Guide to binds.

Guide to binds

This article will focus on key bindings in Counter-Strike CSS, CSGO. The mechanisms for creating bindings will be considered step by step with a detailed explanation of all console commands. Everything you need to know about key bindings in Counter-Strike can be found in this guide.

What are binds and why are they needed at all. The word bind itself (from the English bind) means binding. In our case, this is the binding of a console command or a number of commands to a specific keyboard key or mouse button. Thus, we can customize, or as it is now fashionable to say to bind any key as we wish. Why is this necessary at all? In most cases, binds are used to quickly purchase the necessary equipment, quickly throw grenades, load configs, and more. Agree that this is very convenient. With just one keystroke, we can execute a number of console commands without even opening the developer console. After studying this article, you yourself can bind any key or mouse button as you wish. So let's get started.

How to bind a button. Bind command.

The console command is used to bind buttons


, which has the following record format:

bind key command bind key "command1; command2; command3;"

After the command


followed by the name of the key, followed by the command or commands that need to be bound. If there are several commands, then they should be separated by the ";" and enclose it in double quotes.

For example, cleaning the map from traces of blood and shots.

bind mouse3 r_cleardecals;

Now, when you click on the mouse wheel, the map will be cleared of traces of blood with the command



An example of binding several commands to one button.

bind mouse3 "r_cleardecals; say map cleared;"

Second command


will display the message "map cleared" in the chat.

You can find out the name of the key on the keyboard or mouse button you need in the game itself. To do this, go to the keyboard / mouse settings menu and assign the button you need to any unused command. You will see the name of this button.

Alias. How to bind a button using alias.

Aliases act as aliases for one or more console commands. To create aliases, use the command


, which is written as follows.

alias name "command1; command2; command3;"

After the command


the name of the alias is specified. You can give the alias any name. The name is followed by the command or commands that are assigned to this alias. If there are several commands, then they should be separated by the ";" and enclose it in double quotes.

An example of a button binding using



alias clearmap "r_cleardecals; say map is cleared;" bind mouse3 clearmap

Binds of buttons with switching values ​​(Toggle).

The toggle command makes the button a toggle button. With toggle, you can bind the same button to different command values. Each time you press the button, the command value will change. Team


has the following recording format.

toggle command value1 value2 value3

After the command


followed by the command name, followed by the possible values. Values ​​to be applied must be separated by a space.

An example of a button binding using



bind mouse3 "toggle cl_crosshairdot 0 1"

When you press the mouse wheel, the dot in the center of the sight will disappear, and when you press it again, it will appear.

The following example shows how to bind a button using multiple



bind mouse3 "toggle cl_crosshairdot 0 1; toggle cl_crosshairsize 2 5"

Pressing the mouse wheel will change the size of the sight and turn on / off the dot in the center of the sight (simultaneously).

Button binds using an increment (incrementvar).


allows you to change command values ​​using an increment (increasing the value by delta). Each time you press the button, the value will increase by the amount you specified (delta). Recording format



incrementvar command min value max delta value

The incrementvar is followed by a space, the minimum value, maximum value, and delta. The delta determines how much the value will increase with each press of the button.

An example of a bind using



bind mouse3 "incrementvar cl_crosshairsize 0 5 1"

In this example, each time you click on the mouse wheel, the scope will change in size from 0 to 5 in increments of one.

List of additional commands.


The command is used to find binds. For instance,

key_findbinding r_cleardecals



Lists all binds.


The command is used to unbind one button. For instance,

unbind mouse3 unbindall

The command is used to unbind all buttons at once.

Useful CSS CSGO binds.

Please write in the comments what binds you want to see.

Due to the growing number of players in Counter Strike, more and more new questions about this game arise. Newbies ask a huge variety of different questions and one of them is the question of how

how to bind a button in KSS

... Key bind is used to quickly write commands. For example, when you press the key


You can open the administrator menu or quickly purchase this or that weapon. In this article we will tell you how to bind in KCC, and also posted for you a list of useful binds.

When you learn how to bind buttons in KSS, you will greatly simplify your game, as well as make it as convenient as possible. By assigning bind to the keys, you can open the bank, various menus, quickly buy weapons, place mines, write various phrases in the chat and much more, and all this by pressing just one key. However, only one command can be bridged per key. So let's get started.

In order to

bind the button in KSS

, open the console (E or ~) and write a command of the following type:

bind "button" "command" 

For example, you can write the command:

bind "p" "say! bank"

- in this case, when you press the key


the server bank will open for you. In this case, the command

"say! bank"

sends a message to the chat

! bank

... The very same team


performs sending the specified message to the chat, so after this command you can specify your message in the chat, whether it be a server menu, a VIP menu, and so on.

We think that you have understood the general principle of button binding in KCC, so now we want to provide you with a list of the most common bindings for KCC.

How to bind a medic in KSS

Bind a medic in KSS

easy enough. To do this, open the console and make a bind with the command

"say! medic"

... This command sends a message to the chat

! medic

, with which we will call the same medic. At the same time, we will call it with just one keystroke, and not by opening a chat and entering a command. Bind makes the game very easy and simple, doesn't it?

An example of a medic bind: bind "p" "say! Medic" 

How to bind the purchase of weapons in KSS

What could be better than a quick purchase of weapons by pressing just one key? Bind for buying weapons in KSS will not only reduce a lot of time to buy equipment, but will also greatly simplify your game. Without further ado, we want to provide you with a list of bindings for the purchase of weapons in the KCC.

  • bind "F1" "autobuy" - automatic procurement (M4A1 or AK-47, armor, ammo and tongs).
  • bind "F2" "buy hegrenade; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy sgrenade" - purchase of all grenades.
  • bind "F3" "buy awp; buy deagle" - bind for buying AWP and Deagle.
  • bind "F4" "buy m4a1; buy vesthelm; buy defuser; buy hegrenade; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy deagle" - a package of weapons for special forces (M4A1, helmet and body armor, frag grenade, blind grenades and Deagle).
  • bind "F5" "buy ak47; buy vesthelm; buy hegrenade; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy deagle" - a package of weapons for terrorists (AK-47, helmet and body armor, frag grenade, blind grenades and Deagle).

You can

bind the purchase of weapons in KSS

at your discretion. To do this, you need to bind according to the following template:

bind "key" "buy weapon name; buy weapon name" 

We have placed the list with the names of weapons just below. Each new weapon must be separated by a semicolon, as shown in the examples just above.

Pistols: glock - "Glock18" usp - "H&K USP .45 Tactical" p228 - "SIG P228" deagle - "Desert Eagle" fn57 - "FN Five-Seven" - elites - "Dual Beretta 96G Elite" Shotguns: m3 - "Benelli M3 Super90" xm1014 - "Benelli XM1014" Automatic pistols: tmp - "Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol" mac10 - "Ingram MAC-10" mp5 - "H&K MP5-Navy" ump45 "H&K UMP45" p90 - "FN P90" Assault rifles: galil - "Galil" famas - "Famas" ak47 - "AK-47" m4a1 - "Colt M4A1 Carbine" sg552 - "SIG SG-552 Commando" aug - "Steyr Aug" Sniper rifles: scout - "Steyr Scout" sg550 - "SIG SG-550 Sniper" awp - "AI Arctic Warfare / Magnum" g3sg1 - "H&K G3 / SG-1 Sniper Rifle" Machine guns: m249 - "FN M249 Para" Equipment: vest - Kevlar Vest vesthelm - Kevlar Vest & Helmet flashbang - Flashbang hegrenade HE Grenade sgrenade Smoke Grenade ) defuser - "Defuse Kit" (CT only forceps) nvgs - "NightVision Goggles"

How to bind the admin panel in KSS

Admin bind in KSS

this is a very useful thing, since by pressing just one button you can instantly get into the admin menu. The commands for opening the admin menu on all servers are different, but just below we wrote for you a basic command for the bind of the admin menu in the KCC, which should work on all servers if you have administrative rights.

bind "F10" "sm_admin" 

Pressing the key


you will see the admin menu. You can specify your own key and command to open the admin menu.

How to unbind a button in KSS

If you want to remove the bind from any button and put a new one, for this you need to use the command


, eg:

unbind c

... After entering this command, you will remove the bind from the key


... We think the essence is clear.

Friends, we hope that our article was useful for you and we described in detail for you about

how to bind a button in KCC v34

... These methods are suitable not only for CSS v34, but for all other versions. By the way, the buttons bind in CS 1.6 is completely similar to the KCC, with the exception of the weapon purchase bind. If you still have any questions or you did not manage to bind the button, then write in the comments under this article, we will be happy to help you. Have a good game!

How to bind a chat in cs go? This can be done using a console command.

Before learning how to set up advanced binds, you need to understand how they are created in general. First you need to open the console. This is done by pressing the ~ (or tilde, Ё) key, which is located directly to the left of the 1 key.

If the console does not open, then you need to enable it in the settings. Go to the settings, go to the "game settings" and click the checkmark next to the option "activate the developer console". More detailed instructions on how to enable the console in CS: GO.

The console opens at the very top of the screen. Opening it by pressing the ~ key, you can not only create binds, but also carry out many other manipulations with the game. When you open the console, there is often unnecessary text in it - you can remove it by entering the "clear" command in the text field.

How to bind a chat in cs go, console command

Before creating your first bind, you will need to learn a few basic console commands. They will be useful to you not only when writing binds, but also in further work with the console.

Now that you've discovered the magical world of console commands, it's time to start writing your first bind.

Creating a simple bind

If you have never tried to write binds before, then you should start with the simplest bind for quickly sending a message to the chat. This is useful for communicating with the team if you are playing without a microphone. For example, you can bind the phrase "Rush B" to the t key. Quick commands like this can come in handy in many game situations. So, let's start creating them.

To bind a message, first you need to open the console in CS: GO by pressing the ~ key. Once done, enter the following in the text box that opens:

bind "t" "say_team Gathered!"

How to bind a chat in cs go, console command

By entering this line of code into the console and pressing Enter, you will bind the text message "We are here!" to the t key. Now you will be able to communicate with the team on the go without opening up from the gameplay.

how to bind a word in cs go chat

How to bind a message to everyone in the CS: GO chat?

If you want the message to be seen by all players, and not just your team members, then enter the following in the console:

bind "t" "say We're on B!"

how to bind a phrase in cs go chat

However, such a bind will be somewhat counterproductive, since your enemies will see the message, who will not hesitate to immediately crowd at point B. It is more logical to bind some humorous phrases in this way that will not give the enemy an advantage.

In addition, it is important not to bind commands to keys that are already involved in an action. For example, by binding a bind to the W key, you will no longer be able to move forward, and so on. If you want to get rid of the unnecessary bind, then enter the following in the console:

unbind t

Of course, the t key can be replaced with any free button on your keyboard.

Read also:

If you accidentally bind a bind to an already occupied key, then most likely you will have to manually return the key to its original assignment. But what if you do not know which command this or that button was previously responsible for?

In such situations, it is very useful to know the find console command. In fact, it is something like Google inside the CS: GO console. For example, typing find bomb will find all commands that contain the word bomb. Everything is extremely simple here.

how to bind a button to chat cs go

Usually text chat in CS: GO is bursting with various kinds of messages, ranging from friendly jokes and thanks for a good game and ending with direct insults, spam and thoughtful remarks like "easy".

And if you, too, are not averse to taking part in this verbal orgy, then linking a few basic phrases to certain keys will make your life much easier.

Try to bind useful phrases

Of course, you can tie whatever your heart desires in this way, but nevertheless, it will be better for the team if you can quickly share important tactical information. For example, something like "The enemy is approaching A". The command for binding this phrase to a key looks like this:

bind F4 "say_team The enemy is approaching A"

how to bind a message to the chat cs go

F4 can be replaced with any button you like. It will also be convenient to tell your teammates as soon as possible that you are leaving the computer. To do this, you need to enter bind F2 “say_team AFK” into the console. You can think of as many commands as there are free keys on your keyboard. Just make sure they don't go to the general chat!

An example of a bind for a message to a general chat

It is better not to abuse these binds, otherwise you will be thrown into the blacklist faster than you can say "Counter-terrorists win". And there are no examples of messages that come to mind that would carry some useful information. Most likely, it would be appropriate to say something like "GG" or "Go Re" in the general chat.

As you already understood from the previous examples, to create a message bind to the general chat, it will be enough to enter in the bind F3 console "say GG" (or any message text after the word "say" according to your taste). As always, you are free to replace F3 with any unoccupied key.

In general, CS: GO binds can be not only useful, but also funny. The main thing here is to know when to stop.

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