DIY birthday gift for grandmother

Grandma is a special person for every baby. She has the most delicious cakes, the softest bed and such exciting bedtime stories! With age, the understanding comes that it is her wise advice that is the most correct, and life experience is simply priceless. The grandmother gives her love, without demanding anything in return, which is why it is so difficult to think of how to please her on a holiday. A soulless present, of course, is not an option. And a thing made with love is what you need!

Don't know how to make a gift for your grandmother with your own hands? Among the proposed ideas, you will surely find the one that will appeal to your elderly beauty.

Greeting card for grandma

A soulless present, of course, is not an option. And a thing made with love is what you need!

Simple DIY gifts in five minutes

The holiday crept up unnoticed and there is no time left for preparation? Try making a simple but useful DIY birthday present for your grandmother. She will definitely appreciate your work and attention.

Glasses case

Not every elderly person can boast of good eyesight. And your grandma will probably have a pair of glasses too. Therefore, a beautiful case for them is a great gift idea.

Homemade glasses case

Homemade glasses case

You will need:

  • thick cardboard;
  • glue and scissors;
  • any decor elements.

The process of making such a birthday present is very simple.

  1. Cut a 15 cm square out of cardboard and roll it up. Coat one edge with glue and secure.
  2. Make a "bottom" for the case. Cut out a cardboard circle, leaving 3-4 tails around its perimeter (as on clothes for paper dolls).
  3. Bend the ponytails, coat with glue and quickly insert the bottom into the case.
  4. Almost done, it remains to decorate the present with beads, buttons or whatever you find in your craft box.

Below is a video tutorial on how to create simple homemade glasses cases:

Photo frame with spools of thread - for a needlewoman's grandmother

Does your birthday girl embroider, knit, or tatting? Prepare a themed gift for her - a functional photo frame.

Functional frame decorated with spools of thread

Functional frame decorated with spools of thread

Prepare in advance:

  • binding cardboard (thickness 1.5-3 mm);
  • glue, scissors;
  • family photography;
  • spools of colored thread, buttons for decoration;
  • two small carnations;
  • twine;
  • needle cushion.

If you already have a simple photo frame, you can decorate it right away. If there is no one in the bins, make it yourself from paper or cardboard.

  1. Cut the cardboard into two rectangles. One will act as a substrate, the other as a frame. The size of the sides should be at least 4 cm larger than the photo.
  2. Cut an opening inside one rectangle, which should be slightly smaller than the photo card so that it does not fall out of the frame.
  3. Glue the backing and frame together, leaving one side free - this is where we will insert the photo.
  4. Decorate the frame with coils and buttons, ribbons.
  5. On the back of the backing, secure a string with which your craft will be hung on the wall.
  6. In different corners of the frame, drive in a carnation. On one, the grandmother will be able to hang the scissors for needlework, on the other, hang a needle case. Done!

Holiday card for your beloved granny

Making a postcard will not take much time and even little grandchildren can do it.

Beautiful do-it-yourself card as a gift to grandmother

Beautiful do-it-yourself card as a gift to grandmother


make such a cute gift with your own hands

for your grandmother's birthday, you will need:

  • a sheet of cardboard (you can color, but not too dark);
  • colored paper for making flowers and a pot;
  • scissors (if there are curly ones - they will come in handy);
  • double sided tape;
  • glue;
  • ribbon.
Required materials for creating a postcard

Required materials for creating a postcard

Let's start making postcards from paper with our own hands.

  1. Make flowers first. To do this, cut out a couple of dozen circles of different diameters from colored paper.
  2. Cut spirals from them, moving from the edge to the center of the circle. Use curly scissors and then your flowers will be even more beautiful.
  3. Stage 1 - creating a postcard for granny

  4. The most interesting moment is to twist the flowers from the spirals and fix them at the center with glue.
  5. Stage 2 - creating a postcard for granny

  6. Cut a flower pot out of paper and glue double-sided tape around its perimeter.
  7. Stage 3 - creating a postcard for granny

  8. Fold a piece of cardboard in half - this will be your card. On the front side, fix the already finished pot and glue the flowers. Decorate the pot with a ribbon, having previously made a bow out of it. Beads can be glued inside some flowers.
  9. Stage 4 - creating a postcard for granny

    Your wonderful postcard is ready!

Now your postcard only needs a poem or just kind words on the inside. Complete them and hurry up to wish your grandmother a happy birthday.

DIY gifts from small children

Kids love grandmothers very tightly, with the most sincere and radiant love. And it is their ingenuous and cute gifts that grandmothers keep with special trepidation.

Handprints - children's drawing

Such crafts are performed by all the kids in kindergartens, so there should not be any difficulties in making this gift for a grandmother. You only need a blank A4 sheet, paints and small hands, so beloved by the birthday girl.

Hand drawing

When the paint dries, it will be possible to paste photos of the grandchildren who participated in the manufacture of the gift in the middle of the flowers. So the grandmother can often admire the expensive fidgets.

  1. Paint the grass, flower stems and leaves with green paint.
  2. Coat the palm evenly with paint and print it on the top of the stem. You will get an original flower.
  3. Print 2 more flowers in the same way. Use different colors and then your bouquet will be bright and cheerful.

Artificial flower bouquet

Kids cannot buy fresh flowers for their granny, but making a bouquet of dozens of pencils scattered throughout the house is quite!

Beautiful bouquet of pencils

The role of the pot can be played by a plastic cup or any other, opaque container.

Search for materials:

  • pencils with erasers;
  • bright colored cardboard;
  • scissors and glue;
  • hole punch;
  • a piece of foam;
  • a pot for a bouquet;
  • ribbons.
  1. Cut out a piece of foam that will fit tightly into the glass - this will be the "ground" and the basis for the bouquet. Glue it to the bottom inside the glass.
  2. Draw small (up to 3 cm in diameter) flowers on colored cardboard. Cut them out. You can do this in just 5 minutes.
  3. In the middle of each of them, make a hole with a hole punch. If you don't have a hole punch at hand, use scissors. But be careful - the holes shouldn't be larger than a pencil eraser.
  4. Place the flowers over the pencils. Insert the finished bouquet into the foam and tie it with a ribbon.
Flowers from pencils

Now, wanting to quickly jot down a recipe from a TV show, grandmother does not have to look for pencils for a long time!

Such a do-it-yourself gift for your beloved granny's birthday will not only decorate the desk, but will also be useful.

Drawing for grandmother

Thinking about what gift you can make with your own hands, do not forget about the drawings. Depict your grandmother, her hobby, pet, or your family. Draw something that is dear to her heart, and be sure to complement your work with a beautiful greeting lettering.

Drawing as a gift to grandmother

If you make a drawing on a sheet of thick cardboard, then it can be decorated with beads, cereals, coffee beans or other handy material. If your artistic inclinations are lame, present to Granny a ready-made poster with a portrait of your favorite singer or actor.

By the holiday, you will get a real work of art that your grandmother can hang on the wall.

Gifts from paper and not only

Every grandmother loves pleasant surprises. You can give her a small gift and just for no reason, but things made with a soul will be an excellent present for the holiday.

Box with butterflies

A small, beautifully decorated box will delight the eye in itself. But our box has a twist - beautiful paper butterflies live inside it!

Paper box with butterflies inside

To make such beauty, you will need:

  • colored paper (you can take fluorescent, holographic - any) and cardboard;
  • paints, decorative elements;
  • ruler and pencil for making boxes;
  • plastic bottle;
  • traditionally, glue and scissors.

Such a nice handmade gift will certainly surprise your grandmother. Making it requires some skill or adult help.

  1. Cut out a cardboard square - we will make a box out of it. The side of the square is 19 cm.
  2. From the upper left corner, measure down and to the right by 7.4 cm. From the points obtained, draw perpendicular lines until they intersect. Cut out the resulting square.
  3. Repeat for the rest of the corners. You will get a cardboard cross: the bottom is in the middle, and the sides of the box are on the sides of it. Bend them well, but don't glue them.
  4. Stage 1 - box with butterflies

  5. Cut a second 8.2 cm square out of cardboard to make the lid.
  6. At a distance of 2 cm from each side, draw lines parallel to them. Cut and glue the part as shown in the picture.
  7. Stage 2 - box with butterflies

  8. The box itself is ready. Decorate it as you wish, but don't decorate the bottom just yet.
  9. Make beautiful butterflies out of colored paper. Be careful with the size - butterflies should fit freely in the box.
  10. Cut the plastic bottle into thin strips 1.9 cm long. Butterflies will "flutter" on them inside the box. Glue the strips themselves to a square piece of cardboard that matches the size of the bottom of the box.
  11. Stage 3 - box with butterflies

  12. Glue the finished structure inside the box and close your butterfly bouquet with a lid.

Video instruction for creating a box with butterflies:

Surprise box - video instruction

Another option for an original do-it-yourself gift is a box with a surprise. A master class from the "Trum Trum" channel will help to realize such a present:

Recipe book with original cover

Granny has the most delicious pies, of course! You can make a wonderful gift for your grandmother with your own hands so that her best recipes are not lost.

Book of recipes

Do not be zealous with decorative elements - no matter how hard your grandmother tries, they can get dirty in the kitchen and then your birthday present will lose its presentable look.

From the materials you need nothing at all:

  • tea spoon;
  • folder segregator;
  • cover fabric;
  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • embroidery thread and needle.
  1. Cut out a fabric rectangle to make a cover for the segregator. On each side, there should be a margin of about 2-3 cm for the hem.
  2. Stage 1 - DIY recipe book

  3. Transfer the drawing or inscription you like to the fabric with a pencil or a special felt-tip pen. Embroider it with silk threads.
  4. Stage 2 - DIY recipe book

  5. Draw two parallel lines on the fabric with a pencil to match the edges of the folder spine. Sew them with multiple zigzag seams to prevent the cover from sliding over the folder.
  6. Stage 3 - DIY recipe book

  7. Oh! Why do we need a spoon? Wrap it in a towel and straighten it by tapping with a hammer. Sew the finished decor element in the center of the cover.
  8. Stage 4 - DIY recipe book

  9. It remains only to wrap the segregator and you can congratulate the granny on her birthday. Place the folder on the fabric so that the decorative seams line up with the edges of the spine. Glue the top and bottom edges of the cover to the folder. Make V-shaped cuts in the corners, glue the side edges. Cover the corners.
  10. Stage 4 - DIY recipe book

  11. Cut out two sheets of cardboard that are slightly smaller than the sides of the folder. Wrap them in cloth and glue them.
  12. Stage 5 - DIY recipe book

  13. It remains only to insert your favorite recipes into the folder and a surprise for grandmother's birthday is ready.

Video tutorial for creating a recipe book:

Wicker rug

Another present can be made for grandmother from scraps of fabric and a thick canvas. In addition to them, you will need:

  • threads and scissors;
  • glue;
  • water-repellent coating.
Wicker rug - an original and simple gift for grandmother

Wicker rug - an original and simple gift for grandmother

Let's get started!

  1. Cut the fabric into strips and braid them into braids of equal length.
  2. The process of creating a wicker rug - 1

  3. Sew them together around the edges and glue them onto a solid base (the base should be 10 centimeters shorter).
  4. The process of creating a wicker rug - 2

  5. Cut off excess length, fringe. Spray your grandparents mat with moisture-repellent spray.
  6. The process of creating a wicker rug - 3

Brief video instruction:

Coffee bean magnets

Great mementos with your own hands are made from magnets, cardboard, burlap and coffee beans. You can also use decorative items, star anise, cinnamon, orange peels, etc.

Original magnets from coffee beans

Original magnets from coffee beans

  1. Cut out a blank for decoration (heart, oval, circle) from cardboard.
  2. Cover it with burlap, decorate with coffee beans and other elements.
  3. Glue the magnet on the back of the workpiece with superglue.
The process of making magnets from coffee beans

You can make several such magnets for your grandmother with your own hands. They will not only decorate the refrigerator, but will also spread a pleasant aroma for a long time.

Short video instructions for creating magnets from coffee beans:

List of homemade gift ideas for grandma

If among the described gift ideas you did not like anything, look for a source of inspiration below.

Dry leaf applications

Put dried leaves, cones, berries, etc. on a sheet of cardboard. Decorate a landscape, an animal's face or a still life. Glue all the elements, let the glue dry and you can hand over your craft, made for your grandmother from natural materials.

Dry leaf paintings

Dry leaf paintings

DIY colored paper applications

If no dry leaves are found, they can be easily replaced with colored paper. Choose any theme of the picture. For example, circle a child's palm, cut it out and stick it on cardboard. Glue paper flowers or berries on each finger - you have a fruit tree!

Gift from colored paper

Gift from colored paper

Needle cushions

Make a convenient container for storing needles and thimbles from a regular Kinder Surprise "egg". Make a gift with your own hands, for example, in the form of an amanita mushroom. A cone made of velvet paper will serve as a hat, green cardboard will serve as a clearing, and the "egg" itself will serve as a leg. Glue all the elements, decorate as you like with beads, beads, sequins.

Homemade pincushion

A little bag

If you still have a paper juice bag, you can easily make a small bag out of it. Cut off the top of the bag, and glue the lower part with colored paper, decorate with ribbons, decorate - as far as imagination is enough. Make handles out of thread or twine and sew them on. You can also make a small handbag from a magazine, as in the image below.

What to give your grandmother for your birthday with your own hands? A selection of the best craft gifts

Decorated handbag is a simple and colorful gift from grandchildren

How to make a gift if there are only acrylic paints from the materials at hand? Decorate your grandmother's monochrome eco-bag! Draw pieces of fruit or vegetables on it and your grandmother will always be happy to carry groceries from the store in it.

The process of decorating a handbag with paints

Painting of coffee (or beans)

Such a gift can be safely given even for an anniversary. Draw the outlines of your masterpiece on a thick piece of cardboard. Place grains and cereals on top to see the whole picture, and then glue them. Frame your finished work.

Picture of grains

Original rope vase

Present your grandmother for the holiday with a homemade vase for small things. Make it from a rope, twisting it in a spiral and fastening it with glue. Finish off with a decor of your choice - satin ribbons, floss, beads or artificial flowers.

Rope vase

Beautiful candlestick

Make candlesticks from unnecessary glasses. Cover them with decorative glass stones and insert a small candle into each. Such a set will give your grandmother comfort and peace for a long time.

Glass candlestick

Simple basket for small items from newspapers

What to give a grandmother for her birthday if there is nothing useful at hand? You probably have newspapers! Just make tubes out of newspaper pages and weave a basket out of them. You can paint and varnish this item to make it last longer. Newspaper basket

Soft pillow toy

Surprise your grandmother by making a soft pillow for your birthday. Prepare a simple pattern, for example, in the form of a cat's face, transfer it to the fabric in duplicate, cut out. Sew both parts and fill the resulting cover with padding polyester.

Pillow toy

Original photo collage of clothespins

A beautiful photo collage is a great gift idea for a grandmother for 60 years or for another significant date. Cut a circle out of cardboard, decorate it with colored paper, fabric or other decorative elements. At the edges, like rays of the sun, glue wooden clothespins. Pick your best photos and pinch them gently with clothespins.

Photo collage from clothespins

Family Photo Watches

A wonderful do-it-yourself craft can be made from old watches. Replace the numbers with photographs of your grandmother's beloved grandchildren and she will be able to remember them literally every hour.

Wall clock with photo

Other pleasant household trivia

Racking your head over what you can give granny for the holiday, pay attention to the following ideas:

  • a do-it-yourself poster with congratulations for your grandmother for her birthday;
  • seed-grown lemon (orange, mango, etc.);
  • wall newspaper describing the main events in the life of the grandmother;
  • decorated cup and saucer;
  • pincushion in the form of a fruit;
  • fakes made of salt dough.

The grandmother knows her grandchildren from the cradle and it is very difficult to surprise her with something. Therefore, homemade gifts are the best way to please her on her birthday. Make your present with love and care, and believe me, your grandmother will be sincerely happy for him!

For relatives 2017-09-13 admin Birthday gifts

What gift can you make your grandmother with your own hands for her birthday?

What gift can you make your grandmother with your own hands for her birthday?

The family is an important component of everyone's life, therefore, you should not lose a single opportunity to reveal your feelings, love, respect and support to your relatives. Undoubtedly, parents are the most important people for any child, but love for grandparents is also strong. If grandmother has a birthday soon, it is very important to prepare a good present for her, even without having the funds for it. Homemade gifts made by grandchildren are the most valuable for grandparents, so you shouldn't give them up in favor of purchased options.

Simple homemade paper gifts

No matter how old the grandmother is, she will always be pleased to receive something from her grandchildren. Children often do not have enough money to buy something significant, so gifts are often homemade. Despite all the seeming simplicity of such a surprise, there is nothing more important and necessary for grandmothers than such children's creativity, which took place especially for her.

Paper gifts are the simplest and easiest to make, so you can start creating them from an early age.

As soon as the grandchildren begin to understand at least a little what a birthday is, how to draw a particular plot on paper, you can combine the two skills and make a postcard. A child can draw anything and please his grandmother, however, it is better if such a picture is agreed with the parents so that the plot is really interesting and beautiful.

Among the paper presentations that you can make with your own hand, you can highlight such options as:

  • postcards;
  • applications;
  • origami;
  • drawings;
  • cardboard products.

At any age, a grandmother can be presented with a postcard; it can be drawn with pencils, paints or have an applique inside. If the art of creating paper products is at a high level, you can try your hand at voluminous works that the birthday girl will definitely like.

The appliques can also be gifted as a postcard if they contain congratulatory words for the grandmother.

If a grandson or granddaughter attends a kindergarten, then there they must learn how to make the simplest applications for various occasions, which can be very useful in a particular case.

Among the most suitable applications are:

  • flowers cut from colored paper and pasted on the main background;
  • a volumetric paper flower in an impromptu vase;
  • family scenes with the participation of grandmothers and grandchildren who are walking in the park, relaxing on the sea or any other interesting plot that can be done using colored paper, glue and scissors;
  • heart applique for beloved grandmother or great-grandmother;
  • balloons made of multi-colored paper, cut out for your beloved birthday girl;
  • quilling, for older grandchildren who have well-developed fine motor skills of the hands.

Origami, which school-age grandchildren can do, will be no less original paper gifts. Among the most common options for such a presentation are most often:

  • beautiful baskets with or without flowers;
  • multi-colored paper cake for memory for grandmother;
  • tulip, rose or other flower;
  • origami in the form of grandparents from beloved grandchildren;
  • origami card with flowers, hearts, butterflies.

The product can be anything, the main thing is that it is made from the heart and with love for the grandmother, then this birthday gift for her will be the most beloved.

The birthday girl's drawings can be of any size, color scheme and subject.

The older the grandchildren are, the more creative options they will choose for the image.

Toddlers can work on simple A4 sheets, and schoolchildren with a talent for drawing can try their hand at Whatman paper or blanks for paintings that you can buy in the store.

If you want to make not only a beautiful, but also a useful birthday present for your grandmother, then it is best to create a box or casket made of cardboard. If you carefully build such a product, paste it over with colored paper, then you can store the necessary little things in it: threads, pennies, buttons and even money.

Any gift from grandchildren will bring a lot of positive emotions to the grandmother, the main thing is not to rush in the process of creating this or that work, so that it turns out to be truly beautiful.

Interesting ideas

If you don't want to give something standard, which the grandmother received from her grandson or granddaughter every year, then you can think about creating something interesting and unconventional that you can build on your own from scrap materials. Often at home you can find such materials for creating crafts:

  • paper;
  • fabrics;
  • knitting threads;
  • floss threads.

The more skills grandchildren have, the wider the range of gifts they can create. A do-it-yourself gift for a grandmother can be anything, but it is best to choose one that will be necessary or useful for her, so that she can use it and remember her grandchildren.

Needle cushions

Often, people of the older generation did not have the opportunity to buy things in large quantities in stores, so they had to sew a lot. This habit does not go away over the years, which means that the grandmother now, if necessary, uses threads with a needle.

Since the eyesight of older people often deteriorates, it becomes more difficult for them to thread a needle, and sometimes find the same needle, especially if it does not have a standard storage location.

To help your grandmother, and at the same time to make a pleasant and necessary gift, you can sew a needle cushion for her.

This kind of gifts is usually handled by a granddaughter, for whom the ability to sew in the future will be very useful. In the absence of any experience in creating such a product, it is worth trying the simplest option in the form of a small square or rectangular pillow. It is best to select such a material so that it is convenient to inject a needle into it, without applying unnecessary force for this, but at the same time so that the needles are securely held in the needle bed.

The second important point is the color of the material, it is best to choose it so that the needles are clearly visible against its background, and the grandmother could easily find them.

In the event that you already have experience in sewing various products, you can try to create something beautiful and extraordinary for your grandmother from your beloved granddaughter. The most original options will be:

  • fabric heart with lace on the edge;
  • decorative pincushion hat;
  • a sewn flower in a pot, where the needles will be inserted into the core of the flower;
  • miniature toy.

When there is a desire to knit a needle cushion, then in this case, you can be creative. It will look very original:

  • knitted imitation grandmother - her head or the whole figure in a beautiful outfit;
  • knitted flower;
  • knitted toy - turtle, mouse, cat.

If you want to make not just a needle bar, but a multifunctional gift, you can build a container for small things with a lid on top of which the needle bar will be located. The combination of two necessary items in one will be convenient for the grandmother, allowing you to save space and keep the necessary things nearby. If you wish, you can make a small organizer for scissors, threads and a needle bar, which will hang on the wall or lie in a certain place, which will allow the grandmother to easily and quickly find all the necessary tools for the sewing process.

Small bags

A birthday present from grandchildren can be different, but in any case the grandmother will like it, because it was made by her grandchildren's hands. With age, the presents will become more and more beautiful and better, the main thing is not to stop putting your heart and soul into them in order to congratulate your beloved grandmother.

In addition to the needle cushion, which a little girl can handle, a self-sewn bag will also be an excellent gift.

People of the older generation usually do not pay much attention to how they dress and what accessories they carry with them, so you can often see shabby wallets and bags at grandmothers. Of course, now there is a huge selection of various goods in the store and on the Internet, but for a grandmother it will be much more pleasant to get a homemade version of this or that product. The most useful and necessary for the grandmother's household needs is a bag, therefore its tailoring will be preferable as a gift.

The appearance, material and size of the product will be dictated primarily by the purpose of the thing. It can be useful for:

  • use in the kitchen and serve as a kind of organizer for the necessary little things, which do not always have a place in kitchen furniture;
  • socks on the street as a container for essential items such as wallet, keys, glasses and so on;
  • placing cosmetics and similar goods in it;
  • for shopping so that you can comfortably transport any goods from the store.

If your granddaughter wants to make an organizer bag for the kitchen, you should think about how it should look.

A simple square or rectangular product will be inappropriate and uninteresting, but the option in the form of a kitchen apron with a large pocket will be the most suitable solution.

The material must be such that it can reliably support any weight that will be placed in the product, while still having a presentable appearance. In addition to creating the base, it is important to think over decorative elements, ruffles, buttons, bows, everything that will make a nondescript piece of fabric unusually beautiful and original.

If the granddaughter wants to make a small handbag for her grandmother, which will easily accommodate those things that she takes with her when she goes out, it is important to correctly determine the dimensions of the product, find a suitable fabric and think over a pattern so that it is logical for a mature person. Beautiful tailoring and ease of use will be the main criterion for such a gift, therefore, these factors should be given the greatest attention.

It is not worth decorating such a handbag with unnecessary details; you can add one interesting pendant or an original small object.

In the case of creating a cosmetic bag, you can afford to use bright fabrics or decorate the product to your liking, since this accessory will most often be used at home, and it is not necessary to make it simple and concise. The size of the cosmetic bag should not be too large so that it does not take up extra space, but also not very small so that you can place everything you need in one place. It will be original to embroider the name of the grandmother or sign the product, for example: "To my beloved grandmother from her granddaughter," and put the date.

The shopping bag doesn't have to be big, because the grandmother is no longer at the age to carry heavy bags.

It is very important to choose a strong and at the same time beautiful fabric, from which to make a pattern and sew a product. In this case, it is also not worth bringing in a large number of decorative elements, you can make interesting fabric stripes or add a large pocket so that the gift does not look too simple.


If a grandmother lives in a remote village, and she has problems with electricity from time to time, then she simply has to use candles in her house. In order for this procedure to bring her some positive emotions, it is worth creating original candlesticks for her as a birthday present.

It is not always easy to do this on your own, but there are several options that grandchildren can handle:

  • decorating a glass jar, in which a candle will then be placed;
  • creating a candlestick from a cut of wood, where a small depression is burned inside, into which the candle is placed;
  • wax candlestick - made of softened material, which is wrapped around a cup, balloon or tin can, and after complete hardening is separated from them;
  • metal containers that are subject to transformation or decoration.

Glass can be decorated with paper, beautifully wrapping it, paints, drawing this or that pattern, beads and other elements that can be put on glue.

Boys will do better woodwork, and their dad can help them with their work.

Both a granddaughter and a grandson are able to work on wax products, but without a certain experience it is worth enlisting the support of parents. The transformation of metal containers will not be difficult for boys, and girls will be more successful in the decor.

Small items baskets

In grandmother's house, you can sometimes find a whole lot of interesting gizmos that have been stored there since her youth. Some of them should have been thrown away a long time ago, and some deserve special attention, and it would not hurt to create storage space for them.

The simplest option in this case would be the construction of baskets for any little things that may be in the house. Such a birthday present for a grandmother can be made by both a grandson and a granddaughter.

The boy can work on constructing wooden baskets in which the grandmother can put something in the kitchen or in the pantry, for which there was usually no room. The girl can easily make a basket for sweets, cutlery, napkins or other small items.

Larger and stronger containers can be made of wood, plywood, fiberboard or plastic screwed onto a frame. The complexity of such works is that the resulting product is difficult to somehow decorate and decorate in order to make a full-fledged birthday present. Small baskets can be created using fabrics, heavy yarns, and woven fabrics.

Sewn laundry baskets, homemade containers for bakery products will look very good. Wicker baskets for eggs, certain purchases or for home use under a cosmetic bag or a place for collecting useful little things in everyday life will be very convenient.

What else can you do?

If you didn't manage to find a gift for your grandmother, and you want to do something special, then you need to move in a different direction. To please the birthday girl on her anniversary, it is worth presenting her with the necessary gift, which will be a symbol of the care of grandchildren. The easiest option is to knit a scarf or hat, but a much more difficult choice is a knitted sweater or jacket.

Depending on your talent and skills, you need to choose one or another option.

When planning to create such a gift, it is worth considering the season for which the gift is knitted, if it is spring or autumn, then the sweater should be light, it can be crocheted, creating openwork patterns, which looks very impressive. For winter, you will need warm and thick knitting threads and knitting needles, with the help of which a comfortable and practical thing is created, of suitable colors and design, so that the grandmother is warm at any time of the year, feeling the love and care of her grandchildren.

If you want to leave your grandmother a keepsake from the family, then the best choice would be the decor of the photo frame and a collage of photos of all family members.

For those who do not have the opportunity to see their grandmother quite often, this will be a wonderful opportunity to remind of themselves. And also a great option can be a book of photographs describing the most significant moments in the life of the family with the grandmother. This present, very dear to the birthday girl's heart, will always be near her, reminding of those people who love her very much. Grandchildren should not forget about their grandmother, especially on their birthday, and therefore making a gift with their own hands will always be proof of a special attitude towards a dear person.

See below for a master class on creating postcards.

On the eve of important holidays, family members think about gifts for their loved ones. Earlier we have already shown how to make gifts for mom and dad, but today we present to your attention a selection of ideas for homemade gifts for your grandmother's birthday.

DIY birthday gift for grandmother

DIY birthday gifts for grandmother

A bouquet of fruits

Of course, grandmother will be very pleased to receive a bouquet, we propose to be original and give grandma a bouquet of fruits, berries and vegetables.


  • Berries (raspberries and blackberries);
  • Radish;
  • Bell pepper;
  • Lettuce leaves;
  • Wooden skewers;
  • Succulents;
  • Oregano leaves;
  • Floristic wire.

All berries and vegetables must be strung one at a time on a wooden skewer. Succulents can be strung on floral wire. Next, we take lettuce leaves, as well as oregano leaves and connect all the "flowers" together, wrapping them at the base with floral wire. So an unusual bouquet is ready.

DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother

DIY painting


  1. Canvas;
  2. Blue paint;
  3. Black paint;
  4. Plastic card.

Let's depict birches. To do this, draw blue lines on the canvas. This will be the background. Then we put black paint on a plastic card, and with a smearing motion we leave a print on the canvas. With these prints, it is necessary to create the silhouette of a tree trunk. Accordingly, as much as you want to see birches on the canvas, you draw as many trunks of this tree.

DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother

Panel with a silhouette


  1. Photo printout;
  2. A square piece of plywood;
  3. Dark paint;
  4. Pencil.

Cut out the silhouette from the printout (this could be your silhouette). We apply the silhouette to the board, and draw around the outline with a pencil. Then we fill in all the free parts behind the contour with paint. I wonder if your grandmother will guess that the picture shows your silhouette?

DIY birthday gift for grandmother

Bottle vase


  1. Bottle;
  2. Woolen threads;
  3. White felt;
  4. Scissors;
  5. Glue.

We wrap the bottle with colored woolen threads. Cut out circles from white felt and glue flowers from them. Which, in turn, we glue to the bottle. So a cute vase is ready.

DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother

Money box


  1. Chips tube;
  2. Scrapbooking paper;
  3. Glue;
  4. Children's figurines of animals;
  5. Stationery knife.

First, we glue the tube with scrapbooking paper. Then create a slot in the plastic lid using a clerical knife. Well, we glue the animal figurine on the lid.

DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother

Pin cushion


  1. The cloth;
  2. Threads;
  3. Needle;
  4. Sintepon.

Cut out a rectangle from the fabric, sew it along the edge, and then sew it with a dotted seam from below, and tighten this seam. We fill the workpiece with synthetic winterizer, stitch the upper part of the workpiece with a dotted seam and also tighten it. Next, using threads, create slices of our tomato. And on top we glue or sew on the leaves.

DIY birthday gift for grandmother

You can find 8 more needle bed ideas in this video:

Petunia made of paper


  • Corrugated paper color "Violet 17E / 2",
  • Corrugated paper color "Jade 965",
  • Second glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Teip tape color green;
  • Thin floral wire;
  • Flower pots;
  • Tree bark;
  • Pieces of styrofoam;
  • Acrylic paint "Violet";
  • Brush;
  • Purple eyeshadow.

All the details on creating such an ever-blooming Petunia are presented here in this video:

Glasses case


  1. Leatherette;
  2. Scissors;
  3. Clamps;
  4. Glue;
  5. Threads.

We cut out the base of the case according to the template. We glue it at the joints, and stitch it with a dotted seam along the contour. Sew a tie on top.

DIY birthday gift for grandmother DIY birthday gift for grandmother

Two more eyeglass case ideas are presented here:

Photo frame from seashells


  • Shells of various shapes;
  • Wide-brimmed frame;
  • In the garden store you can buy Moss Sfagnum;
  • The bark of a tree, for example pine;
  • Hot glue;
  • Beads imitating pearls;
  • Alabaster;
  • Water and a form for mixing the mass;
  • Moderately fine cotton white thread;
  • Foamiran.

To begin with, you should glue large-sized shells and pine bark on the photo frame, then fill in the gaps with Sfagnum moss. Then continue to fill the surface with small shells, including plaster. Then create a ring from plaster, grind off the irregularities with sandpaper, paint with white paint, and paste over with strips of orange foamiran. It will be a lifeline. Next, create a fishing net from white cotton thread. Fix all these elements on the photo frame. It remains to glue decorative starfish and beads that imitate pearls.

Similarities for creating this photo frame are presented here:

Decorative balls made of cotton


  1. Pharmacy cotton wool;
  2. Foamiran, brown color;
  3. Black dry pastel;
  4. Table foil;
  5. Paper;
  6. Foam sponge;
  7. Hot glue.

How to make such decorative balls is shown here:

Cotton in the basket


  • Decorative cotton;
  • Plastic bucket;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Styrofoam layer;
  • Hot glue;
  • Dried flowers "Periwinkle" - need flower buds;
  • Green wire for floristry;
  • Glue;
  • Twine.

For details on how to create this composition, see this video:

Moss painting


  1. Photo frame of the desired size with glass;
  2. Acrylic paints (you need white, green, blue);
  3. Stable green moss;
  4. Hot glue;
  5. Pebbles;
  6. Tree bark;
  7. Green paper.

How to make such a gorgeous picture is shown in this video:

Decorative birdhouse


  • Beer cardboard or bookbinding;
  • Putty and putty knife;
  • Stencils imitating "Wood texture", "Tiles";
  • White paint (you can use acrylic or water-dispersion)
  • Acrylic brown paint;
  • Acrylic yellow paint;
  • Brush;
  • Foamiran, you need blue and white, 1 mm thick;
  • Scissors;
  • Hot glue;
  • Dry art pastel;
  • Feathers;
  • Openwork ribbon;
  • Tree bark;
  • Thuja cones;
  • Self-hardening mass;
  • Decorative berries;
  • Glass candlestick with a high leg;
  • Cardboard tube.

How to make such a decorative birdhouse with your own hands is shown here:

Boxwood ball in flower pots


  • Green foamiran;
  • Scissors;
  • Hot glue;
  • Corrugated paper is green;
  • Newspapers;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Flower pots;
  • Hot iron.

All the details in this video:

Topiary (tree of happiness)


  1. Walnut shells;
  2. Hazelnut;
  3. Mesh balls;
  4. Different flowers;
  5. Pink stamens;
  6. Green, pink and fleecy berries;
  7. Pink feathers;
  8. Styrofoam;
  9. Cache-pot;
  10. Branch;
  11. Paper and foil;
  12. Hot glue.

We continue to show you what gifts for your grandmother's birthday you can make with your own hands. Well, how such a topiary is made is shown here in this video:

Beautiful table candlestick


  • Foamiran yellow and green, 1 mm thick;
  • Walnut shells;
  • Decorative cotton wool;
  • Beads;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Corrugated paper is green;
  • Felt green;
  • Corrugated paper, black;
  • Stamens;
  • Hot glue;
  • Dry pastel;
  • Hot iron;
  • Floristic wire;
  • Green teip tape;
  • Lemongrass or glass;
  • Candle.

How to design such a beautiful candlestick is shown here:

Seashell wreath on the door


  • Shells of different shapes and sizes;
  • Hot glue;
  • Styrofoam ring;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Sphagnum moss;
  • Beads imitating pearls;
  • Wand;
  • White and brown acrylic paint;
  • Foam sponge;
  • Brush;
  • Pebbles;
  • Tape;
  • Cord.

How to make such a wreath is shown in this video of our YouTube channel:

Decorative interior lantern

In the video below, you will find at once 4 different ideas for making DIY lamps for your home interior.

Interior candles

As many as 6 different ideas for creating candles are presented in this video of ours:


How to make keychains for keys is shown here:

Hot stand


  1. Felt;
  2. Scissors;
  3. Hot glue.

And here are 5 different ideas for hot coasters:

Sleep mask


  • Felt;
  • Scissors;
  • Hot glue;
  • Rubber.

This video provides all the details on how to create this dressing:



  1. Paper;
  2. Glue;
  3. Scissors.

As many as 10 ideas for making bookmarks are collected here in this video:

Salt and pepper containers


  1. Glass jars;
  2. Chalk sticker;
  3. Scissors;
  4. A piece of chalk;
  5. Paint.

How to arrange such containers is shown here in this video:

Decorative wreath on the door made of field herbs


  • Cardboard and scissors;
  • Compass;
  • Magazine;
  • Hot glue;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Ears;
  • Dried wild onions and oak sage;
  • Tape.

And here you will find all the details on how to create this cute wreath:

These are the birthday gifts for your grandmother you can make with your own hands. As you can see, there are a lot of ideas! In addition, the presented videos show the process of their recreation in great detail. Literally everyone can handle it. Well, how nice it will be for a grandmother to receive such gifts made with her own hands with a soul, beyond words!

Grandmothers adore their grandchildren, and they pay them with the same feeling. Therefore, they are happy to make a variety of crafts for their grandmother with their own hands. Such a gift helps to express your love for a loved one, learn to fantasize and embody fantasies, making something useful or beautiful with your own hands.

Grandmothers - they are so different

Women of deeply advanced age are usually considered grandmothers. They doze all day in a chair with a cat on their lap, knit endless scarves or bake pies.

However, a relatively young active woman who, instead of cooking cutlets and borscht, goes in for sports, has a hobby, and goes to work, can also become a grandmother.

It is better for such grandmothers to give something more suitable to her hobbies than homemade vases or photo frames. Although they, if well done, will give the grandmother a reason to be proud of her grandson or granddaughter.

So, what can you give your grandmother for her birthday, March 8, New Year or any other holiday?

In principle, the grandmother will be delighted with any craft. But, if there is a desire to do something really pleasant, then you have to try a little.


This is the simplest and most logical craft that can be quickly made from cardboard, paper, glue, paints.

But the postcard can look much more attractive if you craft it using this technique:

  • origami (folding paper volumetric figures);
  • scrapbooking (decoration with flowers, ribbons, bows, edge trimming with special hole punches);
  • quilling (drawing patterns from curled strips of paper).

To do this, it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive paper or special devices. At the first stage, you can get by with ordinary sheets, ribbons, beads and sequins, which you will definitely find in every house where a little fashionista lives. Boys can ask their mother to buy decorative cords or beautiful artificial flowers.

A good postcard will perfectly complement the main gift and will take the most honorable place on the souvenir shelf.

Just do not forget to write in there the words of love and gratitude.


It is unlikely that a small child will be able to buy an expensive bouquet of flowers on their own or ask to pack one flower beautifully.

But he can create a homemade flower arrangement with his own hands. You don't have to be a super-master to do this, just watch a video tutorial or a master class.

Beautiful bouquets can be made from paper, magazines, satin ribbons, fluffy wool.

If you want to create an original craft, you can make an unusual floating cup or topiary.

Floating cup

To make crafts in the form of a cup hanging in the air, you will need:

  • a set of cups and saucer;
  • a fork that can be bent. Aluminum material is perfect;
  • high quality glue;
  • artificial flowers (you can do it yourself), ribbons, bows.

Making a beautiful and unusual gift only at first glance seems to be a difficult and time-consuming process. In fact, everything is much simpler. The base of the fork is bent at an angle of 40-60 degrees.

A cup is glued to the end of the cutlery with the bottom up. After the glue hardens, the inside of the cup and the fork are decorated with flowers, beads, bows. The base of the fork is glued to the saucer and decorated on top too.

Such a simple idea will help make a worthy surprise for any grandmother.


A beautiful decoration of a shelf or table is made of a balloon, glue and threads.

A layer of glue is applied to a slightly inflated balloon. Threads are wound over the glue in a completely random order. When the workpiece is completely dry, the ball is carefully pierced and removed from the craft.

The thread sphere is decorated with butterflies and ribbons, flowers and sequins.

The finished ball is glued to a cocktail straw or pastry skewer.

The resulting trunk is wrapped with green or brown tape and placed in a pot with decorative stones.

A good gift is ready.

Planters and vases

A nice planter can be a good present. Especially if the grandmother is fond of growing plants.

For the simplest flower pot you will need:

  • a bucket of mayonnaise;
  • glue;
  • twine or ribbons;
  • elements for decoration (coffee beans, buttons, beads, flowers, coins, lace).

The mayonnaise bucket must be spread with glue and tightly wrapped with twine, woolen threads, ribbons. You can reel both horizontally and diagonally. This will make the craft look more attractive. Multiple layers of threads can be stacked.

When the glue dries, decorate the resulting craft.

Now you can put a layer of pebbles on the bottom of the bucket, pour earth and plant some kind of flower.

And you can make several of these pots and plant herbs in them by buying seeds. Such a gift is perfect for any spring holiday, as the seeds will sprout quickly and the windowsill will be decorated with fresh and healthy greens.

Beautiful vases can be made from any bottle, but for stability it is better to use glass containers. The bottle is wrapped with threads, hairs are applied to the glue, rolled in cereals or rhinestones, even coarse salt is used.

In the same way, you can make an original candlestick from an old glass, additionally beautifully decorating the remaining glass with toothpaste or paints.


Such a craft will be a good decoration for the windowsill.

For a grass seed, you need to take any sock, soil and grass seeds. Earth is poured into the sock, seeds are placed on top. The craft is formed in the form of a funny kolobok or smesharik, eyes are sewn to the muzzle.

Such a grass can be made in the form of a snowman, hare, kitten. Everything will depend on the imagination of the DIY master.

Useful gifts

With your own hands, you can make not only cute, but also useful crafts.

  • The granddaughter can independently knit a fluffy scarf or mittens, cozy socks, sew towels and potholders for the kitchen, embroidering them with beautiful patterns.
  • The grandson will delight the granny with homemade shelves and cutting boards.
  • Beautiful jewelry boxes and baskets for needlework can be made from toothpicks or pastry skewers, woven from vines or newspaper tubes.
  • Delicious cookies or homemade cake can be made even without baking, as well as beautifully craft sandwiches or cut a salad.
  • You can make a wall newspaper with a photo or an electronic presentation.
  • For those who love gardening, crafts for giving are useful.
  • For work, you can make a notebook or planning.

In general, you can make a beautiful or useful gift with your own hands from almost any material. The main thing is that it is made with a soul, and the grandmother will definitely notice this.

A selection of photo ideas for crafts for grandma

Who wakes up at dawn to make the most delicious cakes? Who reads fairy tales, regrets and feeds strawberry jam? Granny, of course! Such relatives, always a little tired, but at any time ready to listen, support, warm and feed their grandchildren.

And how I want to repay them for such care, to please them with a special present that would tell them without words about our boundless love for them.

Of course, you can buy in the store, but it's better to show imagination and make a gift to your grandmother with your own hands!

The warmest day

On October 28, Russia celebrates the warmest holiday of the year - Grandparents Day. This is a great occasion to once again demonstrate to your beloved old woman how much her children and grandchildren value her. Visit with a cake and sweets, present a beautiful bouquet and, of course, please her with an unusual surprise in the form of a cute handmade present.

Making a gift for Grandmothers Day with your own hands is not at all difficult. It could be anything. For example, an original bookmark for a book made of a thin board. You can paint it or make a pattern with a burner.

If your granny is an avid cook, make a homemade scrapbooking book for her. Are there baby food jars in the house? Decorate them with stained glass paints, cover them with varnish and - voila! - original containers for spices are ready!

Or just bake cookies according to her favorite recipe, put the delicacy in a beautiful box, decorate with a ribbon and give it - grandmother will be very pleased!

New Year's surprise

An absolutely stunning New Year's gift for newly-made grandmothers will be Christmas tree toys with prints of little hands and grandchildren's legs. This is a very touching souvenir that will become a real family heirloom, because children grow up so quickly.

The ideal material for such a craft is salty dough. Its recipe can be found on the Internet, as well as workshops on working with it.

This material is very flexible, the prints will be clear, and if the toy is baked and varnished, it will last for many years. The color of the toy can be varied, you just need to add a few drops of food coloring to the dough.

Another New Year's gift idea for a grandmother with your own hands is a Christmas ball with a small palm print.

To do this, buy the most ordinary transparent toy in the store, grease the baby's hand with PVA glue, press the ball to the surface for a second. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle bright glitter over the print. An unusual gift is ready!

Delicious bouquet

International Women's Day is approaching? It's time to start creating a beautiful and delicious present for your grandmother - an edible candy bouquet. Today such compositions are very popular.

All you need is to glue the chocolates (always wrapped!) To the ends of a strong wire with hot glue, and then use crepe paper to form flower petals around them.

Today, on social networks and on handicraft sites, you can find a lot of master classes on creating such an unusual gift.

Use the advice of professionals, show your imagination, and in a few hours a whole bunch of bright buds with a sweet surprise inside will be ready.

Grandmothers are enthusiastic people!

Making a birthday present for your grandmother with your own hands is not difficult if you know what your relative is fond of.

Is the old lady an avid knitter? Then you can make an unusual "cake" out of yarn: make a cylinder out of thick cardboard, line it with bright skeins of thread and tie it tightly with ribbons. This design can be two or three-tiered, depending on your desire.

A seamstress grandmother can be presented with a beautiful homemade pincushion or organizer for buttons, buttons and other accessories, and a fan of growing flowers will certainly delight in a hand-painted ceramic pot. The main thing is to approach the process of creating a presentation with love and imagination.

Round date

Anniversary is an unusual holiday. It differs from the birthday in that the results of not only the past year are summed up, but the whole decade left behind.

Therefore, it is very important that the hand-made gift for the grandmother for the Anniversary is also special and symbolic, because the elderly are very sentimental.

A family photo album will be a good helper in this matter. Choose the brightest and most memorable cards and make a beautiful collage with your own hands.

Arrange photos the way your fantasy dictates. The selection laid out in the shape of a heart looks great. If desired, the panels can be supplemented with written wishes from all family members, bright handprints.

Such a homemade painting will look great in a frame under glass and remind you of the unbreakable bond of generations every day.

From toddlers with love

Be sure to involve children in the craft work. Even the smallest member of the family can make a simple gift for a grandmother with her own hands.

Give him a regular jar and coffee beans, show him how to work with glue, and the kid will create a beautiful vase for his beloved grandmother himself. By the way, such activity perfectly develops fine motor skills in children and trains perseverance.

You can make a handy glasses case with your child. Cut a 15x15 cm square out of felt, fold in half and sew on two of the three sides. Decorate the finished craft with beads, buttons or other decorative elements. A cute and useful gift is ready!

Let the kid draw a postcard, make an applique, and learn a poem. After all, every grandmother is incredibly pleased with the attention of a grandson or granddaughter.

Photo of gifts for grandmother do it yourself

Help the site, repost;)

Do-it-yourself gift to grandmother is an important and responsible business. After all, a grandmother always stands up to protect her grandchildren, surrounds them with care and attention, and her grandchildren pay her with selfless love.

Various grandchildren

Of course, kids are unlikely to be able to buy an expensive gift. But a pretty birthday card for grandmother will undoubtedly delight a loved one and become a separate surprise from young family members or complement a more expensive gift from adult family members. And the little ones will be able to make the most unusual gifts with their own hands or share ideas for such surprises with their parents or grandfather.

Already grown and insanely busy grandchildren, who have no time to do needlework, can buy a gift in a store, especially since modern manufacturers and sellers are doing everything to facilitate the process of purchasing any product.

So all that remains is to pick up a useful or beautiful thing, come up with the warmest congratulations for it and solemnly hand it over.

Grandmothers are different

Very often, at the word "grandmother", the image of a very respectable woman appears before my eyes, who is snuggled up in a rocking chair with a ginger cat on her knees, or is standing at the stove, stirring something in pots, the aroma of which makes you want to taste delicious and unusual dishes of real home cooking.

But many modern grandmothers are quite young women who go to work, go in for sports, do not mind going to the cinema or the theater, or going on an excursion.

Therefore, choosing a gift from the heart, it is necessary to pay attention to the age of a loved one and his hobbies.

Do-it-yourself card for grandmother will complement any chosen gift.

Beauty or benefit

Decorative things, homemade or purchased, will undoubtedly help to decorate your home beautifully. But, usually, any grandmother has already accumulated everything that she would like to decorate the house with.

But things that facilitate domestic work or help to relax are not always present. Therefore, if you want to present a really good thing, it is better to make or buy a gift that your grandmother has long dreamed of.

The easiest way is to ask the birthday girl herself about such a gift, but in this case it is unlikely that there will be a surprise. And if you want to pleasantly impress a dear person, you will have to observe her daily affairs and worries or what she likes to do in her free time.

Although caring grandchildren, most likely, already know the aspirations of their beloved grandmothers. So a gift for their grandmother will not be a big problem for them.


Such items are quite worthy to take pride of place as good gifts.

Among the items that will undoubtedly come in handy are robotic vacuum cleaners, blenders, multicooker, meat grinder. All of them will ease the household load on old and young grannies, help them find additional free time for a cozy pastime in a rocking chair or in a museum.

More expensive things will also be a good gift. Maybe it's time for grandmother to replace the TV or washing machine, refrigerator or stove? Although, a good cook is unlikely to want to part with the latter: so many cereals and soups and favorite cutlets and pies that the kids do not like are cooked on an old machine that the stove has almost become a member of the family.

But when choosing what to give to grandmother, one must not forget that people of elegant age can find it difficult to cope with modern technology, and too complex a device will remain in the box, cluttering up the apartment and causing regret for wasted money. Therefore, you should choose subjects that are suitable for the level of technical literacy of the grandmother.

Medical supplies

Alas, people's health does not improve with age. Of course, giving a set of medicines is not entirely comme il faut, but presenting a tonometer or massager as a useful surprise is quite possible and necessary. Good gifts include a humidifier or a medical bracelet that monitors key health indicators.

Younger grandchildren can make a fun sweet medicine with their own hands. To do this, you just need to buy a multi-colored dragee or ordinary sweets, put them in a transparent jar (preferably an unusual shape) and attach a funny label with pictures or inscriptions like "Cures for the blues", "Vitamins for your beloved granny" or something similar. A cute birthday card for grandmother will complement this presentation.

Textile accessories

A spare set of bedding will never be an unnecessary item. But when buying it, you again need to pay attention to the age of the recipient of such a product. Young grandmothers can buy more expensive and unusual sets, while older grandmothers are better off choosing more durable and practical underwear.

A new weightless blanket, an orthopedic pillow or an equally useful mattress can be a great gift.

A warm blanket will help you forget about the winter cold and fondly remember your caring grandchildren. Thin products will pleasantly cover in the summer and replace the usual blanket.

A set of towels or a cozy rug will be not only a decorative element, but also a practical little thing that will remind you of the donor every day. By the way, both can be done independently.

Towels can be decorated with satin stitch embroidery using traditional Russian cornflower flowers or no less traditional red roosters embroidered with a cross. Or you can depict the initials of a dear person.

Use unnecessary terry robes or old towels, T-shirts or shirts for the rug.

A pretty robe will be useful for a grandmother of any age. It can be a dainty silk negligee or a thoroughly practical dressing gown made of bikinis, or a timeless piece of terry cloth.

Floral gifts

Today it is easy to buy not only standard violets or already quite common orchids. A good gift can be an orange or tangerine tree already with fruits, as well as while outlandish laurel noble, clerodendrum or other equally original plants.

For those who do not have a vegetable garden, you can make pretty pots and plant herbs there.

A completely unique gift will be an indoor florarium, which does not require special care, but will fill the house with beauty.

An unusual flower birthday gift for your grandmother with your own hands can be made using the most common fruits or sweets.

Such unusual baskets and bouquets will become the most stylish decoration of the festive table and will allow you to admire the man-made product for a long time, and the original card will complement your grandmother with a stylish gift.

Edible gifts

The list of delicious gifts will be complemented by collection wine or champagne, unusual sets of tea or coffee. And sometimes the grandmother may adore beer, then a keg of a foamy drink or a beer bouquet is more suitable for her.

A delicious cheese or meat plate with the most unusual varieties will help you taste expensive types of such delicacy.

An unusual personalized cake, a large set of cakes, made to order or by hand, will be a wonderful gift.

Many yummy treats can be prepared on your own without baking. Any grandmother will be happy to try homemade salads, hot dishes, desserts and drinks.

Gifts for the garden

Many grandmothers love gardening and horticulture. For such women, garden figurines, lanterns or DIY crafts, tool kits, unusual shrubs and flowers will be a wonderful gift.

Warm gifts

With your own hands, you can make gifts that are surprisingly warm in all respects. Most often they are fluffy scarves and mittens, socks or slippers.

Inexpensive gifts

An elegant cup with warm wishes or tea sets with images of family members, a decorative pillow, a bright umbrella for walking in autumn weather can act as inexpensive pleasant surprises.


For those grandmothers who “have everything” and who love to return gifts with the words “you need it most”, you can give amazing and unforgettable emotions.

What it will be depends on the nature of the grandmother. Someone will visit the cinema hall with pleasure and cheerfully crunch popcorn in the dark, someone will get much more pleasure from the theater or the concert hall of the conservatory.

Some grandmothers will remember their youth by skating, while others will fulfill an old secret dream by taking a ride in a hot air balloon or going up to the observation deck.

And some may enjoy going down a mountain river, horseback riding, a buggy or go-kart, attending a dance workshop or a pool pass.

Of course, the grandmother will not refuse a trip to a resort or rest in a sanatorium, but even a trip to a neighboring town or a fun family trip to the forest can become an unusual adventure, only everything must be organized in such a way that the recipient of such a surprise does not have to think about organizational issues.

You can send grandparents to the cafe where they first met and decorate the hall with balloons, give the opportunity to visit the petting zoo.

Simple gifts

Little grandchildren can make birthday cards for their grandmother, wall newspapers, simple gift boxes or bags, vases or candlesticks, photo frames or calendars.

Older kids make potholders, aprons for kitchen work, cutting boards, shelves, photo albums, floating cups or stylish topiary.

Very often, grandmothers lack simple attention, so you can not wait for a certain holiday, but just buy a bouquet of flowers, a box of fragrant tea or a basket (bag) of fruits and go to the seagulls.

There will be more benefits and love from such spontaneous visits than from long, formal speeches and expensive gifts.

Do-it-yourself photo of grandmother's birthday gifts

Not only children are waiting for their birthday, but also the older generation. They are waiting for this day to sit down at the festive table with their family, have fun and, of course, receive gifts. In our article we will tell you how to make a birthday present for your grandmother with your own hands from children and grandchildren.

Подарок бабушке на день рождения своими руками

For a grandmother, the most important thing is attention, warmth and care.

Features of choice

They become grandmothers at different ages. Some have just turned 45, while others have crossed the 80s mark. And the gifts for them should be different. What you need to focus on when choosing a presentation:

  • age;
  • hobbies, hobbies;
  • Lifestyle;
  • taste preferences;
  • dreams.

Usually women of this age have everything they want. Therefore, a present made by yourself will be dearer to your heart than a purchased item. Because it is important for them to feel needed and loved. A DIY gift to your grandmother will show how much you love and appreciate her.

Gift Ideas

If you do not have your own ideas, then after looking at the work of others and having received inspiration, you can begin to fulfill your own masterpiece.


Postcard one of the options for what to give your grandmother for your birthday with your own hands. This simple present can be made by both a small child and an adult - the difference will be in the difficulty of implementation. The postcard can include volumetric elements, poems of his own composition, the wishes of each family member, drawings.

To create a postcard you will need:

  • PVA glue or hot glue gun;
  • base, cardboard or colored paper;
  • decoration.
Подарок бабушке на день рождения своими руками

A cute box made by your own hands will be the best gift for a grandmother

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The manufacturing method is simple:

  1. Fold the cardboard with a book - this will be the basis of the blank.
  2. Stick flowers or other decorations on it as desired.
  3. Write the text of congratulations inside the postcard.

For instance:

Dear Granny! We, your family, wish you a happy birthday! We wish you to live long to please us. We are incredibly happy that you are our granny! We love you madly for everything you do for us. For delicious food, cleanliness in the house, little surprises and much, much more.

Love, your granddaughter.

Warm words coming from the very heart will always warm a dear person on cloudy days. Write whatever you think and feel, because a sincere congratulation is better than a thousand feigned words.

Postcards can be decorated not only with pencils and paper, but also with natural materials. These include dried leaves, petals, flower buds, berries, acorns, chestnuts. With their help, you can create various compositions on the cover of a postcard. Create not only bouquets, but also the contours of animals: squirrels, chanterelles, owls.

The portrait of the birthday girl can also be depicted on the title page of the letter. You don't even need to be able to draw for this. The most important thing is that the drawing is neat, and the desire to make it pleasant comes from the very heart.

Подарок бабушке на день рождения своими руками

An original family portrait is a gift that will delight your grandmother for a long time

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Another great idea to do a postcard that consists of the handprints of the whole family ... To create it, you need acrylic paints that are easy to wash off. Ask everyone in advance to leave their print on the heart-shaped sheet. You can make the following inscription:

"You are always in our hearts!"

So feel free to make postcards - this is an easy DIY birthday present for your grandmother in 5 minutes.

Sweet gift

A great do-it-yourself birthday gift: there are many options: a bouquet of sweets, cake, gingerbread and much more.

For example, you can do sweet poster with pleasant wishes. To create you need:

  • sweets, when choosing, give preference to miniature;
  • whatman;
  • colored pencils, markers, paints;
  • Scotch.

The essence of the gift is to play with brand names and come up with a bright and memorable congratulation:

  • With you even on Mars.
  • Skitels for a rainbow life.
  • You and I are inseparable like Twix sticks.
  • You are airy and unforgettable, like Milka.
  • Remember your childhood - chew Mamba.
  • Knowing you is a heavenly delight - Bounty.
  • Instead of a thousand words - Rafaello.
  • I want to say thank you, and I say Merci.
Подарок бабушке на день рождения своими руками

Present your grandmother with a cake of wishes, put a wish, a small gift or a coupon to fulfill her wish in each piece

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There are a thousand options. After thinking over the phrases, first outline where and what will be located. After that, stick with tape. Now the fun part is the decoration. You can frame, trace, draw hearts, emoticons. Such a present will not leave anyone indifferent.

Bouquet of flowers - a wonderful gift for your grandmother with your own hands. To create such a bouquet you will need:

  • corrugated paper;
  • oval-shaped candies;
  • wire;
  • glue.

Using glue and wire, make flower buds and attach them to the stem. Insert a candy into the center of the bud, attaching it with glue. Collect the bouquet by tying it with a gift ribbon.

Bouquet of flowers using origami method - a do-it-yourself gift for grandmother's birthday, made in 5 minutes. Tulips are the easiest to fold. For it, you need to take a square sheet of paper, fold it in half twice horizontally. Make the base shape a double triangle. From it, bending both sides in half and connecting them, you get a tulip. A bouquet of 5 flowers in a pot will bring joy to the birthday girl. Make a pot from a toilet paper roll pasted over with colored paper.

Подарок бабушке на день рождения своими руками

A bouquet of dried flowers will not only perfectly complement the interior, but will also keep warm memories for a long time.

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A delicious cake as a gift for a grandmother's birthday with her own hands from a granddaughter of 12 years old, it can be made of her own All the sweet tooth of the family will surely be delighted with such a gift.

If you wish, you can choose any cake or sweet, "Napoleon", cupcake, pastries, "Medovik", etc.

One of the simplest options is Zebra. Beautiful, tasty, light cake:

Ingredients to create:

  • Flour - 2 cups.
  • Cocoa - 2 tablespoons.
  • Sour cream - 1 glass.
  • Butter - 1 pack.
  • Eggs - 5 pieces.
  • Sand sugar - 2 glasses.
  • Baking powder - 1 teaspoon.

Measure out with a faceted Soviet glass with a volume of 250 ml. You can use a kitchen scale.


First, in a mixer, mix butter (room temperature), eggs, sugar until smooth. Add pre-sifted flour with baking powder. Divide the resulting mass into two parts. Add cocoa to one part, mix well. There should be no lumps. Grease the prepared form with oil. Put the dough in the center one tablespoon at a time. Send to a preheated oven up to 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

Подарок бабушке на день рождения своими руками

Be sure to decorate the cake with affectionate words for your grandmother.

When serving, do not forget to insert candles so that the grandma can make a cherished wish.

Photo album

Not all grandmothers have mastered gadgets yet. And I want to remember the past without the help of a laptop or phone. Therefore, photos from memorable days, collected in one place, will be the best solution.

By purchasing ready photo album you can change it beyond recognition. Stickers, colored scotch tapes, pictures, magazine clippings are suitable for creating a new design. The main element, of course, will be photos from family holidays, where all family members are present.

First you need to insert photos, and then proceed with the design of the album. You can add phrases of famous people about the family.

  • A happy family is a long conversation that always seems too short. (Maurois).
  • The family starts with children. (Herzen).
  • The main idea and purpose of family life is the upbringing of children. The main school of upbringing is the relationship between husband and wife, father and mother. (Sukhomlinsky)

The album cover can be decorated with beads. To do this, first draw the outline of the future object, flower or ornament. And then gradually spread in a circle with beads of your favorite colors. You can use beads in different colors and shapes while maintaining consistency. This is done not only quickly, but also easily.

Подарок бабушке на день рождения своими руками

Photo blanket is not only a beautiful and unusual thing, but also a reason to warm up with pleasant memories.

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A more economical option is to stick photos on a sheet of Whatman paper. You can make a heart, a cloud, and a circle out of it. You can decorate in a retro style using black and white photographs.

In advance on the computer, you can create a photo collage, which will serve as filling for the album. Along with the photos, insert sparkling phrases describing the photo.

Children's amateur performances

A gift can be not only a material object, but also a verbal one. Granny will definitely be happy with what she has learned by heart rhyme or sung song ... They can be, as well as their own composition, and already eminent authors. For example, Agniya Barto, Samuil Marshak, Nikolai Nosov.

But you can come up with your own. Here's an example:

Today is a wonderful day!

And no doubt!

Our kind grandmother

Birthday today!

We hurry to her soon,

Taking gifts!

We want to wish you health

And hug me tight!

We wish you a lot of happiness

And a lot of kind words

Live and enjoy

At least a hundred years!

I would like to note that attention is always more valuable than money. For a person who already has everything, a do-it-yourself gift will not only delight you on a significant day, but will also bring joy for more than one year.

The most important gift is one made from a pure heart. Sincerity is always felt and appreciated by the older generation.

This video will tell you what else you can make your grandmother as a birthday present with your own hands:

And this video contains interesting presentation ideas for your beloved granny:

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DIY birthday gift for grandmother: 85 photos of original ideas for creating a beautiful gift

Any person is always pleased to receive a birthday present, especially if it is made by hand. You can also make a gift for your grandmother yourself, especially since there are a lot of options and ways. An elderly person will be pleased with the present itself, and the care with the shown attention.

How to choose a gift

The age of grandmothers is now completely different. Someone becomes a grandmother immediately after forty, someone only after sixty.

Therefore, you need to navigate with a gift to your grandmother with your own hands, depending on several factors:

  • Age
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle
  • Taste preferences

It is difficult to surprise a person who often has everything with a purchased gift. That is why it will be more pleasant to give a gift to a grandmother with her own hands for her birthday than a purchased one.


A do-it-yourself card for a grandmother is probably the simplest and most common gift. It can be done in absolutely any technique and idea. The easiest option is to fold a sheet of white cardboard in half and draw a drawing on the front side, writing a wish inside.

A birthday card for grandmother can be decorated on the front side with some kind of applique or volumetric decor. Anyone can also draw a picture on a postcard to a grandmother, someone even depicts the birthday girl herself on it. If the portrait fails, the drawing can be replaced with a photograph.

A handmade greeting card for grandmother will always be more pleasant than one printed and purchased from a store.

DIY bouquet

You don't have to buy flowers when you can surprise with a homemade bouquet. Flowers are made from absolutely any materials at hand - pencils, buttons, paper. Pencils act as stems, buttons act as flowers. You can make a flower completely out of paper, for example, a stem from ordinary colored paper, and a flower from corrugated paper.

Such a bouquet can also be put in a homemade vase, which can be made from a simple bottle or jar, decorating it to your liking.

Sweet gift

A sweet gift can also be arranged in the form of a bouquet. Candy is glued to the skewers with adhesive tape, then the resulting bouquet is rewound with a rope, tying all the flowers together, and then the "stems" are decorated with colored film or corrugated paper.

The sweet gift doesn't have to be candy. They can also be replaced with fruits - the bouquet will become not only brighter, but also healthier. The design principle is the same: put on skewers and collect the resulting parts into a single composition.

Older children, with the help of their parents, can bake a cake or sweet pie for their grandmother. You can decorate a delicious gift with an inscription in honor of the holiday or icing with colored sprinkles.


You can also make a photo frame from absolutely any materials that imagination is capable of. You can sculpt it out of plasticine, older children, with the help of their parents, can make it out of salt dough. Someone even uses food - for example, pasta can be colored and decorated with a ready-made base.

Ready-made sets for making photo frames are also on sale. As a rule, they are made of plaster, you just have to paint them and insert a photo.

Photo frames created with spools of thread and buttons look interesting. Decorations from coils and buttons are also glued to the base. Such a gift will appeal to the needlewoman.

To decorate the photo frames, they also take shells and paste over the base. You can insert a photo from your vacation into such a photo frame.

Pin cushion

If your grandmother's hobby is sewing, then such a gift will come in handy. A pillow for needles is a useful and necessary attribute for those who sew. You can make it in the form of a pillow or in the form of some kind of fruit or vegetable, for example, a tomato. Such a pin cushion will look more interesting, and manufacturing will not take much time and labor.

For manufacturing, you will need a small piece of fabric, thread, filling. You can take any fabric, even a cut from some old thing will do. Even the youngest child can sew such a needle bed.


The easiest gift for children of all ages to make is a drawing. The smallest children can simply make prints of their palms on paper, older children can draw a plot.

Grandma will be pleased to receive both a plot drawn based on a fairy tale or cartoons, and her own portrait. It all depends on the age and skills of the child.

Surprise box

You can put anything in such a box with a surprise - from a sweet gift to hand-made butterflies. Such a box is folded from cardboard, closed with a lid, upon opening which the grandmother receives a surprise.

Filling the box does not have to be done by hand, you can just make the box yourself and buy the surprise itself.

Small items basket

At one time, paper weaving was popular. Why not remember old traditions? Moreover, the gift turns out to be simple and budget-friendly. You will need old newspapers to create.

You need to roll the sheets into thin tubes, and glue them together to form a basket. The size of the basket is woven at will. It will be convenient to put various little things into such a useful gift. Then they will definitely not get lost.

Photo album

The album will be a pleasant gift, warming the soul with memories. You can print family pictures into it, adding some inscriptions or dates to them. You can also make the cover of such a photo album with your own hands, decorating it like a postcard. Inside, you can leave a wish or parting word, and further fill the gift with pictures.

Book of recipes

Grandmothers keep many family recipes and cooking secrets. But not everyone can boast of a recipe book that puts everything together.

You can remedy this situation by donating a DIY recipe book. To do this, you can remake a regular daily planner with blank sheets. Sew the cover with a cloth, and make embroidery or applique on the cloth.

By the way, a cutlery - a spoon or a fork - is also suitable as the latter. You just need to straighten it and sew it to the cover. An original and useful gift, moreover, made with your own hands, is unlikely to leave its owner indifferent. Now you can not be afraid that the recipe will be forgotten or lost somewhere.

Do-it-yourself photo of grandmother's birthday gifts

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