Adapter with DVI on VGA with your own hands. DVI-D Adapter - VGA

The development of technologies in the modern world does not stop for a second. Modern technique constantly opens up new features for consumers and opportunities. However, not only new functionality is important. First of all, a clear understanding is required how to use new devices.

After analyzing thematic forums and sites, it can be understood that a large number of users do not know about the methods of connecting monitors with a VGA port to a video card with a DVI-D exit. Inexperienced people often receive advice from the same, not to the end of aware of lovers, resting on their, often unsuccessful, experience. Usually offered to buy a DVI-D VGA adapter, it motivating it is cheaper, and not practicality.

But the adapter of this type is unlikely to work at all, so it is recommended to use a DVI-D signal converter in a VGA, and not the so-called adapter with DVI on VGA.

VGA DVI adapter

In order to understand all the intricacies of connection of this type, you need to understand the principle of operation.

How does a DVI-D connection work?

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) that translated from the English "digital video interface" is used to connect and synchronize the video between the video card and the monitor, TV or any other display device. DVI-D is a technology that allows you to save the picture quality when switching from analog to digital signal. This type of connection will be given the maximum clarity of the image. It is important to note that this type of connection transmits an exceptionally digital signal. Connection using DVI-D is the main mass of the new generation digital TVs and maximum issues a 2K permission.

This technology began to be actively used by manufacturers of advanced televisions and monitors, which created a lot of problems with a variety of personal computer owners. This is due to the fact that many users are still forced to use the obsolete VGA connection.

What is a VGA connection?

VGA DVI adapter

VGA (Video Graphics Array) is an image transmission technology that has been preserved since the last century, it is still used by some users. This type of connection is designed to transmit an analog signal. The best quality that is available at the VGA connection is a resolution of 1280 × 720, in other words HD. No 2K resolution, as well as image transmission in 3D format, do not have to talk.

At the moment, most of the manufacturers of playback devices abandoned this technology, considering it outdated. That is why the video cards of new models are equipped exclusively DVI-D port, but the overwhelming weight of users does not always want to change the monitor on the first requirement, and still use the playlials with the VGA port. That is, just so connect the old monitor without any linings and loss of image quality is impossible. Experts recommend using multiple connection techniques, however, in order to find an effective way, you need to figure out the process itself. What we now will go.

DVI / VGA adapter do it yourself

DVI D VGA adapter

Due to the fact that technologies work through different ports and relate to different generations, the user must clearly understand that the type of signal transmitted from one device to another is also different. That is, a digital-analog converter is required for stable use of the playback device, and not made by a DVI / VGA adapter with their own hands or bought on a flea market. After all, the device of this type is simply unable to convert a signal from analog in digital and / or simply will not work, or the user will not be able to obtain images of the desired quality.

Types of adapters

DVI VGA adapter do it yourself

We will pay attention to the types of adapters that advise to purchase users of thematic forums, sites and other all possible sources:

  • An ordinary adapter with DVI on VGA;
  • adapter VGA / DVI-M;
  • DVI-F / VGA-M adapter.

The price of such devices is extremely small, but the overwhelming majority of users believes that it is much easier to use the DVI-D VGA adapter than to change the old video card, buy a monitor with a suitable port, or look for a better sentence. However, this is not quite true. The cost of the adapter with DVI on VGA ranges from 2 to 5 dollars. And in fact, the buyer receives an absolutely useless adapter at the exit, so that, like many of his comrades in misfortune, surprise: why nothing works. So where does the cause of the inspection of the VGA DVI adapter lies? We will answer this question now.

Pinout connectors

Knowing the deployment of ports, the masters of dubious order came to the conclusion that by connecting certain connectors, they will get a beautiful DVI-D / VGA adapter!

VGA DVI M Adapter

And on the fact, if you know how to know the port data scheme, it is immediately clear that this device cannot function at all! If you look at the port, it becomes clear that there are no pins in DVI, which is responsible for the transmission of an analog signal.

In fact, this answer can be easily found in the World Wide Web: on every topic on this issue there is a post in which the author writes that everything seems to be connected, but does not work. But if the author had figured out that the connection transmits the signals of different types, it knew: the signal must be converted. That is, simply the connection of two different ports will not help. Such a solution to the issue is sufficiently distributed on the Internet, but it will not work - one hundred percent.

DVI-D / VGA converter

The only possible connection method will be the DVI-D / VGA converter. Of course, its price is higher than that of the adapter, however, we have already found out that it is better to pay extra, how to just throw out a few dollars, as they say, to the wind. The adapter with DVI on the VGA can convert an analog signal into digital, without which the user will not be able to connect any gadget. The principle of operation of the DVI-D to VGA converter in converting a digital signal to analog.

DVI F VGA M Adapter


What do we have in the rest? The first: the user needs to pay attention only to the opinion of professionals who have sufficient competence. Trust the advice due to the cheapness of solving the problem, or because of the popularity of the method, it is not worth it - it is fraught or meaningless loss of cash, or waste precious time.

Secondly, if it is obvious that this method of solving the problem does not function from the overwhelming majority, it means that it is necessary to understand why it does not work before taking sustainable solutions and hope that in a particular case everything will work. That is, of course, you can try to buy an adapter with DVI on VGA and save money, hoping for an unlikely result. But it is better to buy a converter that guarantees the performance of the connection.

We hope that the article helped readers to understand the question of how the adapter of this type works. The only output is to purchase a special signal converter and do not worry my head, and the adapter will not be able to help.

So, it all started with the fact that I bought myself a new computer and here is not enough, it only has a DVI-like. It was decided to modify the existing VGA-VGA cable and make DVI-VGA from it. The Ineta take the deployment of ports and within 15 minutes we consider further plans.

We have a DVI connector on a video card:

And VGA on Monica:

Next, get the following scheme:


C1 ---> 1 (RED) C2 ---> 2 (Green) C3--> 3 (BLUE) C4 ---> 13 (HSYNC) C5--> 4,6,7,8,10 , 11 (AGND) 6 ---> 15 (DDC Clock) 7 ---> 12 (DDC DATA) 8 ---> 14 (VSYNC) 14 ---> 9 (+ 5V) 15 ---> 5 (GND)

Not cunning manipulations with a soldering iron DVI to VGA adapter :-)

Technologies work through different ports and belong to different generations, so the user must clearly understand that the type of signal that is transmitted from one device to another is also different. In order to stably use the playback device, you need a digital-analog converter, and not the one that will be done with your own hands or get on the flea market. The device of this type is not able to convert a signal from analog in digital, or simply will not work, or a high-quality image will not be obtained.

DVI VGA adapter with your own hands, converter, pinout

If the user still decided to make an adapter with his own hands, then you need to take into account the DVI data of the connector on the video card.

DVI VGA adapter with your own hands, converter, pinout

As well as VGA on the monitor.

DVI VGA adapter with your own hands, converter, pinout

Next turns the following scheme:


C1 ---> 1 (RED)

C2 ---> 2 (Green)

C3 ---> 3 (BLUE)

C4 ---> 13 (HSYNC)

C5 ---> 4,6,7,8,10,11 (AGND)

6 ---> 15 (DDC Clock)

7 ---> 12 (DDC DATA)

8 ---> 14 (VSYNC)

14 ---> 9 (+ 5V)

15 ---> 5 (GND)

That is, with the help of non-cunning manipulations with a soldering iron, you can get a DVI TO VGA adapter.

AdapterNew video cards, such as GTX 1060, 1070, ASUS RX 470, ASUS RX 470 and some more samples from other manufacturers are coming without an analog VGA output. Immediately the question arises whether it is possible to connect a monitor that has only a VGA interface, to a computer with a DVI-D video card.

Since DVI-D is a fully digital interface, to make your adapter yourself or bend extra pins in the fork will not work. The standard adapter with DVI on the VGA will also not help you, again due to the fact that the DVI-D interface is calculated only on the digital signal, so this adapter will not work.

Video card without analog exit VGA

Connecting a VGA monitor / other device to video plane

To solve this problem You will need only :

  1. Whether there is a HDMI output on your video card;
  2. Choose an active adapter DVI-D VGA.

The fulfillment of this simplest algorithm will relieve you from tedious trips to the store to buy additional components, the need for which you found out along the way.

As soon as it became clear which inputs are present on the video card, it is time to choose the so-called active adapter DVI-D VGA.

An option adapterThis device converts a digital signal from a video card to an old good analog With which the monitor can already work. As a result of this transformation, the image quality will not suffer or, to be quite accurate, it will be impossible to see a significant difference.

As a rule, such an adapter looks like a box in which on the one hand is input under HDMI cable, where we connect the DVI-D cable from the computer video card, and on the other hand, the VGA output for the monitor cable, respectively.

Depending on the manufacturer Dimensions of the device may vary There are also models going with the built-in small HDMI cable. HDMI is a new digital data interface in high quality, to anyway, in the future, all manufacturers of video cards, monitors and other output devices will be driven. The presence or absence of this interface on your video card will determine the need to purchase an adapter with HDMI on DVI-D. P Approved adapters are often found quite in electronics stores And they will not find it difficult.

Can it easier to buy a new monitor?

Do all these design solutions are justified, because of which you have a whole system from cables and adapters between the monitor and the system unit? Of course, the design may not be the most elegant, but the ability to connect the monitor with VGA to a computer with a video card having even the only DVI-D output exists. Although, with such an organization, a narrow place will be an adapter with DVI on HDMI (provided that there is no exit under DVI on the video card). One way or another, it will be in any case cheaper than to acquire a new monitor or video card.

Option of adapterHere you may encounter Two main problems :

  1. The price of your chosen device;
  2. The absence of the device you need in the nearest stores.

If the first problem can be competed, searching for models without cable on the Internet (as a rule, they will be cheaper), then with the shops not everything is so rosy. Since the DVI-I interface is more common that can work with both a digital signal and analog, find components for its exclusively "digital" fellow becomes not easy. Most likely, you will be told that there are no such devices in nature and will be offered to buy a new monitor with DVI-D. Therefore, the most correct option will be ordered such an adapter via the Internet or buy it again through online stores, it will help you to significantly save time.

Be sure to read the characteristics of the device and feedback for it. . In order for everything to work as it should, since some devices have their own features of the connection that are not always indicated in the specifications on the pages of online stores. Especially should be attentive when the adapter description does not specify that it is active. To purchase an active adapter you need, you should find the site of the manufacturer of a device that you found and carefully read the description for it.

There are no significant qualitative characteristics between existing transient data samples. Rather, each specific option will be good for use in a particular situation. For example, if you are going to make a quick-release connection, that is, it makes sense to use an adapter with a built-in cable. If you are going to configure the connection between the monitor or the projector once and do not touch it anymore, then it will be reasonable to use the adapter only with the outputs under the cables, this will allow you to choose the cable suitable in length.

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