How to draw a portrait in stages with a pencil for beginners - basic steps, basic elements and tips

Among famous artists, there are quite a few portrait painters and their canvases fascinate with their compositional integrity. Mastering the technique of how to draw a portrait is not easy, because the image of a face requires a certain concentration and attention to detail, knowledge of anatomy and the use of the concepts of symmetry and proportions.

Using an ordinary simple pencil, you can draw a real masterpiece or just practice drawing portraits. Perfect portrait likeness is easy if you follow the techniques and guidelines of experienced artists.

Features of the image of a human face

Each person is different and it takes a certain level of skill and attention to detail to paint their face. Using a few simple guidelines, you can master the technique of portrait sketching, after which you can start working with paints of any type:

  • before drawing, the face must be conditionally divided into three parts (forehead, nose and chin) and each part must be drawn in detail;
  • each portrait must convey a certain emotion, in this case, drawing is based on drawing details;
  • portrait similarity will be easier to achieve if you pay attention to small details and individual facial features in the drawing process;
  • it is much more difficult to correct mistakes than to avoid them, therefore all sketches are drawn with thin and barely visible lines;
  • when performing monotonous and monotonous work, human eyes get tired, so it is important to take breaks when drawing a portrait.

It is impossible to learn to draw without practicing, so you must not give up and boldly go towards your goal. Each next lesson can be devoted to drawing individual details of the face, after which you can practice combining all the elements in the portrait and move on to drawing the portrait.

Drawing a face from memory

It is very difficult to draw a portrait from memory, because reproducing all the parts in stages, you can lose the perspective and realism of the image. At the same time, even experienced artists follow a certain procedure, which helps to make the portrait realistic and maintain the integrity of the image:

  • a sheet of paper is drawn with light lines marking different areas of the face and helping to reproduce all the elements with compositional integrity;
  • the contours of the eyes are marked on the face, with a drawing of the eyelid, pupils and eyelashes, they must be drawn symmetrically from the drawn straight dividing line;
  • it is easy to draw a nose by depicting a sketch similar to a pin on paper; in the process of drawing the wings of the nose, it is given more accurate and detailed outlines;
  • when the main features of the face have already appeared in the portrait, you can take the image of the lips, like other elements, it is important to start with a sketch, drawing the details;
  • even if in the portrait the ears are covered under the hairdo or garments, it is better to outline the teardrop-shaped outlines from the face;
  • Such simple at first glance as eyebrows should be drawn last, and try not to be mistaken with their size, shape and location above the eyes.

After completing the sketch, the face is clearly outlined and you can start drawing the hair and other details of the portrait. Even if a person knows how to draw and has certain artistic skills, it is better to start with simple sketches, gradually complicating his task.

How to draw a face from nature

A beautiful drawing will turn out if you draw from life, while the object should be in a fixed position for a long time. The best option would be to draw a self-portrait, while the artist does not have to be distracted from the creative process, completing all the steps in stages:

  • the face is outlined and markings are made on the sketch, where all the main elements should be located, such as the nose, eyes, lips and ears;
  • all paired elements must be drawn at once, and it is recommended to start with the eyes, this will help to correctly calculate the position of the eyebrows and ears;
  • if a girl is depicted in the portrait, after drawing the main details, you can start drawing hair or hairstyles;
  • when all the elements of the portrait are arranged, it is important to make the necessary adjustments to give the image a portrait likeness;
  • at the final stage of drawing a portrait, all elements are clearly drawn or shaded to complete the composition.

Self-portrait painting helps you learn to give a drawing a portrait likeness and be attentive to detail. Even for experienced artists, it will not be superfluous to check the proportionality of the placement of all elements and do not forget that a self-portrait is like a reflection in a mirror, which is best used for painting.

How to draw a face from a photo

The easiest technique is to draw a portrait from a photograph; for this, any photograph you like is used. The photo is best placed on a board or any flat vertical surface so that it is constantly in front of your eyes to simplify the drawing process:

  • the shape of the face depicted in the photo is transferred to the paper, taking into account a certain angle (open pose, half-turn or profile);
  • the sketch is marked out in separate zones, where the location of the eyes and nose, lips and eyebrows, ears is indicated, and then these details are drawn;
  • when drawing, it is best to constantly check with the photograph, making the necessary changes and adjustments to the sketch of the future portrait;
  • the drawing of a portrait with a photo is completed with a drawing of details, while some details take on a clearer look, while others are shaded.

After reading this material, each user can practice drawing self-portraits or portraits from a photo. Creative work will help develop your own talents and consolidate the acquired skills to master more complex techniques that are popular in the visual arts.

To learn how to correctly convey portrait likeness, the best solution would be to attend special master classes or courses. They will teach the skill of portrait painting by masters and teachers who have already perfectly mastered the skill of drawing portraits.

Photo examples of drawing portraits with a pencil

We draw a portrait. Methodical development for fine arts lessons in the middle school

Development author:

Bogolapova Natalia Viktorovna, teacher of fine arts, MBOU gymnasium № 44, Ivanovo.

The purpose of the lesson:

to acquaint students with the rules of drawing a portrait.

Lesson Objectives:

to interest students in the topic of the lesson, to convey in an accessible form the complex rules for drawing a portrait.

Lesson materials:

album sheet, pencil and eraser.

Hello dear colleagues! Today, the teacher, engaged in the construction of the lesson, must create conditions for the children to themselves determine the topic of the lesson, the goal and objectives. I would like to share my development of a drawing lesson on the topic "Portrait".

Rules for drawing a portrait

During the classes

Today we are going to paint in a very difficult, but also very interesting genre. But I will not name this genre, because I hope you will name it yourself, having solved my riddle:

With a pencil I draw a mirror of the soul

The mirror is fine, the eyes are good.

What am I drawing? This is my secret!

Guess what the genre is?


If this puzzle turns out to be difficult, you can suggest another:

I will portray my sister, she is already twelve years old.

I draw with a pencil, create ... (Portrait)

So, the purpose of our today's lesson will be to draw a portrait.

What tasks will help us achieve the goal?

1. Compositionally correctly position the drawing on the sheet.

2. Study the proportions and structure of the human face.

3. Carefully draw the details and, if desired, color the drawing.

If children find it difficult to define problems, lead them to the correct answers with leading questions. For example: Is it possible to correctly draw a portrait without knowing where to place the eyes, ears, nose? Is it possible to draw a portrait well without knowing how to determine the height of the ear? Will the drawing look good if it is too small? Etc.

To get the kids interested in the topic, you can start the lesson with a short story about the portrait genre.

The image of a human face has always been of interest to artists and spectators. But the portrait genre was not always the way we used to perceive it.

In primitive society, a person was depicted schematically, facial features were not drawn. And even in the sculptures of the Paleolithic Venus, the face was hidden by a strange hairstyle.

Perhaps people were afraid to convey portrait likeness due to the influence of magical powers on a person through the portrait, as they thought. For the same reason, in Russia, a rag doll was made without the use of a needle and without an image of the face.

In Ancient Egypt, they believed in the afterlife, in the fact that the soul must find its body. Therefore, the body was mummified and an exact copy of the portrait of the deceased person was created.

In ancient Greece, the beauty of the human body was valued, therefore, creating statues, they embellished both the face and body. Not surprisingly, the protagonists of the visual arts were gods and athletes.

Realism in the portrait genre reached its highest point among the Ancient Romans, based on the cult of veneration for dead ancestors.

The art of portraiture developed, its various types appeared, such as: family portrait, ceremonial portrait, chamber portrait, self-portrait, caricature, caricature. Contemporary art has offered a kind of idea of ​​a person, through abstract forms and combination of angles.

One can talk about the history of the development of the portrait genre for a very long time. To move on to the drawing process, I just want to say that when creating a portrait, the artist, willingly or unwillingly, conveys his attitude towards the person being portrayed. Perhaps that is why it is more interesting for us to consider a painted portrait than a photograph.

So let's get down to drawing.

Today we will not set ourselves the goal of drawing a specific person, with the transfer of similarity and character. We will try to understand and remember the basic rules for building a face. We will need these rules in our subsequent creative works.

The first thing we need to do is outline the composition of the drawing. With light, barely noticeable lines, we outline the oval of the head and the line of the neck.

We draw the central line, the axis of symmetry and divide it in half, marking the line of the eyes.

Along this line, we check the right and left halves of the horizontal line, we try to make them even, since the face is symmetrical.

Now the horizontal line needs to be divided into five parts. The eye takes up one fifth. Shows the approximate width of the eye from the center line. We check the right and left halves so that the segments are equal (don't forget about symmetry).

We measure the length of the segment with a pencil. We set aside this length to the right and to the left twice.

As a result, you should get five equal segments. If at the edge of the face the segments are slightly longer, then the length of the distance between the eyes will be slightly increased, or the width of the oval will be slightly reduced.

We draw oval eyes. The shape of the eye resembles a lemon. We are trying to give it this shape.

Draw the iris and pupil of each eye.

The eyes took on a frightened expression, but this is until we cover them with the upper and lower eyelids. The upper eyelid is mobile and wider.

Above, not far from the eyes, outlines the line of the eyebrows.

We draw eyebrows, not forgetting that closer to the nose, the eyebrows are wider. The shape of the eyebrows can be any.

Now we outline the position of the tip of the nose. To do this, divide the distance between the eyebrows and the chin in half. The width of the tip of the nose is determined by the lines drawn from the corners of the eyes.

We begin to draw the nose from the eyebrows, drawing oblique lines to the central axis to the line of the eyes.

We have determined the approximate width of the central part of the nose. Then we draw lines down and complete the middle part with the tip of the nose. Add nostrils on the sides of the tip of the nose.

We define the lip line by dividing the distance from the tip of the nose to the chin into three parts.

Draw a lip line through the upper segment. The width of the lips is determined by the lines drawn from the middle of the eye.

Draw the upper lip. It resembles the shape of a bird. The middle line of the lips follows the upper one, only the curve is smoother.

Now let's determine the position and height of the ear. The ear is opposite the nose and its height is equal to the distance from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose.

We correct the lines of the neck, since they should start from the earlobes.

Now we will draw a hairstyle. You need to decide on the point where hair begins to grow. The distances from the chin to the tip of the nose, from the tip of the nose to the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the beginning of hair growth are the same length.

Half of this length should remain at the top of the head. That is, the face has three and a half parts in height.

From the beginning of hair growth, draw a hairstyle, not forgetting that the hair gives additional volume to the head.

Now we remove all construction lines and simulate the volume, transferring light and shadow. At the edges, the face fades into shadow. The upper lip, for the same reason, will be darker than the lower one. The shadow lies under the lower lip and under the eyebrows. Slowly, we carefully bring the drawing to its logical conclusion.

Working on the portrait is difficult, but also very interesting. It may not work out right away. But patience and work will help you master this difficult portrait genre.

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Hello dear readers of my blog. We are in touch with you, Timur Mustaev. More recently, I started to get involved in pencil drawing. My buddy is so good at it that I asked him for a couple of lessons. And I also asked him to write an article, specifically for beginners in drawing, such as me, where all the stages of drawing are described in detail. Today, in this article, he shares his tips and secrets.

Before I start, I want to reveal the secret of how my friend learned to draw. He took a video course " Draw a portrait from a photograph "and the result is obvious. Moreover, the author of the course promises a full refund if you do not learn to draw. But as my friend says, this is simply not possible! The course is very clear and everything is shown with examples.

Draw a portrait from a photograph

draw a portrait video course

Drawing something is not easy, but the process of mastering the technique of creating a portrait will go much faster if you take into account a few tips from this article.

After all, as it happens, you seem to draw, erase, draw again, exhaust "tons" of paper, but there are no results. What is the reason for such failures?

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The thing is that when trying to draw the eyes, nose or other parts of the model, beginners lose sight of the fact that the picture should be painted from the whole to the particular.

How to draw a portrait with a pencil step by step for beginners? Moving from simple to complex. Let me give you an example. Remember how a man emerges from the fog? At first, vague outlines appear. With the disappearance of the haze, the facial features become clearer. It should also be on paper.

There are three angles: profile, full face and half-turn - the so-called three-quarters.

three angles

Beginners may be advised to try painting a portrait of a person seated three-quarters or to the side. Then, when the technique for creating a face in half-turn has been perfected, it will be possible to do more complex techniques, to paint a face from the front.

However, if you believe in yourself, you can try to draw a person sitting upright from nature.

Where to start?

The frame or base of the portrait is the oval of the head and the points of location of the eyes, ears, chin, nose, eyebrows. To make it clearer for you, I will show you how to mark out the contours of the face. Take a portrait of a girl, for example.

What shape of the head does it have? Ovate? Round? Oval with a square chin?

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Pull the pencil out in your hand, directing it towards the model. Mark the distance between the top of your head and your chin on paper. We also note the width. Now put all these values ​​on paper using dots, not forgetting the proportions, scale.

To draw with a photo, measure the parameters with a ruler, outline the estimated width and height of the head. Write the shape of the head.

Remember that the width of the head is ¾ of the height. In reality, there may be 1-2 cm deviations. So, carefully measure the height and width, check the ratio.

The outlines should be light and delicate, barely noticeable. The HB pencil is suitable for this. You are now ready for the next step.

Many people try to master the art of drawing a portrait, but they fail. Either the nose is swollen, like a pig's, or the eyes are too small. It is important at this stage to check the standard with the original (model or photo).

Each person has their own characteristics. It can be wide cheekbones, a large nose with a potato, deep-seated eyes. Look closely and notice. How do you usually draw? How do you start your work?

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The golden rule of portrait painters is the so-called standard. A unique masterpiece, that is, a face, is subsequently sculpted from it.

It has incorporated the following components:

  1. The segment exactly halfway between the crown of the head and the chin marks the line of the eyes.
  2. The next line is midway between the eyebrow line and the end of the chin. This is the line of the nose.
  3. Divide the section between the nose and chin into three sections. The lower border of the upper third is the location of the lips. It may be slightly higher or lower, it all depends on the characteristics of the person.
  4. To find the brow line, divide the head height by three and a half. Half of the three parts represent the hairline. The second line behind it is the eyebrow line. The third line is the nose line.


After you have outlined the oval, mark the protruding elements:

Divide your face in half vertically. In the case of a half turn, see an example.

face outline

The line goes through and divides the "egg" in half. One half should be less than the other, as it is further away.

Chopping head

In professional art schools, novice portrait painters study the so-called "stump". This is a simplified human head.

We will try to draw a kind of stump of our model in a simple design. chopping head

This is the second stage.

Note the characteristics of the person:

  • the thickness of the cheekbones, the falling and protruding parts of the face, a kind of relief;
  • the thickness of the bridge of the nose, base of the nose;
  • the width and height of the eyes, their location;
  • the thickness and width of the lips;
  • eyebrows, their bend, direction, thickness;
  • chin shape: triangular, square, etc.

Now, let me show you how to draw eyes.

Spherical mirrors

The eyes are a round sphere. This roundness must be conveyed on the sheet. At the same time, the white of the eye is never left white, but set off by adding overabundance. To show that the eye has a spherical shape.

draw eyes

Finding the eye is pretty easy. Divide the width of your head into five. The 2nd and 4th parts represent the eyes. But these are proportions for a full face. How to draw eyes in half turn?

In this case, you simply mark the same eye socket, notch or temporal part of the head and dance from it. Measure the farthest eye, it is smaller in size than the second. Measure the distance between the eyes and outline it on paper. Also repeat for the other eye.

Mark the eye with a rectangle, marking the width and height with notches.

Take a close look at the model or photo. What is the original eye shape? How does the width relate to the height of the eye?

Draw line segments to show the position of the eyelids.

draw eyebrows

In this case, the lower eyelid is never made dark. Take a closer look at how to depict the thickness of the lower eyelid. It is one tone darker than the white of the eyes.


Now let's start creating the plane of the nose. To do this, you need to know several ratios:

  1. Draw lines parallel to each other from the corners of the inner eyelid. Mark the location of the wings of the nose.
  2. When creating a face in a half-turn, the second line coming from the far eye will disappear behind the bridge of the nose.

draw nose

Build a trapezoid at the base of the nose, first drawing the lines of the bridge of the nose. To do this, place the pencil parallel to the vertical axis and remember the angle between the back of the nose and the axis, transfer it to paper.


The location of the lips can be found like this. If you divide the height of the head into 8 parts, then the fifth line down from the crown of the head will make the line of the lips.

Write the mouth as if it were drawn on a cylinder.

paint lips

The upper lip should be equal to 1/3 of the lip height. The width of the lips is equal to the distance between the center of the pupils. In half a turn, measure in the photo and adjust to your scale.

There is one more measure for the width of the lips: it is equal to a segment of one and a half eyes.


How to draw ears look at the pictures. The ear is located between the brow and nasal lines.

draw ears

In the portrait in ¾, the man is depicted with one ear, the other ear is “hidden”. Remember, the ear should be tilted towards the head.

draw a face

It can be determined by drawing a straight line connecting the jugular cavity and the ear. Or simply by attaching a pencil to the photo, measuring the angle of inclination by eye.


And some more rules:

  1. If you are painting a portrait of a person waist-deep, define an axis that divides the face in half so that you can locate the eyes, nose and ears, eyebrows, etc. It runs through the jugular cavity or between the collarbones in the center;
  2. The width of the head along the line of the eyes is 2/3 of its height;
  3. The widest part of the head is the basis for finding the width of the lower jaw (¾ from the largest).


The third stage of creating a portrait includes detailed drawing. Remove extra lines, start to achieve similarity with the photo. At the same time, measure the width of the eyes, nose and other parts and compare them with the width of the face. Draw smooth lines, roundness.

face detail

The last final step is shading.

face shading

Shade from the dark areas, gradually moving to the lightest. Finally, highlight, add highlights to the pupils, the tip of the nose and other parts.

finished portrait

The picture is ready.

Finally, I want to tell you that portraits can be without shading. For example, a line portrait uses a line as a visual medium.

See how to draw a girl.





The child can be drawn like this.

the contours of the child's face

the beginning of the baby's face

detailing the child's face

deep detail of the child's face

portrait of a child's face

So, step by step, you can draw children, men and women from different angles. Good luck!

Do you want to learn how to draw so that people can not tear themselves away from your drawings? Do you want to please your family and friends by giving them beautiful pictures? Everything is real, get experience from a professional in your field. Video course - Draw a portrait from a photograph , this is what will help develop your talent!

On this I am not saying goodbye to you, but saying goodbye! If you liked the article, please share it.

All the best to you, Timur Mustaev.

Almost every reader has thought about learning to draw. But every time, some circumstances do not allow it to be done. And now is the best time to start fulfilling your plans!

Man is the crown of nature's creation. Particularly noteworthy is his face, which will adorn any drawing. The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to draw a portrait.

Preliminary actions

To begin with, it is recommended to carefully examine your face in the mirror in order to feel its perfection. And at the same time, identify the details that make all people unique. And that everyone looks like.

Having felt all this, you can compose an algorithm that will allow you to simply draw a portrait. Without unnecessary doubts and fears.

Human eyes

At the first stage - after asking the question of how to draw a portrait with a pencil - you should depict all the details with a simple pencil. You can draw yourself, someone from your acquaintances, fictional characters.

  1. The first step, which contains step-by-step instructions for beginners, is to draw an arc. It is important to see that it has an elongated shape up to the middle, after which it goes down sharply.
  2. The lower arch is roughly similar to the upper one. The only difference is its smaller radius.
  3. After connecting the arcs, the stage of drawing the upper eyelid begins.
  4. Further, the time of the lower eyelid and cornea - everything is like a real eye.
  5. Do not forget about eyelashes, as they are also conceived by nature.
  6. To add volume, you need to define a shadow. For greater liveliness, it is recommended to draw folds that indicate the emotionality of the face.


Look at any pictures you draw. The portrait contains the same details as the real face. Plump, thin, even, sensual - a full range of impressions.

And a portrait cannot do without lips, the drawing of which will be completed in a few steps.

  1. To begin with, a wavy line is indicated.
  2. Next, you need to sketch the image of the upper lip.
  3. The lips will be incomplete without their lower part - you need to add that too.
  4. By depicting the folds and joining the edges of the lips together, you can achieve a natural look.
  5. An integral element of any drawing is shadows. Their time has come.

Drawing a nose

In the center of the face is the nose. Its forms are so diverse that they can say a lot about a person. Slim, with dilated nostrils, potatoes - so many variations.

What follows is a step-by-step instruction for beginners on how to draw a nose.

  1. Parallel lines drawn define the width of the nose.
  2. The capsule-like figure depicts the expansion of the nose.
  3. Any person's nose would be implausible without nostrils.
  4. Light and shadow effects add naturalness to your painting.
  5. If you work with the shadow and make it smoother, the drawing will look more "lively".


One of the options for drawing a portrait is ears covered with hair. But this does not always allow to preserve the integrity of the picture.

  1. The first arch will be a blank for the future ear.
  2. Next, the top part, curl and tragus are drawn.
  3. The antihelix will make the lobe complete.
  4. At the final stage, it is necessary to depict the cheek and hair.


The article describes drawing a classic portrait, therefore, aside the modern trends of the cosmetic industry, it's time to draw eyebrows.

At the first step, there are two variations: you can draw an arc and separate hairs, or you can start drawing the shape from the very beginning.

Eyebrow shaping consists of removing excess lines and correcting hairs in order to give them a smoother shape.

Face and hair

You need to carefully look at the face shape of the model and try to portray it as accurately as possible.

Next, outline the neck and outline the future hairstyle.

Detailed drawing of hair - shape, contour, individual strands.

After gaining skills in drawing individual parts, you need to move on to composing a complete portrait image.

Angle definition

After determining the angle, it becomes clear how easy it is to draw a portrait. The model can be in front of the artist in different positions, and you can draw it from different sides.

The position affects the light, shadow and general appearance of the future portrait.

  1. Full face - the model is facing the artist.
  2. Profile - The portrait depicts a side view of the face.
  3. For sophisticated drawings, a three-quarter view is good, which depicts the model in half-turn.

Drawing from a photo

Photo work is a separate type of drawing that requires care. As in the previous case, a step-by-step separation of the process is necessary.

  1. Designation of the face contour with a simple pencil.
  2. Sketching additional lines aimed at maintaining the proportions of the face.
  3. "Landing" of individual parts of the face - nose, eyes, lips.
  4. Removing auxiliary lines and outlining the contour of the hair. Also, don't forget about light and shadow.
  5. Color portrait.

Test lesson

To check and consolidate the passed material, you must once again outline all the stages of drawing a portrait:

  • Draw a sketch of the face.
  • Specify additional details for greater proportionality.
  • Sketch the necessary details.
  • Execute in color.

The fun process of drawing a portrait is finished. Overall, the result is a good start. But over time, the drawings will get better, and the skills will become more confident. Good luck!

Photo tips how to draw a portrait

How to draw a portrait of a person for beginners

It is difficult to draw an ordinary drawing with a landscape or still life, it is even more difficult to depict a realistic portrait. It will be easier to create a portrait from a photo if you enlist the help of examples from this article. Let's consider in simple steps how to draw a portrait of a person for beginners. And we will study the basic rules for transferring a human face to a sheet of paper.

In another article, we have already analyzed the technique of drawing a face

A simple example of building a face

The basics of drawing a portrait

The first thing you need to know before drawing a portrait with a pencil step by step for beginners is the geometric construction of the face. Let's consider this construction step by step and smoothly move on to creating the portrait itself.

Let's start:

  1. We will focus on the finished photo. Use a pencil or pen to roughly measure your face. The Basics of Painting a Portrait (Step 1)Transfer horizontals, verticals and diagonals to the paper. The combination of these lines will help you get the most accurate portrait. Draw the outline of the face.
  2. Mark the hairline on the right side. We mark the location of the nose with stripes. Again we take measurements and select the future nose with a rectangle.
  3. Mark the location of the eyebrows with a line. The eyebrows can already be drawn curved, but we have not yet given them a realistic shape. The Basics of Painting a Portrait (Step 2)
  4. Add the rest of the sketches. In the lower part we will draw a smooth arc, which will be the neck. Draw the outlines of the hair and shoulder at the bottom of the portrait. We will cover the neck with wide stripes to show that it will be darkened.
  5. We outline the eyes under the line of the eyebrows, they should be on the midline of the head. The eyebrows can be made wider so as not to lose proportion. We find the center of the future eyes, go down from this point and determine the position of the mouth. The Basics of Painting a Portrait (Step 3)
  6. Where the nose will be located, we will depict its tip. We make the wings of the nose narrowed upwards. Add an arc at the bottom. From the wings of the nose we draw the stripes up and connect them with arcs to the eyebrows. Add the location of the upper and lower lips with the help of small lines, draw the nostrils.
  7. Moving on to the eyes. It is important to observe symmetry here. We draw the upper eyelid of one eye and immediately add it to the second. This will help make them look the same. Draw the lower iris and add the contours of the lips.
  8. Show pupils in circles. Add small black strokes to the center of the iris. On the upper eyelid, we will depict eyelashes with simple lines, and under the lower eyelid we will make small darkening. This will enhance the emphasis on the eyes. The Basics of Painting a Portrait (Step 4)
  9. We detail the eyebrows, shade their contours. Remember that the lines should be in the direction of the hair growth. Increase the shadows on the eyes, and select the contours of the iris more so that the eyes become realistic.
  10. The girl has a hand on the left. Let's draw its bends. Add bent fingers at the top. There is a shadow between the hand and the head, so mark it with strokes.
  11. It remains to paint the hair. In our example, only a few smooth lines are made, you can add more for realism.

Now you know how to draw a portrait of this format. The result is more suitable for a drawing sketch. But these are just the basics. If your goal is to get an even more realistic portrait, then the next tutorial is for you.

Portrait of a girl in pencil

Now let's look at how to draw a portrait of a beautiful girl using pencils. Let's continue to learn how to build a face geometrically correctly and this time apply light and shadows to get a voluminous and realistic portrait.

Prepare for drawing:

  • pencils with hardness H and HB;
  • A4 sheet;
  • pencil sharpener;
  • eraser.

Let's move on to the briefing:

  1. Drawing a portrait of a person, as noted earlier on, let's start with the face. We draw outlines in the form of an oval. Focus on the chin. It should be slightly elongated and tapered. Pencil realistic girl (Step 1)Using smooth curved lines outline the neck.
  2. The face must be divided into three parts. All three spaces must be the same. The proportions of the face will depend on this. Draw two lines, one for the eyebrows, the other for the nose. To make the face symmetrical, you need to draw an axis. In the central part of the future face, from the forehead to the chin, draw a vertical stripe. Pencil realistic girl (Step 2)
  3. The girl will have long hair. We outline their contours along the sides using straight lines. The hair will overlap a little on the face, so we draw stripes in the oval areas. Add a slot at the top.
  4. Draw the eyebrows in the place marked earlier. Let's make them curved and wide, now this shape is in vogue. We go down, depict the lines of the lips. The top should be curved and smaller than the bottom. We also make the incision at the mouth slightly curved and smooth. Draw the lower one using a simple arc. At the same stage, we outline the wings of the nose and nostrils. Pencil realistic girl (Step 3)
  5. Moving on to the eyes. Add a curved axis to their location. We draw marks up from the wings of the nose to understand where the inner corners of the future eyes are located.
  6. Draw the eyes, they should be the same size. The shape of the eyes resembles leaves. It is important to place the corners at the correct level. Each of them should be placed on the drawn construction line.
  7. We erase all auxiliary details. You can proceed to detailing. Add pupils to each eye using circles. Place small highlights on them. Add arcs at the top and bottom of the eyelids. Make the distance from the eye small. Pencil realistic girl (Step 4)
  8. Using the HB pencil, shade the outline of the eyebrows in the direction of their growth. Draw long eyelashes. Start darkening the pupils around their edges to add realism. Add shadow to the eyelids. You can add a collar or choker to the neck to make the pattern look complete.
  9. Let's add volume to the lips. Start stroking them. On the upper lip, closer to the cut, the shading should be darker. Leave the lower lip in the center unpainted so that a highlight appears. Darken the lower contour. Pencil realistic girl (Step 5)
  10. We clarify the lines of the nose. Apply shadows on the wings of the nose and in its lower part. The nostrils need to be shaded tightly so that they turn black. We deepen the shadows of the nose near the eyes and on its sides. The girl's face gained volume.
  11. Continue to apply shadows with the H pencil, it is better to pick up a harder pencil. We darken the area where the cheekbones are. We shade the places under the eyebrows, chin and on the neck. Mark the dark places where the hair is close to the face.
  12. Let's move on to the next step. On it, you need to remember how to draw hair on a portrait of a person. Hatching should start from the roots and go as the hair grows. Pencil realistic girl (Step 6)Mark one curl falling on the shoulder with regular strokes. We make the area from the roots and on the left side of the hairstyle darker. Use vertical strokes to add glitter and shadows to the decoration. Pencil realistic girl (Step 7)
  13. To make the hair radiate shine, shade the dark areas even more and the hair that is in the background. It is advisable to paint over the remaining places with barely noticeable lines or leave them light. The finished look gets a realistic shine.

The drawing can be considered complete, but for more realism, you can apply additional shadow on the upper lip and on the places where the shoulders and background are. Done! Observing such proportions and instructions, you can try to draw another person.

Learn to draw a portrait of any person with a pencil: step-by-step instructions

The topic of this article is about how to draw a portrait with a pencil step by step for beginners. Each of us is looking for a convenient way to depict what he sees. That is why I want to propose a variant of how to draw a portrait of a person, whether it is close or dear, or a person sitting in the train opposite, or it will be portraits of celebrities. In this version, there is only one rule - simplicity.

And today - a training lesson. We will draw a person's face with a pencil step by step, the person you see every day, you are used to "work" a little on his appearance, trying on makeup or a smile, severity or tenderness. We paint the face you know as your reflection in the mirror.

But first, let's get out the mirror and take a look at ourselves for the first time. All people are similar, and at the same moment they are different, and you are no exception. What makes us alike? Every healthy person has two eyes, a mouth, nose, ears, eyebrows, hair, styled into a hairstyle. What makes us different? The shape, size and location of these "details" of human appearance. So, a portrait is a kind of collage or puzzles from several fragments, which we will "break" into the plan of our work: Eyes; Mouth; Nose; Ears; Eyebrows; Hair (hairstyle) and facial contours.

And all this has its own shape, size and proportions of its location on the face. This is what makes each of us "released in a single copy", and unlike anyone else. And, if we are learning to draw a portrait of a certain person, then it would be good to first pay attention to the shape and type of each element of the face in detail. And only after that our final goal, and this is a portrait with colored pencils, will become more accessible.


We will first practice drawing all the details with a simple pencil. And also, notice, I am drawing myself and my eyes. You can practice drawing while mine, but this will be an intermediate step on the way to understanding how to learn how to draw portraits with a pencil.

Step 1

Here we will draw an arc with a pencil. In doing so, pay attention to its shape. It is stretched out to the middle, and then “rolls down”.

draw eyes

Step 2

The lower arch is almost perfect. It is smaller than the top.

draw eyes

Step 3

We connect the arches and perform the upper eyelid.

draw eyes

Step 4

Cornea and lower eyelid.

draw eyes

Step 5

Cilia appear on the upper and lower eyelids and the pupil.

draw eyes

Step 6

We make small folds near the eyes and mark the places where the shadow falls, which makes the eye seem voluminous.

draw an eye


How to draw sponges correctly? Just 5 steps and the lip drawing is ready.

Step 1

We start with a wavy line.

draw lips

Step 2

Draw the upper sponge above the wavy line.

draw lips

Step 3

We complement the drawn mouth with a lower sponge.

draw lips

Step 4

We connect the edges of the lips and some folds of the lips.

draw lips

Step 5

Create a chiaroscuro effect and don't forget about the folds in the corners of the lips and on the chin.

draw lips shadow


How to draw a portrait of a person, if you do not learn how to portray one of the most difficult details, the nose. We do it step by step.

Step 1

Draw parallel lines - this is the width of the nose.

draw a nose

Step 2

The two lines end with the original "capsule". This is the expansion of the nose.

draw a nose

Step 3

We depict the nostrils.

draw a nose

Step 4

Shading for a chiaroscuro effect.

draw a nose

Step 5

To make the shadow look natural, flatten it a little.

draw a nose


Another element that is sometimes forgotten when covering it with hair. But our pencil portrait in stages for beginners provides for it. What is it? Ears.

Step 1

The shape of the ear is like an arch. We do it.

draw ears

Step 2

We carry out the upper part of the auricle, curl and tragus.

draw ears

Step 3

We make antihelix. A lobe has appeared, which means I have not forgotten about my jewelry - an earring.

draw ears

Step 4

I perform cheek, neck and hair.

draw a cheek, neck and hair


Drawing a portrait also includes such detail as eyebrows.

Step 1

It is convenient for someone to do this first with an arc, and then each hair separately. And for someone it is more interesting to draw immediately the shape of the eyebrows, completing them with abrupt lines.

draw eyebrows

Step 2

Correct the shape and thickness of the eyebrows.

draw eyebrows

Hair (hairstyle) and facial contours

Having considered every single detail, it is already easier for us to understand how to draw a portrait with a pencil. And yet, I will show, the image of a person's face in stages.

Step 1

My face is round. And I try to portray this.

draw an oval face

Step 2

I mark where the neck and the shape of my hair will be.

draw a hairstyle hair

Step 3

I draw the hair in more detail.

draw hair

Well, we learned how to work on each detail separately. Time to put the puzzle together. Let's talk about how to draw a person's face with a pencil.


Before we get a portrait with colored pencils, we draw a portrait from scratch again. But what else is important to know about depicting people? The fact that a person's face can be performed in different ways. For example, if a model is sitting directly in front of us, her body and head itself are aligned, and her eyes are looking directly at the artist, then this angle is called full face.

Profile - if the model is sideways to us.

And how to draw a portrait of a man who sits half-turned to us? And what is this work called? This is three quarters. This angle is very convenient for a romantic and informal image. It brings out the beauty of the eyes and lips. This is exactly what we will choose to make the first portrait in pencil from a photograph.

Working on an image from a photograph

First, you should choose a photo of a suitable model in order to draw a portrait from a photograph. And now let's do the work step by step.

To understand how to draw a person's face, we will distribute everything in stages.

Stage 1

Make an oval of the face with a pencil.

draw an oval face

Stage 2

This pencil work for beginners involves auxiliary lines that will help to maintain the proportions of a person's face when drawing a portrait outline.

portrait scheme

Stage 3

Thanks to the diagram, we mark where the eyes, nose and other organs will be. We carry out these details of the face in stages.

draw a face outline eyes nose lips

A little more detail:



Eyes and eyebrows




Stage 4

Now, to make our portrait with a pencil from the photo look more believable, we erase all the auxiliary lines and pay attention to the hair. Don't forget about the chiaroscuro effect.

pencil portrait

Stage 5

It's time to make the portrait with colored pencils to bring it to life.

face with colored pencils

Test lesson

It's time to move on to checking what we have learned and continue talking about how to draw your portrait. I hope the lessons in drawing a portrait were not in vain for me, and I can believably draw myself as a real beauty!

1) Oval face.

face oval

2) Auxiliary lines to maintain proportion.

auxiliary lines of the face

3) Schematic representation of all elements.

schematic eyes nose lips

4) We perform the portrait with colored pencils.

pencil portrait

portrait with colored pencils

The lesson is mastered and consolidated. As for me, the result is not bad. We can safely say that we figured out how to draw a portrait with a pencil. And if necessary, we will use our new skills.

schemes and proportions of the face

schemes and proportions of the face

draw an ear

Visual video:

For everything to work out as it should, you need to start with the basics. Let's try to figure out how to draw a portrait with a pencil - for this we will depict a portrait of a young woman with large expressive eyes.

First, you need to make a blank - it will be a circle divided into 4 equal parts and a small elongated part at the bottom. Approximately in the middle of the lower half of the circle, sketch out two ovals - the eyes. It is important that the distance between the eyes is equal to the length of the eye itself, and the distance from the edge of the face to the outer corner of the eyes is half this length. Immediately sketch out the line of the mouth - it will be below the circle, at a distance equal to the width of the eye.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

Add the upper eyelids and eyebrows. The eyebrow should be curved. It is best to be guided by this rule: the beginning of the eyebrow should be at the level of the inner corner of the eye, the end - slightly diagonally from the outer.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

Now let's take care of the nose - it will be at the bottom of the circle.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

And the mouth is on the same strip just below the circle that we marked in advance.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

When drawing lips, it is important to remember that the lower lip should be slightly fuller than the upper one. Also, do not make the lip line perfectly straight - it has a kind of bend. Let's also outline the basic shape of the ears. The bottom of the ear will be approximately in line with the nose, and the top will be in line with the upper eyelid.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

Let's work on the eyes in more detail. It is important to remember here that there should be a light spot on the iris - a highlight, and the upper lash line is slightly more expressive than the lower one.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

We will draw other contours as well. At this stage, all auxiliary lines are also wiped off. You also need to draw the ears - cartilage, lobe, etc.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

It remains to depict the hair. In no case should you make them a monolithic lump - it looks very unnatural. Individual hairs should be visible, styled with slight carelessness. You can also add a little volume: for this, we very easily shade the shadow part of the face.

How to draw a portrait of a girl

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