How to achieve orgasm woman, girl fast? Anorgasmia, Treatment of Anorgasmia

How to achieve orgasm? How to achieve vaginal, clitoral, anal orgasm fast?

What is anhorgazmia?

Anorgazmia - This is the inability of women to reach orgasm with masturbation and sexual act (lack of a sensual peak of orgasm with sexual stimulation). Women's Anorgazmia. is a frequent manifestation of frigidity due to

How to achieve an orgasm girl, woman, anorgasmia, treatment of anorgasmiadisharmony of sexual relationship. Women's Anorgazmia. It may arise as a result of premature ejaculation in her husband, interrupted sexual intercourse, insufficient psycho-erotic preparation of a woman to rapprochement, incorrectly selected poses. Symptoms of anorgazmia Various from reducing the brightness of sensations to complete frigidity. As a rule, it is noted in non-gainable frigid women.

Orgasm, vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, anal orgasm

Orgasm due to the stimulation of the clitoris and vaginal stimulation, how to achieve orgasm girl woman fastPhysiologically identical. Many women (girls) reaches orgasm during sexual intercourse (may arise Koital Anorgazmia. ) Combination of the manual stimulation of the clitoris and stimulation of the vagina by a sexual member. Some women who may experience an orgasm during the stimulation of the clitoris that is not associated with the act, but not able to test it during sexual intercourse in the absence of a manual stimulation of the clitoris, can be diagnosed with anhorhasmia with a sufficient basis. However, currently there is more and more data that exclusively clitorium orgasm also represents one of the options for normal behavior. The main types of orgasm: clitoral orgasm, vaginal (vaginal) orgasm, anal orgasm, orgasm point G, orgasm of the front Code of the vagina - point A, orgasm of the rear wall of the vagina - deep point, uterine orgasm, orgasm point u, female ejaculation (squirting), orgasm Milk glands (chest), leather, mouth, mental orgasm. Why don't I cum out? Can't finish what to do? Why a girl can not cum without cums ? Why woman, wife, girlfriend, lover can not cum ? Why doesn't a woman reaches orgasm? These questions often ask women and girls, guys and men.

Anorgasmia, Types of Anorgazmia

Orel, in which women and girls do not cum diverse.

Depending on the reasons, the following Forms of women's anorgasmia :

1) Retrtedation Anorgazmia,

2) symptomatic anorgasmia,

3) psychogenic (psychological, mental) anorgasmia,

4) Constitutional anorgasmia.

Retridation anorgazmia

Retridation anorgazmia It is a consequence of some delay in the development of sexual feeling. It is temporary, always the primary. Sometimes due to the disharmony of relations between spouses. This form is celebrated by both infantile women and specialists with well-developed secondary sexual signs. In the emergence of Anorgazmia, individual shyness, characteristic of temperament, the excessive rigor of education, leading to the suppression of sexuality and the braking development of sexual sense, are playing a major role, first of all at the beginning of marriage. In women suffering from retardation anorgasmia, there are no dreams of erotic content, orgasms outside the sexual acts. Erogenic zones they have a weakly active, sexual intercourse. The sense of sexual attraction they usually do not experience both before marriage and in the early years of married life. But one day during intercourse, unexpectedly for himself, surviving orgasm, women then begin to experience it often. Over time, sexual interests, libido, erotic dreams appear, the sensitivity and reactivity of erogenous zones increase.

Symptomatic anorgazmia

Symptomatic anorgazmia It is observed in organic lesions of the head and spinal cord, endocrine disorders, overwork, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic intoxication, genitals. Anorgazmia (lack of orgasm) is primary and secondary. The libido, the orgasm and sensitivity of the erogenous zones in gynecological diseases are more often preserved, during intoxications and endocrinopathies - are absent.

Psychogenic anorgasmia

Psychogenic anorgasmia It occurs when braking sexual functions by mental factors and is observed during the dominance of the personal component over sensual, significant lag behind the sensual component during the formation of sexual entry. For Psychogenic Anorgasmia The dependence of the intensity of sexual entraints from the relationship to a man is traced from its respectful relationship. Mind of her husband Ideal, a feeling of hostility to him, ignoring female emotions and shame, insecure in family relationships darken relationships with a partner, cause inhibitory effect on the libido of a woman. With good quality erection and the potency of her husband, with time, the delay in the full feeling of the spouse passes, sexual attachment may appear. The electoral anorgasmia is characterized by a decrease in sexual attraction to a specific person and may not be applied to others.

Protective psychogenic anorgazmia

Protective frigidity is a special form Psychogenic Anorgasmia . She protects the woman from sex excitement, not leading to sexual satisfaction. Often meets with a premature ejaculation of her husband, when a woman develops a painful state and a sense of dissatisfaction, Orgasm does not occur , there is a sharp Weakening Reduced Women's Libido . The entire setting of such a sex act becomes the brake irritant of the sexual function and contributes to the formation of various neurotic states. Reasons Rack Anorgazmia There may be distrust of the partner, the inconsistency of his behavior is expected, especially when the orgasm is accompanied by moans and convulsive body movements. Some women approach first orgasm in life accompanied by a fear of horror forcing the sexual intercourse.

Female neurosis waiting

One of the frequent forms of psychogenic anorgasmia is Neurosis waiting which is observed in anxious and minting women and in the SPE, waiting for something supernatural and unusual sexual intercourse. During the act, they are strentered, they are following what is happening, cannot fully relax and disconnect to obtain the maximum Sexual pleasure .

Constitutional Anorgazmia.

Constitutional Anorgazmia. It is characterized by the absence of libido and orgasm, it is only primary. The main pathogenetic factor in this form is the innate insufficiency of psychosexual functions. Physically these women are healthy, however Tin's attraction is missing Or is pronounced very weak, erogenous zones are not sensitive, sexual intercourse is indifferent to them, orgasm outside the act is not observed. Despite generalized Anorgasmia They do not suffer from their frigidity. Such women can be good mothers and wives, but intimate life they are indifferent, they Do not want sex

Women's Alibidemiya, Women's Anorgazmia, Effect of Anorgazmia for Women's Health

Alibidemiya (lack of sex entry in women ) I. Anorgazmia Negatively affect the health of women. They complain about nervous excitement, general depression, oppressed state, poor well-being. Lack of orgasm Causes congestive phenomena and hyperemia of the genital organs, which leads to disorders of the menstrual cycle and menorgias (bleeding). The spouse often reacts negatively to the absence of a sexual response from his wife, feels unsatisfied, which negatively affects the stability of the marriage.

Women's ejaculation

With orgasm, well-excited women are observed. " Women's ejaculation ".

Treatment of anorgasmia in Saratov, how to achieve orgasm?

The need to treat these disorders largely depends on how worried about the woman. They can serve as a stress factor, adversely affect the mood, cause neurotic disorders, and can also be in themselves the symptoms of neurosis. Some women seek help at the insistence of a partner or due to the fact that they feel "deprived" in their lives, comparing their experiences with the experiences of their more sexually jet pleasants. In addition to frigidity, which lies in indifference to sexual life, there is sometimes disgusted with a sexual intercourse, Sexy Aversion . Disgust to sex can only touch the sexual intercourse, but sometimes it is generalized and even on the touch of a partner (some women easier tolerate sexual act than tactful partner stimulation). Such tactile Aversion often depends on the violation of relationships with a partner or from specific sexual injuries.

How to quickly cum a girl, woman?

If you have never had Female orgasm You think this is not the main thing in sexual relationship, if you find it difficult to deal with this problem yourself, you have experienced orgasm before, but recently you can not experience voluptuous sensations if you Can't cum During intercourse, if you suddenly realized that more than a month did not have sex with your beloved man if you feel Reduced sexual attraction , you stopped understanding each other, you have a feeling that in bed you are strangers, when you try to sex, your sexual intimate muscles are compressed, and the intercourse is impossible if you are experiencing pain in the sexual act, consult an experienced specialist who will help you Find and eliminate the cause of your sexual problems. The faster you consult a doctor, the easier you will return the previous sensations, sexual harmony and health will be restored in your family. We know how to quickly cum a girl or a woman. We will answer your questions. How to achieve female fast orgasm? How to achieve orgasm? How to achieve inkjet orgasm? How to achieve vaginal orgasm to a girl quickly and easily? How to achieve anal orgasm in a minute for masturbation (masturbating? In which posture to reach orgasm, how to achieve a strong orgasm of a virgin, how to achieve perfection in sex, how to achieve clitious and vaginal orgasm how to learn how to achieve orgasm In sex?

How to treat anorgasmia?

Sarklynik conducts treatment of anorgazmia in women, women's sexual disorders, sexual disorders in women will help to solve women's problems, problems with the onset of orgasm. Call, come, the doctor will surely help you! Sarklinik knows how to treat anorgasmia, how to cure how to get rid of Anorgasmia in Saratov!

How to achieve orgasm? How to achieve vaginal, clitoral, anal orgasm fast?

Patients Sarklynik on consultation often ask questions to the doctor: "How to achieve orgasm to a woman, female orgasm?", "How to achieve a vaginal orgasm (vaginal orgasm)?", "How to make a girl to achieve orgasm with a man, a guy, with her husband?" Some patients independently want to achieve orgasm, they are interested in questions: "How to quickly reach the inkjet orgasm itself, or when masturbation, independently masturbating?", "How can an anal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, or uterine orgasm?", " How to make a virgin to an orgasm? " Some girls love free to view photos and videos on the Internet, and at the same time they want to reach orgasm online. Their partners are men and guys ask the question: "Why doesn't the girl reach orgasm?" Important issues in the sex life of any girl and women are poses for sex. " How to learn to end? "," What position to reach orgasm can be very fast? - They ask at the doctor's reception. There are various ways to achieve orgasm. But if nothing happens! Then you need to urgently contact Sarklinik. If necessary, you will be given advice, effective treatment will be charged. Achieve orgasm will be easily easily. Sarklynik also conducts Treatment of male anorgasmia in Saratov.

Treatment of anorgasmia in Russia

Sarklynik conducts Treatment of anorgasmia in Russia in women , Treatment of women's anorgasmia in Saratov in girls . Come to us. The doctor will tell you how the alarazmia treatment is carried out in Russia, whether the alarazmia is in men, what are the reasons for anorgasmia, than dangerous anorgasmia in women, how to treat Anorgasmia in Russia in Sarklinik, as the coital anorgasmia is treated in Saratov, in Saratov region, what is false anorgasmia , Mimic Anorgasmia syndrome, True Anorgasmia syndrome. Sarklinik knows How to cure anorgasmia in Russia, how to get rid of anorgazmia In women in Russia, how to deal and How to defeat Anorgazmia . On the site you can read Feedback Women about the treatment of sexual disorders .

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The lack of orgasm is one of the most common sexual problems in which a woman cannot get the highest pleasure from sex with sufficient stimulation. This state has certain causes and leads to psychological and emotional violations.

Why there is no orgasm in a woman

lack of orgasm in women

The lack of orgasm in women may be due to different reasons

Orgasm The woman does not depend on the exit of the egg from the ovary (i.e. it is not associated with a childbody function). For its occurrence, it must be psychologically liberated, prepared. Often this problem is combined with a decrease in sexual attraction, but not always. The reasons that do not give a woman to get sexual discharge:

  • depressive state, increased anxiety or stress;
  • Material difficulties or other problems that do not fully relax relax;
  • lack of confidence in the partner, spiritual connection with him;
  • religious or cultural beliefs, a sense of guilt for getting pleasure from sexual contact;
  • stiffness or impactivity of a woman;
  • fear of the occurrence of pregnancy;
  • difficulties in relationships, rudeness of a partner, intractable conflicts;
  • intoxication of the body or infectious damage to the organs of the urogenital system;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.

Among the reasons that can cause short-term, and in rare cases and persistent problems with the formation of orgasm in some women can be distinguished by alcohol abuse, drug intake or certain types of drugs. Many patients lack banal pre-caress capable of making it, awaken a sex desire. Sometimes there is a violation of innervation due to a spinal cord injury.

Symptoms of anorgazmia

lack of orgasm

If during or after sexual acts there is a lack of orgasm, a woman has a series of unpleasant symptoms

Problems to obtain orgasm in women are a non-unitary phenomenon that is diagnosed with each 4th patient. The degree of severity of the problem depends on the causes of the problem, as well as the relationship of a person to it. Some women positively belong to sexual contacts, have a certain proportion of pleasure, but cannot reach the highest point of pleasure.

Another important sexual satisfaction is important, but they do not need sexual partner and are trying to satisfy themselves on their own. There are also patients who not only do not receive sexual pleasures, but also refuse her, disgust.

Some women do not feel unpleasant sensations, others feel headache and discomfort in the field of genitals, they appear congestive processes in the small pelvis organs, it begins to hurt, seals appear in it, sometimes women celebrate sleep disorders (the fallout process is worse, sleep is restless and often wake up). Such patients become nervous and plastic, they may have apathy and strong fatigue.

Consequences of the problem


The consequences of anorgazmia may be different - for example, frequent hysterics and increased nervousness

If a woman has no orgasm, there are often various negative manifestations. The consequences of this state are:

  • excessive nervous excitement;
  • Depression;
  • hysterical attacks;
  • neurosis;
  • depression;
  • Stagnation in genital organs, which are accompanied by a lamination of the menstrual cycle, uterine bleeding;
  • Strengthening the symptoms of PMS.

Frames of condition when anorgasmia provokes a violation of a hormonal background. The consequence of this is the development of pathological processes in lactic glands. Sometimes it is possible to appear fibromes of uterus, ovarian polycystosis.

Treatment of lack of orgasm in women

what to do

The treatment of anorgasmia in women can be carried out by special simulators for intimate muscles.

Treatment of pathology involves a combination of medicines with consultations of a psychotherapist and a sexologist. To know what to do, specialists appoint a survey: laboratory tests of urine and blood, ultrasound of internal organs, diagnosis of hormonal background. Therapy is individual.

Treatment methods:

  1. Intimate gymnastics: compress and relax the muscles of the vagina at different speeds and intensity. You can do it standing, sitting, anywhere. Such exercises help to improve blood circulation, stimulate the nerve endings located in this area.
  2. Drug therapy: Depending on why a woman's problem appeared, hormonal agents, antidepressants and soothing drugs, multivitamin preparations are prescribed. They eliminate disorders of the functionality of the nervous and endocrine systems. Sometimes the patient requires operational intervention if anatomical defects are present.
  3. Therapy of the sexologist: The doctor will help find out the background of the occurrence of the problem and will give advice to eliminate it. But the patient needs to be ready to answer uncomfortable questions. Consultation should be visited by both partners, since it is often anhoriasis provokes disagreement between them, ignorance of each other. Perhaps in bed will have to experiment.
  4. A visit to the psychotherapist: psychological disorders contribute to the development of somatic diseases. The specialist will help overcome shy, remove the blocks, originating the patient in childhood, lift self-esteem and liberate.

For the success of therapy and prevent various consequences, a woman must realize the problem and not be silent about it. If the patient really wants to eliminate the anorgasmia with the help of treatment, she will need help partner and sexologist, psychotherapist, sometimes profile doctors and, of course, positive attitude and willingness to work on the problem.


As the problem with obtaining orgasm affects the female physiology, it is already clear, so it is better to prevent the development of such a state than to fight him.

Preventive measures should be observed:

  • monitor your own hormonal background and periodically pass surveys in the gynecologist;
  • In the presence of psychological problems, do not hesitate to visit a specialist;
  • Prelude 15-20 minutes to the immediate start of sexual intercourse often allows you to solve the problem without visiting doctors;
  • establish relations with a partner, trust him, talk about problems;
  • observe the regime of labor and rest;
  • in time to treat any inflammatory pathology of the urogenital system;
  • abandon alcohol, smoking and other bad habits;
  • To achieve orgasm, you can try masturbation (so a woman can understand, and then explain to the partner that it is her pleasure).

Many of the problems of adults originate in childhood, which is why in the future in women did not have an imbalance in sex life, the parents of girls need to be properly published. And entering into an adult life, it is necessary to learn how to build trust relationships with a partner: boldly talk about my desires, explain that it does not suit, respond to his requests and feelings.

Anorgasmia is not an easy, but the common pathological state, with which you can and should be struggling. And although the treatment and relief from the problem can be quite long, with proper therapy, the forecast is in most cases favorable, so you should not lower your hands!

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Lack of orgasm in womenWhen a woman is in a relationship, then the absence of her body can become not only a serious problem, but the cause of the break of the couple. Because dissatisfaction in sexual terms leads to tension in relations and conflict between partners. In addition, a woman can begin to feel flawed, and think that it is not so attractive. Therefore, such a problem should be solved as quickly as possible, it is not necessary to underestimate it and run.

Causes of the problem

The complexity is that not all women are able to open and tell about it. Many just shame this topic, and cannot confess. Others, on the contrary, were strongly fascinated by the "pretense" of the orgasm, because they are afraid to upset and thereby push the man. And to confess late, because you can earn the distrust of your loved one. This problem will only exacerbate the position of the woman every day. However, it should be said that not all relationships are strengthened with satisfaction with each other. In strong relations, the mutual confidence of partners also plays a major role.

In medicine, this problem in women is called anorgasmia. The lack of orgasm is a sexual disorder that should be eliminated, as well as the other disease.

But in order to cope with this problem, it is necessary to find out the reasons for which it originated. They are different.

The delay in puberty is the most common cause. Many fair sex representatives do not even know that they need the help of a qualified specialist. However, precisely because of this, they may not experience orgasm during sexual contact. This can last up to 25 years, when the brain zones will finish, responsible for the orgasm of a woman.

Gynecological pathology: when a woman has an inflammatory genital process and her pain appear, then she can't have fun. There are diseases in which the need for intimacy comes to madness, because the blood sticks to the erogenous zones. But due to inflammation, the nerve endings in this area are too tense, so the woman should appeal to the doctor to establish the cause, assigning peace and the use of drugs.

Other factors

Overvoltage of the nervous system: There is a stereotype that sex is a wonderful way to relax, but the statement is not always working and not everyone. Sex is a big stress for the body, and the orgasm, especially, at least a person is experiencing positive emotions. With too strong overwork, the body can protect against stress (in this situation, there will be no orgasm). Everything normalizes when the body is fully recovered.

Neurological disordersAnother need to be satisfied is that any desire or feeling that will arise in humans can also block the relaxation of the body. He is aimed at self-preservation and survival, in addition, he needs to satisfy the most necessary, and therefore the body cannot be distracted by something else. If a woman does not know his own body, then it may not notice that such a state causes a bright light or thirst.

Problems of psycho-emotional nature: depressive condition, phobias and neuroses have a strong negative impact on the woman's nervous system. They are able to block the receipt of pleasure already in the process of sexual contact. These pathological conditions always reduce the quality of sexual life.

The use of drugs: an orgasm is a physiological phenomenon that has its own chemical compounds. The use of any drugs can violate them. Such side effects have drugs appointed during depressive states, as well as for the treatment of serious allergies. It is necessary to pay attention to drugs to reduce sensitivity - they have a negative impact upon reaching orgasm.

Dependence on alcohol and drugs: these habits are strongly oppressed by the human body, suppress some functions, the sexual attraction belongs to them.

Complicated childbirth: many women after the birth of the baby begin to treat their body in a new way, opening all new ways for sexual satisfaction. But those who had strong gaps in groin may not feel feelings, because the sensitivity of erogenous zones is damaged, because of this, problems with orgasm arise. But, due to the fact that the scope of obstetric activity is subjected to constant improvements, such situations appear quite rarely.

Inexperience of partners: Many couples cannot fully relax and deliver pleasure to each other, because they simply do not know how to do it. It should also be noted that the woman is excited much longer than a man, so he must make a lot of effort to satisfy his partner. However, many are shy of this and refuse to experiment.

Psychological reasons

StressIn addition to the factors described above, there are psychological reasons for the lack of orgasm. They are most often blocking receiving sexual pleasure. There are many such reasons, but the main ones are:

  1. Strong experiences and stress if there is no orgasm: experiences about the lack of pleasure at sexual proximity lead to a strong excitation that a woman is experiencing, entering into the proximity to a man. This can happen before the orgasm itself. It does not allow her to fully relax, and accordingly get pleasure.
  2. Conflict with a partner and distrust of it: if a couple have no harmony in relationships, then this in any case will reflect on their sex life.
  3. Strong inner tension, inability to relax and concentrate on proximity, pressure: a woman will never be able to completely surrender, if at the moment of his head is occupied by completely different thoughts. For example, it is distracted by various noise and smells. In this case, it will not be possible to get sexual satisfaction.
  4. Strict education, shame and shyness: Some women since childhood received the installation that sex is bad and sinful, so it is impossible to experience pleasure. Such a relation to the proximity can be hidden deep in the soul of a woman, but still it will interfere with her live. This situation can help the advice and consultation of the psychologist.
  5. Injury or strong intimate character stress that a woman has suffered in the past: refers to rape or attempt here, they can undermine the attitude of a person to themselves and their body. The process of sexual intimacy seems to be a person with something dangerous or dirty. He may not cope with his experiences, and will not experience any sex pleasure. Often such patients need the help of a psychotherapist.

Symptomatics Anorgazmia

Many women do not experience orgasm at every sexual proximity. Some are enough that they just enjoy the process itself. In addition, a woman can experience pain and stomach, also an insomnia appears. And all because there is no discharge, but there are only congestive phenomena in the field of small pelvis.

If this situation is repeated systematically, it causes irritation and anxiety in a woman.

In this case, you need to contact the doctor and not run a similar condition. An experienced specialist will reveal the cause and will provide the necessary assistance.

Treatment of pathology

SexologistIn such a situation, a woman must take care of his health, and not to be ashamed to a sexologist. However, it is hoped that after taking the doctor will appoint a miraculous agent that will give the results after a few days.

It is immediately necessary to say that the process of therapy of this state is quite long. In addition, it will be necessary to work on yourself not only to a woman, but also a man. Do not think that only a man should work in bed - it's not. You also need to be prepared for what you may need to change the usual lifestyle for myself. Therefore, the appointed treatment will be complex.

Hormonal therapy: reinforced testosterone and estrogen treatment. If the body lacks a male hormone, then apathy arises, chronic depressive state, general weakness and fast fatigue. In addition, the muscles become flabby.

Restoration of the work of the endocrine system: if pain sensations occur or orgasm is missing for such a reason, then at the beginning of therapy should be asked for help to a profile doctor. For example, it will not completely get rid of diabetes mellitus, but to normalize the general condition, without applying the injections of hormones, it is possible.

Normalization of relationships between partners: such a problem can hardly solve two, so a qualified psychologist can help them.

But it costs to be prepared for the fact that he will not be able to erase the old resentment from the memory, will not make partners love each other. But, adjust the relationship and prove that for his happiness should be struggling, forces.

Folk medicine means: they can be applied if there are no deviations, and the attending physician gave his consent. Of course, you should not hope only for the "grandmother" recipes. But, there is a high probability that decoctions and infusions will help solve this problem. Effectively folk remedies apply in a complex with traditional medicine.

Possible complications

The lack of orgasm can provoke the development of depressive states and neurosis. This problem often causes cooling of feelings to a partner, some women have disgusted. All factors poorly affect the different sides of family life, and because of this, conflicts arise, which only aggravate the development of neurosis.

Scientists say that this pathology increases the risk of the emergence of varicose veins of a small pelvis. With such a disease, a woman will experience pain at the bottom of the abdomen, heaviness, discomfort and pain in the field of external genital organs.

Prediction and prevention

The forecast of the disease will be directly dependent on the causes of its occurrence. If there are no severe psychological injuries and somatic abnormalities that "interfere" to get an orgasm, the problem will be permitted. However, it depends on the readiness of partners to change their sex life, that is, to reconsider their borders permitted sexual terms.

Preventive measures should be sent to adequate sex education, enhance sexual literacy, creating acceptable relationships between partners. It is also necessary to strictly observe the operation / rest mode and prevent the development of sexual diseases. When the latter appears, they must be treated in a timely manner.

We will be grateful if you use the buttons:

"I do not get orgasm." You may be familiar with such a problem personally. And you are not alone. According to official statistics, only 30% of women consistently reach the peak of pleasure. And each 10th girl cannot reach orgasm at all during sex. From this article, you will learn the reasons and ways to solve a delicate problem.

Why does a woman not get an orgasm?

World scientists and sexologists allocate 9 main reasons for the attack of climax in women. Mostly anorgazmia (lack of orgasm) is associated with psychology. As you know, sexual pleasure is born from girls in the brain. If there are any annoying factors, it may not come.

Cause №1: obsessive thoughts

01 (4) .jpg

In a joke about the fact that a woman during sex sometimes thinks about how the bedroom ceiling is unevenly painted, there is some truth. The obsessive thoughts that are not related to sex prevent orgasm. The brain is not configured to receive pleasure, he begins to deal with opposite problems.

Reason # 2: Physical and psychological discomfort

For a woman in sex, it is not so much the process itself as an ambient situation and sensation. To bring down the mood can any trifle: an unpleasant smell emanating from a partner, noise from the street or from a neighbor apartment, mess in the bedroom.

Reason # 3: discontent appearance

02 (4) .jpg

This is one of the main sexual barriers to the pleasure of pleasure. Excessive demanding to yourself, claims to appearance from the partner and illiterate tips for girlfriends forcing girls constantly thinking about the beauty of their own body. For example, during sex, a woman can experience that a man is unpleasant to look at her imperfect figure, folds on the sides or a lack of fresh epilation.

Cause No. 4: Lack of Prelude

Prelude helps girls tune in to receive pleasure, contributes to the release of natural lubrication and tide of blood to the genital organs. If a man pays to caresses not enough time, then these processes will not begin in full force. As a result, sex can become unpleasant and even painful.

Cause # 5: Failure programming

03 (3) .jpg

"Why am I never getting an orgasm? Today, I also hardly test it, "the girl thinks during sex. The lawsuit of such thoughts is the lack of discharge.

Reason # 6: Unwillingness to have sex right now

This often happens if partners have a different sexual temperament. Or if the woman is tired, and the man, on the contrary, is full of energy and enthusiasm. Many girls are afraid to refuse to a partner and literally endure sex with him.

Cause №7: shifting responsibility for a guy

Due to lack of experience, women believe that all responsibility for pleasure in bed lies on a man. But it is not. Even the most skilled lover will not be able to influence the female orgasm, if the partner does not show any initiative and worn by thoughts far beyond the bedroom.


Reason # 8: Stress

The life of a modern man is full of reasons for anxiety. In women, due to psychological warehouse, stress manifests destructive. If she quarreled with the boss, knighted his girlfriend or received a reprimand from Mom, then you can forget about the achievement of pleasure.

Cause №9: Chronic Diseases

05 (1) .jpg

The last reason lies not in the head, but in the body. Diseases and inflammatory processes in the organs of a small pelvis, other chronic deraishes often lead to anorgazmia. Most likely, this is the main reason why a mentally healthy girl does not receive an orgasm.

How to deal with a problem?

Having revealed the reason for the lack of orgasm, you need to start with it to fight. For example, if the cause of anorgasmia has become a disease, it is necessary until the end to cure a competent physician. Psychological factors are eliminated by either joint efforts of partners or with the help of a psychologist-sexologist.

  1. If a woman strains the situation, a man needs to bring a bedroom to the proper look: to lay fresh underwear, ventilate the room, light aromatic candles.
  2. What if you don't get an orgasm due to stress? Here, spouses or lovers must first fully work out the problem (at least to recognize and speak) and only then begin to intimidate.
  3. A variety of sexual clamps are removed using compliments from a partner, masturbation, gentle of sensitive and erogenous zones. In more detail about this - in the section "Love and Sex" on the official website of Paul Rakov.
  4. The small duration of the prelude together with a rapid orgasm of men is most often solved simply: partners need to diversify and extend the preliminary affairs. Read more read about other ways in the article "He makes it fast."

What is dangerous lack of orgasm?

The impossibility of obtaining orgasms is not so harmless, as it seems at first glance. If a woman is stably excited, but cannot "finish", the risk of blood stagnation in a small pelvis. It is fraught with inflammatory processes, pains and spasms, disorders of the menstrual cycle.

No discharge also affects the psyche. Not receiving orgasms girls are more suppressed, prone to neurosis, suffer from mood drops. It makes sense to frankly talk to the partner and start looking together to look out of the situation! And if you do not know how to initiate such a conversation, then come to the course "Secrets of women's happiness." Their presenter is a famous psychologist and coach Paul Rakov - tells how to achieve harmony in all spheres of life.

Have you stopped getting orgasm? Have you already revealed the cause? Ready to end it?

Lack of orgasm - sexual disorder in women

Lack of orgasm.

Sexual disorders common to the symptom of sexual disorder in women, when the orgasm does not arise at the intercourse, or its offensive is delayed. Anorgazmia (lack of orgasm) may occur in any situations with any partner or with a specific partner, or an orgasm is preserved exclusively when masturbation.

Orgasm is the maximum degree of pleasure, the culmination of sexual intercourse. The easier of the orgasm itself is associated with the activities of both the structures of the brain and the psyche. Female orgasm is physiologically more difficult for male. It is necessary to take into account the psychophysiological features preceding experience, the ability to experience orgasm with certain methods of stimulation or in masturbation. For a full experience of orgasm, normal psychosexual development, a conscious choice of partner, confidence, emotional relations, the lack of a sense of guilt, anxiety and fear, features of the upbringing and features of culture, active inclusion in sexual relations are important. Statistics of orgasmic dysfunction shows that 15% of women do not experience orgasm with regular sex life.

The absence of an orgasm can cause anxiety from a woman, depression, irritability. Psychogenic forms of female orgasm are more common than organic when neurological disorders occur, hormonal insufficiency, alcoholism, drug dependence, taking tranquilizers, neuroleptics, antidepressants. Psychological factors - anxiety, stress, adverse conditions for intimate proximity, conflict in a couple, experienced injury to neurotic suppression of orgasm, features of education and psychosexual development.

We will analyze in more detail the causes and treatment of the lack of orgasm.

Causes of lack of orgasm

One of the most relevant sex disorders in women is the lack of orgasm. Clinically, anorgazmia is represented by the following options: the orgasm does not occur at all or significantly delayed, that is, it comes after a long time of sexual intercourse or in self-imaging. According to the qualitative characteristics of the anorgasmia, there is a relative and permanent when in all situations and with each partner there is no orgasm, or selectively in some situations or during masturbation, it still arises.

Physiologically orgasm is the highest degree of enjoyment and the culmination of sexual intercourse. Once having experienced this feeling, we instinctively and consciously strive to repeat it. Female orgasm is physiologically and psychologically more difficult. The ability to experience it is inconsistent and depends on many biological and social factors. It is necessary to keep in mind the psycho-physiological features of a woman, past sexual experience, the ability to experience an orgasm with self-imaging, gynecological status, age, temperament, presence of a permanent partner. Sometimes at the beginning of sexual life, anorgasmia is associated with a delay in psychosexual development. Cyclic changes in libido are also important depending on the menstrual cycle phase. For successful sexuality and full-fledged organic discharge, a normal psychosexual development is needed, positive sexual experience, recognition of self-femininity, adequate education, a sense of own value and sexual attractiveness. An active partner choice is essential, which must necessarily cause confidence. It is impossible to discounted strong partnerships, freedom from the sense of guilt and shame, the optimal level of sex hormones, the reactivity of the nervous system, the high level of sexual education and sexual imagination, finally, made from the family a positive standard of sensual relationships.


Classification of orgasm

  • The localization is highlighted by clitoral, vaginal, mixed and orgasm of uncertain localization.
  • By time, it can be short-term, multiple, protracted or reduced.
  • Intensity - strong, moderate, weak.

The orgasm may occur both in the process of sexual intercourse, and without it - during sleep, in masturbation, during the preliminary caress or at the height of emotional experiences. The presence or absence of orgasm in women is not always associated with gravity satisfaction. If the partner provides a long sexual intercourse, or other forms of sexual stimulation, then a woman often has satisfaction with the proximity and without orgazmic discharge. According to statistics about 18% of women living regular sexual life, never experience orgasm. Absolute anorgazmia is total, and the orgasm does not occur during erotic dreams, nor with masturbation, petting, and with any partner. If at least one of the above way is possible to reach an orgasm, it is legitimate to talk about relative anorganism.

The lack of an orgasm can cause irritation, nervousness, nervousness to the development of a real neurotic disorder and depression. On the other hand, in the absence of orgasm, gynecological problems can occur - syndrome of stagnant hyperemia of pelvic organs, which can provoke inflammatory-degenerative vaginal processes, uterus, ovaries.

The most frequent causes of the lack of orgasm


The most frequent organic causes of the lack of orgasm - diabetes, diseases of the thyroid gland, neurological disorders, hormonal insufficiency, alcohol, drugs, drug intake.

The psychogenic forms of Anorgazmia are much more common, when the reason may be fear of becoming pregnant, inadequate contraception, negative attitudes towards sexual life, anxious waiting for the onset of orgasm and partnership problems, especially if the man himself suffers from sexual dysfunctions, unable to ensure effective erotic stimulation, Selfish in finding his satisfaction, ignoring the needs of a woman.

Frequently, the orgasm should not be asked where the woman was guided in the choice of partner with non-erotic motifs - prosperous, prestige, marriage for the calculation, at the insistence of relatives, with a distinct or hidden hostility to the partner. If a woman is not able to experience an orgasm in general or does not reach it with sexual contact, considering it a serious problem, you should contact a sexologist's doctor.

Treatment of anorgasmia

The treatment of anorgasmia in women is manufactured taking into account the mechanisms of its development. In case of psychogenic forms, the leading place is given to psychotherapeutic correction, and in the detection of organic pathology, appropriate somatic treatment is appointed, especially the underlying disease.

In neurotic disorders, individual and steaming psychotherapy are appointed, where the identification, processing and neutralization of traumatic experience, sex therapy using sensual focusing, physical oriented psychotherapy, reflexology.

It is extremely important to convince both partners to act together and together, in the complete sense - in the team, when mutual recognition of erotic needs and desires is necessary.

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Clinic treatment of nervous system disorders.

What if an orgasm is a rare guest in your bedroom, and how modern medicine helps women reach a peak of pleasure? Says an expert.

About the author:

Doctor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Elena Gerasimovich

Why in the absence of orgasm do not always save psychologists and self-sucking?

For a full-fledged discharge, a woman needs a lot of happy psychological coincidences. Not only the skill of the partner plays the role, but also the mood surrounding the situation, odors and other nuances. Therefore, there is no reason to beat the alarm, if there is no occasion to achieve the discharge, when you, for example, tired or partner's actions were "not those". It is normal and happens with everyone.

Psychological problems can indeed be the cause of the lack of orgasm. But think that "a female orgasm is born only in the head", dangerous. This is a physiological process, and complaints about the quality of sexual life can tell a lot to the experienced doctor of Akuster-Gynecologist. For example: about the presence of endocrine pathologies, somatic violations of health or about the hidden symptoms of the disease in a woman.


Therefore, it is so dangerous in the absence of orgasm to start work not from the doctor's office, but with thematic female trainings or psychologists. At best, spend strength and money without reaching the result. At worst, miss the precious time when the existing disease could be diagnosed and cured at an early stage.

Emotional and psychological features are often only the top of the iceberg. However, many women, falling on the fishing rod or advertising of women's practices, forget that in such a physiological question, like a female orgasm, the body still plays a leading role. Start a study of your sexuality, I recommend with my dating with my body.

Sexual pleasure directly depends on the general somatic health of the woman and the well-coordinated work of the endocrine system, primarily the pituitary-hypothalamus - ovaries. It is impossible to get pleasure if not enough lubricant is distinguished (this term is in medical, this term sounds "weak lubricatization"), somewhere hurts, burns or zudit. Everything else is important to understand how your body works. Therefore, it is so important to tell about it, because shame or fear of contacting the doctor often become an obstacle to the health and happiness of a woman.

Anatomy of orgasm: what happens in the female body

For sensations during sex intimacy in the female body, three nerves are answered: the femoral-sexual (providing the connection of the central nervous system (CNS) and the clitoris), the iliac-grated (connects the central nervous system, the uterus and the cervix) and the iliac-groove (associated with the cervix and rectum). There is also assumptions about the importance for this issue of a wandering nerve. There are no authoritative medical research on this topic yet, but there is a hypothesis that it is precisely a wandering nerve that allows to obtain orgasm to women who have damaged spinal cord.

There are also ways to achieve orgasm: vaginal and clitoral, mixed. With a vaginal orgasm, a muscle-container is involved, which is located in the lower part of the vagina, and the point G. Clitorian is achieved by stimulating the clitoris, which was previously considered an analogue of a male penis due to the ability to erection, not all the head visible on the surface. Everything else is in the bodies of a small pelvis.


When the woman is excited, the inner body of the clitoris, consisting of cavernous bodies, is poured with blood and increases. As a result, it turns out that the horns that it reminds whether the vagina is bound. At the same time, clitious bulbs under the skin of the sexes are also poured with blood. They cover the vagina, which is expanding when excited, and its sensitivity increases.

If the discharge comes, nice spasm pushes this extra blood. But if an orgasm does not come, the female body takes several hours to bring blood from the body. Hence the tangible physiological discomfort, if the excitement was, but the orgasm did not come.

With orgasm, the brain gets through the nerve endings a number of signals and begins to produce a whole list of hormones: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and others. Interestingly, the last of the hormones listed by me is responsible for the feeling of attachment, empathy and intimacy. Therefore, in a sexual partner with whom a woman has good sex, so easy to fall in love.

In a word, the discharge of a woman is needed and useful, and during orgasm the whole organism is involved, including a brain.

First check the hormones

Surely you noticed that during certain days the sex cycle, I want more, and in some kind of annoying even the male smell. All Wine hormones, so if the mood differences are becoming a problem, it makes sense to pass tests: it is likely that there is a failure that complicates your life, and the correct therapy will quickly solve the problem.

Hormonal background affects the well-being and mood of a woman. But it can become one of the triggers of negative physiological changes in the body of a woman. For example, as a doctor, I often work with mature patients who, among other things, complain about the dryness of the vagina. Atrophic vaginitis (so in a medical language is called this symptom) is expressed in burning, itching, painful sensations during sexual intercourse and bleeding after it. Moreover, it can cause serious diseases.


During intimate proximity, 90% of women in the period of menopause and late Climax, in the absence of menopause of hormonal therapy, is diagnosed with dryness of the vagina.

It is important to note that atrophic vaginitis is a frequent satellite of the climax and menopause, during which the idolism of the mucous membrane occurs. The body begins to grow old, and the secretion of steroid hormones decreases, especially the amount of estrogen. Therefore, our own reserves at a certain age can no longer do: for full life need qualified medical care.

Fortunately, medicine has learned to extend the female youth so that with age the quality of sexual life grew. A complex of an experimental gynecologist will include menopausal hormonal therapy, as well as in the presence of indications of the procedure using laser technologies and the introduction of the clitoris or the front wall of the vagina of a special preparation with hyaluronic acid. Such funds are already certified in the Republic of Belarus.

As a practicing gynecologist-an endocrinologist and a specialist leaning in the modern direction of aesthetic gynecology, I often hear from patients concerning the reception of hormonal drugs. Until now, there are negative beliefs related to their effect of work (for example, that they get fat, the mustache will grow). I can assure: hormonal therapy is safe and effective if a doctor prescribes it.

A woman has a stabilization of mood, eyelash, skin and hair quality improves. Against the background of hormonal therapy, a woman always feels cheer. Many even lose weight because there are no hormonal swings for which you want to eat all the contents of the refrigerator. But all these miracles are possible only if the drug recommended a professional doctor after examining and necessary analyzes and exclusion of contraindications.

How did Greek princess changed the ideas about the female orgasm?

Freud considered the clitoral orgasm infantile and in one of his works he said that "with the achievement of female maturity, the clitoris must give in the vagina of his role sensual flesh." The opinion of the father of psychoanalysis refuted his student, the grandee Napoleon's niece of Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife George Korfsky Marie Bonaparte.

It is this woman that, by the way, we are obliged to "rule the thumb" to determine the ideal remoteness of the clitoris from the entrance to the vagina at 2.5 cm. In this case, stimulation during sexual intercourse is simplified and the woman easier to achieve discharge. If the clitoris is next - the process becomes more complicated, because the penis is too far from the tissue connecting unit.

After studying in 1924, Marie found that the clitoris is an important role in achieving orgasm, and the woman should not choose between pleasure types. If the female body has several pleasure points, you need to use it!

However, not only the remoteness of the clitoris can interfere with stimulation. There are a number of cases when the complexity in obtaining an orgasm is associated with the individual characteristics of the structure of the genital organs in a woman. For example, if the clit is not expressed enough (it can be both congenital and acquired quality) or its sensitivity is reduced. Also, the clitoris can be completely hidden under the hood, and therefore its stimulation during intercourse is difficult.

Such features are found in the practice of gynecologists-aesthetists very often. And before to help a woman, doctors could only surgically, which was very painful and, like any surgical intervention, had the risks of complications.

Today, fortunately, the treatment of anorgasmia is available with the help of the egmentation of the clitoris. This is a medical procedure when a stabilized hyaluronic acid is introduced into the clitoris hooded.


The procedure is painful, performed on outpatient conditions, under local anesthesia for medical reasons after examining and excluding contraindications. Intimate relationships are possible after 5-7 days. Women describe completely different orgasmic sensations. It is possible not only the clitoris, but also a point G. In this case, the drug of hyaluronic acid is entered into the front wall of the vagina, but the procedure remains safe.

Such injections are successfully held in clinics of the United States, Russia and Western Europe and today are available to women in domestic medical public and private healthcare institutions. In our republic, the city "Society of Aesthetic Gynecology doctors" has been created in Minsk, where experts participate in the master classes of invited specialists of the Gynecologists-Aesthetists from the countries of the Far and Middle Abroad.

Why are muscles important for pleasure?

With age or after childbirth, many women complain that they can no longer receive a vaginal orgasm. To solve this problem, it is also useful to recall the importance of intimate muscles. They stretch during childbirth (to provide a child safe output) and lose tone with time. Last, unfortunately, inevitably.

To extend the female youth and faster to come into shape after childbirth, doctors have been calling for women to engage in intimate gymnastics. Yes, of course, she will not cancel aging and will not return the original tone of the vagina after childbirth, but it is the exercises that will slow down the time and protect them from some injuries during labor.

Previously, intimate gymnastics was the only way to maintain a tone. At the stage, when she stopped helping, the woman could either come to terms with the inevitable, or - lie on the operation. Other ways to help with a relaxed vagina syndrome was simply not.

Since this syndrome is a very frequent complaint, science has tried to find a way out of the current situation. A huge amount of research was carried out on various focus groups, and so far the optimal substitute for intimate surgery is called laser therapy. First of all, due to its effectiveness and security.

If a woman does not want to go to a serious operation, she can come to the Gynecologist-asthetist on the procedure. In the process there will be no pain. As those who passed through laser therapy say, only light vibration and warmth are felt. After 15 minutes everything is ready, and you can return to the usual affairs. If the process is not very running, 2-4 procedures will be enough.

The only moment about which is to warn: laser therapy is carried out only after gynecological inspection, necessary analyzes and ultrasound. Therefore, without having medical documents on the hands, make this procedure "from today for today" will not work: a good doctor will not risk the health of his patient or conduct a procedure when she does not need a woman. Here I recommend to trust a professional and give a doctor to fulfill my work: a good gynecologist is always on your side.


The lack of orgasm, psychological complexes and health problems - with these problems, it may encounter both a woman in age and a completely young girl. They asked the expert how the girl receives an orgasm, because of what the complexes arise and how to correct the situation.

Sexy dysfunction

This term is often attributed to men. But only 30% of women in our time experience orgasmic discharge. This is catastrophically, because the remaining 70% is silent, hide their feelings - there are a number of unresolved questions. More than half of women cannot realize their sexual component.

6 main reasons (this is associated with female health)


1. Atrophy of the muscles of the pelvic bottom

What we are static is a fact. Our work is most often connected with the computer - we are constantly sitting, we move little and even less practicing exercise.

The path from home to work is not at the expense - the muscles of the pelvic bottom are atrophichnically in almost all women, even young age, precisely because of hypodynamics and a larger lifestyle.

2. Outstanding internal organs

It was the atrophy of the pelvic bottom that leads to breaks during childbirth - during the passage of the fetus head of the ligament of a small pelvis, and deform. Muscles are deformed, but it is simpler with them - they can be restored due to their hyperas, which you can not say about bundles.

If the ligaments are torn, then "meet" and cease to fix sensitive zones. As a result, the organs are omitted - a bladder and a uterus and a straight intestine fall here. Sensitivity during sexual contacts decreases sharply


3. Lack of estrogen

Around the world, women began to leave estrogens early - we began to live longer, but the aging process often passes much rapidly. In many women, early menopause comes after 40 years - before the woman at that age could wait for the perimenopausal period, which, by the way, now begins with 37th.

This happens precisely

due to lack of estrogen

- They are less affected by the muscles of the pelvic bottom (which are less than blood supply) and the mucous membrane, from which hyaluronic acid (it gives the moisture moisture). During sex, a woman begins to experience terrible discomfort - she has no natural lubricant, and you have to resort to lubricants.

4. Implanting


Torn ligaments lead to urinary incontinence during coughing or sneezing. Previously, such a problem was relevant for women far over 50 years, when estrogens began to leave them during the fading of the ovarian function. But now it concerns young girls against the background of traumatization during childbirth.

We remember that the work in most sitting, and the muscles of the pelvic bottom are atrophied. Therefore, now young women are forced to resort to plastic surgery and make operations (for example, installing a special grid under the urethra), so that when the pressure in the bladder is raised

Avoid incontinence

5. relaxed vagina syndrome

During childbirth, among other things, there is an extension of the vagina - this is not a secret, and by stretching the muscles we get the relaxed vagina syndrome. During sexual contact, such women significantly reduced sensations - in medicine it was called "Anorgazmia".

The case in the so-called "point G", which is actually nothing else, as the legs of the clitoris - they are the authority that gives women the desired discharge. If the vagina is expanded, during the frictions "Point G" does not receive any stimulation or gets too little - hence the weak sensations or their complete absence.

6. Stress and depression

Does the girl receive an orgasm - this ability is given by nature precisely for discharge, because our life is saturated with an impossible amount of stress. Despite the fact that the level of modern medicine is now much higher than in the same XX century, our grandmothers or grandfathers who have lived war, for some reason were much healthier to us. The secret is simple - so much information has not passed through them as it goes through us.

We need stress, but in small quantities - for what we call stress, adrenaline and cortisol, hormones produced by adrenal glands correspond to the stress.

Thus, the body leads to the tone of our vessels - if these hormones stop stand out, the person simply will not be able to live. Therefore, in small quantities, stress helps, but when it becomes much more than necessary, the adrenal glands simply get tired to produce these hormones.

The increased level of stress and anxiety leads to many diseases - both to depressions, and to various somatic violations. Nature gave sexual discharge so that women could "reset" all nervous emotional tension with the help of real orgasm. If it is not, then the body begins to give us a discharge through diseases - for example, hysteria.

The whole life of a person is aimed at being happy. We enter into relations, give birth to children and create families exactly for this reason.

Happiness in the body manifests itself through the production of dopamine and serotonin - it is these neurotransmitters, including oxytocin, and our orgasmic function.

Dopamine often leads to dependence,


call the hormone of happiness, and

Oxytocin - our tenderness

. During orgasm, all these neurotiators will be released, and if it is not, the state of health is straightforward towards depression.

Why is this happening PEXELS-NYCOLLE-SUABYA-4790509.JPG

We live in the XXI century and process such a quantity of information that the number of mental diseases will only grow, and their peak is not at all around the corner. Alzheimer, Dementia and other diseases of such a spectrum - senile processes, but now they are formed in people at 50 years of age. For comparison, in the XX century, these diseases were characteristic of people of 70 years.

The world enters the epidemic of psychological disorders and mental illness, women return to partners overloaded and often or forget about the need for discharge, or do not have forces on it.

The above-mentioned problems contribute to obesity - the larger the weight of the body, the less active the orgasmic function becomes: the muscle tissue is not developed, and the muscles themselves do not work practically. In the absence of the right lifestyle, competent food strategy and physical exertion, we begin to gradually gain weight, we achieve complete atrophy of the pelvic bottom muscles and forget what orgasm.

How to avoid stress and problems with sexual function PEXELS-DARIA-SHEVTSOVA-2052252.JPG

Taking magnesium, vitamin D and Omega-3

If we say trim, the stress resistance can work out not all. But everyone can fight stress with magnesium. C.

Signs of magnesium deficiency

  • Lomit body;

  • jaw closed;

  • It does not fall to the tooth.

It must be filled - either to take magnesium (citrate formula is better absorbed by the body), or drink donat MG pharmaceutical water (Donat Magnesium) - 2 glasses of water per day fully fill this need.

Vitamin D.

This is "Vitamin Sun". The Russians have him, for obvious reasons, very little - the rays of the sun fall on us under a not at a good angle. This is not even vitamin, but a hormone, and he, for a minute, activates 3000 receptors in the body.

The lack of vitamin characterizes the abnormal fatigue - when you, for example, just woke up and already tired.


You need energy even on eyelashes - it is given by mitochondria, and this is their main function. What they are stronger, the more energy produces, but even mitochondria are aging if they do not know the rest.

Omega-3 is useful fats that are necessary for the body. In theory, we must receive it out of fish, but in fact the fish in itself by omega-3 does not contain - it contains algae, which fish and feeds.

Of course, the fish grown in an artificial reservoir is deprived of such a diet - they give the animal feed, and there is nothing to do with fish grease. But Omega-3 contains wild fish - for example, herring.

Fuck out

Pexels-Daria Shevtsova-1841636.jpg

From 23:00 to 1:00, melatonin, hormone of youth stands out in our body. Hungting until midnight, you need to sleep from 8 to 10 hours - if you fell in 2 nights and slept ten hours, there will be no more sense.

You can retire yourself and rebuild the body, as many do now - they literally force the body to get used to and sleep for 4-5 hours, but in the long run, nothing good will bring it good.

Feel high quality

80% of food contain sugar. It is because of him that Sarkopenia gradually arises - the disease of the old people, in which the muscles are atrophy, and the strength is lost in them. Instead, a body fabric accumulates - it consumes a lot of sugar, and often makes it unconsciously.

To lose weight, you have to eat, but right. This is a problem not only aesthetic medicine, but also medicine as a whole - food behavior is now adjusting not only nutritionists, but also doctors of all specialties.

Exercise exercise Pexels-Jéshoots-42400.jpg

The benefits of moderate physical exertion has long been confirmed - when scientists began to study long-livers, they revealed all the overall features: none of them extended themselves with time sessions in the hall, but each had moderate physical exertion and calorie restriction (i.e. moderation in food) . It may be walking at a moderate pace - it can afford every woman regardless of age, status, employment and opportunities.

What to do if problems already have


All of them are solved with the help of aesthetic gynecology. This section of medicine can fully restore the orgasmic function from those 70% of women who cannot live a full life.

1. Hyaluronic acid

The introduction of hyaluronic acid in the "point G" (the legs of the clitoris) is very similar to the procedure for introducing fillers on the lips that young girls love so much. He is introduced into the legs of the clitoris so that they are voluble - in this case they will hang more in the vagina. As a result, during the friction "Point G" will finally be involved, due to which an orgasm will come.

Hyaluronic acid helps and when the woman leave estrogens. The mucosa immediately becomes dry, not moisturized and does not produce natural lubrication. The intimate plastic procedure of the vagina is carried out by the drug not dense hyaluronic acid, which we introduce into the lips, but, on the contrary, more liquid.

She literally pulls on all the water, and if we introduce it to the vagina, she just pulled out all moisture. In this case, any need for lubricants disappears.

2. Kegel exercises

Regular exercises of Kegel solve most of the problems - prevent the omission of pelvic organs, strengthen the muscles, and the vagina becomes more capacious. As a result, the "point G" becomes easily achievable for the penis, which automatically eliminates the anorgasmia.

The same exercise is shown if the woman has a relaxed vagina syndrome - the muscle turgor improves, and the woman begins to feel what he did not feel earlier.

3. Plasmolifting PEXELS-ARTEM-PODREZ-4492199.JPG

With plasmolifting of the vagina, we introduce the woman of her own fibroblasts, which themselves are the source of their own hyaluronic acid.

The woman takes blood, drive through the centrifuge and after some time, we recruit the plasma in the syringe, which will remain on top of the tube. After that, we introduce a plasma in the vagina, and hyaluronic acid begins to do its work, that is, to attract the water.

Often after this procedure, women are also no longer needed artificial lubricants - in our power to update the epithelium, moisten it and "feed with goodies. Then the clitoris, and the vagina will begin to please us again.

4. Treatment with laser


The laser is a unique tool that can fix almost all problems. Very often, patients who turn to the help of a laser moved oncology. Often because of the disease, women are forced to remove the uterus together with the ovaries, so estrogens cease to be produced.

Accordingly, the mucous vagina is very dry, and such women simply cannot live sexual life - when everything is removed, the vagina has no way to take hormones for their moisture. Due to dryness, the vagina becomes very thin - as a peel from an apple, which should be juicy. New laser technologies are made of a fine vagina thick, because the better it is estragonized, the better - the vagina again begins to moisturize and produce its own hyaluronic acid.

The laser struggles with the syndrome of the relaxing vagina - this is the ideal alternative to the classic operation. In fact, he does not affect the muscles, but it can pull the mucous membrane - it becomes an elastic and stronger. Under the influence of the laser, the vagina is narrowed by 20%, and often women and this is quite enough.

In the first place in the list of reasons why women are in the gynecologist, are vaginal discharge. They recur in patients give treatment, and at best we accept them with the same problem in six months. Therefore, when we cannot cope with the problem with the help of local treatment (candles, etc.), go to the laser.

The vaginal path as a whole, as well as the microbes in it, reflect the general condition of the body - we can not believe that we live in cities where one name left from the ecology. All this is reflected in the vaginal path. There are 10,000 microbes in the vagina, and when this amount grows, a woman begins to experience such problems. The laser updates the epithelium into the vagina - due to its exposure to the walls of the vagina, the glycogen is beginning to be separated, the nutrient material for lactobacilli.

They live only where you can eat, and leave the place where they cannot survive - then microbes come to their place, which are manifested by discharge. The laser stimulates the layer of the vagina walls and launches the production of glycogen - lactobacteria is beginning to return, and the selection pass.


Doctor of obstetrician-gynecologist, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics, member of the Association of Gynecologists and a member of the Russian Endometriosis Association

Inna Daviden Dzhjjoeva


8 reasons why abstinence can be dangerous to health 5 reasons why sex can be harmful to health For hot night: 8 products that enhance sexual attraction Girl razor

Women are tricious, and in sex it is difficult to understand, she received pleasure, or simply hesitated. But if you went to see this article, then you will be a wavewashtvopros, why the girl is not getting the current. To find out the reasons for the problem, we reviewed the answers of sexologists, and based on their useful material.

Psychological reasons i

Most often, a woman unwinds to relax in bed, because internally closes from sex, - the famous British sexologist and psychologist Nichi Hodgson also disruptives. Why is this happening:

  1. If in childhood or adolescence, the woman was sexually violent, then in 95% of cases, it will not be able to enjoy sex even with her beloved man. Each sexual act she will remind you of harassment, some women who are subjected to such, further refuse to lead sex life.
  2. The girl, brought up in a very religious or strict family, at the subconscious level considers sex something wrong, shameful. It will prevent her from the process of pleasure.

Why does not receive an orgasm, if it is niode from the described reasons to her not applicable? There is a lot of other interference on a pleasure, and we will look at them further.

Inexperience, ignorance 2

This is the most common reason why a woman does not feel pleasant sensations during sexual intercourse. She simply insufficiently knows his body well, its preferences. Sexologists in this case are recommended to apply masturbation. No need to consider the process of something depraved and shameful, it is normal - delight yourself.

In the process, the girl will understand exactly how she likes to influence the clitoris, what erupted zones are the most sensitive. You can offer your girlfriend to experiment, you can do it together, you will reveal to each other, and learn what and how to partner.

How to achieve orgasm

Sexologists advise not to forget about the fact that, in addition to the penis, they have as many as 10 feet. If the girl does not behave too actively during sexual intercourse, they are silent dry in her crotch, then we are experiencing manually. Massizericlitis until it becomes bending, moaning and try to squeeze her legs. This is what you are on the right track, and now you know how to retrain more carefully.

Partner thinks only about himself 3

If you are an egoist, and fired focus only on your feelings, then you should not even hide why the girl is not honorable. Many men believe that women do not need to reach the dofina, they should be happy because they delivered the pleasure of beloved. Hatch what time you cumshot, then she also spent time canceled, and would not remember the night eternal? You are mistaken, ladies also want the most sweet, for the sake of orgasm there is sex!

You have to be able to make a sexual intercourse so that the partner completes the first. To do this, it is necessary to have thoughts about your pleasure, and fully focus on the coming girlfriend. Nothing every movement, reaction.

Female orgasm.

Sexologists have a bunch of guys who come premature ejaculation, not given to the domesticity to enjoy, apply masturbation in practice, to learn their ejaculation. As soon as you start feeling that I will soon finish, stop, take a break, then start first. And in the near future, you will noted that with a woman you can hold back, fully controlling your body.

Preliminary affection 4

Another captain is the reason responsible for the question why the girl is not completely orgasm. Some guys are confident that as soon as the desire to have sex, it comes to a partner, you need to pinch her to the ass and smack in a sponge. The body of a woman is designed than men, and you must know it.

The guy is enough and light hosted to the erogenous zone, as he is already in full combat readiness. And a woman is worried about the use of "warm up". Do not hurry to walk to the consecration, believe me, from the foreplay you can get an incredible pleasure. Passionally splashing through the edge, a crazy desire will master you and your girlfriend, if you work on erohen zones, which are located in women:

I can not get orgasm
  • neck, ears;
  • breasts (especially sensitive nipples);
  • belly, area of ​​navel;
  • fingers and heels;
  • Crotch, the inner side of the thigh.

All these zones are needed, caress, kiss, apply the language and bitten. Carefully watch the reaction with the reaction, do what she likes.

Scientists sex is interested in strongly, and they consistently conduct polls and research. For a long time, they died out that more than 80% of women are not able to get an orgasm without pre-grains. Therefore, I do not regret the time and strength to run through the sensitiveness of the body of your beloved, from this and you yourself will benefit: more pleasant to be engaged with a passionate, excited partner than with the one that only disappoints.

Change Pos 5

In one and the same, sex is not interested, it is difficult to get the whole range of sensations. But also, it is impossible to proper a pose, it is acceptable for a man, but not for a woman (she is alone through the same position, as you already go to another). Sexologically recommended in one position to hold at least 2 minutes, and then you can change.

How to get orgasm

Why does not receive an orgasm? Perhaps it does not suit the posture. It happens that the man likes exactly the way, and he completes that his partner also gets pleasure from this. Do not be able to ask for a girlfriend, whether it is convenient for her, if the pose likes, maybe she wants to enerma.

If the girl is not getting the campaign during sex, let her take over himself. Tell me that she is talking, and can do everything with you, which considers it necessary. Believe me, in this sophoming it will open, you will understand what the pose gives her the greatest food.

Role-playing games 6

Sexologists believe that good satisfaction can be obtained if you get born in any role, to implement your sexual fantasies. Offer with your favorite job experiment, leasing costumes. Maybe she wants to have sex in the wifte or even on the staircase? Try it.

Orgasm girl

And also scientists to the question why the girl does not receive an orgasm, answer: in the pair there is no dialogue. Do not hesitate to conduct frank topics with your chief selected. Rogase light, so the atmosphere will be more confidential, Ion will share with you a mystery, how to bring it to the top of bliss in bed!

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