How to get a hospital leaf not pain: take from the therapist

How to get sick leave if you are a labor-built citizen, and you are not lucky? And if you want to take a sick leave, do not pain what to do if the therapist will help? Depending on the circumstances, you can get a document in different ways, and in this article will dismant in this article. The main of them.

What represents

Blue penIt is called a sheet of temporary disability. This is the reason for financial payments during illness. Its presence confirms that the cause of the lack of work was indeed respectful. Hospital is still issued to women in pregnancy and one of the parents, if you need to care for a sick child.

It is believed that the illness can get sullen solely independently, when contacting the clinic. In reality, his mother or father of the sick child can get. Unemployed citizens (people without citizenship, if there are honey. Insurance) can also count on sick leave, if it has not yet been thirty days from the end of labor relations.

The attending physician can issue a hospital for up to 15 days, a paramedic and a dentist - up to 10 days. After this period, it can be additionally extended by a medical board. No later than 6 months after the closure, the closed sheet should be transferred to its employer. Example

To fill it, you will need a black helium or capillary handle. You can fill the sheet on the computer, if it is convenient for you. All entries are performed strictly by the print letters of the Russian language. The use of ballpoint handles is unacceptable. To specify the cause of disability, a two-digit code is used.

Where and how to get it

Male from a doctorWhere and how to take a hospital sheet? Obviously, sick leave can be written to the hospital. Another place where you can get a document - each paid clinic, which has the right to issue relevant documents.

If things are very bad and you are not able to get to the hospital - you can resort to their help.

There are several ways:

  1. In the clinic at the place of registration or in the clinic serving the enterprise in which you are working.
  2. If things are completely bad and you are not able to get to the hospital - you should call a precinct doctor or ambulance. The arrival doctor will be able to appoint you treatment, say, when to come to a survey in the clinic and will write a disability sheet.
  3. If you feel that you have become bad right in the workplace - contact the multiple enterprise. The sheet of disability is not provided there, but they will have to give the direction to the clinic. Hospital will be discharged, which will begin from the day of appeal to the medical center of the enterprise.

If you do not face

Coins on PolishHow to get a sick leave not pain?

For this there are several different ways:

  1. Hike to a neuropathologist. The main thing is to know what place you have (hypothetically) hurts. The back and neck are the most vulnerable places, so it will be logical to complain about them.
  2. For example, someone can eat the product to which he is allergic. When the patient is all covered with red spots and breathes with difficulty - the doctors will most likely give him a leaf without hesitation. The main thing, you need to know and "antidote" from allergies, and not you can get into the hospital at all.
  3. There is an opportunity to just come to the doctor and ask him to write a piece of disability for a small remuneration. True, there is a chance that the "patient" will simply throw out of the Cabinet.


Ways to leave

Red-white handleBy law, a sheet of disability needs to be opened on the first day of poor well-being. The sheet form must contain the following information: the name of the employee, the name of the enterprise (without abbreviations), the position of the patient, the diagnosis and date of visiting a medical institution. The remaining references and statements do not give the rights to the employee to remove from the fulfillment of obligations during the working day and receive material payments. For the beginning, the employee must apply to an ambulatory at the place of residence. With primary reception, the therapist will inspect, will diagnose, will add treatment and will give hospital, as a rule, for 5 days.

Then, the employee will need to contact the personnel department and write a statement about sick leave. This is done that the boss be warned about the state of the worker and did not dismiss him for the absenteeism.

After 5 days, the sick should visit the district doctor again, which, depending on the state of health, will extend or close a sheet of disability. If the employee is still not healthy, then the hospital is prolonged to full recovery. The next sheet is given to the personnel department, where the employee will be made cash charges for the period when he was treated at home.

Children's ageSome diseases are not accompanied by an increase in temperature and other explicit features, for example, an increase in pressure, vertebrate hernia, pincing the nerves. However, they also require serious treatment. For this, a person must complain to the therapist, which will cross the patient to the necessary specialist. As a rule, such diseases are treated much more than influenza or angrint, and the hospital can delay for 2-3 weeks.

If the temperature exceeds 38 degrees, then the doctor is called to the house to prevent the remaining infection of the rest of patients. The district doctor cannot write down the hospital home, he makes a note in a medical card and transmits it to the clinic. The next date of admission will be appointed in the hospital. Before the secondary inspection, the disability sheet will already be opened.

Following these tips, the employee will be able to avoid problems at work, because the documented list of disability will be drawn up with all the requirements.

Disease design

Blue printIt happens that it is necessary to justify its goal at work using a disability.

The easiest way is to pretend to be sick and come to the reception to a neurologist, referring to back pain or neck. As a rule, such diseases often bother people, and a specialist will be quite difficult to catch a patient in lies. This can be obtained quite a decent time sheet of temporary disability. The main thing is correct to complain to your problem and do not replay.

Another way to be considered an extreme measure and is unsafe for health. It is important not to overdo it here. Most people have an allergy to one or another food product (berries, nuts or sweets). To distinguish allergies from the cold is quite difficult even a professional, since the symptoms of these diseases are very similar. The main thing later is to stock antihistamine preparations to quickly come in order.

You can go to a specialist and complain about the migraine and a permanent chills, or during the test of blood pressure, strain the muscles of the legs, and move the heels to the floor. Pressure jumps to a very high mark. This in turn guarantees rapid care to hospital. The amount of payoutIf there is confidence that the doctor will be ready to help in the "misfortune" for the money remuneration, then you can safely resort to this method. However, if a specialist is not a supporter of bribes, it is better not to risk and contact a paid clinic, where they will help to cope with such a problem.


Registration during pregnancy

Holds a piece of paperUp to 30 weeks of pregnancy, an employee must come to work. But it is not always possible. Respiratory diseases are striking pregnant women much more often than other people and hospital inevitable. With problems of a nonregological nature, it is necessary to contact the therapist. If there is a need, the doctor sends a woman to the specialists of a narrow profile: Laura, oculist, etc.

A woman can consult a doctor both at the place of residence and in the female consultation. With a respiratory disease, a woman is discharged by a sick term for 3-5 days. After the secondary inspection, the hospital can be extended. In total, the term of the hospital with ODS does not exceed 10 days. Otherwise, a woman will need to undergo a survey in addition to the head of the department and receive a document certified by the seal and its signature. If the disease has acquired a long-term nature, the pregnant employee is hospitalized and treated in stationary conditions.

To the gynecologist, a woman needs to be treated with characteristic of pregnancy problems: toxicosis, lethargy, pulling pain, etc. Previously, a leaf of temporary disability could be obtained from the gynecologist for a long time. Now the rules have tightened, and the familiar diagnoses are treated in stationary conditions.

In the case of an abortion, a woman has the right to a hospital for up to 10 days. If, after this period, the woman cannot go to work, then the specialist extends to her the document for the same time.


Flowing into the carnateDismissal during the disease can occur only on the initiative of the employee itself. The employer has no right to dismiss the employee while he is sick. If this happened, the employee has the right to go to court and recover to the previous place of work. A worker can quit only after 2 weeks after submitting the appropriate application. If during this period it falls ill, then the hospital sheet will not overlap it, that is, the employee will not need to write an application for dismissal again.

If the period of dismissal came, and the person still suffers, the leadership is entitled to terminate the contract with him. An employee's labor book will be able to get after the illness at the place of work or get it by mail. Even after the disease, a temporary disability sheet is needed to pass into the personnel department for payment.

An employee who went to the hospital on the day of dismissal is impossible to remove from office until the day of his return. Otherwise, it can lead to litigation and penalties. The dismissal is legitimate only in the event of the liquidation of the organization. In accordance with the law, to remove a person from office, if the term of employment contract has expired, or it is recognized as incapable.

An employee who has received disability is paid only by the newsletter. But even in case of termination of the employment contract, the employer cannot dismiss a pregnant woman without her consent.

If the employee worked on the disease part-time before the disease, then it is obliged to pay him a hospital sheet, the place of which was the main place for him.

How to communicate with your doctor

Gives a recipeWhat to say a doctor to get a hospital from the therapist? You can come to take to the therapist in your clinic. When you get to the office - let me know that you have risen high temperatures, about 39, they did not sleep all night, knocked up with tablets. They fell asleep in the morning, but, waking up, drank some "fervex" again. Tell me that now there is no temperature, but the body is lomit, weakness, in the head muddy, etc. From complaints about the stomach disorder is better to refrain, the patient with such complaints can be sent to the infectious compartment.

In the office of the neuropathologist, you can report that you suffer from strong pains in the lower back or cervical vertebrae, in other words, from the radiculitis. The main thing is not to replay, you will also think about what is good that you are a simulator. It may turn out to take a hospital for a couple of days, if you refer to strong fatigue and drowsiness.

A good option is to contact a familiar specialist, having the right to issue the desired paper. Then you will not have to break your head that come up with and say for the therapist. The main thing - be careful not to accidentally substitute your friend honey. worker. If during the hospital you will notice somewhere in a nightclub or in general in another city - this can tell your boss. And he complains to the clinic, and then the person who helped you will seriously suffer.

What to do during pregnancy

Sits on the couchMany women during pregnancy feel fatigue, lethargy, general weakness, but all analyzes are normal and official reasons for taking a hospital. Sometimes you want a couple of days to relax from the nerve and working bustle, then you should try to turn to the therapist or gynecologist. The result of the appeal is greatly dependent on the doctor with whom you will talk, some will calmly discharge the hospital even with a light rheuble, others can deny with serious pain.

Women, on their own experience, they recommend referring to strong toxicosis, sensitivity to unpleasant odors, general weakness and poor well-being. You can complain on sore throat and elevated temperature. Or honestly say that the work is greatly tiring, it is nervous, and against the background of this, well-being deteriorated, because it often happens, many doctors are loyal to pregnant women, so do not worry, because the most important thing is the health of the child.

How much need to work to get 100% sick

Pen on paperPatient payment is made in direct dependence on the experience of the work. Averaged earnings, as well as an employee's insurance experience - constantly changing values, so payments on the hospital leaf increase over time.

Currently, insurance experience is characterized by three periods:

  • From six months to five years - medium earnings multiplied by 0.6.
  • from five to eight years - by 0.8.
  • From eight or more years - by 1.

To get 100% hospital, will be required for more than eight years of official employment. If the work experience is less than six months, it is possible to calculate only on the manual not exceeding one minimum wage size. SchemeIn the event that a citizen's income for 1 year exceeds 624,000 rubles - this number is the limit value and payout on the hospital are calculated on the basis of it.

The hospital leaf is a document that is issued by an employee if it is due to health disorder does not have the ability to perform its work function. Based on such a paper, it gets legal right to not be present at work during the period of temporary disability by illness.

The duration of this period is also determined by a specialist. In accordance with the Labor Code, the nebid to work in the presence of a sick leave deprives the employer of grounds for any sanctions against the employee. Moreover, for the corresponding period, a hospital benefit is charged for this employee.

Features of sick leave

sick leave

Hospital sheet is an official document.

It has the right to issue exclusively medical institutions.

At the same time, the specialist needs to study the state of the appeal to him and make an accurate conclusion as to whether the coming to work on this day.

The hospital sheet is drawn up for the entire period of time when the employee remained disabled. Its initial date should be the day when the person on which the document is decorated, appealed to the doctor.

If the employee is on vacation, then when a health disorder that gives the basis for sick leave, it can extend his vacation for the appropriate time, since the days when he was sick is allowed not to count during this period.

The hospital sheet may be initially discharged for the maximum period of up to 15 days. If the disease continues longer, the extension is already carried out by a special commission.

At the same time, the hospital sheet is paper, which makes very high demands. Corrections should be missing, it is impossible to change even one letter. Also Invalid mistakes . If this kind of shortcomings are found, then the accountant of the employer's company's hospital sheet is very likely not to accept it. In this case, the employee will have to appeal to the medical institution again so that it makes a new copy of the same document, this time not allowing such inaccuracies.

In general, the sick leave is a very welcome document for many. In fact, on his basis, an employee may be absent at work without any consequences. As a result, very many think about how to get a hospital leaf, not pain. This will be discussed further.

Familiar doctor

This is a rather obvious way, he also does not require effort from the employee. He only needs the ability to make contacts, thanks to which the doctor will be in his environment, which for one or another reasons will agree to give him a hospital leaf. Of course, for his part Specialist goes to a certain risk, issuing such a certificate familiar. Therefore, it is required that he trusted to him.

Methods of reliable simulation

Size Simulation

Simulation, that is, the creation of a false idea of ​​the existing health disorder is not so difficult as it may seem. In fact, when making doctors, doctors do not refuse to the patient who came to them in the issuance of reference. Suspusages may cause repeated parishes, but one or two times to get a labor leaf, not pain, quite real.

When simulating, it makes sense to accurately calculate the measure. Of course, malaise should look quite serious to convince the doctor in the need to issue a certificate. However, it is not necessary to present its condition for the real heavy, especially calling specific ailments. In this case, the specialist can send to the hospital or send it to x-rays and other analyzes that will reveal the true situation.

There are the following opportunities to reliably imagine patients.

  1. When allergic is included in contact with the object that this employee has a reaction (including eat food, which causes it). In this case, the symptoms will be quite real, then you can inform the doctor about ailment, which will actually be discovered. By itself, the method is suitable only to those who have allergies, moreover, you need to act so that the reaction is not too strong
  2. Increase your own blood pressure In the process of measuring this indicator, the doctor needs to be very resurrected to the floor to the floor, as a result, this indicator will increase.
  3. Just tell the neuropathologist that the neck and back hurts. In fact, these parts of the body suffer from many, and get a certificate for a week with such a complaint quite realistically, while the superficial examination will certainly not give the opportunity to say a doctor. That the patient does not feel anything like that. The advantage of this method is that such pains arise regularly, so the doctor can issue such a sheet to it from time to time and it will not be perceived as a permanent simulation.
  4. Resort to the pills Faringosept. This drug causes the yellowing of the language. After his reception, you can come to the doctor, complain about bad well-being and, seeing the language of the patient, it is very likely to issue the desired document.

Internet forums are an inexhaustible source of information and on this topic. Turning to such a site, you can get a lot of recommendations on how to achieve a hospital when you are completely healthy. Of course, the accuracy of such tips is not guaranteed.

Appeal to the doctor's recovery

Appeal to the doctor

This is another way, in this case, the employee is recorded through the electronic system before, and the next day comes to a specialist and informs him that yesterday he felt bad. If this is sufficiently artistic, the doctor will give a certificate, despite the fact that today no symptoms are already detected.

Of course, it all depends on the charm of an imaginary patient. It also makes sense to capture with traditional chocolate.

How to issue a hospital care for a child, read in this article.

Purchase help

The acquisition of certificate for money is realizable, but unconditionally illegal option. Wherein It is not punishable in administrative, but in criminal procedure. If this fact is detected, both for the patient and for the doctor is possible deprivation of liberty, the maximum period of which is seven years. However, prove this fact is very difficult.

Thus, there are opportunities to get a sick leave, even if the employee is completely healthy. If you follow one of the recommendations and contact a specialist with a sufficiently convincing story, then I will most likely give a certificate.

There are situations where hospital is needed, and the boss does not let go in the round or short vacation. There are many simple ways to simulate the disease for the hospital. The simplest is a cold, diarrhea, etc. If you want to choose more complied with pneumonia, nervous disorders and even venereal diseases.

How to simulate a disease for the hospital?

The first way to simulate the disease to obtain a hospital can be started with the simplest - ORVI. The main features include runny nose, inflamed and laughing eyes, high temperature and painful cough. 65CDFFD1-224B-4BE9-B248-CC8815CDCF6A.JPEGSometimes there is redness pain in the throat. What to say to the doctor to give sick-up for a few days: · complain about general malaise, weakness, lethargy, bad appetite; · Make on strong and long-lasting headaches, lubrication, elevated temperature; · You can try to portray dizziness and chills. I will measure the temperature, Hell, look the throat. With such complaints, a short-term disability sheet is usually discharged and a more thorough examination is carried out to really not miss the disease. What needs to be done before taking a hospital with the therapist? Temperature The main symptoms of colds are a heat, runny nose, cough. The easiest way is to heat the thermometer in hot water or the battery to the mark under 38 degrees. But it is important not to rearrange, the temperature should not be higher than 40. All doctors are well aware of the simulants, so they offer to put a thermometer in its presence. This device showed an increased temperature, two minutes before the doctor you just need to grasp the armpits with dry mustard, ground garlic or salty . It is possible to achieve the desired value of the thermometer with a few drops of iodine on a sugar piece. This "dish" stably raises the temperature to the mark of 38 degrees for a couple of hours. For a small increase in value, it is enough to eat a little pencil trap. Rubble и tear Cause a runny nose and sneezing easier. It is enough to smell or swallow something allergic. If this ailment is not observed, then cut the crude onions, to spend them along the top century or smell any ground pepper. Some cause a runny nose if the nostrils inside the PVA glue, but it is dangerous. Maybe not only not to work, but really strongly damage the mucous membranes. You can cause tearing with the help of ordinary paste - just apply it under the eyelids and leave for a few minutes, then washed away. At the same time, the eyes will also blush. Cough To cause cough, it is enough to ride over ground pepper, household chemicals or inhale ordinary dust. For the redness of the throat before the doctor's inspection, you can sue any lollipop with dyes. Only then do not forget to rain the language from him.

Second way: diarrhea

A17C63E7-20A7-461C-96A0-E5A3771B6CD1.jpegDiarrhea is the surest way how to get sick leave if you are not sick. You can call diarrhea in different ways - one enough to drink kefir, to others - eat a nonstiven dish. You can simply swallow 50 grams of grazing household soap. With diarrhea, you should not go to the clinic, you need to call a doctor to the house.

Third way: concussion

27A5263E-981B-43C9-B6FF-CA1B89112B7D.JPEGPresumable brain concussion is an easy way to get sick leave without temperature. It is enough to tell a doctor about a short-term loss of consciousness (about 5 minutes) after falling. If you ask where the time is known, then the answer - they said others who were nearby. However, direct events should not remember before falling. For example, in consciousness should remain that "went through the park ...", "came out of the entrance ...", etc. After he woke up elsewhere - it was vomiting and puts out so far. At the same time headache and really want to sleep.

Fourth way: poisoning

78F586DB-E097-4C93-80D7-5D913B0772FB.jpegHow to take hospital in the clinic in poisoning? If you sin on it, then you need to refer to the abdomen, dizziness, liquid chair. You can add to the listed change in the color of the feces. Be sure to mention nausea, vomiting (better green). In person, a person has overall weakness, lethargy, often - increase temperature. If you simulate intoxicating the body, you can call a doctor and home, citing that it is impossible to get to the clinic yourself because of diarrhea.

Fifth way: Lubago

175D26EC-3A5F-4849-BE7B-A5457F2FBE0E.jpegA simple way to simulate a disease for the hospital at the therapist for a week is Lumbago. This disease has many symptoms, the main pain in the back. To enter the office to the doctor you need to slowly, slightly seamless. Do not sit on the chair, citing that it hurts it. It is necessary to complain about the pain that appears at any movement and even cough and laughter. In the as the cause of the appearance of pain in the back, any, dragging of weights, long-term weeding on the beds and everything that can affect the back is indicated. Sometimes it's quite awkward to turn to come back, after which a person really lies in bed at least a week or two. However, it is impossible to replay. With temporary pains in the back, you can lean slightly, especially if you do it slowly, but to get to the floor with your hands - unreal. And also slightly raise feet from the floor, but only for steps. To know how to deceive the doctor and get sick leave, mentally decide with 2-3 points, where the pain is supposedly felt. And when palpation begins - moaning hard or yell when the pressure is felt on the area marked for itself. For persistence, you can even call a doctor at home, saying that because of the pain in the back is difficult to get out of bed. The hospital will be discharged for a week, during which will have to go through a full examination and a number of hardware diagnostics - X-ray, ultrasound.

Sixth way: monthly

85CDF616-FDBA-460E-B609-35FB9DB4F04E.JPEGWomen, how to sit on sick leave, do not pain, suffice to say about difficult menstruation. They are often accompanied by severe pain, weakness, nausea, scobes in the bones. Some ladies increase the temperature, vomiting appears. The urges in the toilet are rapidly and abundant allocations appear. The odd symptoms are complemented by dizziness. In such a state, the woman does not physically work. If the doctor and refuses to write down sick-based sick-based symptoms, most likely will meet and put another diagnosis that will allow you to stay at home for several days.

Seventh way: Patology gasts

D5C8D59F-081E-452E-839F-DE579B2BE1D7.jpegIf you choose which disease can be simulated for a hospital, then nothing complicated in the imitation of the pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. To do this, you need to complain about severe pain in the epigastria, nausea and vomiting. Be sure to mention that the color of the feces changed - black, red, semi-liquid (but the coloring products and drinks was not used on the eve), urine clouding is observed, pain occurs during emptying. The existed ways are the most common. However, it should be remembered about the precautionary measures, otherwise it is not long to really get a serious pathology.

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Usually the state pays idle time without work - not always in full, but it is better than nothing.

Polina Kalmykova

He studied complex situations

There are also complex situations: for example, if the unemployed is ill, a woman in a decree or an individual entrepreneur. We tell me what relies in such situations and how to get your own.

Sick Woman in Decree

Situation. One woman was very sick, while on maternity leave: There is no strength, even from the bed to get up, not what to do the child. She wants her home to help her, but he does not know if he could get sick leave.

As in law. Can, but maximum for a week. And if the wife fell seriously, he can go on vacation to care for a child instead of his wife.

Why is that. To issue a sheet of child care disability is impossible if the kid himself is healthy. But you can take a hospital care for my wife: for this, the doctor must confirm that the symptoms of the disease are serious enough and she needs help.

True, sick leave will be issued at a very short time: up to three days by decision of one doctor, to seven - with the involvement of the medical commission.

If suddenly, the wife is put in hospital, her husband will not give a sheet of disability at all. In order for such a situation to legally sit at home with a child, he will have to reorganize leave for child care from his wife for himself. The law does not prohibit it, but if the baby just was born and the mother is still in the postpartum vacation, no payouts are relying. But refuse him on vacation, the employer will not be able to.

How to enroll in such a situation. If the wife fell into the hospital, and leave a child with no one, father needs to be done here:

  1. Go to the work of my wife. There to present your passport, the child's birth certificate and marriage certificate. To give a statement about the interruption of the leave of the wife for the care of the zz by the child and stop paying the benefits. This statement should write a spouse.
  2. Take at work of my wife a certificate that it does not use vacation and does not receive benefits.
  3. Take this certificate and the child's birth certificate for your work.
  4. Write to the employer a statement about the provision of childcare leave and pay benefits.
  5. Legally sit at home with a baby and receive a manual while a wife in the hospital.

After discharge, parents will need to be changed again: the child's mother will write a statement about the resumption of leave for child care, and his father is about stopping.

Got sick during vacation abroad

Situation. One woman got sick on vacation at sea. It is a shame that the rest went to the Namarka, and it is also not clear whether the days missed for illness can be restored.

As in law. You can restore the days of vacation, but if you get sick abroad, then it will be more difficult to do it.

Why is that. To prolong the vacation, you need to bring a disability leaf to the employer: how many days have drilled, so much and restore. Only public holidays are not considered.

In Russia, sick leave is easy: you just need to come to the clinic. But if the disease is overall abroad, it will have to be abandoned by additional documents: to verify the certificate in the consulate, reorganize it in Russia and only then attribute to the employer.

How to enroll in such a situation. If you get sick abroad and want to restore the days of vacation, you need to do the following:

  1. Get a certificate of illness in an overseas clinic.
  2. Pure it in the local Foreign Ministry.
  3. Attributed to the Russian consulate and arrange a legalization there - that is, to assure.
  4. In Russia, attribute a certificate to the clinic and arrange a sheet of disability of the Russian sample.
  5. Provide the document to the employer.

If there was no possibility to run on institutions abroad, there is an alternative action of actions already in the homeland: first assure your certificate at the consulate of the country where you are sick, and then in our Foreign Ministry. Further according to plan: Polyclinic - Employer.

For references from some countries - for example, France, Israel and Turkey - legalization is not needed, but the apostille is obligatory. You can find out where it is affixed, you can on the website of the consulate of the country in which you got sick. This is not free: for example, in Russia duty is 2500 РFor each document.

If a certificate of illness issued a clinic of one of the CIS countries, you can do without an apostille, but it will be necessary to issue a notarized document transfer into Russian. For this, too, will have to pay, but already notary.

Take your own from the state!

How to receive deductions, benefits and benefits, tell us in our newsletter once a month. Sign up!

Sick individual entrepreneur

Situation. One man registered as an individual entrepreneur to legally work on Freilance. Now he does not know how to be with holidays and hospital: for example, whether it is necessary to prescribe them in the contract or make the client a discount on this time.

As in law. To agree with the client about interruptions in the work, but you need to closely monitor the wording in the contract. You can also receive payments from the state, but not by default.

Why is that. An individual entrepreneur is not a hired worker, but, roughly speaking, the firm. Therefore, in contracts with clients, vacation and sick leave cannot be prescribed: otherwise the tax may consider the workforce and to force the customers to pay additional taxes and fines.

But in reality, people are still sick and rest, even if they are entrepreneurs and the state should nothing for it. To resolve this situation, in the contract with the client, you can register not hospital, and pauses in work, deadlines to which these pauses can delay, and penalties or penalties for idle time. This tax will not hold.

Patient payment is put to those who are insured in the social insurance fund. Individual entrepreneurs have no such commitment, so they usually do not have any payments. You can voluntarily insure you, but the hospital will count out of the minimum wage - that is, they will pay a little.

How to enroll in such a situation. So that during idle in work, due to a sudden illness, there was no problem with the client, consider the terms of the contract in advance. For example, write the deadline to which you can take a pause without fines, how and when you should notify the client about the break and the size of the penalty in case of delay.

You can be voluntarily insured in the FSS like this:

  1. Apply to FSS through public services or MFC, putting a copy of the passport.
  2. Wait three days until you register.
  3. Pay a fee: In 2019, it is 3925.44 Р.

After that, you can count on pay for hospital, maternity leave and child care leave. But only next year: if contributions paid in 2019, then the benefits will receive in 2020.

Sick unemployed

Situation. One woman worked on Freilance, but did not officially arranged anywhere, IP did not arrange and registered employment service. Once she seriously fell ill and 7 months spent without work. No payments during this time did not receive from the state, but now thought about how to be in such a situation the next time.

As in law. The right to pay during illness is only unemployed by law - that is, registered on the labor exchange. Those who are not registered, payments are not relying.

Why is that. FSS pays the sick leave for whom contributions receive. Employees are automatically insured - the contributions for them pays the employer. Individual entrepreneurs may themselves decide to pay annual contributions to the FSS: then they will also have the right to monetary compensation during the disease.

The unemployed relationships with FSS do not have and hospital do not receive, but the state gives them an additional guarantee: promises to pay a benefit on unemployment, including during the disease. But this applies only to those who have come registered to the employment service and regularly goes to interviews in the company that they offer them on the Labor Exchange.

If a person does not work anywhere and is not going, then no one should do anything.

How to enroll in such a situation. To receive payments during the disease, you need to have at least some kind of labor relationship or actively try to get them. Here are options:

  1. Settle in the employment contract.
  2. Register as an individual entrepreneur or self-employed and voluntarily insure in the FSS. Hospital will be considered from the minimum wage. True, in addition to contributions in the social resources, all other relying taxes will have to pay.
  3. Stand on the work exchange and receive unemployment benefits: from 1500 to 11,280 rubles per month. This option also has its own disadvantages: you will have to go to the interviews and get a job that is offered at the Employment Center, otherwise it will be removed from the accounting and allowance will be paid.
Consider how much you get during the days of the disease

Read what else you need to know about Russian medicine:

  1. What if they were injured at work.
  2. How to return a part of the money for treatment in a paid clinic.
  3. How to pass tests for free.

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