Maintenance Napkins: How beautiful and properly put napkins in the napkin

Napkins are a small piece of canvas, which is very important during the feast. They help guests adhere to personal hygiene, and also perform an important decorative function. Therefore, you should know how to put the napkins in the napkin.

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Napkins help guests adhere to personal hygiene, and also perform an important decorative function.

The main purpose of the napkin is to maintain hands clean. It does not matter how beautiful the design is posted on the table. If necessary, it should be easily useful.

Popular Methods for layouts in the napkin

The main methodology of laying products in the cloth is the addition of the corners. It is convenient, as it makes it easy to pull out the napkin, pulling the edge. Pay attention to the following methods of arrangement of the composition, which can master even beginners.

Select such moments of use of napkins:

  1. They should be applied. Otherwise, you will show yourself an unprecedented person.
  2. Do not refill a piece of matter. If you want to get into pollution, carefully fold the paper sheet in half.
  3. Do not deploy fabric full length. Neat movements wipe the fingers of the hands if they are fat.
  4. Paper napkin use only once. To launch, you will have to re-take another product.
  5. The used item must be crumbling and gently folded near the plates. After receiving food, put the napkin on the plate.
Multicolored napkins in the napkin
Paper napkin use only once.

Napkins are designed to use during solemn evenings and reception. Also used in everyday life. For every day you can not think about how to put the napkins in the napkin. If a major event is planned, it is recommended to master several techniques for laying paper napkins as in a luxurious restaurant.

Single and double fan

Follow the following instruction to create a song:

  1. Take one product;
  2. Connect the opposite edges, bending the canvas in half;
  3. The resulting triangles place in the selected container.

There are several possible options for placing elements in the holder:

  1. Place equally different half of the parts in the opposite sides;
  2. Start lay out the design from the center to the edges;
  3. Fan is ready.
Stock Foto Napkins on table
Fan from the napkin will be a wonderful addition to the festive table.

Bird with a multicolored tail

Original option. From pieces of matter trapezoids are made. They will be tail for the bird. Bend corners that are located opposite each other. Choose multi-colored elements so that the composition looks natural.

To make your head, roll one napkin into the tube. End wrap to the side. Now collect the design into a round holder. First, place the bird's head, after which it gently decompose the elements of the tail.

This fantastic bird will decorate the festive table. Especially in the New Year or as a symbol of cheerfulness. Perform all steps step by step to get the result.

Bird with a multicolored tail
This fantastic bird will decorate the festive table.

Bilateral Waterfall in the Cup

For this option, you will not need a closet. Take any capacity convenient for you and perform the steps:

  1. You will need a small steady cup;
  2. First, expand the napkin, after which fold in the middle (the number of such folds depends on the size of the original web);
  3. Lay out the resulting elements in the container;
  4. Secure the central part in the cup;
  5. Composition is ready.
Fan from the napkin
Two-ended waterfall will easily decorate any festive table.

Spectacular Schemes for Folding Napkins

Choose only high-quality napkins for decorating a festive table. It is beautiful if the decorative element echoes the theme of the celebration. For example, for the birth of a child's birthday, use bright colors with unusual pictures. For a romantic dinner, choose more calm monophonic tones.

Come to the service process creatively. Do not be afraid to experiment. Depending on the reason, it is possible to give different shapes. The embodiment of some schemes is possible only with cloth models, paper options are suitable for others.

Pay attention to the following compositions that are easy to master at home:

  1. Candle. This will require dense monophonic napkins. Bend the matter in half to get a triangle. Start twist the item starting from a stupid end. The tube is ready. For reliability, secure it down. Now it remains to put the resulting components in a glass.

    Two-fed waterfall in a cup
    For reliability, fasten the candle down at the bottom.

  2. Sachet. Fold the fabric napkin in half to get a rectangle. Top edge Wrap in such a way that pockets formed. Expand the element to the other side. Turn the ends in the center. Now put cutlery into the hole.

    Stock Foto Candles from napkins
    Insert cutlery into the hole.

  3. Peacock. It is necessary to make an effort so that such a napkin has become a real highlight of your festive table. To do you need to take two products. Take the napkin and fold two edges towards the house formed. Repeat the procedure again. Bend in half - this is the neck. Now get the tip perpendicularly. Form the tail. To do this, fold the fan's napkin. Collect the design. Now you can put it on the dining table.

    Sachet from napkins
    It is necessary to make an effort so that such a napkin has become a real highlight of your festive table.

  4. Rabbit. He will decorate the Easter festival. This will require a square napkin. Fold it in such a way that a thin rectangle is formed. Check the top edges to mark the center point. Now connect the upper and lower corners. Turn the lower edges. In the pocket formed to the crash rope. Pull the ears. Lay the craft to the plate.

    Photo peacock from napkin
    The rabbit will decorate the Easter festival.

  5. Tree. Such a decorative element will create a festive mood and delight your guests. Fold the napkin in half, forming a rectangle. Generate the upper and lower edges so that it turns out the house. Again fold the design to come out the square. Repeat the procedure until the correct triangle is obtained. Connect the design. Christmas tree is ready to decorate New Year's holiday.

    Rabbits of fabric napkins
    Such a decorative element will create a festive mood and delight your guests.

  6. Rose flower. Universal option for any holiday. Spread the napkin and roll it diagonally. Now fold this triangle in height. Repeat the procedure. To get a flower, you will need another napkin. Form a rectangle and start wrapping along the axis. Bud is ready. Put the composition into a glass.

    Stock Foto Christmas tree from napkin
    Universal option for any holiday.

Perfect paper chipper or fabric

This design is simple, but no less attractive. She will decorate any festive celebration. This will require a minimum of materials that will be available in any house:

  1. Take the napkin and place on the work surface;
  2. Start bending every end to the center;
  3. Bend the product diagonally;
  4. Bottom and top fold to the center;
  5. Start to push each edge in a circle - do it until the turntable gets out;
  6. Decorate the plate with the resulting product.
Roses from napkins
This design is simple, but no less attractive.

Such a decorative element can be used at different celebrations:

  1. For receptions, place the resulting turntable on the wand - it turns out a kind of homemade fluger;
  2. Production of special prizes for those who participated in competitions at the event;
  3. Creating suspended structures on windows and ceilings;
  4. Wall decoration and addition to other composites from napkins.

The lightness and airiness of the fluger will decorate your table. Unusual contours and different combinations will create the desired effect.

Stock Foto Purple of tissue napkin
Such a decorative element can be used at different celebrations.

Secrets of success and choice of materials

So that the composition is turned out, listen to recommendations:

  1. We will have to spend some time to create a composition. Before serving, it is recommended to practice to make everything quickly on the appointed day.
  2. Pick up the color gamut. Each item must be harmoniously combined. If hard to decide, choose neutral white.
  3. Before starting work, wash your hands, because the canvas will be used in the future guests.
  4. Seeing pre-dishes so that your paper compositions are not wet.
  5. If it fails to do the first time, it is not recommended to use the craft. Paper loses her neat view. Start the manufacture of a new product.
  6. Do not choose complex schemes if you are new. Focus on simple versions. Over time, you will succeed.
  7. For a serving, you can use both paper and fabric napkins. From each product you can create a masterpiece.
  8. Try to place the closets so that the person will easily reach the cloth at the right moment.
Papers from paper
Each item must be harmoniously combined.

Before the big feast, buy new napkins to have a stock. Each should be enough of this important element for hygiene. The above schemes are only some options for serving. Lighten simple options, followed by experiments. Follow the instructions, and everything will turn out.

Video: how quickly and beautifully fold the napkins

Paper napkins - an indispensable detail that can become an additional focus on any holiday. Showing fantasy and creativity, you can make curly compositions that correspond to the topic of the event. Those who want to be beautifully folded paper napkins in the napkin, it is worth using simple and interesting layouts for layouts presented below.

Table setting
The composition of the butterfly is one of the common variations for a solemn service

Features of serving paper napkins in the napkin

Serving paper is used not only in hygienic purposes in basic purposes. From it you can create creative compositions of any type for a wide variety of cases. Fissure napkins are allowed to combine with paper, the first option is placed on the knees during meals, the second is designed for the table. According to the rules, individual napkins or stands with them put on the left side of the cutlery. On the table you can position almost any number of supports depending on its size. The layout of the napkins is advisable to pick up taking into account the style of serving tables and the whole event as a whole.

Important! Paper napkins intended for hygiene are put under the plates, the spare is better place in special stands. The decorative is most often drawn up in the form of thematic figures, they are not used directly appropriate.

How to put the napkins in the napkin

A large number of napkins of various shapes, colors and sizes is available. Classic products are considered the most popular, as well as options in the form of seashells with geometric or abstract ornaments. Methods of layouts can be anywhere, the napkins can be placed in a special stand or a glass or effectively decompose near the plates. Learning to perform the layout is not so difficult, for this there will be enough pair of workouts depending on the type selected.

How to put napkins in the napkin pile

Stack laying is considered the simplest paper design. It is suitable for classic serving, in which more complex fantasy options will be superfluous. A stack of about twenty pieces is placed by a double-sided waterfall into a holder or stand so that each napkin lay exactly.

Table setting
Minimalistic, but exquisite stacking equipment is relevant for any occasion

How beautiful to decompose the napkins in the napkin crown

Another simple crown scheme allows you to wind the napkins in the napkin as quickly as possible. Most often, this method is used in cafes and restaurants. The basis takes the products folded with a triangle, their quantity depends on the size of the stand or holder, but usually does not exceed nine. Triangles are laying in bend inside and evenly distributed inside the cloth. Three triangles on the left bend from above to form bending inside, in the center there should be three smooth figures. The remaining elements on the right again laid inside. Make the crown is not so difficult, it is important to monitor that it turns out to be symmetrical.

Table setting
To more accurately imitate the crown better to take the paper of gold or yellow

How to put napkins in the napkin bird

The compositions in the form of birds will be spectacularly looked in the holders on the table, especially if used for them paper saturated and juicy colors. Each sheet of paper turns into a trapezium, making bends in a pair of opposite corners of the sheet, and fold it diagonally. After all sheets lay on each other, from the latter form the base from the head of the bird, which should be twisted into the tube and turn on one side. If desired, the bird makes the tail, it is located below and form from the sheet, twice.

Table setting
In work, usually use one, two or more colors of serving paper, the best of all will look for multi-colored foundations.

How to fold napkins in the parcel fan

This method of serving refers to the category of the most elementary and more often used for home events. You can fold the serving paper for this layout in a few minutes by making a classic or double fan. So that it turns out bright and spectacular, use paper of different colors or create a more voluminous fan.

The layout consists of the following steps:

  • Square sheets are minimized diagonally to form triangles with sharp corners;
  • All the figures are stacking on each and shift the corners to the left to form a fan;
  • The resulting form takes over the lower part and insert into the holder.

Folding the napkins with a triangle in the napkin, you can make a double fan. This method is also considered to be classic, but such a layout looks more unusual. Each square of paper is folded diagonally to form a triangle, and lay an equal number of pieces on the left side to the right and vice versa. The finished double fan is immediately inserted inside the stand.

Table setting
It is necessary to ensure that the places are located exactly, and it turned out to be uniform and symmetrical

How to beautifully roll up napkins in the lotus cloves

Lotus is one of the most complex folding methods, creating it will require more time and patience. Such a figure will become a spectacular decoration of each festive table and complement any celebration. For this scheme, we will need a serving paper of three different colors, for example, eight green, twenty-four white and one yellow.

It is necessary to create a composition, strictly following a step-by-step plan:

  • From the green square make a triangle and bend its corners to the central part;
  • The square turn over the other side and bend the fine angles inside;
  • This type creates more eight characters from green paper;
  • All forms are folded with each other using brackets from a stapler in a circle;
  • from white serving paper make twenty-four identical figures according to the sample presented above;
  • Twenty-four forms are put in green figures and fasten them with a stapler;
  • The yellow napkin is folded into a few finest harnesses and placed in the central part of the resulting composition.

The result of serving paper napkins in the Lotus cloves can be seen in the photo below.

Table setting
If necessary, the composition makes more voluminous, if you increase the number of napkins several times, each layer is better to fix among themselves so that the finished figure is not collapsed

Important! Putting the napkins in the stand is necessary so that guests can get them from there without much effort. For this, it is important to clearly define the number of paper sheets that must match the size of the holder.

How beautiful tolay napkins in the cloth sail

One of the most simple layouts is a sail, suitable for original napanetes in the form of ships. To create the desired effect, it will be necessary to simply fold the paper with a standard fan or impose sheets to each other.

Table setting
The composition of the sail will look more festive if you use the serving paper of a red or any other bright shade

How to insert napkins in the ballerina's closet

This layout is also designed for the supports of a certain type of ballerina, into which the sheets of paper form form a peculiar skirt resembling a ballet pack.

Table setting
The composition with such a holder is suitable for any celebration, it is the most convenient and practical method of layout if there is a base

How to fold the napkins in the parcel glass

Methods for folding paper napkins in the napkin will depend on its type and shape. For a stacker in the form of a glass, both complex compositions and standard, like a fan or crown. It is better if the stand of such a plan will be transparent so that the composition from the napkins is completely visible.

Below is several options for layouts for cup holders:

  1. Candle. The square of serving paper is folded by a triangle and twist it from the bottom from about five centimeters. Next, the figure is turned over, maintaining at the bottom, and gradually form a candle.
    Table setting
    Candle can be made direct or beveled, ready-made variations are installed in cups for several pieces
  2. Cone. The napkin is a triangle, after the harmonica is twisted so that several folds formed. The angle of the resulting cone is invested in a glass, the upper part of the figure should be visible.
    Table setting
    Ready cones look very beautiful and spectacular on the festive table
  3. Flower. The bud is folded according to the standard scheme and lay inside the glass, if desired, it is possible to make a stalk for it, folding the paper for the candles.
    Table setting
    Artificial flowers can be created from bright serving paper and place them in parcels-cups

Beautifully decorated napkins in staves-glasses will be appropriate to look at both home furnishings and a solemn event. Glass stands are convenient and practical due to their simple form.

Useful advice

Serving napkins in holders and stands is an important stage of design, in addition to creating beautiful compositions, you need to know how to properly place them on the tables. Sal cameers with serving paper should stand at an affordable distance from each guest, combined with devices and general themes of the event. Paper containers are placed in maximum availability from a sitting person, but so that they do not interfere with guests. It is worth it in advance to decide on the color scheme, it can be classic white or color, if it comes to celebrations on the occasion of the new year, birthday or other holidays. The selection of shades depends on the time of year, for example, in the spring it is appropriate to choose pastel colors, and in the summer more juicy shades.

The preparation of the table should include selection of not only napkins and clips, but also a free space intended for additional dishes and devices. It is important that the number of items on the table correspond to its size, and the holders with the compositions looked appropriate.

Paper is selected with the style of the style of dishes, glasses and cutlery, the compositions of the napkins are created according to the number of invited people. If we are talking about a children's holiday, you can add more decorative parts made of colored bright paper. For a more modest event there will be enough standard white or red napkins.

Important! Before serving, make sure that the napkins are enough for everyone. It will be better if after a celebration will remain extra serving paper, it will help to avoid unforeseen situations.


To beautifully fold the napkins in the napkin and learn how to create original and spectacular compositions, it is not necessary to be a professional in the field of origami. This skill can master any after several workouts, even if we are talking about complex layouts. It is important not only to learn how to create beautiful figures, but also correctly place them on the festive table, select materials and clips, suitable with a common style and combined with a tablecloth and other details. The color palette and the rest of the nuances must match the holiday theme.

Art of folding paper napkins: the most interesting ideas + several advice hostess

Any hostess knows that the mood and atmosphere of the event depends on the table setting. It should not have any triumph, to beautifully fold the napkins, because with a simple dinner, too, it is also nice when the table is decorated beautiful.

The table decoration of the table plays a considerable role with the right serving. There is a lot of ways to make paper napkins beautifully and attractively. Depending on the type of the cloth, there is a lot of options how to arrange it, and in cases when it is not, you can also "get out".

Every woman, if desired, can learn the art of folding napkins, starting with the easiest and most common ways, then master this skill, and become a real pros! The most pleasant result is an excellent appetite and a wonderful mood!

How to put the napkins in the napkin

How beautifully folded paper napkins in flat cloth

Just lay a small bundle in the cloth - it's boring, but quickly. Therefore, you need to understand: to fold beautifully paper napkins will need time.

Sal cameras are also different, pushing out from its variety, you can pick up the method of laying.

How beautifully fold paper napkins in the napkin

In a flat cloth, you can lay the napkins in the following ways:

  • Lush fan;
  • Crown;
  • Bird.

Method "Magnificent Fan"

To beautifully lay the napkins by the fan, it is necessary to fold the square of the napkins so that the triangle is turned out to be, and then putting the wipes to form a fan on each other.

So that the fan turned out to be lush, you need to insert two fans in the cloth: from one and on the other hand, then it will be more convenient to pull them out.

The color of the napkins is better to choose based on a combination of colors: you can choose one-picture gentle colors, you can alternate colors and play on the contrast, and you can create a fan in the ambrum technique - that is, the rolling colors range from the darker to the lighter.

Embodiment "Crown"

The method of folding napkins in the form of a paper crown is not particularly different from Veter. It is also necessary to fold the triangles from the napkins and put in the cloth in such a way that the two sides "watched" each other, and insert three triangles in the middle of the top.

Another interesting idea of ​​laying napkins - in the form of birds

Bird is already a bit more complicated and longer in time. To fold the napkins in the form of birds, you need to take a paper square, put a rhombus and bend opposite corners, and then folded once again in half - it will be a tail.

Depending on how much such trapezoid blanks will be made, it will be so much the tail of the bird.

To the bird look attractive, you need at least 10 blanks for the tail, but not more than 15. Next you need to twist one square of the napkins in the harness, and its small edge bent to the side - this is the neck and head.

In order to collect a bird's billet - you need to insert a trapezoids in each other, forming a lush tail, and insert the neck with your head in the napkin.

A variety of clips

Another kind of decor of the cloth is a paper rose. If you add napkins by fan or crown, you can make a highlight and decorate an unusual rose, which is not so difficult.

It will be much more spectacular if the color of the rose napkins will contrast with the rest of the napkins in the napkin, such as a red rose and a white fan of napkins, or a pink flower and a yellow crown.

To make a rose need to follow the following algorithm:

  • Take a paper napkin and deploy it;
  • Folded the unfolded napkin twice in order to get a rectangle;
  • Bend one of the short sides of the rectangle for a couple of centimeters from the edge;
  • To the finger bent the side so that the edge be at its foundation;
  • Substitute the second free finger of the same hand and hold the future bud;
  • Without pulling off the fingers, start twisting the stem to the middle;
  • To the middle, bend one layer of the remaining napkins and form a leaf, after which it is to continue twisting to the end;
  • Place a bout, turning the petals by forming into a rose.

Tip for twisting rosette serve drawing below.

Methods for folding paper napkins in flat cloth

Such a rose can be inserted into the napkin, where the napkins are already folded only for the decor, for the execution of its direct function, it is already unlikely to fit.

Neat styling napkins in a glass-cup

Previously, the grooms served cups. The most common way to lay the napkins in the glass was "Sultan". Laying "Sultan" is not intimidated, you just need to connect the two opposite angle of the square napkin so that it turns out the horn. This horn insert into the glass, the next horn can be turned in the other direction, follow-up to the third side - so the design will look more voluminous and interesting. In total, such horns will need from 10-15 pieces.

From the method of laying "Sultan", the method of folding the "tower" wipes is not particularly different. Napkins are also folded into the horn and are compiled in this way: three napkins are directed in one direction, the following three to another, and so on.

Not only in flat nap fleets can be inserted "bird", in a glass, too, you can invest "Peacock". To collect a peacock, you need to fold one napkin with a harmonica and reveal it on half in the form of a fan, and from another napkin folded the triangular neck, the angle of which bend forward is a head and beak.

Phased twisting napkins in a rose

You can also put a rice in a glass that can be folded according to the diagram in the figure premissible above and put each individual. Perhaps such a paper napkin will not be used for its intended purpose, but will set the atmosphere of meals and the mood of its participants.

Neat folding napkins in Origami technique

Sometimes the folding of paper napkins turns into an entire art of origami. There are a lot of ways to beautifully apply napkins from paper, which can be put right on the plate each individually.

Method of laying "Tower" and "Pavlin"

Bright Astra

To feed the napkins in the form of astes, built in the Origami technique, it is necessary to adhere to the following algorithm:

  • Decompose a completely napkin in one layer and put in front of you;
  • Bend the opposite sides to the middle and turn the resulting rectangle across;
  • Once again fold the opposite directions to the center;

Films need to be thoroughly pressing, so that the flower holds a strong form.

  • Now you need to return to the second point, laying up a napkin, where there are four smooth bends separating it into 4 rectangular parts;
  • From the finished four rectangles you need to do 8 - these will be aster petals;
  • Fold the harmonic napkin, starting to fold to himself, then from myself;
  • To prepare the petals of Astra, from the resulting folds need to be made by volume triangles;
  • Next, the ribs of the folds are refilled inside and bend into the petal;
  • If all the edges of the folds have developed in triangles, you can connect two extreme, and Astra will be ready;
  • Gently transfer to a plate.

For such a method of filing, it is better to choose napkins more dense and bright flower shades.


In 2017, few people do not know what the spinner is, the popularity of turntable toys is rapidly gaining momentum. So in the serving you can apply this figure, folding the napkin in the Origami technique.

  • First you need to decompose the napkin in one layer and put in front of yourself on the table;
  • Each of the four ends of the square must be bent to its center;
  • Then fold the napkin in the pressure;
  • Put a folded napkin in such a way that it lay across the table and fold the two opposite sides to the middle.
  • It remains only to push each triangle in its direction towards: top right - right, left - up, lower right - right, lower left - down.

Spinner is ready, it will be better to look at the plate, but as it is not bulky, you can make several such turels and folded into a flat cloth.


The most romantic way to serving napkins, you can recognize the folding of birds from them. Origami technique can help turn ordinary meal in a romantic evening, if folded from napkins a couple of swans.

It is not necessary to lay out the napkin, and the same its angle, in which all four corners are free, should look down.

  • Rhombus napkins fold in pressure to determine the middle;
  • Decompose again in the rhombus and bend the right corner into the center along the fold line;
  • Also fold the left corner and turn the blank to the other side;
  • The same sides bend to the middle, and the upper angle bend to the bottom;
  • Shape the swan's head, bending a small part to the top;
  • Now you need to deploy the billet and make a fold along its body;
  • Straighten the swan neck and arrange at an angle at its discretion;
  • With the help of a wide part of the bird body, you can install it, aligning her head;
  • Shape a swan tail with the top layer of napkins, lift and straighten;
  • For the puff of the tail, it is also necessary to straighten the remaining layers of napkins.

Swans look well on a plate, and the color can be chosen any, especially interesting swans on the contrast - when the bottom of the napkin is white, and the upper color.

How to fold paper napkins if there is no cloth

There is a very chic way, how to fold beautifully paper napkins without a cloth. You can put a napkin near a plate or directly to a plate individually to everyone, and you can collect a magnificent lotus and put in the center of the table. Such decoration made of paper napkins is suitable for special occasions.

Options for feeding napkins in Origami technique

To make such a lotus, you need to prepare:

  • Scissors;
  • Paper colored napkins: It can be green and red, yellow and pink and other colors at their discretion;
  • Threads and needles are needed to fasten the base so that the design is stronger.

For a bulk flower, you need to make 12 billets of green or another shade at your discretion - this is the basis. The flower itself will need 96 pink (or other color) of the billets.

  • Folded four-layer napkin need to put a rhombus to himself;
  • All parties starting from the top corner, you need to gather in the center;
  • Flip the napkin and corners get up;
  • Folded on the middle of the outside - the billet is completed.

It is still necessary to make 11 such parts. As soon as the modules are collected, they need to be driven by threads and needles so that it turns out a circle - a wreath of blanks. Stand under flower is ready.

Now you need to assemble the flower itself. Billets of flower petals are made according to the same principle as for the stand. As soon as the petals are ready, we put them on the stand, helping the flat item so that the top item has to go into the bottom.

After the first row, the subsequent layer must be slightly lifted up and build in a checker, alternating and filling the space with petals-boats.

It turns out about eight rows if the flower is less needed, respectively, the stand must be made less than a diameter. Then the napkins will leave too much.

On this principle, you can collect not only the lotus flower, but also pineapple!

Variations of festive laying of paper napkins

Fold beautifully paper napkins can be different ways, even thematically. Depending on the type of celebration, you can choose the appropriate laying of napkins.

For new year

The chief attribute of the holiday is a Christmas tree. Here and on the festive table you can fold the beautiful Christmas tree made of napkins. For it you need:

  • Folded the green napkin inadvertently, then once again in half - it turns out a small square;
  • Put it in front of them in the form of a rhombus and each layer of napkins bend up, leaving no more than 2 centimeters between bends;
  • Turn over the workpiece, holding its bent parts;
  • The right and left corner bend to each other so that the ends come to each other;
  • Again turn over the workpiece and starting from the top, bending every corner and lay it up to the bottom to bottom.

For the day of lovers or the anniversary of the wedding

To the thematic holiday dedicated to love is perfect for serving with napkins in the form of hearts. To make a heart, you need:

  • The square of the paper napkin is folded in half turning into a triangle;
  • The right and left corners of the triangle should be beatened to the middle up;
  • Turn over the napkin and bend the top corner to the center, and the remaining corners are opposed to the sides.
  • Round the heart by starting the upper corners and flip over the other side.

For such a "valentine" from the napkin, bright colorful colors are suitable: pink, lilac, crimson, red, orange or purple.

For the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

In a male day, you can serve napkins in the form of a tie, wrapping a plug or spoon. Color range is better to determine in blue, purple, green or blue colors. Well if there are napkins in the blue cage.

  • Put a napkin face (where drawing) down in the form of rhombus;
  • Bend the left upper edge about a third to the center and the same to do with the right upper part so that they are bent symmetrically
  • Now fold the left lower corner up to the middle, and the same to do with the right;
  • Folded the upper part diagonally to the right perpendicular to the bottom;
  • Rotate this part and get a tie so that it is already turned left;
  • To lay this part to the bottom by forming a node on a tie, now the device can be folded into this nodule.

At Easter

For Easter, you can fold the Easter bunny, which will be suitable for children's holidays.

  • The square of the napkins folded in order to turn out to be a rectangle, folded again in half to determine the center;
  • Along the center bend the upper corners;
  • Also folded the lower corners, and the left and right bend down diagonally;
  • Turn over the workpiece and bend the lower angle, and the left and right to wrap each other, as in pockets;
  • Pull the ears and put on a plate or table.

On the eighth of March

A woman will be pleased to get not only live flowers, but also creatively folded roses, lotuses and other flowers made of paper napkins.

The design "Lotus" from paper napkins eclipse any napane officer


Any celebration, a feast or a simple family dinner will become much nicer and more comfortable if you make a little effort and complete the table serving is beautifully folded paper napkins. It is possible that the first time more time for serving will be used, but in the future, it is possible to put the napkins in the napkin, it will be faster and more careful.

As in every case - the art of folding napkins requires extinguishing skill, especially as it concerns the origami technology. However, this spent time and effort will not be in vain, and on the contrary, they will add experiences and certain skills, and the celebration will only leave pleasant memories.

How beautifully folded paper napkins in the parcels can be found in this interesting video.

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How to put napkins in the napkin

The table setting implies the use of various items. An indispensable detail for the embodiment of original ideas is napkins. Folded on - special, they will decorate any desk. There are schemes that will help to cope with the task as beautifully folded the napkins in the napkin. Methods are easy to perform and at the same time this is the possibility of creating a spectacular decor.

Now there are many options, how to fold beautifully paper napkins in the cloth.

Features of serving napkins

Napkins are not only a beautiful addition at the design of the table, but also act as hygiene for hand and face. Any composition of these products, if necessary, is used by guests. They are combined with fabric options. Which are suitable for placement on the knees, paper - are in special stands.

The main purpose of the napkin is to maintain hands clean.

The proper decoration of the table requires the execution of the rule: the napkin is placed in relation to cutting devices on the left side. She is put under the service, it can also be in the napkin in the form of a folded figure.

If necessary, it should be easily useful.

Step-by-step methods for folding napkins in the cloth

Napkins need to be used in the festive moments and with the usual meal. For everyday use there are supports that do not require certain skills for fast folding. It is enough to remove the products from the packaging and put them there. Some models are equipped with a holder providing them to preserve shape and accuracy.

How to fold "rose"

Romanticism at any event will add the royal flower made of a conventional napkin. To implement the idea, perform simple actions.

  • In the deployed form to shut the napkin with one layer on the surface. Next you need to add it diagonally.
  • In part of the fold it is necessary to wrap a couple of times so that a piece of material remains. He will serve as a flower leg.
  • Strip, which turned out to be hurt - this is a bud. It turns out, the rest is twisted. The result is stem.
  • Pour the top of the inflorescence, creating a rose shape.
  • If you wish, make petals from a green napkin. The resulting flowers can be put in a glass or plate.

This method helps when there were no clips at hand.

How to make a "flower in a glass" from napkins

You need one glass and ten napkins. Next Follow the instructions:

  • take one product, arrange it on the glass so that the angle of the napkin fell into the angle;
  • Three other angle are beyond the capacity;
  • slightly press the napkin to create a fiftie line;
  • Tightly putting the second to first put on her slightly;
  • The third thing is located on a free place;
  • Next, lay several tiers, doing similar actions;
  • Then take another napkin on which to flip up the bottom of the glass;
  • Holding the workpiece by hand, remove the dishes, there must be a bulk flower.

In one rose will fit from 8 to 15 napkins.

You can use napkins of several colors, then the flower will look spectacular in the glass.

How to put the napkins "bird"

Applying agility and using this method, the composition in the form of a bird is obtained:

  • First make the bend of two opposite corners of the napkins, after which it is diagonally to add it;
  • Two such blanks are not completely in each other;
  • From another napkin to make a bandwidth about a centimeter, moving from the angle, to form a head.

It will be unusual to look at the holder in which a paper bird is located.

The bird will look like an elegant, if using different colors in work.

How to put a "fan"

The method is universal: Whether dinner or lunch in the family circle. Step by step by performing manipulations, the fan will be obtained:

  • Put the facial face up, bend it in half, giving the form of a rectangle;
  • Approximately two thirds of the length roll fan;
  • The next step will be the creation of a harmonica together with a direct piece of vertical;
  • the remaining angles to fill in the fan;
  • The resulting product is placed in the stand assembled part down.

This option is suitable for a romantic dinner with candlelight or standard lunch.

Now knowing how to fold the napkins in the parcel fan, you can use this technique for decorating the table for any holiday.

How beautiful to lay out the "crown"

It is considered a simple scheme with which anyone can cope:

  • As a basis to take a triangle napkin. Here the quantity can vary from nine and more;
  • Starting from the edge to lay a fold inwards in three pieces;
  • Then gradually add to the center.

The method of location not only looks stylish, but it will be very convenient for your guests.

The main rule is the observance of the symmetry of the teeth.

How to lay out napkins "Stack"

To give a dining area of ​​solemnity, use uncomplicated paper structures.

In such a dish, you can serve the napkins with an interesting two-way waterfall.

It is enough to make a neat stack of napkins, putting them into a wooden closet or holder. Such a composition will attract the attention of loved ones. For these purposes, any model of the stands will fit. Simple serving creation technique will give an atmosphere of refinement.

Useful recommendations for laying napkins

The setting of napkins in the napkin is an important stage of registration of any event. It is also important to place them right on the table. It is not allowed that those present stretching them through finished dishes. It is worth considering the seating of each guest, as well as to put the instruments. It is recommended to place one cloth on four people.

Color spectrum

You can beautifully decorate the table every day. All items must be combined with each other. If there are difficulties with a choice of color, give preference to white. It is suitable for everything. The classic option will be a winning solution for any celebration.

They should be applied. Otherwise, you will show yourself an unprecedented person.

Green palette - suitable for the celebration of the New Year. By adding red napkins, it will be possible to dilute the abundance of greenery. You can add the composition with golden accessories. If you want something unusual, use saturated orange elements.

Such a decorative element will create a festive mood and delight your guests.

The birthday of children will be celebrated with a mass of positive, if you make a festive table with elements of different colors. You can collect a rainbow from colorful napkins.

Universal option for any holiday.

Pastel tones are appropriate to the celebration of the spring period. In the summer - use juicy shades.

This design is simple, but no less attractive.

Rules of table preparation

Decide in advance with the number of dishes. An important point is the placement of additional clean plates and appliances. At the same time, you need to remember the harmonious combination of objects on the texture and shade.

Such a decorative element can be used at different celebrations.

Stick to a single style of glasses

Unlimited fantasy flight can be used with selection of decorative elements. A cup for colors made of napkins will become a real decoration. Fill the room with family warmth and comfort.

Before serving, it is recommended to practice to make everything quickly on the appointed day.

Do not forget about small guys. For them, you can put a bunny figure from napkins. It is also better to use unbreakable dishes. Instead of metal cutlery, put wooden items.

Pick up the color gamut. Each item must be harmoniously combined.


Before serving the table, you should be wicked with napkins. Let them be more than it is. It will save from different unexpected situations. Place them in the stand so that the guest can without effort to get it at the right moment. Do not stuff tightly into the napkin. Correct the container for napkins near the person.

Do not choose complex schemes if you are new. Focus on simple versions.

To create original ideas, follow step by step instructions. This will help make any shape. To deftly fold the napkins, practice.

For a serving, you can use both paper, so fabric napkins.

Choose a color palette under a certain holiday. Adhere to the combination of colors with a tablecloth. You can decorate the serving with bright decorative accessories.

Try to place the closets so that the person will easily reach the cloth at the right moment.

Video: How beautiful to fold the napkins in the napkin.

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How beautiful to fold napkins in the napkin?

Napkins - an important table serving item. They perform aesthetic, and hygienic functions. Discern fabric and paper napkins. Paper products are cheaper and more practical, textiles are more expensive, but they look more festive.

However, you can give solidity to any type of napkins. It is enough just to put them in a napkin. This convenient fixture not only serves as an ornament, but allows you to take products one thing.


There are many reasons when the table must be decorated to eat. In some families it is a daily routine. It is not necessary to wait when guests come to update a beautiful tablecloth and get new plates. The same applies to napkins. People use these products daily, and they must be on the table constantly. Before folding napkins in a special closet, you need to decide on their color. The colors of the festive table setting should correspond to the celebration.

Universal option is white. It will suit any occasion.

Snow-white wipes on the same tablecloth are a classic and invariably winning option.

Red napkins perfectly fit into the table decor for a romantic evening, and golden, silver and green - for the New Year. If Halloween is noted, the use of orange or orange-black napkins will be appropriate. They can be served with candles of the same color. Bright options are suitable for decorating a children's festive table (for example, you can collect a rainbow from the corresponding colors).

Also shades of napkins should be harmonized with the color range of tablecloth and table setting items. All together they must compile a single ensemble. As for the shape of the napkin, it can be different depending on the occasion for the holiday and age of the guests.

Usually, the products are added as much as possible so that guests do not suffer, turning them before use. Especially simple schemes are suitable for paper options, as they differ in smaller size and arrange them in an intricate design it is not easy.

Depending on where the napkins will be placed (on a plate or near it, in a glass or cloth), choose the option according to which they will be folded.

How to fold beautifully?

The table setting immediately makes it clear how carefully the owners were preparing for reception of guests. Redundant or, on the contrary, insufficient decoration of the table, you can spoil all the impression of the event. And, on the contrary, tastefully decorated the table is able to decorate as a room in which there is also a celebration as a whole.

All items on the table must be harmonized with each other. Laying of cutlery and laying of glasses must comply with all the rules of etiquette. There are many ways to beautifully put napkins in the napkin. One of the easiest options is to take products of the same size, but two different colors.

Then you can put them with fan corners up. This method is suitable for a flat cloth.

You can also decompose the napkins in the form of two fans and to arrange them "towards each other." It turns out the so-called "crown". Another interesting option is to lay out a fan in different directions from the center. So you will get a "lush fan."

The "Corner" method is even simpler. Napkins are diagonally and laid into the nap fleet, alternating in colors. You can take both two, and three, and more different shades.

All of the above options can be additionally decorated with a paper rose from one or more napkins. Most likely, it will not be used directly by appointment, but will decorate the composition. Such a rose can be put and separately.

The fan can be diversified if half folded twice the napkins are lower than the first row of the veser, alternating two contrasting colors. The visual effect of chess will be created. On the table can be combined by several types of closets.

  1. If the device has a round shape, there are two main ways to decompose napkins in it.
  2. Each napkin is folded into the tube (not thicker than a simple pencil) and put it closely alone to the other, until the entire clock has been filled.

Each napkin needs to be straightened, and then fold into the harmonica. After that, the harmonic is flexing in the middle. Then you need to insert it into the napkin. The more napkins you use, the lurisa will turn out the harmonica. If the stand is a rectangle, you can lay out the spiral napkins. For this, products fold on each other, each subsequent - with a slight offset of the angle.

In cafes and restaurants, waiters are used in this way, it requires a certain skill. You need to fold all the napkins in a flat stack between palms and smooth movements carefully deploy. You can make an interesting bird, the tail of which will become napkins. Parts simulating the head and neck of the bird should also be collapsed from this material.

  1. To do everything correctly, you can use the instructions.
  2. Wrap the napkins in the elongated trapezoids, it will be the tail of the bird (adjust parallel corners, fold the napkin in half).
  3. From the rolled into the tube, the napkins make the head and neck of the bird.

The tail, the head and neck of the bird should be neatly shovel into the napkin, trying not to disturb the integrity of the structure.

Instead of the cloth, you can use a bowl or an original cup. In such a dish, you can serve the napkins with an interesting two-way waterfall. This option is even simpler than the "Corner" method. Each product must be deployed, then folded in half. After that, we should put all the folded parts on each other, bend the pack in half and put into a cup of "lochmata" part up.

If the cloth has a fantasy form (for example, made in the form of a girl, the "skirt" of which are just napkins), you can distribute several such "girls" on the table. In such napars, the layout is even easier to produce, as their segment is provided for each napkin. You can consider the option in which the role of the cloth plays a vase or a glass. In this case, the methods of laying, in which the middle of the napkin is inside the glade, and the ends hang freely. It is acceptable when the number of guests does not exceed ten people

And on the table there is a place to put next to each of them a personal closet. Of course, options for creating beautiful paper figures are much more, especially if you are going to place them not in the napkin, but place one on the plates. There are ways that are suitable for both options. For example, the hat with the title.

  1. Below is step by step tells how to do it.
  2. The napkin is folded in half into the invalid side.
  3. The product is once again folded in half. It turns out the square.
  4. The left upper angle is rejected, 2-3 cm remains to the vertex.
  5. Next, you need to wrap the side angles inside, covering them with each other.

The resulting figure is installed straight, sharp angle up.

If it is in stages to perform the proposed sequence of actions, the result will be the design that resembles a hat with a tit.

In a wide low vase, it will be spectacular to look at the lotus from the napkins, especially if you take one color napkin to create it, but different tones.

  1. How to make such a flower, told in the instructions below.
  2. Take 96 wipes of the desired color.
  3. Make 96 blanks for petals.
  4. Fold every fourly folded napkin diagonally.
  5. The resulting triangle from the top corner to the center bend down.
  6. Turn over and break small corners up.
  7. In the center fold the product outward. Preparation is ready.
  8. Next is the lotus assembly. Two petals of corners are connected to each other. Thus collect eight rows.
  9. Petals straighten up.

Lotus ready. If you wish, you can make a stand from 12 billets of green and place the lotus on it.

In more detail about how to fold the lotus napkins, see the next video.

Tips and recommendations

Napkins need to be folded and stacked only with clean dry hands, the napkin itself must also be washed and dried. The fat stain can spoil the most spectacular composition.

The more people are present at the celebration, the easiest of the decor must be folded.

If the holiday is not too formal, for example, a children's birthday or a big family dinner, there is no need to thoroughly observe etiquette. It is enough to maintain the color of the napkins only the shade of the tablecloth (or tablecloth track). For the children's event, you can attract children to design a festive table, including the folding of napkins.

If the reception passes through all the rules, then the table setting must match them. Using the oilbox is not allowed. Only the immaculately clean and carefully an unwanted linen tablecloth will be able to make a proper impression. Tableware and devices should be thoroughly washed and dry wiped. They should also be absolutely the same for each guest. The number of cutlery near the plate must correspond to the number of dishes served.

Sal cameers should be available to everyone who wishes them to take advantage.

For the autumn celebration, all shades of leaffall will fit, and for the spring - the entire palette of pastel colors will be. For the summer holiday, motley patterns are suitable, and monophonic bright colors. In winter, the combination of green, red and gold is appropriate during the New Year holidays and Christmas, and later - blue, blue, white, as well as other "snowy" prints.

For convenience, it is expedient to combine two types of napkins in a serving: fabric and paper. Then some (textile) will lie on the guests of the guests, while others (paper) will serve for hygiene of the hands and mouth.

Successful examples and options

Below are examples of table serving, in the design of which various ways of laying napkins in the cloth are used.

To serve the table, you need a tablecloth, dishes, devices and necessarily napkins. And if on the first three items there are no problems, then the fourth often delivers additional troubles. Many hostesses are wondering how beautifully folded the napkins in the napkin, and it usually happens to the very arrival of guests. To avoid unnecessary bustle, it is best to explore this issue in advance.

Simple layout methods

  • When serving the table, often, in addition to fabric napkins, use paper. For their placement, salipates are used. This is a special device that is found in a variety of variations in terms of color, forms, materials. The following forms of products are especially popular:
  • square;
  • triangle;
  • seashell;

Abstract figures.

The layout does not depend on the type of the stand. Before deciding how when serving a beautifully folded napkins in the napkin, it is worth familiar with the most common ways.

Fan You can beautifully fold the fan of the napkins in the napkin - it is a simple and fast method. Usually it is used if there is a daily dinner or gathering with friends. Create a brighter figure, using beautiful products of different shades.

There are two ways to place the fan:

  1. Create such a figure is quite easy:
  2. First, you need to bend paper squares to the triangle diagonally.
  3. Then you should decompose the napkins one on another stack.
  4. After that, slightly move the corners of the product, forming a fan.

It remains to place them the base in the cloth.

The number of napkins depends on the stand: products should be freely placed there to be convenient to take it if necessary.

  1. Double method provides the same placement order, but with some differences:
  2. Elements are a triangle.
  3. Form the fan. To do this, the short side of the first napkin is placed horizontally, the long will be at an angle of 45º. The location of the following details occurs with a slight offset. As a result, the long side should get up vertically.
  4. In the same way, the second fan is folded.

The obtained elements are in the stand so that one goes to another.


  1. This figure is made up of nine triangles that need to be distributed uniformly in the napkin:
  2. Three pieces bend in the upper part, forming an inner fold.
  3. Three smooth details are placed in the center of the composition.

On the right side, the remaining triangles are exhibited.

Lay the crown is not difficult - it is only important to take the napkins carefully in accordance with the algorithm.

Great yellow wipes from paper laid out in the form of a crown.


This method is perhaps the easiest. It is enough to fold the napkins diagonally and place the products on the stand. It is better to take a few shades and alternate them. One of the short sides should be laid horizontally, long - at an angle of 45º. The long part of the first product is directed to the right, the second one is left, the third is again right and so on. Short parts are in a horizontal position and combined with each other.


  1. Create such a figure is completely simple. This will require:
  2. Fully unfold the napkin and arrange in the form of a rhombus.
  3. Collapse the element is twice so that an anoscele triangle is formed. The angle should "look" down.
  4. Bend the top layer of the shape - it will turn out a new triangle, the angle of which is directed upwards. Between the two details, a distance of 1.5-2 cm should be preserved (the base of one element is applied on the base of the second).
  5. Using the next layer also create a triangle directed upwards. The basis of this figure should be at a distance of one centimeter relative to the base of the previous one.
  6. The same to do with the remaining two layers.
  7. Turn the resulting figure to the left and fold it in half.

Place the napkin on the table and straighten the layers, gently separating them from each other. As a result, a figure resembling a sail will be.


  1. To implement this method, the calculation requires the following steps:
  2. Wipes for the tail of the birds need to bend the trapezium.
  3. After that, all the details are imposed on each other, forming the tail part.
  4. As a head, a rolled up the product from paper is used, the end of which is bent and rotate the side.

All parts must be installed in the napkin.

To create a bright colorful poultry figure, it is recommended to use paper products of different colors.

Accommodation in the glass

  1. It happens that the cloth does not turn out to be at hand when you need to serve a festive table. In such a situation, you can beautifully fold the paper napkins into a glass. There are several interesting ways of this accommodation:
  2. Candle. The product from paper must be folded by a triangle, leaving about two centimeters from the edge. From the bottom there should be a triangle. Next, the workpiece must be turned over and neatly spinning, forming a candle. Material can be folded smoothly, and there will be a direct candle, or make it slightly diagonally and put the figure into a glass.
  3. Fan. To implement this method, it is necessary to build a rectangle from the napkin. From a wide part, it is necessary to fold the product by the harmonica, forming a fold in the central part. After that, it should be placed in a glass, placing the edges.
  4. Cone. This method requires the presence of dense napkins so that the figure turns out beautiful and elegant. To create a cone, the product is required to fold the triangle, and then bend the harmonica - about four folds. After that, the angle is placed in a glass.

Flower. To implement this method, the napkin is lowered into a glass, covering the walls. Similarly distribute the following paper products, filling the space inside the bowl. In the center, the buds shaped from the napkin are placed.

The layout does not depend on the type of the stand. Before deciding how when serving a beautifully folded napkins in the napkin, it is worth familiar with the most common ways.
To create a bright design of the table, will suit any of the listed methods. In this case, the serving will look beautiful and original, even if there is no special stand in stock. It is important to show fantasy and lay out the napkins as careful as possible.


Figures from napkins on a plate

Etiquette requires laying out paper products under a plate or next to them. The original design will not only decorate the table, but also pleases the guest. There are several ways to lay out napkins on a plate.

Christmas tree

  1. This figure is a great solution for lunch at winter holidays. This option is suitable for both adult and for the children's table. This method can be folded not only paper, but also textiles. Laying scheme Simple:
  2. The napkin is required to fold the square.
  3. After that, each layer bent toward the top.
  4. The product is turned over, edges tested to the center.

After that, again turn over the workpiece and gently beaten each layer upwards, forming a bulk Christmas tree.


If you wish, you can decorate the resulting figure. A Christmas ball is suitable as a means of decoration, a small gift or a small postcard with wishes. It can be placed directly in a plate or near dishes.

  1. Tulip - spring flower, loved by many. This simple handling method will surely please the female half of the guests. In addition, this is an excellent design option, if the table is served for March 8. Algorithm calculations are simple:
  2. The napkin should be added diagonally.
  3. Then bend an angle and place the bottom angle on the top.
  4. After that, it is required to turn the remaining ends of the napkins.
  5. Next, you need to form a green triangle, cross it diagonally.

Upper and lower edges Collapse to the central part, simulating the stem. At the end of the calculation, you must connect all the items.

Especially beautiful "tulip" looks on white dishes or tablecloths.

To create a lotus figure, you need to straighten the napkin and add each angle to the middle. Then the workpiece is turned over to the opposite side, the ends are swept in the same way. Next you need to turn the angles, form the petals.

  1. To create lily, you need to do the following:
  2. Fold the napkin diagonally.
  3. Align the corners with a vertex so that the rhombus turned out.
  4. The resulting figure is folded in half.
  5. Collapse the workpiece into the ring. One angle at the same time you need to insert into another.

Shape petals by moving and twisting the edge.


  1. Such a figure will perfectly decorate a children's table, summer dinner or lunch. This decor will delight every guest. For manufacture, you will need napkins and flexible wire. Layout scheme simple:
  2. The paper is needed first to smooth out, and after getting all the corners to the center. Must get a rectangle.
  3. The upper and lower ends deploy and smooth the fingers.
  4. After that, the top fold the harmonica, thereby forming the wings of the butterfly. Similarly, come with lower.
  5. Then the product should be turned over, opening the corners outward.

Wire needs to wrap the central part of the figure.

To begin with, it is advisable to practice so that the butterfly work is beautiful. After that, such products can decorate the table or even the whole room.

A heart

  1. This statement is suitable for a romantic dinner. A red shade napkin will look especially beautiful. Fold this figure easily:
  2. The product must be deployed.
  3. Two angle bend to the central part, after which the tip of the napkin is attached to the middle.

Then you need to turn the workpiece of the Block and smooth the resulting heart.

An excellent solution will lay out such figures in two shades that are harmonized with each other.

Napkins in the napkin can be placed the most in different ways, each of which is attractive in its own way. At the same time, for serving the table instead of a special stand, it is permissible to use a glass or and put the paper products to the plate at all. Even such a minor element, as a beautifully rolled napkin, is capable not only to decorate the table, but also to raise the mood to guests.

Pillowcase envelope for bed


Take note of these simple ways to fold the napkins in the napkin, to beautifully serve the table on weekdays and holidays. All you need is napkins, a few minutes of free time and our step-by-step and visual instructions.

Method 1. Rose from napkins

How beautifully fold napkins in a glass

Want to surprise guests without spending on folding napkins and 5 minutes? Then we suggest to make a rose, which appears to look much more difficult than it really is. By the way, this method helps when there was no closets at hand. In one rose will fit from 8 to 15 napkins.

  1. Instruction:
  2. We put a glass / bank and prepare a small stack of napkins (better than monophonic);
  3. On the edge of the glass bend the first napkin with a sharp angle inside;
  4. We continue to bend the napkins as shown in the video below;
  5. Setting the first layer, we repeat the procedure and lay the second layer in the same way;
  6. I turn the glass and pull it out. We have a beautiful rose or lotus;
  7. We put a rose from the napkins on a beautiful saucer;

We admire! Prompt:

Rose from napketok

If folded the first layer of three green napkins, then the effect of leaves will be.

Method 2. How to fold napkins in the parlor Veter

Rose from napkins with leaves

The classic fan napkin layout is the most universal. It is equally well suited for a romantic dinner, and a children's birthday and for a regular breakfast.

  1. Instruction:
  2. Do not put the squares of the napkins fold each diagonal to get a triangle.
  3. Start folding triangles on each other with a shift of about 1 cm as shown in the video below.

When the circle from the napkin closes insert the fan in the holding.

Method 3. Flower in a glass

Fan layout of napkins

The classic fan napkin layout is the most universal. It is equally well suited for a romantic dinner, and a children's birthday and for a regular breakfast.

  1. Another "floral" option layout napkins, but already in a glass. The method is convenient for guests, it allows you to put a lot of napkins and does not require a special holder.
  2. Put a stack of 21 napkins with one angle to yourself.
  3. Turn the first top napkin into the cone by reducing the two opposite sides on each other (see the circuit on the right). Match all the napkins.
  4. We form the first layer of flower: we fold 9 billets by fan with a shift of about 1 cm, then we put the fan into the glass and slightly straighten it to fill the entire circle of the glass.
  5. We form the second layer: we put the fan of the 6 billets and put it in the center of the flower.
  6. In the same way we form the third layer, but already out of 4 blanks.

Finally, we form the core of the flower: we fold 2 billets, twist them in the crook and put in the center of "Buton". Hooray! You got a flower similar to peony.

Method 4. Corona

The classic fan napkin layout is the most universal. It is equally well suited for a romantic dinner, and a children's birthday and for a regular breakfast.

  1. One of the simplest and most convenient types of layouts of napkins in the cloth. To the "crown" looked more interesting, you can play with napkins of different colors.
  2. Do not put out the napkins fold each diagonal to get a triangle.

  1. Now, on the first workpiece, the second workpiece is mirroring. Thus, alternately fold the entire stack of the napkins (the amount depends on the capacity of the cloth).

Finally, sliding the resulting stack to the right and left, and on its center, on each side, impose on the triangle (with a wide side of down). Voila! The crown is ready.

Method 5. Bird

The classic fan napkin layout is the most universal. It is equally well suited for a romantic dinner, and a children's birthday and for a regular breakfast.

  1. But the original layout of the napkins in the napkin in the form of a swan or peacock.
  2. Bend napkins (9 pcs.) In the trapezium as shown in the video.
  3. Make a bird's head: Take one napkin and collect her in a tube with a width of 1.5-2 cm, and then remove its tip aside.
  4. Collect the billet fan with a shift of 1-1.5 cm.

Install the fan torso in the napkin, then insert the head.

Method 6. Lotus, bump or artichoke

Finally, the most spectacular way of folding napkins is a multi-tiered lotus, artichoke or a bitch - as you like more. Here is a video instruction.

Flower in a glass of napkins


Having played with the number of napkins and their shades, you can come up with other forms of cones.

  1. 5 prompts for the selection of napkins and alignment of closets
  2. When serving the table, it is important not only to be beautifully folded the napkins in the cloth, but also to position them correctly, to provide easy access to guests. As a rule, the nap fleets are placed at the rate of 1 closet for 4 people.

Papers from paper


  1. The tint of the napkins is most often pickled under the color of the tablecloth, tracks or mats under the plates, as well as under the accent dishes.

Yellow napkins

  1. The color of napkins can fit the current season or traditional holiday colors. For example, the autumn on the table will be good products of orange, yellow and burgundy tones, and on the New Year's feast - green and red napkins.

Can't Decide Color? The most universal version - white wipes.

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