Gas meter SGK G4: Specifications, Review and Price

Counter SGK G4- Products LLC EPO Signal, Engels, Russia. This instrument allows us to determine the amount of gas consumed and designed for installation in private apartments and houses, public institutions, industrial enterprises and workshops.


Counter device

The functioning of the device is ensured by the following nodes and elements:

  • a closed housing, with an applied protective coating that prevents corrosion damage;
  • measuring node;
  • valve;
  • hinge-lever mechanism;
  • gear mechanism for rotation;
  • Mechanical Accounting Device.

The housing includes two hermetically closed containers, a countable device is installed ahead, inside - measuring.

Memblance of the passing gas is performed by exposure to the membrane through the scoreboard rollers.


Technical characteristics of the SGK G4 meter

Technical characteristics of the SGK G4 meter

Service life of the device

The duration of the operation of the product - for 18 years. The guarantee issued by the manufacturer extends to the first 48 months. But if the failure is due to unauthorized intervention or damage during transportation and storage, warranty repair or replacement is not performed.

Intermediate interval

The periodical calibration period of the device is at least once every 10 years, with the condition of compliance with the manufacturer of the technique. The initial verification is performed at the factory. The corresponding mark must be performed in the passport of the device.

Technical Passport of the SGK G4

Counter cost

The price of products is about 1,700 rubles, but it can fluctuate, depending on the method of acquisition and region.

How to Remove Indications

The readings are filmed in the following order:

  • The values ​​of today and the values ​​of the last month are issued (can be seen in the receipt);
  • From a larger number, less subtracted;
  • The result is multiplied by the tariff value for 1 cubic gas.


It is necessary to use the integer value of the indicators displayed on the scoreboard on the left side (yellow rectangle), the numbers differ in color for gas accounting are not used (red rectangle).

Advantages of the device

The device characterizes the following positive qualities:

  • aesthetic execution, small overall dimensions and weight; Overall dimensions of the SGK G4 meter

    Overall dimensions of the SGK G4 meter

  • Reliable protection of corrosion housing;
  • no need for frequent calibises;
  • silent work;
  • Low data accountability error;
  • a slight decrease in gas pressure at the output;
  • the impossibility of reverse rotation of the mechanism in connection with the presence of the retainer;
  • Protection against unauthorized impact.

The product received a certificate of conformity and can be used within the RF.

Varieties of this meter

The counter is produced in the only execution, Only the direction of gas supply differs. This indicates the arrow on the housing Therefore, considering which side there is a supply pipeline, the consumer has the ability to select the desired model with the required placement of the intake fitting.


A variety of type "Vladimir" (Red Arrow) is different only with a non-transparent body (yellow arrow shows the scoreboard that is not transparent).


Is it possible to stop the counter

The design of the model provides full protection against an opening or stop using special means. This ensures reliability and safety of operation. The video shows the consequences of stopping gas meters.

Setting meter

When installing the apparatus conducted by qualified specialists of the gas supply company, the following conditions must be observed:

  • Connection is carried out with a gas and a ventilation pipe;
  • The device is placed in a strictly horizontal position in a protected place from foreign exposure;
  • To prevent ingestion of the device of condensate moisture, it is necessary to ensure the return angle of the pipe in relation to the meter;
  • Compounds are performed with complete tightness, without the use of electric or gas welding.
Setting meter

Overall dimensions and distance accommodation from the plate

Choosing this device, the consumer receives a quality product with a long service life and reliable design.

Gas tariffs increase annually. Unfortunately, the level of welfare does not grow at the same speed. Since the costs of gas in the winter are becoming the main article of the family budget consumption, sooner or later consumers begin to think about reducing payments. Individual instruments of accounting (IPU) become an object of study in order to change their testimony.

Among consumers there are many legends on how to stop the gas meter. Most often resort to the use of additional devices, including magnets.

Having heard the stories about how to succeed in the testimony of the gas meter, the owner need to be determined which methods will be able to lead to a positive result, and which methods are the myth.

It should always be remembered that gas is a hazardous substance and all manipulations with gas equipment can lead to explosions, fires and other damage to the house or apartment.

This article lists all the methods of stopping gas meters without a magnet at home.

Types of gas accounting devices

The performance characteristics of gas flow meters depend on the use of one of two measurement methods:

  1. The direct method is based on the direct dimension of the gas volume passing through the counter. Today, such IPUs are used most often in individual households and in apartment buildings. The disadvantages of accounting nodes based on the direct measurement principle include the following:
    • the inability to carry out accurate measurements of gas that has contaminants;
    • high degree of probability of damage from the pneumatic man;
    • high price;
    • Source large dimensions.
  2. Indirect methods use various physical dependence of the gas stream from external conditions. The most common calculation techniques are most common:
    • calculating the volume of fuel based on the difference in gas flow rates when passing through a narrowing device;
    • calculation of the amount of gas depending on the pressure drops;
    • Ultrasonic method.

Below are descriptions of the properties of gas metering devices with fundamentally different measurement techniques.


Stopping Rotary Gas Counter
Rotary gas meter

These flow meters are based on changing the speed of rotation of the impeller depending on the amount of gas passing through the device. The more gas passes through the device, the faster the impeller is spinning. High-speed measurements are recorded by the Accounting Mechanism and are converted to visual information. The mechanical scoreboard immediately shows the number of cubic meters of gas.

The instruments of such a design have a large number of parts and the high probability of external influence on the mechanism. Such gas counters often manage to rewind.

Due to the fact that rotational gas meters can be easily stopped, then they are no longer installed in the apartments under construction and houses. Typically, such IPUs are in old dwellings with low gas consumption. For example, in apartments where from all over gas equipment there is only a cooktop in the kitchen. With a scheduled calibration, the gas is usually required to replace rotational devices to other, more modern modifications of household gas flow meters.

Examples of such counters are produced by the Ukrainian plant "GP Arsenal", the GMS rotary gas flow meter, as well as the domestic "Triton".


Stopping a turbine gas meter
Turbine gas meter

This type flow meters are modifications of rotary devices.

Their action is based on calculating the number of turbine revolutions rotating in the measured gas flow.

Obviously, turbine counters have the same advantages and disadvantages as rotational devices.

They are also practically not used in residential premises.


The principle of action of membrane Imp consists in a periodic change in the position of the flexible plate (diaphragm) from the volume of gas entering the chamber.

Stop the membrane gas meter
Membrane gas device

There are two such parts in the mechanism:

  1. The first membrane is strifted by the flow of the incoming gas and moves the lever. As a consequence, half of the rotation cycle of the counting device occurs.
  2. The second membrane bends in the opposite direction, forcing the wheel of the counting mechanism to complete the cycle. The number of wheel rotations is interpreted by a countable mechanism in cubic meters.

Membrane Imp are installed in almost all modern houses under construction and apartments. The ELSTER VK-4G and VK-4GT brand flowmeters are the most common devices of such a principle of operation.

The mechanism of membrane counters can be influenced in certain cases. There are several secrets of stopping VK-4G and VK-4GT, on which we will stop later.


Stop the ultrasound counter
Ultrasonic counter

Such instruments of accounting are equipped with ultrasound generators emitting several rays at once. Measuring their characteristics before and after passing obstacles, the electronic computing unit for a complex program interprets the measurement results to visual information.

Ultrasonic gas meters are based on an indirect measurement principle. Intervene in the work of such a device for its stop or rewind is very difficult even theoretically.

These IPUs are used mainly in commercial accounting nodes.

Inkjet cargeneration

Stopping inkjet meter
Inkjet gas meter

These accounting devices also measure gas consumption for indirect features. The principle of operation is based on changing the flow characteristics passing through a special bistable jet element.

Such a gas meter operates as an autonomous oscillation generator, the frequency of which has a dependence on the volume of the undergoing gas.

The work of the device is based on complex physical laws. It is quite difficult to intervene in the work of such devices.

Features of the design do not allow them to be used for gas taking into account in residential households.


Stopping vortex appliance
Vortex appliance accounting

One of the advantages of such devices is high resistance to pneumatic shocks. They are also able to function effectively even in the stream of contaminated gas.

The absence of a large number of rotating parts eliminates the possibility of direct impact on the mechanism of vortex flow meters.

Stop electronic gas counters without dismantling it is almost impossible.

Despite the obvious advantages, such flowmeters did not find wide use in domestic conditions.


Manufacturers always try to make such a design so that it is convenient to operate first of all to the consumer.

The features of automated flow meters are:

  • Temperature compensator with electronic proofreader changing the instrument readings depending on the ambient temperature and gas flow:
  • High-frequency GSM module with a smart card that allows gas supplying enterprises to obtain reading instruments in online mode via the Internet;
  • Digital scoreboard.

Consumers are often asked whether the gas meter with the GSM module can be deceived. If the principle of operation is based on a direct measurement, then theoretically, such a countable mechanism can be affected by several ways, first of all it is a remote and film.

Counters of other designs

Recently, gas counters of other species have been developed. These include:

All these devices have secondary transducers of the measured signal with an electronic display. Stop gas counters with an electronic scoreboard without any consequences are quite difficult.

How to deceive the gas meter of a new sample?

Opinion expert

Viktor Fedorovich


Everyone advertised by folk craftsmen, methods stopping counters at home today do not give positive results.

The main reasons why homemade techniques are better not to use:

  • In some cases, you can really stop the household gas meter, but these methods are applicable only for old designs. For example, there are quite simple ways to stop mechanical counters. But the fact is that such devices have not been used for a long time in the assembly nodes.
  • Problems with normal operation of instruments after applying one of these methods. As a rule, run the gas meter after stopping is quite difficult. Usually, after coarse intervention, the device fails and will have to be changed due to the owner.
  • Representatives of gas supplying organizations are well aware of these methods. Therefore, hide tracks of intervention in gas counters will not be definitely.
  • From the point of view of safety safety, it is necessary to intervene in the work of the IPU, with the adoption of appropriate measures.

The developers of modern gas equipment have already taken into account all the revealed flaws, having agreed to protect the counters from unauthorized interference in their work:

  • All devices were equipped with special blocking devices that protect the counting mechanisms from the opposite rotation. That is, unscrew the counter of the new sample will not work.
  • Some gas supplying enterprises began to establish magnetic seals magnetic gas flow meters. These protective mechanisms of one-time action change their color when exposed to a magnetic field.

The only reliable version of artificially stop or undertaking the readings of flow meters remains acquiring and installing modern finalized gas meters of a new sample. The devices are manual refinement and sold to consumers.

There are 4 ways to stop the finalized gas metering devices:

  1. Remote.
  2. With film.
  3. Gas meter with magnet included .
  4. Refinement under the abroad.

Experts are monitoring changes in the current gas meters on the market today. Each change is analyzed by engineers who have experience in the development of gas equipment. They find the permissible method of impact on the mechanisms of any brand IPU. In addition, you can place an order for the modification of already installed devices.

Having established such a device, the consumer will not wait for the coming of the representative of the gas company with fear, since visually such devices are no different from the factory analogues. Only such refinements allow you to safely adjust the readings of household gas meters.

Principle of modification of gas meters

Experts offer as far as finalization options to stop home gas counters.

Alteration of meters for magnet

The counter conveyed under the magnet

Modern gas accounting devices do not have in the design of metal parts that can be affected by a magnet. To really stop them, they must be upgraded:

  • The housing of the selected IPU is gently opened and carried out in its mechanism quite complex work: they are attacked by special magnetic elements and set a system of counterweights, partitions and springs.
  • Then choose a special magnet, under the individual characteristics of which all other parts are selected. This magnet then comes with the consumer complete with the accounting instrument.
  • After the alterations, the counter is collected, restored by factory seals on the case and put anti-magnetic stickers. These stickers do not react to the magnetic field of an individually configured magnet.

Attaching the magnet to the outside of the case, the consumer stops records of the testimony, the gas supply does not stop .

This way most often uses to stop the NPM-G4 gas meter (NPM-G4) of the manufacturer of CJSC Hazdivays, which is one of the most popular household gas IPUs. Another frequently installed gas meter, which can be stopped by this method, - SGB-G4 and its analogue of SGK-4.

In our store you can Buy Gas meter with magnet The most common models.

Equipment with remote disable remote control

The counter conveyed under the control of the console

To control the work of such cunning gas meters, special devices are mounted in them, allowing you to switch the mode of operation by IPU remote control (DF). Indicator mechanisms are pre-subjected to reconstruction, after which they are able to stop from external influence.

The infrared remote signal sets the algorithm to start or stop the counting mechanism.

There are two options gas meters with remote :

  1. Wired DV are considered more reliable and for many years they serve without replacing the power supply.
  2. Wireless consoles are less reliable when operating and able to work without recharging no more than 5 years.

It is this method that is recommended to be used to stop the VK-G4 gas meter (BK-G4) without a magnet. It is also well suited to stop the gas meters VK-G6 and VK-G6T of the same manufacturer (ELSTER).

In our online store you can Buy gas meters with remote These and many other models.

Refinement of the Accounting Mechanism to Stop Film

Improved countable mechanism

In modern meters, protection is provided on the effects on them with a film: usually the safety glass is mounted without a gap so that it is impossible to push the foreign object. In addition, the glass itself has easily breaking elements that immediately inform the controller on an attempt to unauthorized change in indications.

Before how to stop the gas meter film It is necessary to make appropriate changes in the design of the instruments:

  • The housing of the IPU is opened and dismantled only the countable mechanism.
  • The axis on which work wheels are established are lengthened.
  • The gears themselves are also subjected to refinement: some elements with them are simply removed. Thus, the guide wheel is able to leave the engagement with the slave gears, as a result of which the mechanism loses the ability to count.
  • Install guide grooves for entering a special film mechanism.

The film carefully selected in the thickness is quite easily entered by the consumer in the accounting device. At the same time, the drive gear comes out of the engagement and the counter ceases to count. After the film is taken out, the gear again comes into engagement with the slave wheel, and the operation of the mechanism is immediately resumed.

This method allows you to deceive ELSTER BK-G4T gas meters (VK-G4T), BK-G4, BK-G4 ETE and many others. You can buy a gas meter with a discount film up to 20%.

What gase counters can be stopped after refinement?

Gas counters
Methods for stopping gas meters

Almost all types of household gas flow meters can be refined in order to obtain the possibility of operational correction of indications. For example, stop the gas meters ELSTER BK-G6T, BK-G6 and BK-G6 ETE after refinement using a magnet, film and a remote control. Also, alteration is also possible.

But not all devices can be finalized to stop any above methods. For example, you can only stop the NPM-G4 gas meter only with a magnet. In order not to sign options for each IPU, the table below shows the main stamps of counters and methods that can be correctly stopped or slowing down the operation of the counting mechanism without stopping the gas supply during the appropriate refinement:

Type (brand) Gas metering device Recommended ways to stop or slowing down the testimony with appropriate refinement
ELSTER VK-G4 (BK-G4) Will abrupt / film / remote / magnet
ELSTER VK-G4T (BK-G4T) with thermopensor
ELSTER VK-G6T (BK-G6T) with thermopensor
ELSTER BK-G10, BK-G10T, VK-G25, BK-25T, BK-G40 Fillet / Remote / Magnet
ELSTER BK-G4 ETE, BK-G6 ETE Magnet / film
Omega-G4, Omega-G6 Magnet / Remote
Omega ETC GSM G4 remote controller
NPM-G4 (NPM-G4) magnet
SGK-4. magnet
SGK-G4, SGB G4, SGB G4-1 Signal, SGBET-G4 (with electronic indicator) magnet
SRS G4, G4TK G4TK (thermo-componence), SGM-4 magnet
Grand 1.6, Grand 2.4, Grand 3.2, Grand 4, Grand 6 magnet
SGBM-4, SGBM-1,6 magnet
Gallus 2000 G4 (Gallus), Gallus 2002 G4 magnet
Metrix G4, Metrix G6, Metrix G10 (Metrix) magnet
SGMN-1 G4, SGMN-1 G6 Magnet / Remote
SGD-3T G6 magnet
SGB-1.8, SGB-3,2, SGB-4 magnet
Vector-M, vector T G4 / G6 magnet

There are not all companies that produce such products are indicated in the table. Today, many foreign firms, including Italian and German, has established joint production of flow meters with enterprises of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. But at the same time, the technical characteristics and designs of counters were changed.

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How to stop the gas meter without a magnet at home?

The Internet is literally filled with homemade ways to stop gas meters. Some tips to reduce the testimony of gas meters will truly be able to help, but only for influence on strictly certain designs (old-sample counters), which are currently practically not found.

No modern gas metering device will not work in such techniques. All effective and reliable options for the meters of the new sample were disassembled above.

Consider in more detail the most popular recommendations.

Cheating with water and cold

It is believed that it is best to slow down the IPU without the use of a magnet with water in a frosty day. Very often, this method is recommended if the tip node is mounted on the street.

Consumers mistakenly believe that the household gas metering device in the cold will stop or show an underestimated consumption. Stop the gas meter when the temperature decreases is quite possible. But if you explore the instrument's passport, you can find out the limits of temperatures under which this device is recommended. For example, household flow meters VK-4G and BK-4GT can function normally at temperatures up to -30 0 FROM.

Opinion expert

Vasily Krivorchko

Master electrician

Obviously, the lower temperature will be able to block the gas meter. But this applies not to the instrument readings, but to mechanical details. At such a temperature, IPU will simply stop, and the gas supply to the residential premises will stop.

Inexperienced specialists advise additionally pour a meter with water in frost. There are several problems here:

  • The body of the device is quite sealed, and water will not be able to easily get inside.
  • The ice cork will most likely stop the supply of gas, and the heating boiler will automatically turn off.
  • With a lot of probability, IPU after that will have to be repaired or change, and by consumer.

Yes, and it is stupid to think that gas was not provided for such an option. In technical conditions, gas meters with appropriate temperature parameters will definitely indicate for street assemblies.

Considering all the indicated information, as well as the upcoming costs, it is not recommended to try to deceive the gas meter in a private house, freezing it.

Use needle

Do you always keep precautions?

Yes Not

Another popular way is the erroneous statement that you can stop the gas meter by the usual needle.

The authors of this method are proposed to pierce a split glass, a prevention mechanical indicator. Then, through the resulting hole, one of the working wheels of the indicator or turn it with their own hands in the opposite direction.

Such manipulations can be made in the following cases:

  • Accurate mechanism is closed with a transparent plastic shield;
  • Accounting mechanism does not have safety devices from the prevention of "reverse".

But at the same time the following nuances arise:

  1. If the plastic glass will be installed instead of the plastic flap, then it will not work it with a needle.
  2. In all modern gas meters, safety mechanisms are installed that exclude the opposite rotation of the wheels. Therefore, you can only stop the needle, and not slow it down. For example, to twist the needle of the VK-G6 gas meter readings or VK-G4 no longer succeed.
  3. It is also obvious that such coarse interference in the design of the device will be necessarily noticed by the employees of the gas service at the first check.

Note that to stop the testimony of the gas electronic counter using such a method is impossible in principle.

Stop cable

Blocking a gas metering device
Counter blocking scheme with cable

Another way is to stop the gas meter by a flexible cable through the introductory tube:

  • First you need to dismantle the IPU.
  • Then through the incoming fitting, cover inside the flexible cable. It resembles cleaning the sewer pipe. In both cases, special spring cables are used, capable of rotating when the direction changes.
  • In order to stop the gas meter by the cable, it is passed into the inlet nozzle and, constantly rotating, promote inside the mechanism. Such manipulations are performed until the end of the cable penetrates under the cover of one of the camshaft valves. With this position of the valve, the operation of the counting mechanism will stop.

With such a manipulation, the following factors should be borne in mind:

  1. At raid the cable will be pushing the cable inside the mechanism, since it is impossible to control his position visually.
  2. Such an operation is possible only under the condition of dismantling the meter. At the same time it will have to break the seals, which are independently impossible to restore.
  3. By installing a cable, the accounting device will have to be mounted back. This makes it impossible to quickly hide interference with a sudden check.

As you can see, the cable can be braked the gas meter of the old sample. But possible troubles, including the financial expenses that the consumer will receive as a result of the use of this method are incomparable with the benefit received.

Stopping Gas Clamp Counter

The next popular method of stopping the gas meter without a magnet is the use of clamp. As many folk craftsmen assure, in such a way you can stop the gas meter with your own hands.

It is assumed to install a conventional clamp on the IPU housing. Then the creation of a gradual load will stop the operation of the counting wheel of the inner surface of the case.

It should be borne in mind that the following conditions must be respected:

  • Such a procedure can only be subjected to rotary gas counters. In the other types of IUP, it is impossible to block the housing to block the countable mechanism.
  • The likelihood of damage to the accounting device as a result of clamping is large. Then it will have to be repaired at his own expense.
  • The method will not give positive results if the counter with a convex glass is installed. At the same time, almost all modern rotational type accounting nodes have convex panels that protect the indication scoreboard.

If you carefully analyze all changes made in the design of modern gas devices, you can make an unambiguous conclusion that the clamp can be stopped only some of the old-sample counters.

Using pneumatic man

Have you tried to deceive the gas meter?

Yes Not

Manufacturers of gas equipment categorically prohibit the operation of instruments of accounting for pneumatic shocks. These occur as a result of a sharp increase in the volume of pumped gas, pressure or pressure. At the same time, significant loads are created on the IPU mechanisms.

Some consumers are confident that the operation of the counting mechanism of the flow meter can be equipped with pneumatic progress, leaving the gas flow unchanged.

Suspend the operation of the gas meter in this way theoretically possible. But it is necessary to perform the following conditions:

  1. Create conditions for a pneumatic impact: accumulate the appropriate gas volume under high pressure.
  2. Have a shut-off fittings of the appropriate design that allows you to very quickly open all the passage of the pipe.
  3. Disable all safety mechanisms, including those available in the gas flow meter.

The consequences of the pneumatic man can become not only the failure of the accounting device. A much more dangerous phenomenon will be emerging gas leaks that can lead to an explosion.

To deceive the street meter of gas using the pneumatic man is almost impossible, as it is necessary for this special equipment, corresponding skills and compliance with special security measures. Using this method is categorically not recommended.

Stop battery or battery

Consider whether it is possible to turn off the gas meter without a magnet using the effect on the electronic mechanism by another power source. The option is especially popular with a battery stop.

It is quite possible to assume that the low-voltage battery can affect the operation of some internal nodes of IPU. For example, if the servo motor is unsuccessfully positioned inside the device, then you can try to affect it by an external power source. But such a "happy" coincidence is unlikely. Moreover, such a design will never be certified in supervisory authorities.

Stop the gas meter without a magnet using an ordinary battery is impossible for almost all the instruments of accounting.

Warning stop

Methods, how to stop the gas meter with wire in a private house or apartment, most often considered two:

  1. Wire can be used as a jumper in electrical circuits of accounting nodes. The authors of this method claim that by setting the jumper to the desired terminals of the device, you can slow down or stop the counting mechanism at all. This method can be applied only for electric power steers. To move the necessary terminals in gas devices, it is necessary not only to fully disassemble the IPU, but also to determine the exact installation locations of the jumper. Such points will not be able to detect in any modern gas accounting instrument.
  2. Some folk craftsmen offer to use a wire in order to slow down the working wheel of the counting mechanism. In fact, this method is similar to the above-described method of stopping the counting mechanism with a needle. To do this, drill a hole in the safety glass and install the wire into the gap between the working wheels. Sometimes in this way it can be done so that the gas meter is less winding. Cons The technique is all the same - the hole in the glass is easily detected even with an external inspection.

How to wind the gas meter with a vacuum cleaner at home?

Studying the design of gas instruments of accounting in order to perform manipulations that allow its readings at home, an idea of ​​changing the gas flow to the opposite is immediately comes to the opposite. Inexperienced consumers seem quite obvious that in this case the counter will begin to spin in the opposite direction.

Developing this idea further, the thought arises about the use of a vacuum cleaner. Let's try to figure it out if the gas meter can be reached at home.

In this case, the air has similar properties with household gas, which allows the use of household equipment to attempt to adjust the testimony of gas flow meters. Usually, vacuum cleaners, compressors and hair dryers use for these purposes.

The designs of all modern gas meters released in the past few years have protection against the rotation of the counting mechanism in the opposite direction. Usually, the checkbox is mounted on the drive gear of the countable mechanism, that is, a lever that prevents the reverse rotation of the impeller. Therefore, rewinding the testimony of the vacuum cleaner is possible only from counters released much earlier.

In the perfect embodiment, the counter must be dismantled for such intervention. Then the opening of his testimony of the vacuum cleaner does not represent difficulties:

  1. The inlet nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is connected to the inlet of the meter and include a vacuum cleaner.
  2. If blocking levers are not installed, the countable mechanism will begin to spin in the opposite direction.
  3. The more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the faster the testimony will be wary. It should be borne in mind that vacuum cleaners usually have 2 modes: suction and injection. In this case, you need to install the suction mode.

But if the counter is sealing, then it is impossible to disassemble it without breaking the seal. Therefore, most consumers are interested in the question: how to twist the gas meter testimony by a vacuum cleaner without removing the seal? Such an impact on the counter is possible only for direct measurement devices having a mechanical countable device without the items preventing items.

In order to clear the meter testimony, without removing the seals, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure the counter is not equipped with a safety device blocking the opposite rotation of the counting mechanism.
  2. Stop gas supply to the feeding line.
  3. Reset the existing pressure in the pipe to atmospheric.
  4. Disassemble shut-off valves (valve, ball valve or filter) installed immediately before IPU, while not disconnecting it from the gas pipeline.
  5. In the resulting hole to attach the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.
  6. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and observe the change in the readings.
  7. After reaching the desired numbers, turn off the vacuum cleaner, disconnect it from the gas pipeline.
  8. Restore the performance of previously disassembled fittings.
  9. Perform crimping the gas pipeline.
  10. Revealed leaks eliminate.
  11. Suggest gas to the highway.

All the above operations must be carried out in compliance with security measures, is desirable in the means of personal protection of the respiratory organs. At the same time, with special caution, you need to handle the installed seals, as they can prevent the correct execution of the specified instructions.

We draw your attention that this method will not be able to twist the testimony of the VK-G4 gas counters, VK-G6 and NPM-G4.

Opinion expert

Julia Razumkova

Logistics company specialist.

It should be borne in mind that in order to succeed in the gas meter installed in a private house, it will be necessary to overlap the valve in the PPP. In some cases, this may stop supplying the gas to neighbors.

To dump the old gas meter with a vacuum cleaner at home is somewhat simpler, since before the seals were usually set not so carefully. At the same time, in this case, there is also the risk of spontaneous destruction of the seal due to resistance.

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