New Year's costume parsley with their own hands: Pattern, photo

New Year is a favorite holiday of all children and adults without exception. The elegant Christmas tree, the smell of tangerines, gifts and fun on the carnival matinee cannot leave indifferent. But what kind of carnival without a bright suit?

On the eve of the New Year's matinees, all parents are asked about how the outfit choose for their child. In this article, we will talk about how to sew yourself parsley costume for the holiday.

Costume Petrushki.

Who is such a parsley and how it looks

Parsley is a comic character who is the heir to the jester of royal time. The unchanged attributes of the image are a hat with two or four horns, at the ends of which are hanging babones and trigger bells. This is a bright outfit from shiny fabric and sneakers with raised socks and puments. Parsley suit for a boy or girl must be colorful and cheerful. The image of parsley does not have the standard, the main thing, adhere to the main elements of its costume, and otherwise you can and fantasize, combining various colors of fabric and decorations.

Materials for suit

In order for the parsley costume to look spectacularly, you need to choose the cloth. It should be bright and brilliant material, for example, atlas, velor or sequencing canvas. It is these materials that have an appropriate look and are ideal for this outfit.

There will also be needed additional elements, such as bells, sewing ribbons, gum, naturally, sewing accessories and machine.

parsley costume do it yourself

Pants for Parsley

Sew pants are not so difficult, as it may first seem, the main thing is to correct the pattern with the baby's pigeons. And even if there are small errors, they will hide in width, because the parsley costume should be with pants-sharovar.

So, you can make the pattern in two ways:

  • Cut the details of the trousers, placing a thing on paper;
  • Remove the seams by imposing a transparent film on the pants.

And in that and in another case, the main thing is to copy the bends of the average seams in front and behind the trousers so that the thing is very good and did not develop between the legs of the child. So that the sharovars do not get too large, it is necessary to measure the tips of the legs at the top and add about 15 cm for about 15 cm. On lateral and step soup, the pant can be perfectly even, you just need to correctly arrange the average seams. You can also make a small tongue from the knee, and to lower the edge inside out and touched, making a snack, and put a gum in the size of the circumference of the leg over the ankle. Suit of parsley with their own hands to sew quite simple, patterns here do not require major calculations and ability to draw. A little diligence, and everything will work out!

Blouse for Parsley

She will perfectly complement parsley costume. Picture of blouse is also not too complicated performed. Even an inexperienced master will cope with her. Of course, it is possible to limit ourselves to the balls and cap, and put a normal turtleneck on the child, but in this case the outfit will not be so spectacular as I would like.

Parsley suit for boy

So, the pattern of the sweaters can be revised from the child's T-shirts in one of the methods described above. For this purpose, it is best to take a thing for several sizes more so that the future product is a bit free. If there is no one, you will have to add 3-4 cm lines along the contour. This is done so that the costume of parsley is free to sit on the figure of the child.

The sleeve is moving only on the one hand, and when transferring to the fabric, the second part simply duplicates. It can also make a small jelly from the elbow, and the wrist collect on the gum.

Parsley suit for a boy can be in the form of a jumpsuit. In this case, at the stage of copying the seams, one should combine pants and a t-shirt along the waistline and draw a solid pattern.

Which cap is parsley?

New Year's costume, and therefore the headdress must be decorated with appropriate. The rain with asterisks here will be very by the way. But what type of hats to choose?

After all, regardless of what option the basis is chosen (jumpsuit or pants and jams), it is necessary to make a hat, without it, it is simply impossible to make a parsley costume. The pattern of this accessory although simple, but it will have to tinker with the product. First of all, it is necessary to consider what kind of hat, how much the rozkin is on it and what form is preferable.

It should be understood that a too voluminous headdress for the child will be inconvenient, and therefore it is better to give preference to a hat with two horns, which and the image will make recognizable, and will not create special difficulties in the production process.

First of all, it is necessary to measure the circle of the head and the depth of the future cap (from the nape to the middle of the forehead through the top). Next, on a sheet of paper, a rectangle is drawn with a half of the circumference and half of the altitude rim. The side sides of the figure are overestimated by 20 cm. Next from the top of the lines are drawn over the triangle on both sides, the foundations of which will be separated by the upper edge of the rectangle in half.

To keep horns on the cap well, they need to be duplicated with a thin foam rubber or hard fatin in two or three layers. Two pieces of caps are stitched and clinging bubrels or bells cling to the tips.

Parsley New Year's costume

Shoes parsley

To make the costume of parsley with their own hands, it is originally and finished, you need to sew slippers. Even if on the matinee the child will wage in sneakers or shoes, these slippers can be put on top of the shoes. So, first, it is necessary to put the child's foot on the contour into the profile. From the side of the sole, it will be necessary to make an indentation down 4 cm, and in front of the foot to withdraw up to the sock. For slippers, you will need two parts from the fabric, which are stitched from the heel to the middle of the foot from above, along the contour of the hole for the leg, the fabric bent inside out, adjust and invent a gum. Here it will also be necessary to compact the sock with foam rubber or hard fatin so that it keeps the form well.

Costume parsley photo

Accessories and details of the image

How to make the original parsley costume with your own hands? A little imagination and creativity, and the child on the holiday will be irresistible. Gorgeous lace cuffs on the handles and legs and the collar collected on the gum and suitable on top of the costume will become the perfect addition. Multi-colored bubones on the chest, a belt with bells for a suit with a separate base, a rain on the header and beautiful textile bells are precisely those details that will make a parsley costume. The photos presented in this article can become a source of inspiration. Borrowed ideas, several own nuances - and a unique colorful dress ready!

How to distribute colors on a suit

What color should parsley be? New Year's costume, and therefore, the perfect combination will be green and red colors that are considered symbols of this holiday worldwide. As a supplement, you can use yellow, blue and orange. However, this is not a rule at all, and if there is an idea to make a parsley suit with the flap (a photo of this outfit is in this article), then such a solution will also be true. The main thing is that the suit is good.

Costume parsley pattern

Sweets and sleeves of different colors, separated by rising overalls, a hat with multi-colored horns and bright buboons - just that, sometimes a ridiculous combination is inherent in this image. However, there is its advantages in this, because if there are loskutka, they can easily be put into move.

In the group announced: the boys on the matinee will be parsley. The store demanded to the costumes - 900 rubles were expected. "Well, no, twins!" - I said, sitting down for the sewing machine.


The suit on the idea and with a light-up to the store analogue was made of four parts: shirt, pants, hat and boots.


Instead of patterns, use any shirt suitable in size. We put it in half, put on a folded twice tissue and supply along the contour. For the front, we do the same, but the neck is lowered by 1 cm deep.


Details of the backrest and translate fold the front side inside and stepping side and shoulder cuts (on the left shoulder do not make up to the neck about 5 cm). Bindings are cut to a width of 0.5 cm and processed by a stitching line.


We proceed with a stitching line also sections of nise and sleeves. We are converted and fed them.

For a collar made of red and blue fabric, we cut out 8 of the 8 equilibrium triangles, the base of which will be approximately 1/8 of the sequencing length of the neck. We fold every two triangle of one color face inside and flash the sides.


Sut off the surplus, allowing, on the corners you cut off the allowances close to the line. Soak triangles, start them.


With the help of oblique bay, we process the neck and at the same time we feed the collar, alternating triangles of red and blue. At the end, we carry out a loop from oblique bey. At the other end, sew a button.


Refueling shirt. Ready!


In the same way, we act in the panties stronger. We take those that the child fit, fold in half and apply to the folded twice fabric. We supply and cut out one pant of blue fabric, and the second is from red.


From the tissue used by sewing a shirt, cut out two small rectangles to imitate patches. We process them with phlizelin.


We rush one by one patch for each shed and feed them with a decorative line.


We fold in half each shed and stepping stepper seams. Processing cuts. We convey the bottom stanner.


We carry out the sedlication seam. We process cuts with a stitching line.

We bring the top of the pants, we deposit the line at a distance of about 1.5 cm from the edge, not clicked it, leaving at the end of 1 cm uneasy. Tighten the gum.

Pants are ready.


On paper make the pattern. To do this, take a suitable headdress (I have a winter hat, which is now wearing a son), we fold it in half and supply on paper.

Next, draw "horns" and a lapse.


For the rear part of the caps, the whole-circuit lapse will be in the form of a rectangle.

From the fabric of red and blue, we cut out one front and rear items.

From the fabric used for sewing a shirt, we cut separately a separate allot (both ends of which will subsequently closer on the front part of the header).

All items are processed by phlizelin.

We fold two details of the same color. We pave the line, ranging from the middle through the "horns" and ending with the side seam.


We carry out the central seam, connecting two half of different colors.


Apply to the tip of the caps with a color fabric face face inside. We deposit along the edge of the line. Turn out the lapse. We smooth the product.


With the help of oblique bay processing the bottom of the product.

Put "Horns" by cotton. To each "horn" sew a small bell tape.


On paper, we draw a straight down little less than the length of the baby's foot. I am reserve further on one side, the shoe shoe toe, with the other, we derive straight from the heel to the desired height of the boot.


We cut the two details of the shoe of blue and red fabric. From the colored fabric, we cut two rectangles for obtasses (the length is equal to the width of the top, and the width is the desired width of the tag, enlarged twice).

All items are processed by phlizelin.

We fold the front side inside the two details of different colors. We lay the line on the back side of the booze to the foot and on the sock of the shoe to the foot.


Cut off two pieces of elastic ribbon slightly less than the width of the baby's foot. We process the cuts of the foot of the shoe, fixing in the middle of the holes of the rubber band.


Wrap up along in half and stitched at the ends.

Soak. We apply to the upper cut of the booze and feed with the help of oblique bey.

Socks feed cotton wool. On the socks of boots are sewn through a small bell tile.

           Our parsley on the matinee was the most beautiful!

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Parsley suit for the boy with their own hands - simple options. How sews parsley costumes for boys do it yourself

Parsley costume is a suit of fun and a booided jester. When parents or teachers choose this image for a child, it means that they want to see a fun guy, witty and agile to words. The costume must in every way fit with its bright colors and unexpected combinations.

That is why this hero is often one side of the same color, and the other is completely different. Multicolored shoes are dressed on the feet, and the cap is crowned two multicolored cones. Parsley decorate as they can. Collars, bubber and funny shoes are added to the suit.

Parsley suit for the boy do it yourself: caftan and pants

A suit in the form of a separate sweater and pants must be combined with each other. Choose two color options:

- the sweaters of the same color, and the pants of the other;

- sweaters and pants on one side of the same color, and on the second side of the other.

For the first and for the second option, the pattern will require the same.

Option 1

The first option is much easier to sew, because it is a wide caftan, which seals along simple patterns of the usual slightly elongated sweaters with the sleeves. Pants and in the first and in the second version are seized equally, the difference is only in tissues.

Stage 1.

Wine your child: the height of the product from the shoulder to the hip, the length of the sleeve from the shoulder to the brush, the circle of the gate, the trigger of the chest plus caution for free socks.

Here, remove the measurements for sewing trousers: the length of the belt to the ankle plus the catch on the champions, the hip circle and the feet circumference, the length of the legs from the groove region to the ankle.

Stage 2.

Transfer the size of the fabric, draw parts by pattern and cut out.

Stage 3.

Sisting the resulting details among themselves. Treat and end the cut edge of the collar, hem and sleeves. Stretch them on the sewing machine.

On the pants to the explosion of the belt will take an elastic band. It must support pants, whatever they fell. At the bottom of the ankle, the elastic band is not necessarily, if desired. But do not leave the cut edge unprocessed, otherwise the threads will be flown and get out.

You can add a collar that is done and sewn separately, on the finished product. Also, the bottom of the sweatshirts and the sleeves can be made not straight, but cut zigzags or triangles. In this case, for such a decoration in the pattern, add an additional 10 cm. For length, otherwise the fabric does not have enough.

In order to make the collar cut out of a multicolored fabric slightly elongated pentagons. Sew them along the side line among themselves, alternating colors in a checker order. You will get a semicircle from multicolored parts. Excellence and step up the bottom cut edge of the collar, and on the upper line will take it on the neck of the sweaters, having turned the cut edge into the cut.

Option 2.

This jacket and pants will be on one half of the same color, and on the other half of the other. This work complicates, but not much.

Stage 1.

For sweatshirts choose two contrasting colors of the cloth of one quality. The same fabric will be used for pants. Fold them with the front side to face and strive one side. This seam will replace the folded edge of the fabric when drawing patterns. Apply the line of patterns with the shutter. Cut the resulting details. When turning in the middle of each item should be seam, stitched multicolored face sweaters with each other.

When sewing a pants, fold two colors of the fabric as the front side of the front side and then roll it all in half. Apply the pattern and cut the items. You should have two details on one of each tissue.

Stage 2.

Sew the details of the sweaters and trousers. Upon sewing, the jackets first sew the details of the body, and then the sleeve is touched into the armor. Cut edges are separated and stitched.

The pants are sewn first with a short upper side seam, and then they turn out and strolle the pants from the inside from the groin towards the ankle. An elastic band is sewn into the belt, and in his feet at will. If you do not sew a gum in the legs, then the pants will remain straight.

As in the first version, the costume can be supplemented with a multi-colored collar and zigzag-like sleeves and the same sweater. The slice on the bottom of the pants can also be issued as triangles.

Parsley suit for the boy do it yourself: overalls

Jumpsuit is a one-piece suit where the jacket goes into pants. It sews overalls with whole details on such a pattern.

It is extremely important here not to be mistaken with sizes, so when you sewing overalls, you need to correctly remove and transfer the measurements.

Stage 1.

Measure your child: The height of the estimated product of the measurement goes from the shoulder to the ankle with a bunch of 15-20 cm., The length of the sleeve from the shoulder to the brush, the length of the legs from the groin to the ankle, the circle of the gate, the trigger of the chest, hips and legs with the supply of 15-20 See for freedom in movements.

As well as in the previous costume, the sleeves and slice of the ankle can be decorated with an uneven edge in the form of elongated triangles. Thinking up such elements needed in advance before you begin to cut the parts from the tissue. Add the length of the sleeve and the length of the legs of 10-15 cm in addition to the decorative cut.

Stage 2.

It is important to use the fabric of two colors, which will fall on one half of the body in one color, and on another other color. To obtain such an effect, fold the two colors of the fabric to each other face with the front side inward and step one edge on the sewing machine. This edge will serve as a rolled side when applying the circuit patterns on the fabric.

Stage 3.

Transfer the measurements and draw the pattern on the fabric. Cut the details.

Stage 4.

Squeeze the items between themselves and remove the product.

Stage 5.

Excellence and compute the sleeves, gates and bottom of the pants. If the cut is figured, then observing the drawing, process the edge on the sewing machine.

Stage 6.

Insert a rubber band in sleeves and pants at the ankle. Seve a gum can be above the edge, then the uneven cut will look richer and more lure.

Sew hot buttons or boams on the belly vertically in three rows, the collar can decorate the magnificent flames or color pentagons as in the previous version of the costume.

Parsley suit for the boy do it yourself: Cap

Cap or hat in parsley costume. Mandatory element. It is performed from the same fabric from which a suit and in the same color scheme.

Stage 1.

Measure the depth of the head and girth of the head. Results Exercise on 2 and apply caps on the fabric caps according to the pattern and cut it out. You must have two details of the same color, two details of another color and the base.

Stage 2.

Squeeze the details of the cap between themselves, and then around the circumference, the base. Turn the bottom edge and secure the layout manually by making small stripes on the sides.

Stage 3.

At the edge of the cap, the junction of the booths or puments.

Parsley suit for the boy do it yourself: shoes

For the end of the image you can make boots under the costume of parsley for the boy with your own hands. They are made from felt or from the same fabric as the costume. In order for a child's leg not frozen, a warm insole is inserted into the shoes or they dress over shift shoes. This is especially important if shoes are stitched from fine tissue.

Stage 1.

On the fabric, draw the outline of parts by pattern.

Stage 2.

Cut the details and sweep them among themselves. Decorate the sharp nose with buckets, and the tongue is a bow made from the satin ribbon.

The color of shoes, as well as the costume can be different. On one leg of the shoe of one color, and on the other foot of another color.

Useful links:

Sustrate carnival costume parsley is simple. Instructions are looking for in the article.

What carnival without Petrushki - Merry and perky. And such a suit may be needed not only on masquerade on New Year but on Maslenitsa or other thematic holiday.

Want to Sew a carnival suit of a merry tiger -Next instructions in the link on the link and you will manage to make an interesting outfit for a masquerade.

Create parsley outfit simply, you don't even need experience in sewing. Just follow the instructions, collecting all the details together. So let's make a petrohi costume for a boy. Read further.

How to sew carnival costume parsley for a boy with her hands with a cap: instruction, photo, video

Carnival costume parsley for the boy with his own hands
Carnival costume parsley for the boy with his own hands

For such an outfit, you need to buy a suitable tissue. Choose the Atlas. On the top is suitable for a single yellow material or in a large peas, as in the photo above. Although, if you find a cloth in small peas - it will also be an excellent choice. Choose a bright shade material, dark colors will not fit. For example, pants from dark blue will look gloomily. As well as the top should be a bright "sunny" shade. So how to sew a carnival costume Parsley For the boy do it yourself? Here is the instruction with the photo:

Prepare materials and tools:

  • Satin Material Blue, Yellow, Green and Red Tint
  • Thicks
  • Scissors

Do this:

  • Take the cut of a yellow shade and take the details on paper.
Pattern to carnival costume parsley for boy
Pattern to carnival costume parsley for boy
  • Then sew the detail among themselves.
  • To create a trouser, take a blue tint fabric, cut and sew two halves with each other.
  • Cut from red cut slices Cut the ribbon long in a meter or more, about the width of approximately 5 cm . It turns out the poverty. Okterteo.
  • So that the outfit is bright, you can shelter all components (top and bottom) multi-colored buttons. So the costume will look much brighter.
Pattern collar to carnival costume parsley for boy
Pattern collar to carnival costume parsley for boy
  • Now fulfill an interesting gate. To do this cut out of the cut slicing of red and green shades 7or 8Pentagons on the template above.
  • These squares alternate the colors, sew and notify the gate on a blouse.
  • Below in the picture you will find the cap cap.
Pattern cap to carnival costume parsley for boy
Pattern cap to carnival costume parsley for boy
  • Transfer the pattern to the material, cut out and sweep the items with each other.
  • On the ends of the head Upora, notes the bubrels, bells or "fluffy" from fur.

Here is a suit and ready. Left to find shoes. Great color boots are perfect for this, leather, rubber or others. But you can also sew shoes yourself. How to do it, read below.

How to make a cap and gate tells in the video below.

Video: Sew Collar and Cap from Parsley Suit

Carnival costume parsley for the boy with their own hands in the form of a jumpsuit with a crust collar - how to sew: instruction, photo

Carnival costume parsley for the boy do it yourself in the form of a jumpsuit
Carnival costume parsley for the boy do it yourself in the form of a jumpsuit

Look at what interesting will be a carnival costume Parsley For the boy with your own hands in the form of a jumpsuit. It is possible to sew it even easier than the previous option. Here is the instruction with the photo:

It will take:

  • Fabric atlas or velor blue and orange. Tint - 1.5 m
  • Golden braid for decoration (but you can make a mark without it)
  • Other fabric, but also bright colors for cap and gate-jab

Shoot outfit like this:

The pattern of jumpsuit to the carnival costume of parsley for the boy with his own hands
The pattern of jumpsuit to the carnival costume of parsley for the boy with his own hands

Make a pattern by standards. Parameters will be needed:

  • The length of the entire overalls - from the shoulder to the ankle. Perform the allowance to 15-20 cm
  • Length of the pants - from groin to the ankle
  • Sleeve Length - From Licker to Brush

To these parameters also add 10 cm. It is very important to apply the material of two shades.

  • Cut the details on the pattern and sweep.
  • Remove the resulting outfit.
  • Sew rubber ribbon in sleeves and pants at the ends.
  • You can decide on the edges of the gold braid, but you can do without it.
  • To decorate our lucky suites.

The cap can be made in the form of a cone. First cut the semicircle of the desired size from a dense cardboard, glue to make a cone. Then cut the same semicircle from the fabric and stick or attach it with another way to paper blank. But it will be interesting to look with a cap with such an outfit, the sewing of which was described above in the text.

Collar can also create according to the instructions described above. But beautifully with such a jumpsuit will look at the gate-jab. Below in the picture shows how to do it.

Pattern of collar-jabs to a carnival costume parsley for a boy with his own hands
Pattern of collar-jabs to a carnival costume parsley for a boy with his own hands
  • First, cut off the material of the band with a length of 2 or 3 meters and a width of 20 cm.
  • Then collect a fabric in the form of a harmonica. Secure, ready.

As you can see, make such an outfit very simple. Spend 2 hours and the baby will be the brightest in your suit.

Shoes for a costume parsley do it yourself - how to make: instruction

Shoes for a costume parsley do it yourself
Shoes for a costume parsley do it yourself

In order for the image to be completely complete, you can make shoes for a parsley costume with your own hands. Such boots made of felt cut slices are made or from the same fabric as the whole outfit. So that the legs of the baby do not frozen, insert the felt insole insert into such a shoe. If they are made of fine tissue, then wear them boldly on top of the shoes or other shoes. Here is an instruction that will help quickly make such shoes:

Picture of shoes for costume parsley do it yourself
Picture of shoes for costume parsley do it yourself
  • Make a pattern on paper and transfer to the material. Cut, it should be 3 parts for each shoe.
  • Cut on the sole of a warm insole.
  • Sust all the details. Insert and secure the warm insole.
  • End of shoes Decorate with silver and gold jackets. You can make them from the fabric of the desired color. Suitable and cannon.

You can also make a contrast decoration at the top of the shoes, by analogy, as we did triangles on the gate (above the text). Ready.

Tip: The color of the shoes may differ from the hue of the costume or be in one tone with it. And you can do even more interesting, and make boots on one leg in one color, and on the second one - in the other.

Carnival costume parsley with her own hands: ideas, photos

If you know how to sew well, you just just look at things and you already know how to sew it. For you, we offer ideas for creating a carnival costume parsley with your own hands. Here is a photo:

Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley
Carnival costume parsley do it yourself
Costume parsley

Video: Parsley costume with their own hands, from girlfriend materials

Read on:

NEW 2021) is nearing! Children adore New Year holidays no matter where they are arranged - at home, in kindergarten or school. And what is the holiday without a suitable outfit? The guys is popular with the image of parsley. This bright and positive character of the Russian People's Theater attracts the attention of children and raises the mood. Such an image is especially suitable for perky and cheerful boys.

In the dictionary V. I. Daly Parsushka, called "Nickname of the dolls of the Balagan, Russian jester, sweetener, a glady in the Red Kaftan and in the Red Cap; Call for parsley is also the entire jester, puppet vertel. This merry and balagen, which was the hero of all the fairs and Balagans, usually wore a red shirt and a cap of the same color.

Later the costume of parsley began to sew from the fabric of other colors. It can be bought in the store for carnival costumes, but the outfit made with your own hands will bring more joy, and it will cost you cheaper.

How do you sew a parsley costume for a boy?

You will need some patience and basic sewing skills. Make such an outfit will be able to even novice seams. There are no specific standards here. The main thing is that the costume is colorful and cheerful. And there are several options for such outfits, we will tell about some of them.

In order to sew the costume of parsley on the boy, you will need a shirt (electrotaking) and a sharovar from a colored sither, atlas or lining fabric. You can choose one of the colors options:

  1. Blouse of the same color, and the pants of the other;
  2. Blouse and pants on one side of the same color, and on the second side of the other.

Patterns of such an outfit do not require serious calculations and ability abilities.

Parsley suit for the boy - do yourself

How to sew the costume of parsley? Remove the measurements for the sweaters - the height of the product from the shoulder to the hip, the length of the sleeve from the shoulder to the brush, the circle of the gate, the circumference of the baby's chest. For trousers, it is necessary: ​​the length of the belt to the ankle (plus an inlet on the progress), the circumference of the hip and the circumference of the leg, the length of the legs from the groin area to the ankle.

Transfer the measurements and draw the pattern on the fabric. Cut the items, sew them and process the seams. The bottom of the sleeves and the hem of blouse can be cut in the form of zigzags. Such an outfit will complement a large colorful collar.

You can sew a shirt of parsley from a bright fabric into peas or remake from the mother's blouse. From the atlas of contrasting bright colors, for example, yellow and blue, sew the collar in the form of several "petals" -trangles with a length of 9 to 14 cm.

You can also take a white or yellow T-shirt on several sizes more than the one that wears a child, and decorate it with a brocade, sequins and a braid, put in an arbitrary order of bright color. And it is possible to make such an outfit even from pajamas, adding it a suitable collar and vioraners.

From a bright fabric, Sushe Kushak, decorate it with braid and sequins. To do this, you need to sew a belt, the length of which should be 40 cm more girth of the baby's waist. You can use a belt from several bright shoelated laces.

Parsley carnival costume on a boy can remind the outfit of Pierrot. Such an outfit can be carved according to the following scheme from the tissue of contrasting colors. The jumpsuit sew from the complete parts on the next pattern.

Parsley suit for the boy - do yourself

Prepare pamal, and then proceed to the opening. Secure the pattern on the fabric by the pins and circle with a chalk or a small dry piece of white toilet soap. Sushe out the details, enter the gum in the sleeve and on the trousers. This can be done above the edge, and then the uneven cut will look more lure. However, you can not push the bottom of the sleeves and pants with a rubber band, but leave them straight and decorate with a braid or bright ribbon.

In order for the collar to be lush, his edge should be turned. To do this, on the edge they make ordinary seams with wide stitches on the sewing machine, then tighten the bottom thread, giving up the item. The collar is shedding bay and leave long ends for ties. It is possible to sew a zipper suitable buttons or buttons covered with cloth.

Also for the costume of the parsley, it will be necessary to glue the cap from colored paper and attach Pompon to it. You can sew a loaf of bright fabric. One half of the cap can be yellow, the other is blue or red.

And you can sew a hat with a few (two or four) horns for a parsley, at the ends of which perky bells hang. Take into account that too voluminous headdress for the child will be inconvenient, so it is better to give preference to the cap with two horns, which, by the way, will be easier to sew.

Parsley suit for the boy - do yourself

To carve out the header, measure the child's head circumference and the depth of the product (from the nape to the middle of the forehead through the top). Then, on a sheet of paper, draw a rectangle in half of the circumference and half the height of the header. The side sides of the shape of 15-20 cm.

Next, from the top of the lines, draw on the triangle on both sides ("horns"), the grounds of which will share the upper edge of the rectangle in half. Strengthen the "horns" with the help of foam rubber or tough fate in 2-3 layers. Ready Cap Do not forget to decorate sequins.

We give another option of such a pattern (with a collar):

Parsley suit for the boy - do yourself

The ends of the caps can be made by pompons for a suit color or contrasting color. Make them easy: cut down two identical fabric mug and sew edges, leaving a small gap. Put your wool in the middle and tighten the edges. Sun pumps to the corners of the header. And you can attach small bells to them.

From the wrong side, the visitor to the hat "Hair" from the urine, rope or yarn. You can use for this purpose and fringe.

What else do you need to create a parsley image? Shoes, as well as the costume, can be different in color: that is, the shoes on one leg - one color, and on the other - the other. Shorts Sustrate from bright fabric and cardboard or place the cloth ordinary flames, shoes or shoes and attach pumps to their socks of the same or contrasting color.

The cheeks and the nose of a child pull out the corresponding make-up or "edible" dye, for example, beetted juice.

We hope that our article will help you to make a parsley costume on a boy without unnecessary trouble. Do not be afraid to fantasize, combining various colors of the fabric, details of the decoration - and this costume will get bright and spectacular, and your child will be the most beautiful and elegant in a children's holiday.

Published on 01/22/2019

Parsley costume do it yourself

Any adult person has always stored a favorite memorized carnival. It is captured for many reasons, first of all, it is emotions that appeared during the event. Holidays are necessary for children, they show positive emotions and allow themselves to feel full of joy and positive.

Parsley - a cheerful and cheerful character. A carefree hero makes fun performances in children's celebrations and festivals. One of his main attributes is to translate any situation in humor, and be able to twist in the most difficult circumstances, consistently keeping laughter and optimism.

Hand-made suits possess special charm and attractiveness. They laid the soul particle, each of them is unique and unique.

Estate the manufacture of a costume of parsley with their own hands

Sweatshirt, Pants, Cap, Shoes and Parsley Belt

For sewing, the costume of parsley is absolutely not necessary to be a specialist - high-end tailor. It is enough to have a desire to complete the clothes of the scomer, with your own hands, pattern and sewing machine. You can use stitches that imitate the machine line. But this is a separate topic for conversation.

You will need:

- Atlas or velvet saturated shades;

Two matter

- threads;

- glue phlizelin;

- wool or syntheps;

- oblique beyk;

- small bubrels (they can be replaced by pomponchiki, made of threads); Bubrenitsy

- needles and scissors;

- Paper and pencils for building details Croy.

Shombach Skomoroha

Yellow Rubaha

The shirt is as simple as possible. To build it requires some data. Because the cut is casual, you can take the measurements from the clothes of the baby.

Drawing Girls with Measuring Tape

For example, breast girth 60 cm. 60 + 10 = 70 cm. 70/2 = 35.

Fix the length of the sleeves like this: when the hands are elongated on the sides, we take a move from one to another wrist. For example, we got 100 cm. 100-36 = 64 cm. 64/2 = 32 cm for one sleeve, plus an allowance for the bending cuff 4 cm, and 1 cm on the seam, we obtain 37 cm.

The width of the sleeve is measured next to the axillary depression, for example 20 cm. The increase is 10 cm, and 1 cm on the seams. We obtain 20 + 10 + 1 = 31 cm.

The length of the shirts in our case is 60 cm. Niza niza product 5 cm. 60 + 5 = 65 cm.

Rectangles: Two small and one big

We cut the central part in 2 copies (back and before). Each sleeve one thing.

We descend, we make fitting, mark the neckline.

Rectangle with oval in the middle

We grasp the seams of shoes, we finish the bottom of the product, insert gum in the cuff.

The neck is processing the oblique bay of contrasting color.

Figure collar

As a belt, you can use a wide satin ribbon.

Gate of scomeroch

Figured gate

It consists of a connected pentagonal blocks, their number and size is calculated on the basis of the tick neck girth.

For the manufacture of the gate, we will determine the neck circumference.

Drawing a child with a red stripe on the neck

For example, it turned out 36 cm. It will earn another 4 cm on the fastener, and 2 cm on the ease of fang.

The width of one tongue is 6-8 cm.

Scheme pickup neck with allowances

For beginners, it is recommended to cut the layout on the trash, glue the items and try on the baby.

On the folded half of the atlas, we cut the resulting number of the tongues.

We glue phlizelin blocks from the wrong side.

Pentagon with gray middle

We fold 2 tongs with the front side inside and steal around the perimeter, leaving the connection line with the rack. Soak blocks, and stroke the iron. Connect with a collar stand. We decorate each tip Pompon, the bell, you can decorate sequins.

Persecci pants


Pants are sewn from different colorful materials. There are several options for doing this work.

The easiest - take the available pajama (sports) trousers in the row. Copy an exemplary form on paper, adding more fabric to each shed, and connect. A regular gum is inserted into the bottom and top of the trousers.

Perform yourself a simple cut.

  • We measure the length of the pantian, from the waist to the ankle. Punches on top and bottom of the product of 5 cm. For example, the length is 75 cm. The final will be 85 cm.
  • Next, we need pickup legs in the widest part, near the buttocks. Suppose, 35 cm, 10 cm for fishery freedom and 0.5 per seams. We get 46 cm.
  • We cut two parts and sew them according to the scheme, leaving from above 30-40 cm. Between the pants you can add a lastician. Insert the gum into the belt belt and the bottom stanner.

Three rectangles and rhombus

Cap Petrushki

Headdress will do two-color and two Rozhkov.

Cap, pattern, drawing of two heads

To do this, it is necessary to remove the moment of girth of the child's head, add 4 cm for arbitrary fits and divide into 4 fragments.

The depth of the head of the head - from the forehead to the nape. In our case, 40 cm. We divide in half: 40/2 = 20 cm.

Cut from the canvas 4 forms of different colors (like on the pattern of the skeleton caps), we flash on the porter typewriter.

Cap Scheme

Tensioning the gum, sew it to the base of the cap.

We decorate the ramps of the edge of the cap, having stuck them with cotton wool or syntheps.

Now you know how to sew a cap parsley.

Shoes parsley

Colored boots

Chebots of the scomerous are the same notable, perky, like his character.

As a basis, you can take any existing child's shoes and reorganize it according to the scheme. Riblet socks to fill with sintepsum, and attach bells or bright pumps on the tips of the shoes.

Shoe scheme:

Boot scheme

Complement to the image of accessories

The presence of attributes gives the image completion and gloss. Properly selected details attract attention to the character, creating a highlight and uniqueness.

Attributes are appropriate for our character: the cap and the collar that we learned to create with you.

You can add these parts to brightness in them, thanks to the presence of rhinestones, sequins and various pumps, which are also very easy to make yourself.

A pile of pomponov

Applying fantasy and smelting, it is possible to perform other versions of the cap, for example, three-, four or more horn.

Three caps

Instead of Kuska, it is permissible to use a satin wide ribbon, with pompons from colored threads along the edges. Or make a fabric belt from the material from which the costume was sewn.

Red-gray drawing of belt pieces

The belt can be made two-color, such as blue-red with turnover.

Motor red ribbon

The holiday turns into a real firework when around colorful scenery and stylish accessories, and of course, the sea of ​​balls!


In the end of the image we put maker

Without aquagrimism, no celebration is not accustomed to use this kind of festive and fashionable child makeup. Joyful and bright imaging will undoubtedly reap children at any event.

This type of makeup is safe and easily washed off with water.

For the drawing, it will take white paint as a basis as well as red, blue, yellow and green - any kelper at your request.

  • First we apply a white background on the selected part of the face with a damp tassel (for the most accurate application, water should not be dripped).
  • The next layer of the collector can be applied almost immediately, since the moisture evaporates on the skin rather quickly.
  • Then draw contours of the eyes, eyebrows and an infinite smile.
  • Add paints to your eyes and lips, draw a burgundy nose.
  • To give originality, instead of classic round broken, you can draw cheeks in the form of a heart or a flower.
  • And in the end - draw long eyelashes!

Two faces in makeup

In general, this work does not take much time and does not require many material investments. For an experienced tailor it will take no more than 2 hours. For a beginner - a little more.

The child will be delighted with the cooking process, with what love and care you do the only and unsurpassed outfit. How much joy he will experience from the anticipation of the finished product, not to mention that he wants to participate in its production!

View all Parsley Suits for Child

View all Parsley Suits

How to make a parsley costume

The arrival of the New Year comes the time of the matinee in kindergartens and junior schools. As a rule, parents dress their children in costumes of various fabulous characters. Such outfits can be bought in the store or order via the Internet, but it's easier and cheaper to make a suit with your own hands. In this article we will look at how to sew the costume of parsley.

Fabric selection

We all at least approximately imagine what it is for the character. Parsley always carries bright motley clothes. Very often his suit combines contrasting colors - it must be considered when choosing a fabric. It is not necessary to use one-year matter, peas or stripes may be present on it.

In addition, you can sew pants and a shirt from many flaps. Not trouble, if one pant is red, and the second is green or yellow, because it is a similar combination and is a feature of a parsley costume. Selecting the fabrics, do not forget also about accessories: color buttons, buboins, braid, sequins, etc.

Parsley's pants pants of this fabulous hero can be completely different both in color and a style. Sharovars are considered a classic option, however, you can dress a parsley into ordinary straight pants. It is advisable to make every half the pants of different colors.

Sew this object of clothing is not difficult:

  1. Take the most common pajama pants of your child and make a pattern on them. Do not forget to add on each side 2 cm for seams.
  2. Transfer the pattern to the selected fabric, cut the items.
  3. Connect fragments with each other, first by performing the side seams, and then stepper.
  4. The top of the pants will expose a little inward and place, leaving a small gap. Through this hole, draw the gum.
  5. The bottom of each pant can simply be asked or embedded with a rubber band - then the pants will resemble the sharovar.

    How to make a parsley costume

Shirt parsley

This element of clothing is traditionally performed from red matter, but you can experiment with other bright colors. You can make a shirt in peas or sew it from different colors of halves, like pants. Do not forget to sew a star collar to the neck, which can be additionally decorated with bubrels.

How to make a parsley costume

The cap of the fairy-tale hero learn the parsley in its unusual cap. It is not difficult to make such a headdress, you just need to correctly remove the measurements from the child's head. Having measured the girth and depth of the head, make the pattern on paper, and then transfer it to the fabric. Since the pants and the Hero shirt are sewn from multi-colored flaps, the cap must match the overall style. Do not forget to hang on a hat ringing bubbles.

How to make a parsley costume

Shoes parsley

The shoes of the fairy-tale hero have a very unusual form, however, they can be made with their own hands. Let's look at this process in more detail:

How to make a parsley costume

  1. Take the tight socks of the child, it is better to choose such a model that has a non-slip sole. So that at the New Year's matinee, the baby's legs did not frozen, insert the socks into the thick shoe insoles and secure them with several stitches of the thread.

    How to make a parsley costume

  2. Below in the photo shows the drawing to which you need to make a pattern of shoes, based on the individual sizes of your child's legs. Please note that the shine is better not directly done, but a little expanding upwards - so the shoes will be much easier.

    How to make a parsley costume

  3. Connect the parts between themselves, leaving the uneven shoe sole. After that, insert the sock inside the sock and susht it to the bottom of the shoe.

    How to make a parsley costume

  4. The greenstone should also stay open.

    How to make a parsley costume

  5. Click the free space between the socks and shoes by Sinyproton, giving the shoes the right shape.

    How to make a parsley costume

  6. After that, you can laugh in the top of the elastic band.
  7. The second option is to connect the top of the sock with the top of the shoe, then you will have the following:

    How to make a parsley costume

  8. Parsley shoes are ready. You can decorate it at your discretion.

In this article we told you how to make the costume of a fairy-tale hero parsley. We hope our recommendations will be useful to you. Children's panties tailoring technology you can borrow from the video:

The bright image of parsley is loved by many children. I bring to your attention a master class on sewing a carnival costume of parsley or gnome.

 Step-by-step master class with photos how to sew a costume of parsley or gnome

In kindergartens on New Year's matinees, children distribute roles. Girls are usually dressed up in snowflakes, and boys in a parsley costume or a gnome.

Few who want the child to be dressed in the same way as the rest of the group, so many moms show fantasy and sew children's New Year's costumes. In addition, the cost of such a costume is small in comparison with the purchase.

I bought 4 meters of different atlas of 130 p per meter. I was enough for a parsley costume with a cap and shoes, the costume of strawberries for his daughter and still quite a lot left. You can decorate a suit in your taste.

We will not draw complex schemes, but simply revive the pattern with suitable blouses and pants. How to move the pattern from the finished thing without breaking it. Do not forget to make a greater increase around the edges (2-3 cm) so that things on the child sat freely.

Person's pants I decided to do two-color, and yellow shirt with a colorful collar.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

Before connecting parts to each other, you need to sew improvised "patch".

In order to make a patch, you need to cut a piece of contrast fabric arbitrary shape. Bresh it around the edges and pinched pins on the fabric. After that, add a patch on the sewing machine. Combining different shapes and sizes of patches. Decorate both trousers and parsley shirt.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

After that, all the details of the costume of the parsley must be combined with each other and process edges. Atlas is a very bulk fabric, so immediately pass all the inner seams with overlock or zigzag.

The parsley collar consists of multicolored triangles. Each triangle sews from two equal parts and turned outward. Distribute 5 triangles evenly across the door of the shirt and pinches with pins.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

In order for the head of the child to go in the neck, you need to make a cut from behind. And process it.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

The cut will be fastened to sticky tape.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

Cover it with additional sixth collar triangles

So looks like a styled gate of parsley from behind

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

Decorate the collar ribbon from the sequins and processed the oblique baker. The sequencing tape cost 15 r per meter, on the decoration of the neck, caps, shoes and costume went about 4 meters.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

To decorate the sleeves and the lower edge of the shirt, I also used a tape from sequins.

We supplement the costume of parsley with a bright belt. You can sew a belt from the atlas, but I had a suitable red ribbon and I used it.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

After that, I additionally decorated the costume of parsley with New Year sequins in the form of snowflakes (0.5 p apiece)

How to sew a parsley suit for a child

Parsley suit ready. By the same principle, you can sew a suit of a gnome or a crumb.

How to sew a parsley suit for a child


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