simple. But as a result of simple manipulations, it turns out just the perfect dish. The secret of the finished dishes is hidden in breading Maltau, since there is wheat flour replace crispy crumbs.

Mixtai in sour cream, with garlic stewed in a frying pan - real decoration of the festive table, since it is able to combine with any side dish. This is an example of how to put out the fish in just a couple of minutes, having received a stunning result as a result. In this case, the pieces of Poinava will turn out incredibly soft and juicy, piquancy will add fragrant sour cream garlic sauce.

The most delicious mixture in a frying pan with sour cream and garlic

We purchase high-quality products:

  • 500 gr. Mixed without a ridge;
  • 200 gr. sour cream (20%);
  • 3 garlic teeth;
  • 3 tbsp. l. sunflower oil;
  • ½ h. L. salts;
  • ½ h. L. Ground pepper;
  • flour for fishing fish;
  • 1 bunch of greenery.

Preparation steps:

  1. Crop with carcasses Mixed fins, remove the ridge and cut into portion pieces.
  2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper fish, mix thoroughly, slightly massaging.
  3. In the flour to cut a sliced ​​slices, placing them in a plastic bag.
  4. In the pan split the vegetable oil, put fish into it. Fry on both sides before changing the color.
  5. In a fatty sour cream added garlic and salt over the garlic groove.
  6. Pour the fried fish with sour cream sauce, add finely chopped greens, turn around for about 6 minutes under the lid.

This is the perfect dish for a family dinner, but not for breakfast, because there may be an unpleasant smell of mouth. Sauce with sour cream can be abundantly poring porridge or potatoes to add spicy notes with a finished dish.

Recipe Muta in a pan in tomato sauce with carrots and onions

Mixtai in tomato sauce with onions and carrots is preparing very quickly, but it is able to freshenly refresh the annoying daily menu. It is perfect for any garnish, it turns out at the same time delicious and juicy. Mixtai in Tomat will please the long-standing famous hunger.

Recipe Muta in a pan in tomato sauce with carrots and onions

Products for cooking:

  • Mintai - 1000 gr.;
  • Flour - 1 tbsp. l.;
  • Bay sheet - 2 pcs.;
  • Water - 300 ml.;
  • carrot - 1 pc.;
  • tomato-paste -30 gr.;
  • Salt stone - 1 tsp;
  • Onions - 2 pcs.;
  • Sugar sand - 2 h.;
  • Black pepper ground - 1 \ 2 h.
  • Sunflower oil for roasting.


Cleaned and washed fish cut into identical pieces. Remove with pollock inside and fins, pepper, salt. Mass the fish pieces and pick up about 20-25 minutes.


Machine bulb in small cubes. Grind carrots on a coarse grater. Owning every piece in flour on all sides and fry on a hot vegetable oil to a golden crust.


Share the finished mixture on the plate, add some oil to the pan in the pan. Put onions into it and fry a couple of minutes, and then pour carrot to him for 5 minutes.


When the time of the roasting expires, it is thickly sprinkled with wheat flour and the procedure is repeated a minute. Then add tomato paste and water, spices and sugar to fried vegetables.


After boiling sauce to stew it 5 minutes on slow fire, then extract the laurel from it. Put the prepared fish into it, turn out the mass under the closed lid of 10 minutes on both sides. After turning off the fire to insist about about 10-15 minutes.


If you just fry a mixture in vegetable oil, it turns out too dry a dish. This means that it is necessary to clarify in the recipe, how much to wear fish to be tender and more. This is happening, because during extinguishing fillet, the tomato sauce is soaked and becomes much more tastier. Before sending a fish dish on the table, it must be broken by about 20 minutes.

Mixed fillet in a china in a pan at home

Mintai is a delicious and useful fish just found in any store. If it is used to apply suitable for her cooking, then the dish can be put on a festive table, specifying in advance how much to fry fillets. Prepare a fuel piece of white fish simply because it will take only 10-15 minutes. It is, so this option of fried fish will turn into an ideal option for fast dinner.

Mixed fillet in a china in a pan at home

Required components:

  • fillets fillets - 450-500 gr.;
  • Chicken Egg - 1 pc.;
  • mayonnaise - 2-3 tbsp. l.;
  • Wheat flour - 2 tbsp. l.;
  • Salt - 1 chip.;
  • Ground pepper - in taste preferences.

Cooking method:

Mixed wash, remove the insides, cut into a sharp knife to the same pieces. Sprinkle fish with pepper and salt to taste, mix your hands.


Chicken egg to beat the fork together with salt and mayonnaise. Add to egg mass flour and mix thoroughly.

We mix

Put into the punishment pieces of pollock, mix everything so that the mass is attached to the fish. Fry slices on vegetable oil on both sides to rosy.


Mixtai, prepared in a similar way, uniquely combined with his favorite headsets, it is possible to eat it as a self-cold snack.

Crisp Mintai in a klyar is an ideal snack for beer lovers, but only if it is prepared with the addition of sharp spicy seasonings.

How delicious cooking mixtures in a pan so it is soft and juicy

Including fish in the daily menu, hostesses are wondering why Mintai falls apart, and how to fry it so that it remains juicy inside and crispy outside. Fry Belorebitsa is simply because for this process will need a minimum amount of ingredients. It is enough to include classic seasonings, lush quarry or flour breading in the recipe.

How delicious cooking mixtures in a pan so it is soft and juicy


  • 1 large carcass pollock;
  • 1 tsp. salts;
  • 2 bulbs;
  • 1 egg;
  • 4-5 tbsp. l. flour.

Cooking process:

Mixtai to defrost, cut off the tail and fins, complaining. Cut the fish on 5-6 identical pieces, each of which, besides the tail, cut along.

Cut Mintai

Mixtai salted, mix your hands, leave for 5 minutes. Cut onions in small pieces. Beat an egg with salt with a whisk.

beat egg

Sleep slices of fish in an egg and flour. Fry on one side on a hot oil for 5 minutes. Turn over Mintai, put onions on it and fry under the lid of 6-7 minutes. Then turn over and fry a couple of minutes.


If in the process of frying Mixed in a frying pan cover its slices with a lid, then it will be gentle and, at the same time, a soft crust.

Mintai fried in a pan

If you want to get an indescribable crunch and a golden shell, then the lid will not need. Finished fish is fed to the table with heat heat or in the cooled form. You can press a large portion of Palca, and eat it tomorrow, pulling it out of the refrigerator.

This delicious dish is ideal for those who are used to eat right. Mixtai stewed in sour cream sauce with vegetables, perfectly combined with boiled potatoes or paste. It would be nice to use it as an independent dish, because the composition already has carrots and fried onions.

Mixtai stewed in sour cream with onions and carrots in a frying pan

We will need:

  • 350 gr. Fillet Malta;
  • 200 gr. sour cream;
  • 100 gr. water;
  • 1 sheet of laurels;
  • 1 PC. bulbs;
  • 1 PC. carrots;
  • salt to taste;
  • Sunflower oil - for frying fish.

Step-by-step cooking:

  1. Machine bulb in small cubes. Grocery to grate on a coarse grater.
  2. Fry vegetables on a small fire on vegetable oil until color change.
  3. Mixtai cut into small pieces, put on a vegetable pillow. In the pan pour water and pour salt.
  4. On the fish with vegetables, lay a spoon with sour cream, add a bay leaf. Under the lid, turn the mass of 20-25 minutes on a small fire.

The recipe for the stew Mixed is also ideal because you can cook it about 20-35 minutes. Speed ​​depends on how fast the cook will handle vegetables. The calorie content of the finished fish with onions and carrots depends on the fattyly used in the dish sour cream.

If a 15% product is used, then 130 kilocalories are obtained in 100 grams of the finished dish. From the number of ingredients specified in the recipe, 2 small portions of delicious fish are obtained.

How to fry Mintai in a cream sauce in a pan. Step-by-step recipe

Music meat, like other sea fish, is considered inexpressive and even lean. He has no fragrance, and the taste is neutral, but the finished dish is easily saturated with the smells of the beloved bouquet of spices. It is worth noting that the fish is perfectly combined with any sauces and vegetables, roots and cereals. If you hold the pieces of pollock in greasy cream, the fish will be delicately and tenderly, will lose a unpleasant fish taste.

How to fry Mintai in a cream sauce in a pan. Step-by-step recipe

The product list consists of:

  • 1000 gr. Mixed;
  • 200 gr. cream (10%);
  • 2 large bulbs;
  • 3 garlic teeth;
  • 3-4 tbsp. l. vegetable oil;
  • Salt salt, ground black pepper - to taste.

Phased cooking:

You can take a fish fillet from which to remove the skin. Onions cut on half rings or quarters.

cut out

Fry the onion pieces on a hot vegetable oil to a small rush, constantly stirring them. Finely cut garlic, put it in a roar.

Fry Luk

Stay on the onion pillow of fish halves, frying them for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Salt, pepper and pour cream, twisted 2-3 minutes under the lid.

Long pillow

A stewed fish can be, at the same time, a masterpiece, and a duty room that is suitable for dinner.

Mixtai Tushed in Cream

The whole family will definitely be delighted with fish prepared in this way. In order to push the appetizing gravy, you must prepare several slices of rye bread.

Fish Mintai roasted in a frying pan in flour and egg - a tasty and simple recipe

No less quickly can be fastening polytai, cut in wheat flour and chicken egg. Such a double fur coat turns the banal dry lean fish into the juicy. The recipe will like those who want to quickly prepare lunch at home.

Fish Mintai roasted in a frying pan in flour and egg - a tasty and simple recipe

For cooking should be purchased:

  • 2 medium carcasses Malta;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • 3 scrap. salty salt;
  • flour - for the roller;
  • Lachy oil - for frying.


  1. Trim on fish carcasses fins, tails with scissors.
  2. Separate from the ridge both halves fish fillet with a sharp knife.
  3. Cut the mixtalk with small slices, save them to taste. Strip fish to rest before roasting for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Beat eggs with a salt of a whisk or fork.
  5. In the pan split the vegetable oil.
  6. Cut into fragments of fish in flour, and then "drown" in the egg.
  7. Fry in oil to a gold shade for 5 minutes on each side.

Pointy pieces will turn out uniformly roasted and ruddy. It is strange to ask why Mintai is hard, because under a golden crust hides incredibly juicy and elastic meat. If the rigidity appeared, it means that the dish recipe is broken.

Fish Cutlets Mintai in a frying pan with a semolia - a recipe fingers losing!

The most appetizing and lush can get the cutlets cooked from Mixed without flour, but with semolina and cereal bread. Prepare such cakes are easy, but they even enjoy the most picky gourmet.

Fish Cutlets Mintai in a frying pan with a semolia - a recipe fingers losing!

For a dietary dish, you need to cook:

  • 8 kg. Mixed adhesive;
  • 1 bulb;
  • 4 tbsp. l. refined sunflower oil;
  • 150 gr. milk;
  • 80 gr. stale white bread;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 tsp. salts;
  • 1 scrap. Seasonings for fish;
  • 1 scrap. Ground pepper.

Cooking process:

  1. Slend a black film from fish abdomen, cut the fins.
  2. Wash pollock carcass, dry napkins and divide it on fillet.
  3. Bread together with crusts to soak for a few minutes in warm milk.
  4. Bread slots, fish fillet, onions Turn through a meat grinder with a shallow grid or skip through a blender.
  5. In the resulting mass pour milk after bread, knock the egg. Salted and cross minced meal to a smooth condition.
  6. Shape cutlets with wet hands, cut them into breadcrumbs.
  7. Billets fry on hot vegetable oil from 2 sides to rosy.

A ready-made treat should be hot or cold, because it is delicious and nutritious. Pallet cutlets are served on the table along with salad of ripe vegetables, boiled pasta, salad leaves, small cherry grade tomatoes.

It is not bad to supplement the fish dish with your favorite sauces and pieces of black bread.

Delicious Mintai in a pan with mayonnaise and ketchup chili

Interesting will be fillet of sea fish, which is complemented by marinade from a mixture of acute ketchup, mayonnaise and favorite spices. In this case, a little fried mixture is sealing in a grain of tomato sauce and beloved vegetables. It is in him that the fish is filled with compatibility and acquires a melting structure.

Delicious Mintai in a pan with mayonnaise and ketchup chili


  • Mintai - 3 carcasses (800 gr.);
  • Flour - 3 tbsp. l. with a slide (+1 tbsp. in the sauce);
  • Onion Middle - 1-2 pieces;
  • carrots - 1-2 pieces;
  • Tomato large - 1 pc.;
  • mayonnaise - ½ tbsp. l.;
  • Ketchup "Chile" - 2 bl.;
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp. l.;
  • water - 1 ½ tbsp.;
  • Greens fresh or frozen - to taste;
  • Salt, red and black ground pepper, basil - to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Wash fish, clean, remove excess parts and cut into portions. Sprinkle with dried basil, peppers, salt.
  2. After 10 minutes of staying Mixed in marinade, it should be obtained, to cut into flour.
  3. Fry from two sides on hot sunflower oil in a deep frying pan.
  4. Machine onions on a half risk, put it in the pan to the fish. Virtually immediately add the carrot and cut the flesh of the tomato to them in a large grater and sliced ​​cubes.
  5. In a separate container, put on 1 teaspoon of red sharp peppers of ground and salt. Add flour and sugar sand, pour warm water and mix with a spoon.
  6. Pour into the mayonnaise and ketchup sauce, mix everything again.
  7. Pour refueling into the pan, add water, turn out everything until ready for medium heat.
  8. Sprinkle with greens and hold under the lid of 5-7 minutes.

Mintai, filled with gravy from the spicy ketchup and a fat mayonnaise, will delight the exquisite taste of lovers of lean sea fish. The fact is that with mayonnaise, the fish is not pulled, but incredibly juicy. It can be served on the table by placing lettuce, vegetables or boiled potatoes.

Fish dishes, according to nutritionists, are distinguished by undoubted benefit, so they are recommended to include a healthy person in the menu.

It is worth noting that Mixtai is not contraindicated even to persons suffering from the ailments of the gastrointestinal tract and a set of extra kilograms. This marine fish with white meat is the most popular, cheap and affordable.

Many people do not like to eat Mixtai, because it seems dry it, does not contain fat under the skin. The problem is simply allowed if you dip pieces of fish into a suitable bold sauce based on sour cream or mayonnaise. This dish with fragrant sauce will become more juicy and incredibly tasty.

In some cases, it is possible to freeze the acquired fillets or entire carcasses of Pointy. It will have to carefully pack in the food film, put in the separate container of the freezer. Do not fry fish in a frying pan without prior defrost. Otherwise, an unpleasant problem will arise when the crust is formed, and inside the fish did not penetrate perfectly. Mixtai at the outlet turns out to be tasteless, so it can only be thrown into the trash can.

The defrosting of Mintau occurs in the refrigerator or on the table at room temperature. If the fillet goes to prepare a fish boiler, then it can be deflated in cold water.

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