Touch ID: What is it on the iPhone and how it works

Touch ID has become truly revolutionary technology for the entire iPhone line. From the moment when the technology was first submitted to the presentation, unlocking the device was not only safe, but also as comfortable as possible. For Touch ID there was a huge number of applications in addition to unlocking a gadget. In this article we will tell you what Touch ID is how it works and where it is applied.

What is Touch ID on iPhone

Using Touch IDTouch ID is a fingerprint scanner that is used in the iPhone and the other apple technique. For the first time, Apple added it to the iPhone 5S in 2013. Since then, for 5 years, this technology has been actively used in iPhones, iPades and even in MacBooks.

Touch ID allows you to unlock the device with one touch of a special surface. In mobile devices, this is the "Home" button, in MacBooks - key.

After its appearance, Touch ID quickly gained great popularity, because no longer need to enter long passwords to unlock the smartphone for a couple of seconds. Attached finger and after a moment the device is available for use.

How it works and how Touch ID works

At the moment there are two generations Touch ID. They are characterized by the speed of reading data and therefore faster unlocking. The second generation began to embed from iPhone 6S, and the speed of unlocking there really faster.

Devices with the Touch ID ID of the first generation:
  • iPhone 5S.
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6.
  • iPhone 6 Plus.
  • iPad Air 2.
  • ipad mini 3.
  • ipad mini 4.
  • iPad Pro 12.9 1G
  • iPad Pro 9.7.
  • iPad (2017)
  • iPad (2018)
Devices with the Touch ID of the second generation:
  • iPhone 6S.
  • iPhone 6s Plus.
  • iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 7 Plus.
  • MacBook Pro.
  • iPad Pro 10.5.
  • iPad Pro 12.9 2G
  • iPhone 8.
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • MacBook Air (2018)

Touch ID sensor is built into the "HOME" button and covered with sapphire glass. This allows you to securely protect the scanner from small mechanical damage. The built-in sensor scans the pillow of the finger and recognizes the drawing on it. In addition, it doesn't matter at all, at what angle you put a finger: from above, from the bottom, on the side - the device is easily unlocked. You can add several fingers at once to unlock the device with any hand.

What do you need Touch ID

Touch ID sensor device

Touch ID ensures the security of many processors and speeds up authentication. As we said, the first and main task is unlocking the device. You install the code password and configure the fingerprint scanner. When it is not possible to use Touch ID (wet hands, etc.), simply enter the password. Touch ID helps with payment when using Apple Pay. When you want to pay in the store with the iPhone, you need to press the "Home" button twice to start the Apple Pay application, and Touch Id checked if you exactly make a purchase. If yes - payment will pass. If not, it will give an error.

Next Touch ID is used in the App Store. When you're the first time you are going to purchase an application (paid or free - no matter), the iPhone will ask to make a finger to the "Home" button to confirm the action. When you delete an application or game and a subsequent installation, scan your finger will not need.

The latest use of Touch ID is to enter applications. These are usually banking services, access to which is undesirable for unauthorized persons. When entering such applications, the system asks to enter a password or use Touch ID. The second option, as we have already seen, is much more convenient.

In addition, the Touch ID allows you to confirm the actions with ICloud. The most frequent use scenario - Want to view all saved passwords from sites - confirm the fingerprint scanner.

How to configure Touch ID

For the best effect and avoid further inconvenience, make sure your hands are clean, and the button itself is no longer "shung." Go to the "Touch ID and Password" settings and enter the password. Click "Add Print". Next, light movements touch the "Home" button with one finger.

Setting up Touch ID

The system will require several such touches to fully consider your drawing on your finger. Every time a little change the position of the finger - the picture will be shown, which area is already scanned, and which requires additional touches. After everything is ready, the system will report success. Similarly, you can add a new imprint or use only one.

We recommend to specify the names of the prints, if there are several of them. Since then when you notice that the system does not recognize the index finger, it will be enough to immediately understand which imprinting is changed.

Reading Apple Gadgets Descriptions You can find a function called Touch ID. About what it is, why is it necessary to use, configure and tell this article.

Touch ID technology

About technology Touch ID

Touch ID is a fingerprint scanner embedded in the "Home" button. For the first time, it appeared on the iPhone 5s in September 2013 and was used in all devices other than iPhone X, XS, 11. In the latter, the Face ID technology was replaced by a user identifying the user.

This technology was patented by Apple in 2008. In 2012, she acquired AUTHENEC, which was engaged in the development of fingerprint recognition technology.

Principle of operation

Works Touch ID as follows. Built-in sensor button scans a finger pad in a resolution of 500 pixels per inch2. The resulting volumetric pattern of the pillow surface is saved in a special processor memory area. Such an approach allows you to use the technology to work any finger pad plot, and due to the saving information of the special processor memory information, hack the gadget becomes a challenge.

Touch ID
Touch ID is a fingerprint scanner.

What do you need Touch ID

"Touch Ayidi" is used for 3 goals: unlocking the device, payments for purchases in the AppStore, iTunes Store, Apple Books and payments in stores through ApplePay.


To unlock using this technology, you need to configure it, and after - just touch the "Home" button without pressing it.

Payments for purchases in the AppStore, iTunes Store, Apple Books

Procedure Next:

  1. Make sure that the device settings are enabled with the "iTunes Store and App Store" option. You can find it by passing along the path "Settings" => "Touch ID and code-password".
  2. Open the desired AppStore, iTunes Store or Apple Books.
  3. Find the app, track, book for purchase and click on it.
  4. Touch the "Home" button to make a purchase.
AppStore, iTunes Store
Paying for purchases using Touch ID in the AppStore, iTunes Store, Apple Books.

Payments for purchases via applepay

This feature is supported from iPhone 6. Procedure Next:

  1. Find a store accepting payment through ApplePay
  2. Unlock the device and hold your finger on the "Home" button.
  3. Attach the top of the smartphone to the payment terminal.
  4. Press "ready."

How to set up a function

Procedure Next:

  1. Clear the "Home" button from dirt and prints.
  2. Go through "Settings" => "Touch ID and Password".
  3. Enter enter the password code. He is needed in case
  4. Holding the device as usual, click "Add a print" and touch the "Home" button. The finger on it needs to be kept until the vibration is triggered. This procedure must be repeated 5-6 times.
  5. Shoot the smartphone in your hand, as it would be preparing to unlock it. Touch the "Home" button 5-6 times the edges of the finger pad.

This configuration of the Touch ID is complete.

Possible difficulties

If the device cannot be unlocked with a finger, it does not remember prints when setting up or requires a password, you can solve these problems with one of the following:

  1. Upgrade iOS to the latest version.
  2. Clean the surface of the button and the scanned finger.
  3. Attach your finger so that it closes the button and conceded the metal rim.
  4. Ensure that the Touch ID settings include "Unlocking an iPhone" or "iTunes Store and App Store".
  5. Try to get into the device's compensation of another finger.

Summing up, we can say that Touch ID is a fingerprint scanner used to unlock the iPhone, iPad and to confirm the purchase of purchases in Apple services and regular stores.

In all current models of iPhone, you can find such a feature as Touch ID. Many do not use her and do not even know that it is generally. Therefore, today I will tell you why you need to use Iyy's touch on my iPhone and what it gives. The article will be quite short, but interesting.

Touch ID function on iPhone

I want to start the story of this feature with the fact that it appeared in the distant 2013 together with the legendary iPhone 5S. Then the letter S meant "Security", which was implemented using the Aidi Touch. Technology Touch IidiHow many memes then went that now iPhones will steal together with your fingers. Nevertheless, many years later, everyone adores him. Touch ID - This is a fingerprint scanner in devices from Apple, which is built directly to the Home button. With it, most often you can unlock your smartphone or make purchases. In the first models, the technology was damp and very often broke. And a big minus is that it is not easy to change it, because the button is tied to the processor of the device. From the global advantages of use, you can call such advantages:

  • security of your data after the device loss;
  • Fast unlocking device;
  • It is convenient to make purchases at any store.

Today we have this technology in version 2.0 and many do not even imagine their lives without it. After all, it is so convenient and quickly you can unlock your gadget.

How to configure Touch ID on iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus?

Many people think that setting the function of the iphone touch function on the iPhone or iPad is super complicated. But you should not be afraid of this and now consider the whole process as a whole. how to set up aida touch on iPad and iPhoneI'll start with the fact that even if you have an old iphone 5S, then it also makes sense to make this procedure. Therefore, let's start:

  1. Go to B. Settings Touch ID and code password ;
  2. see Add a stamp and bring the desired finger to the Home button;
  3. When the scan ended, then we make the same procedure, only with the edges.

Configure Touch ID on iPhone and iPadNow the imprint has been added and you can add so many fingers as you need. Most often, things are quite enough. After all, you can cut down and so on, but do not forget that there is a password. In the same menu of this function, you can choose which exactly you want to use this functionality. Options are actually only two:

  • Unlock iPhone;
  • iTunes Store and App Store.

There are already purely your preferences. If the first item should be default, then the second is really the need. The second point can be useful for paid games to not enter the password.


As you can see, the Touch ID function is not as terrible. Now you know what it is intended in your device and what it is. As for the setting, too, everything is simple. Usually Apple is trying to simplify the process as much as possible, so you can always find a bunch of tips, what exactly needs to be done in what order.


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