How to find iPhone - from computer, by phone number, by IMEI or serial number

In this article, we will figure out how to find your iPhone if it was lost or stolen. Let's consider the available methods.

This article is suitable for all iPhone Xs / Xr / X / 8/7/6/5 and Plus models on iOS 12. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support indicated in the article.

Set up Find My iPhone for iCloud Tracking

The "Find an iPhone" option is very useful, the operating system itself offers to enable it during the initial activation. It can come in handy in a situation where the iPhone has been stolen. It becomes possible to track the location of the gadget, which will also be useful for parents who want to know the location of the child.

Using the Find iPhone function, you can find a lost device that just fell out of your pocket and is still intact. There are a lot of other scenarios available when you need to track the location of the iPhone.

If you did not activate the "Find iPhone" option during the first setup, then this can be done at any time according to the instructions:

  • Open "Settings" on the gadget.
  • Then go to the "iCloud" section, where we select "Find iPhone" in the settings. We activate this function.

You can also activate the "Last Geolocation" option so that when the battery is discharged, the gadget sends the location data to the Apple server at that moment in time.

How to find your iPhone

  • Then in the settings select "Privacy", click on "Geolocation Services". We check that they are activated.
  • Scroll through the list of geolocation options to the value "System services", select it.
  • We turn on the function "Find iPhone".

How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

How to find an iPhone After following the above instructions, the "Find an iPhone" option will be active on the gadget. It can be tracked via iCloud. If you use multiple Apple devices that are linked to one Icloud account, then this function should be configured separately for each gadget.

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How to find an iPhone via iCloud from a computer

How to find an iPhone If you need to find an iPhone, you can do this through any device that has access to the Internet. On another iPhone, you can install a special utility from App Store called "Find iPhone".

But this is not necessary, since the lost gadget can be found through the iCloud resource.

It is important that the following conditions are met:

  • The "Find iPhone" option must be activated.
  • The gadget must be connected to the internet.
  • The battery of the gadget is not discharged. When it is discharged, and the option to send the last geolocation is activated in the settings, you can determine the place where the device was at the last moment.

To search for an iPhone via iCloud, follow these steps:

  • We go to the resource
  • Enter your own Apple ID, password. Then we confirm the entrance.
  • How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

  • A menu with applications will be displayed, where you should specify "Find iPhone".
  • How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

  • A map will appear showing the location of all gadgets in which the "Find iPhone" option is activated, and they are linked to this iCloud account.
  • In the drop-down menu at the top, you can select the device you want to find. Click on this gadget.
  • How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

  • A list of actions with data about the gadget's charge will appear, which is quite important when searching for it.

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Now the user will be offered the following options:

    How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

  • Play sound. If you specify this action, then a standard melody will be launched on the desired gadget and a notification about its search will be displayed. It is important here that the sound will start even in a situation when the silent mode is set on the device.
  • How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

  • Lost mode. This function is basic when searching for a device. If you select it, you need to specify a phone number and a message for the person who found the gadget, or the kidnapper. When Lost Mode is activated, the device will be locked, and the sent message will be displayed on the lock screen with an offer to call back to the specified number. To release the lock, enter the password.
  • How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

  • Erase iPhone. This function erases all data from the smartphone.

If the lost phone is turned off or disconnected from the Internet, then any of the above functions can still be used. The command will be saved on iCloud servers, it will be executed while the lost device is connected to the Internet.

The map is the main tool for finding a gadget through the "Find iPhone" option. It will display the exact location of the lost phone. The location itself is quite well determined, but a problem may arise in a situation where an attacker has a smartphone in an apartment building. Therefore, it will not be possible to accurately determine the floor of the location of the gadget.

How to find iPhone by IMEI

The unique mobile phone number is the IMEI. ID data cannot be changed or erased. You can find out the serial number on the box by the sticker or by entering the key combination on the phone * # 06 #. To start looking for a gadget, you need to know this number and have confirmation that it is you who own it.

IMEI is broadcast all the time while the smartphone is connected to the network of its cellular operator. But the operator does not provide information about the location of the smartphone to subscribers, even if there is evidence that the person is the rightful owner of the gadget. To initiate a search by IMEI, you should contact the police.

There are many online services that allegedly provide information about the location of a smartphone. All such services are fictitious, they do not perform the declared functions. They are created with the aim of collecting registration information from users who are trying to find a gadget with all their might.

Reporting to the police

You can contact both the police and the telecom operator at the same time. First, the user should call the call center to block his SIM card, and also try to find out the location of the device. In 99% of cases, such data will not be provided.

Then you need to find out about the terms of disclosure of information in order to find a smartphone. The operator will not initiate searches until a request comes from law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, you need to contact the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Take with you:

  • The passport.
  • The original packaging from the gadget, where there is a readable IMEI.
  • A warranty card or check that confirms the purchase of the wanted smartphone.

In the application, you must enter the date, time, place and all circumstances of the loss of the gadget. It is better to write in the document that the phone is not stolen, but lost - in this case, your case will be handed over to the telecom operator much faster.

Contacting the Apple Office

Is there an Apple dealership in your city? Then you can visit it. On the official website, the company does not indicate that it is possible to draw up an appeal on this matter.

Also, the requirements for the package of documents are not voiced, so all the nuances should be found out on an individual basis. If the "Find iPhone" option is disabled on the gadget, company representatives may refuse to help, since it is officially stated that this is the only method for tracking a missing device.

Find My iPhone utility

If the Find iPhone program has been deleted from the gadget for some reason, you can restore it using the App Store official store. We register “Find my iPhone” in the search line, then load the first application in the store's issue list.

How to find iPhone from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial

How to find iPhone & # 8212, from computer, by phone number, IMEI or serial


The smartphone today is used not only as a means of communication. It contains a lot of useful and important information. Theft or loss of your machine can be a serious problem. The location of the switched on phone is easy to track using special applications. The situation is different when the device is turned off or discharged. Let's take a look at how to find an iPhone.

Can i find a lost or stolen iPhone?

The hardest thing to track down is an iPhone with a dead battery. The latest generation operating system has built-in tracking functionality. Before disconnecting, the iPhone sends an SMS indicating the location. But you can use the function only after activating it. This way, you can easily track the lost iPhone that runs on iOS 8 with the battery disconnected.

Find your lost iPhone

How to find an iPhone if it's turned off

The easiest way to find your iPhone is through


You must log in to the service website by entering your username and password. Registration the data must match with those indicated in iCloud lost iPhone.

check in

In the service menu, select the item Find iPhone ... A city map will open. In the top tab "All devices" select your lost iPhone. The screen will display its location.

Find iPhone

If you move the cursor to a point on the map, an auxiliary menu will open. You need to activate "Lost Mode" ... You can turn on the sound on the iPhone (if it is somewhere close) or erase all data. If debit or credit card data has been saved in the settings, then activating the mode will temporarily block the ability to perform any operations from these accounts through the application store.

IPhone Lost Mode

As long as activated "Lost Mode" on iPhone, you can lock your iPhone using a random set of numbers. If at this moment the device is connected to the network, then it is immediately blocked until the code is reset. If the phone is offline, a message will be sent to the specified email box indicating the location.

The quality of the maps in the application is poor. Sometimes a city with a population of 200,000 may be located at the intersection of two roads. You can try to find an iPhone by switching the map to hybrid or satellite mode.

В "Lost Mode" you can also send a message to your iPhone asking you to return the device.

Find iPhone by IMEI or Phone Number

IMEI is a unique phone number. it is assigned to the device by the manufacturer. It's almost impossible to change this code yourself. To find it out, just type the key combination * # 06 # .

There are special services on the network for finding an iPhone via IMEI. Their principle of operation is similar to that described earlier. The user specifies a unique iPhone code and activates a search based on geolocation data. In practice, finding an iPhone in this way is almost impossible because:

  • It is extremely rare, but cybercriminals still manage to change the IMEI.
  • To search for an iPhone, you need access to special equipment and databases of operators. This information is available only to law enforcement agencies.

The only way to find an iPhone using a code is to submit an ad on LoSToleN service ... This is the IMEI database of stolen devices. Their owners publish information about the lost phone and indicate the amount of the reward. Participants in the secondary market often check the devices for the presence of information in the database.

How to search for a phone using the "Find my iphone" function

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone has a device locator. First of all, it must be activated. To do this, in the phone settings (the gear-shaped button is located on the main screen), click on Apple ID ... It is located at the top of the menu and includes the iPhone username and photo (if previously uploaded). You must log in to the system by specifying iPhone login and password .

Find my iphone

In devices that operate on old version of iOS , there is no Apple ID section. Function "Find my iphone" is given activate across iCloud located in the second section of the menu.

ICloud activation

By going to the section Apple ID / iCloud , scroll through the menu to Find iPhone ... The opposite slider must be activated (green). You also need to activate the option "Last Geolocation" .

Last geolocation

If previously the function Find iPhone has not been activated, you will not be able to find the device with its help. But you can protect information. To do this, you should:

  • Change the password for your iPhone account. Without authorization in Apple ID it is impossible to get data from the cloud storage and use iMessage or iTunes .
  • Change passwords for all accounts installed on iPhone applications.
  • Notify your carrier if you lost your iPhone. It will disable the account, preventing calls, sending messages and data usage.

Special cases

one. If in the application Find iPhone the device lights up in the mode "Offline" then it is not connected to the network. That is, it will not be possible to carry out any manipulations remotely. It remains only to wait until it is connected to the network. A message will be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration about the activation of the Lost Mode.

2. If the screen was locked, then you will not have to wait long. It is enough to knock down the settings to the factory settings or reflash the phone. After that, the device will be reconnected to the network and the owner will be able to block it.

3. If the iPhone was not turned on Touch ID , the Lost Mode is not activated, an attacker will be able to use the device. At the same time, disable the search function, it will not be able to restore iTunes. As well as changing Apple ID.

Special applications and programs for iPhone search

To find your lost device, you can use a third-party application, for example, Find my friends ... The program works through the cloud iCloud service ... Its main purpose is to quickly determine the location of iPhone owners through Gps и 3G those subscribers whose numbers are entered in the phone book.

The application also extends the capabilities of the program Find My iPhone ... You can exchange data on the location of an object more than between two devices. Information about location data will be sent to any iOS device ... The application also has a built-in parental control function. The program works with cards by contacts. The user will be able to continue the fast path to his friend. This function is especially useful if the guest does not know the way, and the inviter cannot personally meet and accompany the guest.

For security purposes, the user will be able to configure "Time window" , during which other subscribers will receive information about its location. The interval can range from several hours to several weeks. Upon completion, the data transfer will be completed. The user can also completely "Hide" from the outside world. The application also provides the function "Follow" , with which you can send information about your movement to another subscriber within a certain period of time.

That is, using the program Find my friends you can easily find your lost phone. The application is available for devices with iOS 5 and higher. Let's take a closer look at how to use the application.

On devices with iOS 9 and above, the program is installed automatically. To work on all other devices, you need to download it from the application store. When logging into iCloud the program is automatically entered with the same login. You can work in the application using the function Family Sharing through the cloud storage site.

Family access

The program will only work between devices on which the application is installed. You can add contacts only with iPhone , iPad or iPod by number or email address. The addressee must confirm the request to provide their location data. If contacts were added to the phone book from another Apple ID , then they will have to be dragged into the new account:

  • 1. "Find Friends"> "Me".
  • 2. Move Friends from Another Apple ID> Move Friends.
  • 3. Log in to the system using the previous identifier.

To hide your location from other subscribers, you need to log in to the program, go to the section "I" and disable the function "Share my location" .

Share location

To turn off the display of information about your movements, you must in the menu "Settings" > Login > iCloud scroll to item "Share my location" and deactivate the option.

How to block an iPhone if it is stolen

If it is not possible to find the iPhone, it is better to block it so that an attacker does not gain access to the user's personal data. To do this, you should in the program My iPhone enable Lost Mode.

How to block an iPhone if it is stolen

Next, following the instructions on the screen, you need to create a passcode. If you are trying to block an iPhone of one of the family members on which the code is not installed, then you need to log in to Apple ID on behalf of the owner of the lost phone.

A couple more methods

If none of the above options helped, then you can use these methods.

Reporting to the police

You can write a statement about the theft of the device to law enforcement agencies. In this case, the document will have to inform iPhone serial number ... It is listed:

  • on the iPhone case;
  • in iTunes;
  • from the Apple menu on your Mac
  • For more information, see About This Device in iPhone Settings.

If the device is far away, then you need to find the original packaging and look at the barcode or receipt from the store.

To track the device by serial number, law enforcement officers may ask the owner to turn off Lost Mode, erase data from cloud storage or the device. If any of these actions are performed, the user will lose remote access to the device. However, iPhone owners need to know how to erase data from the device.

If the function is activated on the device Find iPhone , you need to log in to the system, select a device and click on the button "Erase" , and then "Delete your account" ... As a less drastic measure, you can change your Apple ID password ... User information will not be deleted, but the new owner of the iPhone will not be able to use it.

To change your password, go to and click on the link "Forgot ID" ... At the next stage, you need to enter the login from the account and select the password recovery option: answer the security question, receive an email message, request a key for data recovery.

Contact the operator

If your chances of finding an iPhone are low, you should report the loss to your cellular operator. The number will be blocked immediately. If scammers try to make any purchases in the app store, then these costs can be appealed.

Notification of friends in social networks

It will also be useful to inform all social networks about the loss of an iPhone. Perhaps you just forgot the device with someone you know.

Call to your number

You can find the device by calling the lost number. There is always a hope that you simply forgot your phone in a crowded place and there is a decent person nearby who will return your lost device.

Often we all find ourselves in situations where we urgently need to find or track down an iPhone. The reasons can be very different:

  • Phone theft or loss
  • Desire to look after your child
  • Tracking a driver in commercial vehicles and many others.

It is necessary, then it is necessary, and if you take care of the preparations in advance, the iPhone will be found. On the web, you can find a ton of online services that provide iPhone search services, but most of them are nothing more than fake. However, there are those that do offer the information you need.

Option 1. The phone is with you, but there is a desire to track it

Search iPhone through a mobile operator

The development of technology has reached the point where operators can easily find out the location of the phone that is on their network. This is done by the triangulation method: the time of arrival of the signal from the iPhone to the three nearest cell towers is determined, knowing that it is easy to find the intersection point of all three straight lines and tie it to the terrain.

An example of a search for operators Megafon and MTS

An example of a search for operators Megafon and MTS

Many may think: "To find a phone like this, you need to provide strong evidence of the need for an operation and no one will do it just like that ..."

In fact, this is perhaps one of the easiest ways to find the location of your iPhone at any time. Almost every mobile operator has a service that can be called "Supervised child" or something similar. You just need to connect to it, and you do not need to install any add-ons, everything will work without them.

Thus, you can always find your family and friends, your own phone or the phone of an employee, lost during a trip or stolen.

Search iPhone using apps

  • search-iphone-logoFind an iPhone is a native Apple service that provides a very rich search experience, this application is devoted to a separate review. The peculiarity of the correct operation of the application "Find an iPhone" is the need for an Internet connection.
  • TrackerPlus AppTracker Plus is a very handy program for business people. To some extent, it duplicates the capabilities of the previous application, but at the same time Tracker Plus also knows how to build routes along which the phone moved and has a number of additional useful functions. For this application to work correctly, the phone must be enabled for the use of Geolocation, the Internet connection is not required for it.

Option 2. The phone is lost and there is no access to it

It is a very offensive situation when access to the phone was lost and no measures were previously taken to possibly protect it from such a situation. Or maybe it's not your phone, but you desperately need to know its location? And in these cases, something can be done.

Contacting specialists

Detective agencies have existed at any time, and in the age of high technology their resources are practically limitless. While researching this problem, I turned to an Internet search and found something on this subject. The site, which will be discussed, is not an advertisement, but is given only as an example, its services are relevant for the residents of Ukraine, but I am sure that there will be similar organizations in Russia.

So, being specialists, the representatives of this site claim that it is more than realistic to find a person by phone number and are ready to confirm this upon receipt of the corresponding application through the form on their website.

Contacting law enforcement agencies

This method refers to extreme measures, in case of theft of your iPhone, we will not be too distracted on this topic, since there is already a very useful article on this subject.

It took me about 6 hours to write this article, taking into account the search for information, checking the relevance and a couple of cups of coffee, I hope what happened in the end will help you with your question and my work will be extremely useful.

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Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, but there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else's time.

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Hey! Almost all of us have people dear to our hearts - family members, friends, acquaintances. And all of us, as a rule, are very worried about them and worried in the event that they are not around. Of course, it seems like you can call and find out - how are you, what are you doing, what are you doing, where are you? But, we must admit, this is not always convenient - after all, there are different cases (no network and money, silent mode, there is no way to talk).

And how then to be? Continue to worry, think that everything is very bad and cheat yourself? Not. This should not be done. After all, if a person has an iPhone with him, then his location can be determined without a call - there are not so many ways for this, but they are. And if there is, then you need to use it!

Do you agree? Let's start then. Let's go!

Can I follow a person using an iPhone?

Can. But only with his approval. He needs to know and agree with what you are watching.

Just in case, if anyone does not know, I am giving you especially important information - illegal surveillance is prohibited in Russia. It makes no difference what is used for this procedure - iPhone, spyware, some other gadgets. The very fact of surveillance is prohibited and punishable.

Do you think that someone is misbehaving and watching you without your knowledge? Here's a helpful article on how to get rid of your iPhone being spied on.

Therefore, all procedures must be carried out with the full consent of the person you want to monitor the iPhone. Remember this and do not break the law!

Well, now let's move on to monitoring options ...

Method number 1. website

You can find the location of any iPhone using the official Apple website -

Track iPhone on iCloud Site

What we need?

  1. Find iPhone must be turned on on your iPhone.
  2. You must know the same Apple ID and password used on this iPhone.

What to do?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  3. Click on the "Find iPhone" icon.

Important! The full version of the iCloud website only works on a computer. However, from another phone (Android - not supported) you can also perform a similar operation - when you open the site, you will be immediately offered a choice of three positions. Select "Find iPhone" and enter the Apple ID of the device you want to track.

What will happen?

  1. You will see the iPhone's location on a map. Displaying iPhone Location on iCloud Site
  2. The mail that is registered as an Apple ID will receive a message - "Your Apple ID was used to sign in ...".
  3. There will be no notifications on the tracked iPhone.

Method number 2. Find friends

Another "native" application from Apple that allows you to see the location of other people on the map.

Find Friends iPhone app

What do you need?

  1. On the iPhone you want to track, open the Find Friends app.
  2. Select "Add".
  3. Enable AirDrop on your iPhone.
  4. An icon of your phone appears on the "foreign" iPhone.
  5. Click on it and select "Share indefinitely." Sharing your location in the Find Friends program - indefinitely!

What's going to happen?

  1. On the tracked iPhone, the notification "You have started to share your location with the user ..." will appear once.
  2. In the "Find Friends" application ... you - will see the location of another iPhone. Person being tracked - will see your account labeled "watcher".

Method number 3. Family access

A special service from Apple that (as the name implies) is intended for use within the family. Thanks to him, you can not only share purchases (subscriptions, storage space), but also track the location of family members on the map.

IPhone location by phone number

What should be done?

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings - Your Account - Family Sharing.
  2. We press "Start work" and select "Transfer of location".
  3. Then we "invite" the iPhone that we want to follow. This is done through the "Messages". Приглашение в семейный доступ
  4. On the other iPhone, join Family Sharing.

What will happen?

  1. The iPhone you are tracking will receive a one-time email (Apple ID) like "Congratulations on starting family sharing ..."

How to use?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your (!!!) Apple ID.
  3. In "Find iPhone" we see all phones that are in your "family".

Method number 4. Through messages

This is also possible!

What to do?

  1. First, check - is the desired function enabled? Open "Settings - Privacy - Geolocation services - Share location" and activate this option. Поделиться геопозицией на iPhone
  2. On the iPhone that you want to track, open a message-dialogue with you, click on your name and select "Information". Следим за iPhone через сообщения
  3. Click "Share location".

What will happen?

  1. On the tracked iPhone, the message "You have started to share your location with the user ..." will appear in dialog messages with you.
  2. You will see the location of the tracked iPhone in your messages.

Other Ways to Track iPhone - Myths and Reality

As you can see, there are indeed options. And for every taste and color - even from a computer, even through messages.

In my opinion, the best one is family access. Once set up and forgotten. The beauty!

But! Many people are interested in other ways of spying on the iPhone. Let's take a quick look at the most common user searches and see what other options are there?

Spoiler alert: there are practically none. But it is imperative to write about it.

So people want to ...

Track iPhone by Phone Number or IMEI

And also from a computer. And it's free.

Believe me, it doesn't work that way. All programs that offer such a service (most often for money) are engaged in the fact that this same money is taken, but they do not give information.

The only case when it can work is a statement to the law enforcement agencies when the iPhone is lost. It is precisely the police who will search for your iPhone by IMEI. The only way.

Find a dedicated free tracking software in the App Store

You will not find it. Moreover, by installing and uninstalling everything in a row, there is a chance of running into a subscription. If you lose money, you will not receive information.

Just in case, here's a guide on how to cancel your subscriptions.

The only service program that more or less works is the "Radar" application from the Megafon company (link to the page in the App Store).

Приложение для слежки за iPhone по номеру телефона


  1. The program itself is free. But the service (without which this very program does not work) is paid.
  2. Only megaphone subscribers get all the possibilities.
  3. The reviews, to be honest, are not very good.

In general - you can try, but use ... decide for yourself.

Install hidden mobile spy program and spy on iPhone

Please remember, there are no such programs. No need to waste time and litter your (someone else's) iPhone with all sorts of nonsense - nothing good will come of it.


The most important and unobvious conclusion: to follow others (without their approval) is very bad and punishable under criminal law.

Well, if for a good cause and with mutual consent, then ...

  1. Do you have Android? Here everything is complicated - you have to use a computer. Apple Services do not work with a competing firm.
  2. Got a computer? Great! Track your iPhone using the iCloud website.
  3. Want to watch from another iPhone or iPad? There is always "Find iPhone", share location, family access, find friends. Choose any and follow each other "for free and without SMS".

And, of course, you don't need to look for some mythical spyware that guarantees spyware for any iPhone. You are unlikely to get pleasure and results, but you will almost certainly lose money. Remember this and be vigilant!

P.S. Although, maybe I'm wrong and there are some other cool ways to spy on the iPhone? Be sure to write in the comments! And of course, put "likes", ask questions, share your personal experience ... act quickly and decisively! :)

Today's iPhones are sleek, feature-rich, and expensive devices that are highly popular. And not only from buyers, but also from those who like to appropriate someone else's property. Unfortunately, theft of an iPhone is not such a rare occurrence, and just losing such a phone is extremely offensive. Therefore, iPhone owners should take care in advance that in case of loss of the device for one reason or another, it will be possible to find it.

Местонахождение Айфона по номеру телефона

To do this, you can use different methods, the most popular options are searching through the Find iPhone application and searching using location tracking programs.

Find your Apple phone using standard tools

Apple's iCloud Internet service allows you to remotely control your iPhone. To do this, use a special application "Find iPhone", which must be configured in advance on your device. As a result, various actions will be available with your phone at a distance, and when you enable Family Sharing - with the phones of your family members.

The app has the following features:

  • find the current location of the iPhone on the map (geolocation);
  • launching a beep on the device to find the lost phone;
  • enable Lost Mode to lock iPhone;
  • remote destruction of personal data on the phone.

When you enable Family Sharing, you will need to configure the provision of data from iPhones to other family members. After that, it will be possible to see the geolocation of their phones at any time.

Finding the location of an iPhone phone using specialized software

With the help of special applications for monitoring mobile phones, which are often called "spyware", you can get remote access to a much wider range of iPhone functions. This significantly increases the chances of returning an expensive phone to the owner, as well as saving important information in the event of a final loss of the device. Therefore, spyware is sometimes installed on one's own machine to provide effective remote access and the ability to automatically record telephone conversations with other callers.

There is also a second option for using programs for remote access to iPhone: searching for a phone, recording conversations and SMS of another subscriber. In fact, we are talking about wiretapping - the main way of using such applications. Depending on the goals of the user, the spyware can be installed on the phone of a child (parental control) or an employee of the company you own, etc.

Programs for finding a mobile phone iPhone: installation features

Setting up the standard Find iPhone application does not require any special actions with the phone or any specific skills. But with the installation of specialized third-party software, everything is a little different. You will need to bypass iOS software restrictions, for which you need to jailbreak. This is the name of the process of flashing or "jailbreaking" an iPhone phone, as a result of which access to previously closed opportunities appears.

What will jailbreak give?

  • installation of software for iPhone phone search by GPS , recordings of conversations, SMS, Internet messages, etc.;
  • use of other useful applications, the installation of which was previously not allowed by the iOS system;
  • improved lock screen window;
  • expanding the capabilities of the telephone control center;
  • refusal from automatic system updates, which often annoy users.

Wiretapping and search for iPhone by GPS: the possibilities of special programs

Locating a specific phone using GPS coordinates is only a small part of the functionality of spyware. We propose to consider the full range of capabilities of specialized wiretapping programs for the iPhone.

A spy app from serious developers can include the following features:

  • recording of incoming and outgoing connections, wiretapping of a conversation in real time. Also, the recorded conversation can always be listened to in your personal account on the program website;
  • access to the list of contacts in the phone, the ability to add numbers to the black list;
  • writing and reading SMS messages, as well as email messages;
  • interception of online correspondence in popular messengers (iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.);
  • control of Internet activity (logs, bookmarks in the browser);
  • access to multimedia files (photo, audio, video);
  • search for iPhone location by GPS;
  • hidden control of the program settings using SMS messages or through your personal account on the Internet.

Thus, by installing a special application on the desired phone, you can not only easily find the location of the subscriber, but also get the widest access to his information.


Determining the location of an iPhone cell phone is a relatively simple task. Provided that the device is configured with standard geolocation tools in the iCloud service or a third-party special program is installed. In the second case, the iPhone user will have a wider set of tools at their disposal to track down their phone or save important information. Moreover, with the help of special applications, you can determine the location of not only your own, but also someone else's phone, as well as solve many other tasks.

How to find an iPhone: if it's turned off, use its name and phone number

04 October, 2020

Author: Maksim

To find an iPhone when it is lost, to secure the information that is stored on it, Apple has developed a whole search and protection system for this.

In this material, we will analyze in detail how to find an iPhone from another iPhone, computer or smartphone, in case of loss, whether it is turned off or not. Just keep calm and follow the instructions in the article.

How to find an iPhone: if it's turned off, use its name and phone number

The previous article was devoted to the built-in function in Apple smartphones - the iPhone locator. Today we will continue to analyze this topic, and you will learn all the ways to find a lost iPhone, if lost or in other cases. We will do this from a computer or from another iPhone.

Find iPhone via iPhone or computer - all actions

Let's start with the steps to take as soon as you find your phone is missing. It will be very good if no one has managed to find it yet and you know the approximate place where you lost it.

1. Call him from another phone. So, we will check if it is on and beep. Find out the approximate location. If you are nearby, you can quickly find.

If someone has already found it, they can pick up the phone and return your device to you. If the iPhone is already turned off, and you remember that the charge was full, then most likely it was stolen. What to do in this situation is written below.

2. Go to the site - from a computer or another smartphone. Enter the details from your account. Select your iPhone from the list of devices and try beeping it. This is convenient if there is no other phone to call.

If you can't find it, turn on Lost Mode. Indicate your contact information by which the finder will be able to contact you. This is convenient, especially if you immediately change your SIM card.

3. If the phone is turned off and you know for sure that it was stolen. In the same window, you can immediately click on clear the iPhone in order to erase all your data from it and attackers could not get access to them.

When you find a device, in the future, everything can be restored from an iPhone backup.

4. After turning on the search function, look on the map where your device is located, move towards it, and turn on the beep to hear. If someone takes a smartphone, they will be able to contact you using the contact information you left.

Important! If, when the phone was lost, it did not have a password and it could be easily unlocked, then I recommend changing the passwords: from mail, Apple ID and others that a person could access from your phone. Change your Email password first.

5. If stolen by 100%. After the above operations, call or go to your mobile operator and block the SIM card, in the office - reissue to be in touch.

There is a lot of data now: banks, access to sites and other actions require a phone number. And he will not be with you, in order to avoid problems, it is better to immediately make a lock or change the SIM card.

6. Go to the police, write a statement on the loss. I also highly recommend contacting your own and not only cellular company to make a blocking by IMEI. Also add it here -

Be sure to take documents with you to the police confirming that the phone is really yours and your documents.

7. If the device has not been found for a long time, then remove it from the list of trusted devices in iCloud.

Next, we will take a closer look at what to do in certain situations if your phone is missing.

Important! How to properly configure the locator on your device is described in detail in the material - locator on iPhone. Always enable this feature on a new device.

How to find an iPhone if it is turned off

The most difficult thing is to find your device if it is turned off - the battery / accumulator has run out. So, the iPhone simply will not transmit information about its location. But, you can see where it was when it was last turned on.

Important! For the geolocation search function to work at all, it must be enabled in the phone settings. Settings - Privacy - Geolocation Services - On

1. From your computer or other phone, go to and enter your Apple ID information. Turn on Lost Mode and see where the device was last. Set the checkbox "Notify me of a find" in the active position.

2. If you wish, you can immediately clear the iPhone so that all data is erased. All the actions that you take on this page will work only when the phone is turned on and connected to the network.

3. All notifications will be sent to the email specified for your account: about turning on the device, playing a sound signal on it. So you will immediately be aware of when it was turned on.

4. Go to the police with a missing person report. In some cases, the device can be found quite quickly, especially if you know roughly where the device was lost.

Important! I also highly recommend that you read the detailed material on what you need to do to find an iPhone via icloud.

Find iPhone by IMEI - how?

There is no direct way to find the iPhone itself by IMEY. Even if you contact your mobile operator with such a request, they can only block the GSM network on the device. And they won't look for a location.

Important! You can see the IMEI of the phone on the box from the smartphone or in the iCloud settings.

1. Be sure to give information about IMEY to the police so that the law enforcement agencies are already looking for your smartphone using this code.

2. Ask cellular operators to block your device in their cellular networks by IMEY. Also add it on the site - This must be done so that no one can use the phone in the future.

3. Turn on the Lost feature to add the iPhone to Apple's blacklist.

How to find an iPhone by phone number

Finding your device by phone number, as in the case of IMEY, is almost impossible. Cellular operators, again, will not do this, but rather simply block your number and issue a new SIM card.

1. Try to call your iPhone, the finder can pick up the phone and make an appointment with you.

2. Turn on the lost iPhone mode and enter another contact number so that the person who found the phone can call you.

Searching using SIRI

All the same actions can be done using SIRI from another iPhone. The main thing is that it is connected through the same Apple ID. So, through one account, as many as 6 devices can work.

Tell SIRI - where is my iPhone? She will send a sound signal to him so that you can quickly find it.

They called you and said that they found your iPhone or received an SMS

Let's consider what variants of events can go with such a call.

1. You will be asked to meet and return your phone in a crowded place, or you will be asked to come. Meet, if you wish, thank you with some kind of reward. If you eat yourself, take someone with you.

2. They will offer to return the smartphone for a fee. Here everything can go according to two scenarios.

a) It is more likely that scammers called you and will try to ask you for a reward on their card. But in reality they do not have a telephone. This way you can transfer money and they stop picking up the phone.

b) You really got a call from the person who found the smartphone who wants to cash in on the grief. Offer such a reward when you meet. Meet also in a crowded place and you can call the police with you. Since this is already extortion and it is generally not clear who is calling you with money for a meeting.

Important! A normal person will not offer you to return the phone for a fee, but will simply return it. And to give any encouragement to him or not, that's up to you. Often such retention with ransom is classified in our country as theft with extortion.

3. If you changed your SIM card and received an SMS with information that someone turned on the phone. There is a link that is suggested to go - do not do it. These scammers are trying to unlink your Apple ID so that the iPhone is white again. Do all actions with your smartphone exclusively through the official website - If you follow this link and provide any data, you can say goodbye to the device.

Important! Often the link is a fake page, made very similar to the official iCloud website, where they simply steal data from your account. Look carefully at which site you are going to, this is extremely important.


Now you know how to find an iPhone from another iPhone or computer, stolen or simply forgotten online. And what actions you need to take first of all to surely get your device back.

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